tagSci-Fi & FantasyHatchette Ch. 02

Hatchette Ch. 02


2. The Mosh

Roku was only two minutes late for Calisthenics. In the locker room, she slunk out of her uniform and underwear and pulled on her gray flannel shorts and shirt. She made it out to the edge of the school grounds before the Gym Matron had finished giving the other girls their instructions, but the laces of her running shoes were still untied, and she was squatting down tying them when the Gym Matron gave the order to go.

Roku was a hundred meters behind the last girl by the time she got going. It didn't matter. Today, it was a ten kilometer run across the low country beyond the school grounds. Roku had twice the stamina, and three times the strength of any other girl. It was more an effort not come in first than it was to not come in last. They had fifty minutes to cover ten kilometers. By the end, the other girls would be devastated, soaked in sweat, and good for nothing but The Mosh, but Roku would just be warming up.

Fucking Matron, Roku thought, her mind beginning to wander as she found her stride. Now that the warmness had died down inside her, the tepid spanking and the perfunctory molestation began to anger her again. How dare she think that Roku was just something that could be played with like a toy – prey for a Matron's pent-up desires? The worst of it was that the girls were supposed to look up to the Matron's as examples; as pure females, married to the State; as high-minded martyrs who'd sacrificed their sexual needs for the betterment of all.

It was hypocritical bullshit!

The Matron's we hardly even teachers. They regurgitated the propaganda of the Commissariat like it was fact. And then to indulge their every carnal desire with the young bodies entrusted to their care... Roku wished the Hatchettes were tasked with the clean up of the Order of Matrons, now that would be something... To have those bitches on their knees, skirts up, with their asses in the air... A leather lash in Roku's hands...

Roku was in the the middle of the pack now. Other girls were beginning the lag, the sweat outline their nipples through their shirts. Roku had to throttle herself back, resist the urge to push out ahead of the pack. Running a two minute kilometer would definitely draw attention. The Gym Matron was less of a fool that the other Matron's. Roku almost had a soft sport for her. She was a big, butch wall of a woman, almost shaped like the images of men from the vidcasts. When Roku had been younger, and had first learned of the male threat, she had worried that the Gym Matron was one of those men. But Roku had seen her in the showers a number of times. No penis, nothing of the sort. She was a normal Jane under her clothes, and she seemed less inclined than the other Matron's to think of the students as her property. She watched the girls change, yes, and Roku had met her a number of times in The Mosh, but there was nothing wrong with that – that was consensual. It was the forcing sex on young girls, that Roku despised.

Roku was at the halfway mark: A large oak tree on the edge of the Obar Estate. If it wasn't for The Mosh, it was hardly worth turning around. Roku would be back to the Estate within the hour. She had a position as a maid in the Manor, and her shift started promptly after school. The job wasn't her idea, but it was normal for the girls from the school to take part-time jobs for extra money on the nearby estates. The job had been Lt. Zee's idea. Lt. Zee was Roku's Hatchette handler – her direct superior. She had ordered Roku to take a job on the Obar Estate. To keep her eyes open. What Lt. Zee suspected, she hadn't elaborated on, but Roku had done as she was ordered. There could only be one reason to place a Hatchette on the maid staff of the Estate – only one reason the Commissariat would need an agent on the inside: Men. Roku had worked there just over a month and found no incriminating evidence, but it was still early days. If there were Dicks in the Obar Mansion, Roku would find them. Find them and burn them out.

Passing click five, Roku began to sweat. She was all on her own now, all the other girls had fallen behind. There was no way not to return first, unless Roku faked some sort of injury, and Roku was in no mood for that. She let he feet fly underneath her – really pouring on the speed. It felt good to get an actual workout – really work her muscles. Her time wouldn't be that amazing, the Gym Matron wouldn't suspect. She crested the low hill that was the last climb of the course, and sprint the last five hundred meters back onto the school grounds. She paused before the door of the Gymnasium and let herself catch her breath. She looked down and could now see her nipples clinging to her shirt through the sweat. That was a good workout, Roku thought, but she could see her nipples hard and erect underneath the thin gray shirt. Not good enough, Roku told herself. The run had done nothing to satisfy the fire the Matron has light inside her. She just wanted to get out of her sweaty clothes and into the showers. Where were those other girls?

"How long have you been here?" The Gym Matron said, stepping outside. She had her tablet, and was looking in her short's pocket for her stylus. She was obviously surprised that Roku had beaten her back to the Gym.

"Just arrived." Roku replied, pretending to be out of breath.

"That makes..." The Gym Matron said, looking at the clock on her tablet. "Thirty eight minutes..." She wrote this down.

Yeah, thirty eight minutes, Roku thought, minus the five I'd just spent there waiting. Roku pulled her sticky shirt off up over her head, and stepped towards the door.

"Good hustle, Roku." The Gym Matron said, and slapped Roku firmly on the ass as she passed. The slap made Roku's bare breasts jiggle. Roku gave the Gym Matron a look of surprise, and the Gym Matron gave Roku a sly grin.

I guess all the Matron's aren't that different, Roku mussed. It was just the two of them, none of the other girls were even in sight of the Gymnasium, so Roku slipped off her shorts, and walked the rest of the way into the Gym wearing nothing but her running shoes. She knew the Gym Matron would be watching her slippery, red bottom with interest. After all, she had always sort of liked the Gym Matron – the big, butch beefy Jane...

In the locker room, Roku took off her running shoes and laid down on a bench. It was no good getting into the showers before the other girls came. The Mosh had rules, though Roku had never really figured out why. It was a totally prohibited tradition. The Matron's constantly harped-on about the sin of sexual contact between students. That the Mosh was tolerated at all probably had more to do with reducing sex in the dormitories that anything else: Let them play with their Janes in the showers, and they wouldn't be playing with each other in the night – was probably the thinking. But there were rules and guidelines that the girls had made up for themselves: You couldn't touch anyone else's Jane in The Mosh. Not with your hand, not with your mouth. That was strictly prohibited. Perhaps that mean it wasn't actually sex? Whatever... But you could grab all the tits and ass you liked, and a soapy thigh between the legs was welcome. Kissing was okay – encouraged, and it was bad form not make out with anyone who wanted to make out with you – but mostly it was about rubbing your clit, and watching the other girls do the same. It was one massive circle rub, with the hot showers running, and the soap all over your body, and the smell of the other girl's cum mixing in with yours...

It was bliss! Fucking bliss, and Roku had to rub her Jane, just a little, laying there on the bench, even though The Mosh was just moments away. That was bad form too: Taking The Mosh outside the showers – starting it before you were in the showers, but Roku didn't care. She ran a finger of her right hand down the length of her trim, curly black Jane, and squeezed her left nipple with her other hand. She could cum right there and then, on the bench alone...

...Hell, Roku had run out of patience. She stood up and grabbed a towel. Might as well have a Mosh of one, she through, heading into the showers.

She turned on the water at each shower head as she passed, but kept moving until she was at the very back of the white tiled T-shaped shower. The steam began to build around her, and soon she couldn't see more than a few feet. She put her body under a running spigot, letting the scalding hot water wash down her front. She could feel then tension in her muscles beginning to unknit as she rubbed soap the full length of her long, porcelain white limbs. She ducked her head under the running water and let it blind her. She wet her hair and ran her soapy hands through it. With her eyes closed, she explored the curves of her own body until her fingers came to the tip of her nipples. She pulled on them, squeezing, pinching, and let them stand out erect. She could feel her clitoris hard between her legs, and she explored down her body with her hands to find it. She pinched it between for index fingers and moved it in a slow circle. She let out a soft moan, image of the other girts dancing in her mind: On their knees in front of Roku, lapping hungrily at Roku's Jane.

A hand reached out and cupped Roku's left breast. Roku jumped in surprise. She opened her eyes, rubbed the water away with the back of her hand to she the blurry figure of a redhead standing in the steam beside her. It was Pelli, Roku's bunkmate in the dormitory. Roku's best – only friend. Pelli was rake thin, pale as a sheet, with a head of long curly red hair that matched the bush of her Jane. She had small breasts, almost none at all, but her nipples were large and erect. They were fully extended as Pelli leaned forward to take Roku's right breast into her mouth, fully devouring it. Her tongue made three circles, then she sucked on the nipple hungrily. Her other hand still cupped Roku's left breast, squeezing.

"Started early?" Pelli whispered after she pulled free of Roku's right nipple with a slurp. She leaned in to lock onto Roku's lips, her tongue already pushing out of her pink, soft mouth. Roku let Pelli kiss her, letting her tongue search restlessly around in her mouth. Roku embraced the smaller girl, reaching around and cupping Pelli's petite ass. She thrust a leg between Pelli's, and lifted her up onto her thigh. As they kissed, Pelli wiggled there, rubbing her Jane against the soapy slickness of Roku's leg.

Roku was dimly aware that they had company. Roku broke of the kiss and looked around to see three girls showering themselves nearby, watching. That was doubly exhilarating: To be watched. The other girls were cleaning their tanned bodies as Pelli was putting love bits down the length of Roku's neck. Her tongue licked along the length of one of Roku's collar bones, and she again began to suck lovingly on Roku's large, firm breasts. The other girls closed in, watching it all with interest. Roku's fingers were down in her Jane now, rubbing frantically. Pelli began to push Roku's breasts together and lick at both nipples simultaneously, as the three girls formed a circle around her.

They were playing with their Janes now, too, but still watching Pelli intently.

Surrounded by girls, with Roku up against the shower wall, Pelli dropped to her knees. Down there in the steam, Roku could see Pelli's hand slip between her legs, but her face was now inches from Roku's masturbation. Oh, if she would just kiss me there, Roku through, but that was against the rules. Stupid fucking rules! What point was there to them? But Roku just doubled the rate of her masturbation. Pelli was watching it intently, fingering herself, Roku's Jane just inches from her face – Roku wide open and inviting. The other girls tightened the circle, bringing their Janes in close. Pelli looked around in excitement. All the fingers frigging away at all the clits. She let out a high pitched squeal, and Roku knew she was cumming, her fiery red cunt bouncing up and down on her fingers. Another girl climaxed too, and when she had finished, Pelli pulled away her hand to suck on the offending fingers hungrily. That sight was too much for Roku. The orgasm began to ripple through her body. Deep and intense, enough to buckle her knees. The other two girls were only seconds behind, and when they had all done they offered up their fingers to Pelli, who devoured them each in turn – gleefully licking and sucking them clean.

This was why The Mosh was so fucking amazing – Roku thought, sliding down the shower wall in exhaustion, coming to rest of the slick floor – dirty little girls like Pelli. Pelli snuggled into Roku, and kissed her lips gently. The warm water washed over them as the lay there intertwined. The other girls returned to washing their bodies at the shower heads around them. Roku looked around at the hard, tanned asses that were all at about her eye level. She looked down at Pelli in her arms, who still had the energy to play with one of Roku's breasts. The Mosh was absolutely, positively the best fucking thing in the world, Roku through, and it was something the Matrons could never take away.


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