tagIncest/TabooHat Trick Ch. 03

Hat Trick Ch. 03


An Oedipus County Tale

This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. It's all pretend, folks. I apologize for the delay and thank everyone for their continued encouragement.


My life had certainly taken an odd turn. Not that I was complaining about the oddness, other than a bit of residual guilt over the whole thing. But with each passing day and each new encounter, that guilt faded more and more.

First, I fucked my busty, redheaded sister Ashley. Then my beautiful, long-legged Aunt Jan came to visit my mother and I, and I ended up fucking Jan too. Then Mom returned home. . . and that's where this chapter of the tale picks up.

My freshly fucked aunt laid spread out on the living room floor, her lithe bronzed body glistening with a sheen of sweat. Her large, pink nippled breasts rose with each ragged breath she took. She opened her legs wide, baring her pussy. Droplets of my sperm leaked out on to the rug. Jan's full lips turned up into a self-satisfied smirk.

My mother stood in the room, halfway between the couch and the front door. Despite finding her son and her sister fucking on the living room floor, she had taken the time to close the door and step into the room before raising her voice and demanding to know what was going on. Beneath her blonde, slightly curled bob her face was pale except for two spots of color on her cheeks. Her blue eyes blazed with anger and disbelief. Her full lips were parted, though, and looked moist.

As for my part, I had quickly retreated from Jan when Mom accosted us. I was just as naked as Jan, our clothes scattered across the floor by the couch, and though my dick should have been shrinking in shame, it stayed as hard and long as it had while fucking Jan. My aunt's smirk may have had something to do with it. Or maybe it was her mid-coitus declaration of fucking her own son, my cousin William.

Having fucked Ashley, and now Jan, I couldn't help thinking about what it would be like to have Mom. I think Jan was entertaining similar thoughts, too. Before we tore one another's clothes off and fucked across the living room like a couple of animals, Jan had described a scene eerily like this one, involving the two Jorgensen girls and a football player when the three of them were in high school.

Mom spared barely a glance at my nudity as she slowly walked across the floor towards her sister. Jan dipped a finger between her legs and came up with a dollop of sperm which she then licked off with a swipe of her pink tongue. That stopped Mom cold. "Welcome home, Steph," Jan said.

"You. . . bitch," Mom seethed.

Jan slowly stood up, stretching languorously as she did. Her heavy tits bobbed deliciously, nipples still hard. Her pussy lips remained enflamed, and a mixture of our fluids began to drip down her thighs. Jan approached Mom slowly. "What's wrong, dear sister - upset that I got him first? He is the spitting image of Greg, and I know it's been a while for you."

Mom's hand flew at Jan's head, but the taller Jorgensen girl caught Mom's wrist easily. Mom didn't struggle much. Her blue eyes shot daggers at her younger sister, but she seemed almost frozen in place, save for the constricting of her imprisoned hand into a claw. "How could you?" Mom managed to say.

Jan didn't answer at first. Her smirk had finally faded, and she looked at Mom seriously. She leaned into Mom, her nude breasts pressing against Mom's clothed but no less impressive bust, her lips almost brushing Mom's flushed cheek. Mom was shaking now, no longer quite as angry. She didn't pull away from Jan, though she easily could have. Instead she stood there while Jan breathed her in, eyes half lidded, moist lips parted. Something wordless passed between the sisters, something I didn't quite understand and could never analyze. But the next moment Jan was pressing her lips against Mom's, and the two of them were sharing the most passionate kiss I had ever witnessed. Both closed their eyes and leaned into one another, lips and tongues working against one another, breath heaving from their flared nostrils.

Even as they kissed, Jan moved Mom's hand slowly but assuredly downward and between them. I saw Mom's fingers disappear between Jan's legs and I couldn't contain a gasp. Their kiss finally broke and the two women turned to look at me. Mom's expression was a little shocked and uncertain, as if she had momentarily forgotten my presence, but Jan wore a mask of lust that I was beginning to find familiar. I noticed that Mom's hand hadn't stopped moving.

"He shouldn't," Mom started to say, but stopped as Jan placed a hand on her cheek and forced Mom's attention back to her. Jan kissed her again and then placed her hands on Mom's shoulders and gently forced her downward. Mom wavered for a moment and then slowly dropped to her knees. She kissed Jan's exposed flesh as she did, nipping at her breasts and licking her belly. Then Jan was pressing Mom's head against her pussy. And Mom went at it. Jan's mouth dropped open and the muscles in her legs bunched. She threw her head back and moaned, her huge tits bouncing.

My heart thundered in my chest and my cock stood up straight and proud from the thatch of curls between my legs, harder and bigger than it had ever been before. Even after everything, being inside Ashley, feeling Aunt Jan's lips on my cock, this was the most insanely erotic thing I had ever experienced. My mother, straitlaced Stephanie Poole, was eating her son's semen out of her sister's pussy. I let the pillow drop to the floor and began to creep closer to the action.

The two of them barely noticed my approach. Mom's hands came up and gripped Jan's springy ass, kneading her buttcheeks. Jan's hands pressed against the back of Mom's head, pushing her face harder against Jan's weeping pussy. My aunt's bronzed, Amazonian body hunched over as her lush frame shook with pleasure. Mom moaned, a low hum that was almost lost beneath Jan's gasps and cries.

I stood to Jan's left and slowly stroked my engorged cock. I couldn't help myself. Out of the corner of her eye, Jan finally noticed me. She smiled lustily and blew me a kiss. Then her face contorted in pleasure and she gripped the back of Mom's head tightly enough to muffle Mom's moaning.

Mom came up for air. Her blue eyes looked glassy, and her full lips and cheeks were slick with juices. "I'd almost forgotten," she gasped, "what a man's seed tastes like."

Jan laughed. "You haven't forgotten how to please your little sister, that's for sure." She cupped Mom's chin and teased her lips with her thumb. Mom gave a playful suck on the digit, eliciting another chuckle from Jan. "But if you really want to taste a man, why not take it from the source?" With that, she gently turned Mom's head, forcing her to look at me.

I couldn't speak. My heart was pounding too fast, my cock throbbed with each beat, and breathing was growing difficult. I felt my dick swell even larger in my hand, and a dollop of precum dripped from the head on to the carpet.

Mom had that look of shock and uncertainty again, but her lips parted and her delicate pink tongue swept out to lick them. I jetted another dollop of precum, and Mom made this weird nose. Something between a moan and a cry. "Oh God," she said, "I want to Janine, but he's my son. My son!"

"That's what makes it all the sweeter, Stephie," Jan whispered. "Forbidden fruit. Taboo sex. It makes it better, more raw, more mind-blowing. Think of all the times we've done it - and we're sisters! Think about it, Steph. Look at that beautiful cock bobbing in front of you. Think about tasting it. Think about it driving into you. Think about your own son, your flesh and blood, back inside you where he belongs, hammering away, filling you up like you've never been filled before, like you so desperately need to be."

Mom pushed Jan away with a wordless cry and launched herself at me. She didn't look at me, her attention focused on my throbbing meat. I watched, dumbfounded, consumed with maddening lust, as Mom's plush lips pressed against the spongy head of my cock. Her lips parted and the head disappeared between them, into her warm, wet mouth. I felt her pliant tongue caress me, undulated against me, taste the precum dripping from my pisshole.

I threw my head back and gasped. It was so intense. Too intense. My blonde, beautiful, big-titted Mom on her knees in our living room, my cockhead held gently but firmly between her lips as she licked and nibbled and sucked. I looked down and nothing had changed. She was still there, my Mom. Stephanie Amelia Jorgensen-Poole, 42-year-old mother of two, 5'11" tall, 148 lbs., blonde hair and blue eyes, voluptuous hourglass figure.


Slowly she swallowed me. Slowly my nine inch prick eased into her mouth. Mom's cheeks hollowed as she devoured me, sucked me up, slurped my shuddering length. Saliva and precum stained her lips and my prick, dripped onto my aching balls. Inch by delicious inch my cock sank into her mouth, until her lips pressed against my belly and my cockhead slid into her throat. Then, nostrils flaring, she swept upwards, sucking in a deep breath through her nose, keeping the head of my dick imprisoned in her sweet, wet, wonderful mouth.

Aunt Jan knelt down behind Mom and began to unbutton Mom's shirt. As Mom sucked on her son, her sister pealed her clothes off of her. Mom shifted here and there to accommodate Janine's movements. She released me briefly so Jan could tug her jeans off her long legs, momentarily catching them on Mom's plush backside. In that moment, Mom looked up into my eyes for the first time since entering the room. I saw regret there, and a healthy dose of lust, but above all the deep and abiding love she had for me.

Then she returned my cock, now clad only in a utilitarian white bra that barely contained her heaving tanks and a matching pair of white panties. I looked down at the acre of cleavage revealed and felt the first stirrings of orgasm at the base of my cock. Mom felt it too and redoubled her efforts, sucking more fiercely, practically fucking my cock with her mouth. Jan nibbled on Mom's earlobe and unsnapped Mom's bra casually, then tugged the garment free. Mom's huge, gorgeous, marvelous breasts were bared to my gaze. They were larger than Jan's, or even Ashley's, plush and full, milky white with large pink nipples that looked as thick as pencil erasers. Jan cupped Mom's prodigious mammaries and lifted them up, almost as if offering them to me, her fingers pinching and tugging on Mom's engorged nipples.

My orgasm crested almost immediately. I felt the charge build at the base of my cock, felt it rage in the sweet prison of my own mother's mouth, and then I spasmed uncontrollably as thick spurts of white cum rocketed from my cock, spraying across Mom's acrobatic tongue and down her throat. Her eyes snapped open as the first jet erupted and she loosed a low moan. She released most of my cock from her mouth, letting only the convulsing, too-sensitive head remain trapped between her lips as I spent my precious load. Again and again I sprayed, and Mom swallowed every drop, sucking me dry, her throat working quickly to keep up with the sheer amount of semen I was pumping into her mouth. I didn't know where it was coming from, but it wouldn't stop. Finally Mom had to completely let me free, just so she could breath, and I ejaculated a ribbon of jism across her lips and cheek. She aimed me away from her face, towards her heaving bosom, and I jetted a dozen blasts across her perfect tits before I was finished.

I dropped to my knees on the floor, gasping for breath, my mind a whirl of strange thoughts and emotions. My own mother had given me the blowjob of a lifetime. Even after all I'd already done, my mind still felt blown.

Jan smeared my cum across Mom's tits and then scooped up drops and licked them from her fingers. Mom swept a pink tongue across her sperm-stained lips and grabbed hold of Jan's hand so she could clean my jism from her sister's digits. Jan moaned and then twisted her Amazonian frame around Mom. Jan's head dropped to Mom's tits and her tongue flashed out, as she continued to clean up my mess.

I looked Mom in the eye over Jan's bobbing head. The guilt was gone from her brilliant blue orbs, but the lust and the love remained. "Thank you, baby," Mom said, "for giving your dear old mother such a treat."

"I should be thanking you," I told her when I found my breath. "That was amazing, Mom."

"I'll say," Jan agreed, looking up briefly from her ministrations. Mom quickly pressed Jan's head back into her tits, eliciting a throaty giggle from my aunt.

"Can you come like that again, Matty?" Mom asked breathlessly. "Can your big dick get hard for mommy again?" She pushed Jan aside and slowly rose to her feet, towering over me where I sat on the floor. The wet spot spreading across the front of her modest white panties was unmistakable. "Can you finish what you two have started?"

I didn't have to look between my own legs to know the answer to that one. I was still hard, even after that blowjob. I wasn't sure I'd ever be soft again. "Mom," I said, putting my feet under me and rising beside her, "I am going to fuck you unconscious."

Mom smiled. "That's what I wanted to hear. Let's go to the bedroom, though. It will be more comfortable there." She looked down at Jan, who wore a bemused expression on her face, sitting at the feet of her older sister. "You can come too, Jan. You can even join in, if you want, but for the rest of the night that cock belongs to me and only me. Got that?"

Jan grinned. "Sure thing, sis."

Then Mom did something I wasn't prepared for. She put her hands on my shoulders and tilted her head up to kiss me. Hard. Her lips pressed against mine and her tongue slipped into my mouth and wrestled with mine. She tasted faintly of my own cum, but the ferocity of her assault kept me from noticing that until after she let me go. She looked up at me with shiny eyes. "Oh God," she whispered, "this is so wrong. But I can't help myself."

"I don't want to help myself," I told her. "I want this, Mom. I want this so bad."

"Me too, baby. Me too." She took my hand and led me out of the living room, up the stairs, towards her bedroom.

Jan padded along behind us. She whistled low, and I looked back sharply at her. "Didn't get a good look at your backside before, Matty," she said. "I like what I see."

I winked. "You have a great ass, too Aunt Jan."

She slapped me lightly on my rear. "You say the sweetest things, nephew."

Then we were in Mom's bedroom. She flipped the lights on as we entered, and slowly but insistently tugged me in the direction of the plus king-sized bed. I went willingly, grinning as I once again checked out my gorgeous mother's nearly naked body. Her tits still glistened with my spend, and they bobbed and jiggled enticingly with each movement. I felt hands on my back and then I tumbled forward onto the bed. I heard Jan's tinkling laugh.

"Don't damage the merchandise, sis," Mom ordered.

"He's a big boy. Certainly he can handle a couple of horny old broads like us without complaint."

I flipped over onto my back and scooted further up the bed. It creaked under me, and my engorged cock bounced against my stomach. It was almost painful, how hard I was. I needed to fuck someone. But first...

I reached up and took my mother by the hand. She joined me on the bed, straddling my hips and thrusting her tits in my face. I nuzzled between her full globes, kissed and nibbled and licked. I found her nipples and teased them with teeth and lips and tongue. Mom moaned. Her hands gripped the back of my head and urged me on, pressing her ripe titflesh into my face. The bed creaked, and another set of phenomenal breasts rubbed up against me from behind. I turned my head and bestowed some kisses upon Jan's bronzed mammaries as well. She giggled and reached down to grip the base of my cock with one long fingered hand and began to jack me off. Very slowly.

"Take those off, Mom," I grunted. "I want to see you."

Mom moaned again, a deeper, richer, more perverse sound this time. She slid off my lap and stood up beside the bed. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and peeled them off. They came free with a slight sucking sound, and finally my Mom's beautiful pink pussy was revealed. A small, neatly trimmed thatch of blonde hair decorated her mound, and beneath that were her engorged lips. They were slightly parted, showing both the enflamed nubbin of her clit and the bright pink internal folds that glistened with Mom's copious pre-coital fluids.

"Guh," I said as Jan continued to slowly wank me.

Mom smiled. "Like what you see, baby?"

"Silly question," Jan smirked. "I think he grew another inch just now."

"I don't like it, Mom," I said, finding my voice. "I love it. I love you. You're so... fucking... hot."

"So are you, son." Mom's voice was a sultry whisper. She moved to straddle me once more, but I stopped her gently, gripping her trim waist with my hands. I picked her up, grunting with the effort, and maneuvered the both of us around on the bed so that Mom lay lengthwise across it, between Jan and I, with Jan near her head and me at her waist. Mom squealed and squirmed deliciously as I did so, and once she was spread out across the bed, she looked down at me and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I want to inspect the goods," I said, "before I sink my cock between your legs. Y'know, get a feel for the territory, maybe a taste." I grinned.

"Oh," Mom said. Then, "Ohhhh." She laughed and nodded. "Carry on."

I placed my palm against her mound and extended two fingers to brace her netherlips. I caressed and squeezed them lightly and brushed her clit with the pad of my thumb. Mom squirmed again, but whatever sounds she made were muffled. I spared a glance at the other end of the bed and found the sisters tongue wrestling again. Jan cupped Mom's tits and teased her nipples, while Mom had snaked a hand down between Jan's scrumptious thighs and toyed with my sexy aunt's weeping pussy. Which reminded me, Mom demanded my attention.

I parted her pussy lips with my index and middle fingers and teased her folds, bending the index back as the middle finger sank into her. I bumped against some hard but faint ridges of flesh and Mom's pussy humped against my hand. I teased and caressed, slowly pumping my finger in and out of her pussy. My fingers squelched with each movement, and Mom's sweet fluids dripped down my hand and onto the bed. I drew my hand out and flicked at her clit with the pad of my finger. Mom broke away from Jan's kiss and cried out breathlessly. "Oh God! Oh fuck!"

She was ready, I decided. Well, she had been ready for quite a while, but it never hurts to prolong the teasing stage a little bit. I shifted around on the bed so I was bending down between Mom's legs, my head between her perfect thighs. I trailed kisses along those thighs and dragged my tongue along them, feeling her muscles bunch and expand under my lips. Then I moved in on the main course. I dipped my head and licked along her fragrant, weeping gash. I tasted her delicious juices and decided I liked it. My head dropped lower and my tongue sank into her folds, swiping and swishing across her sensitive flesh. I had to grip Mom's thighs and waist to keep her from thrashing beneath me.

I looked up, past her smooth belly and between the large mounds on her chest. Mom's face was constricted with lust, red faced and panting, her eyes screwed shut and lips parted as she breathed through her teeth. Then Jan's head obstructed my view as my aunt fastened her lips around one of Mom's nipples and began to gently nibble and suck. Mom threw her head back and cried out lustily.

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