tagSci-Fi & FantasyHatchette Ch. 04

Hatchette Ch. 04


4. Steely Dan

Of course, Roku knew how to drive. Roku knew how to drive an Atom Tank. Roku knew how to fly a Orbital Skip Bike. But most girls living in a Girl's School Dormitory probably didn't even know how to handle a car... The eighteen year old in Roku knew she should say no, but the Hatchette in her wanted to follow up on the Le-En lead. And to do that, she'd have to reveal that she did know how to drive an automobile. It was a small thing, Roku guessed, what harm could come on it?

"Sure..." Roku said guardedly. Lady Le-En was leaning against the door post. Roku could smell the Res on her breath from across the bathroom.

"Great! You're hired. Come on." Lady Le-En teetered back up onto her feet and gave Roku a 'follow me' gesture.

"But I-" Roku began to protest.

"-But nothing. Come on, lets have some fun." Le-En smiled cunningly. She turned and headed off unsteadily down the hall. Roku trotted on her heels behind her, taking two feminine steps for each one of Le-En's drunken strides.

"I'll go get a..." and Le-En's voice trailed off. She stopped, turning back to Roku like Roku would remember what she was about to say. "I'll go get a car," Le-En remembered, "you..." She pointed at Roku's chest. She seemed to notice Roku's immense cleavage for the first time. She smiled and let out a soft grunt, leaning forward – almost fell forward – to get a better look at Roku's full protruding bosom. "You... Pretty girl..." She groped out drunkenly, roughly squeezing Roku's left breast through the uniform. "You meet me around the side. The servant's entrance. You know – shit, of course you know... You're gonna drive me into town. And there – there we're gonna have a good time, you and I..."

Lady Le-En un-sensually mashed around Roku's breast a little more, than pulled her hand away. She licked her lips, still looking down at the cleavage. After a second, she was able to pull her eyes away and tuned toward the nearby stairs.

"Five minutes, max," she yelled behind her, tripping on the third step, and almost tumbling down the stairs. Roku, once again, realigned the neckline of her uniform. Nothing, it seemed, could keep her breasts covered today.

She started for the servant's stairs, headed down, and arrived in the Scullery. She took a shawl off a hook by the outside door, there specifically for maid use; and just had time to reach up to the maid's shelf and trigger the quick release on the secret holster of her folio. Her burner popped out and she spirited it away into the front pocket of her apron.

She was out of the door of the Scullery and standing on the gravel of the driveway when Lady Le-En brought the low, wide town car around the corner from the garages. She obviously had no experience operating the vehicle, and it spurted and stopped before it skidded to a halt besides Roku. The driver's door flew open, and Lady Le-En poured out. She took a header into the gravel as she tried to clear the car – made worse by the bottle of Res in her hand. She fell forward into the dirt, pulled herself up, took a large swig off the bottle, and fumbled for the handle of the rear door.

"Fucking witch!" she cursed, and Roku assumed she was referring back to Lady Aru. Roku stepped forward, and opened the back door. Lady Le-En fell in with one long motion, collapsing on the plush leather of the back seat. She let out a loud cackle, and drank again from the bottle. Roku closed the door behind her, and slipped into the driver's seat. She put the car in gear and started it rolling down the driveway. The leather clad guards at the gate didn't take a second look at the shiny white town car. The gates opened without Roku having to slack off on the accelerator. Finally clear of the Ober Mansion and on the main road, Roku quickly had the electric engines turned up to a hundred, heading toward the skyscrapers of downtown.

"So you're Aru's new taste?" Lady Le-En began suddenly from the back seat. She had been silent since climbing into the car – the green countryside rolling by outside the windows.

"I'm sorry," Roku said, looking back in the rear view mirror. She had assumed Lady Le-En had passed out back there, all laid out across the rear seat. But Le-En sat up and took a swing of her Res.

"I said: You're Aru's new toy, huh?" she said caustically. "I saw you two back there... The great Commissar with her legs wide open... You are a pretty thing, I'll give her that, but how old are you?"

"I-I-" Roku begin to explain herself, but then decided against it. "Eighteen," she simply said.

"Finger the Holy Matron!" Lady Le-En cursed, then laughed. "Well, word of warning from last week's play-thing, girl: That woman is a stone cold whore, I can tell you that. And don't think that kissing the lily will make you an Ober Wife. She fucks half a dozen maids a week, and doesn't blink an eye. Unless you've got something she wants – unless you're someone the wives need..." Her voice trailed off as she took another drink.

"I'm sorry? I don't understand," Roku said to the reflection in the mirror.

"Forget about it!" Lady Le-En said quickly. "How about you and me have some fun!" She leaned forward in her seat and handed the bottle of Res over.

"I-I-I really shouldn't," Roku said, trying to push the bottle away.

"Come on, it'll loosen you up," Le-En insisted, pushing the bottle almost into Roku's face. It made driving difficult. Roku took the bottle just to avoid crashing the car.

"Well... Alright..." Roku took the bottle and took a long slow drink. Roku wasn't afraid of getting drunk. Her Hatchette implants included a complete esophagual bypass – she could drink a bottle of strychnine and feel no ill effects. But Res tasted so God damn awful... Its use had almost completely replaced alcohol consumption. It was distilled from the resin of a type of cactus found on one of the moons of Jupiter. It had a mild hallucinogenic, euphoric effect. But Roku could never get used to the aftertaste. Maybe she was too young. Maybe you could cultivate a taste for the stuff with age. Oh well... Roku tilted the bottle back and drank, silently engaging her esophagual bypass. She wanted to seem eager – to ingratiate herself in Lady Le-En's good graces. It was all for the mission, after all...

"That's more like it!" Lady Le-En fell back into her seat and laughed. "Oh I like you! I like you, too! Lady Aru has always had good taste, I can say that much good about her."

Roku took another drink, just for good measure.

"Where are we going?" Roku asked, handing back the bottle. Lady Le-En took it and chugged down the last of the Res.

"I know a place," Le-En said when she came back up for air.

"Where?" Roku prodded.

"You'll see."

They drove into town, amongst the skyscrapers – the impossibly mile tall building, arching off into the sky. They crossed the river and were in the old town, amongst the building dating back to before the Dick and Jane War – building made by men. Cold and ugly and unloved. They turned onto a street that had, perhaps, once been a high street of banking. Large, imposing, classical building lined both sides of the road. Once-upon-a-time, they might have seemed impressive – speaking volumes about the wealth and power of their owners – but now they just seemed sad. Old and broken. Artifacts of forgotten age.

"You ever been to a brothel?" Lady Le-En whispered excitedly into Roku's ear. She was leaning up against the front seats, her mouth just inches from Roku's ear, watching the desolation roll by.

"A what?" Roku fained ignorance. She knew what a brothel was. Prostitution was not, technically, something that was illegal. In the New Order there was no conceivable reason for one woman to pay another for sex. The concept was a holdover from the evil days of male domination. Prostitution wasn't illegal because the Commissariat simple dictated that it didn't exist. But there were brothels where sex could be purchased, mostly of the 'phallus palace' variety. Unlike Prostitution, dildos were very much against the law. Dildos, vibrators, anything shaped or intended to be used like a penis... All contraband. Any image that even hinted at that most reviled symbol of male power was the worst sort of blasphemy. And that made their use all the more exciting... To be stimulated by such an evil item – to have another woman wear such a device and fuck you, to humiliate you, to subjugate you. Well, woman would pay money for that... In the darkest, dingiest parts of town.

"Right here, pull over here," Lady Le-En called out, pointing. Roku pulled the car off the main road and down a small alley. "Yeah, this is it," she said with stratification. The alley was a dead end, ending in a brick wall, but there was a side entrance to one of the imposing buildings, with a red neon sign over the door.

"I don't think this is such a good idea..." Roku said guardedly, bringing the car to a halt. The neon sign read 'Mai's', and a flashing curved red arrow tried to entice customers inside.

"Think is a fucking amazing idea!" Lady Le-En countered, leaping out of the car. She was almost halfway to the door before she realized that Roku wasn't following. She came back, opened the car door, and pulled Roku out.

"You-you just said to drive..." Roku tried to hint at a note of fear in her voice. Inside her, wild horses couldn't stop her from going in. The Ober Wives had a connection to a south-side brothel? This was amazing intel. When Lt. Zee heard this... But she had to remember her cover: The scared, simple eighteen year old school girl...

"Come on, you're gonna love this!" Lady Le-En said. She seemed to be altogether suddenly a lot more sober. The anticipation must be focusing her mind.

"But, I'm supposed to be-" Roku tried, but Le-En was opening the door. There was a short flight of stairs that ended at a desk. An unpleasant smell of antiseptic hung in the air. The lighting was florescent and harsh. An old woman was thick white makeup – like a Matron – sat behind the desk, smoking. She looked up as Lady Le-En and Roku entered. She looked Roku up and down, noting the maid's uniform poorly hidden beneath the dark shawl, and smiled around her cigarette. She gave Lady Le-En a familiar nod.

"Company, this evening?" the old woman said to Lady Le-En, pulling the smoke out of her mouth. The tone of the old woman's voice, the dismissive look she cast over Roku's body. Roku instantly identified the old woman as a Matron – or perhaps a fallen Matron. Roku had heard of that – that it was possible, and some woman had, left the order. The clothes were wrong, too casual, but that face... That evil, spiteful face...

"A new friend, sister." Lady Le-En leaned drunkenly against the desk, pulling a bundle of bank notes out of her jacket pocket.

"Then perhaps something special?" the old Matron suggested, putting out her cigarette. "The Surgery, perhaps? The Rubber Nurses?"

Lady Le-En shook her head. She was peeling large denomination bills off the bundle.

"The Rape of Lucretia, then?" the old Matron looked hungrily at the cash. "You could easily afford six gladiators, each with a twenty centimeter-"

"No, no," Le-En interrupted, "just the Sento Room," she handed a wad of money across the desk, "and Ciki and Tol..."

"As you wish," the Old Matron shrugged, but happily took the money. She started to count it as Lady Le-En took Roku's arm and started to lead her towards the back rooms.

"Oh, and Steely Dan..." Le-En remembered at the last moment, turning back to the Old Matron.

"Of course..." the Old Matron replied, curing her bright red, animal-like mouth into a twisted grin.

The Sento Room was dominated by a large, square sunken wooden tub; with large, back-lit rice paper screen lighting the room in an eerie warmth. A blast of humidity struck Roku as soon as she stepped through the door. The water in the bath was steaming hot, and condensation clung to every surface of the room. Two high, hardwood tables were positioned a meter from the water, with white towels spread out on them, ready for a nude body to be laid down and massaged. Lady Le-En strolled into the room like it was a second home, and made a beeline for a small bar in one corner, stocked with a half a dozen bottles of Res. She broke the plastic cap on one and took a long, deep swig. When the bottle tipped back down, she whipped her white sleeve across her month and turned to look at Roku.

"What do you think?" she said raising an eyebrow.

"We're going to take a bath?" Roku pulled her shawl off from around her shoulders. It was at least forty degrees in the Sento Room. She was sweating already.

"If you like," Lady Le-En smiled. She kicked off her shoes and took off her jacket. Her powder blue halter top contrasted with the creamy white of her skin. Her breasts were small, pert and unsupported, clinking to the inside of the light fabric of her top. She took another drink from her bottle of Res, and reached a hand back and behind, under her long flowing blond hair. She undid the strap of her top and let it fall loose, and with a tug, the top came free of her breasts, revealing her large pink puffy nipples.

"Lady Le-En, I don't think-" Roku tried to sound shy, but the sight of Le-En's breasts excited her. Lady Le-En ran one hand over her breasts and tugged at her nipples while she drank her Res with the other.

"What's wrong? Aru already fuck you dry?" she said provocatively. "One Ober Wife enough for one day?" she reached down with her free hand and found the clasp of her pants. They dropped free to reveal her shapely, strong legs. She worn no underwear, just the light roan of her pubic hair, well trimmed, at the apex of her muscular legs.

Well, one more Ober Wife thoroughly examined, Roku thought to herself. Verdict: Not a man...

"I-I didn't-" Roku was about to explain herself – explain what she and Lady Aru had been up to – but she was interrupted when the door swung open and in walked two girls in garish, single piece dresses. Their faces were heavily made up, with bright scarlet lips and heavy black eyeliner.

"Lady Le-En!" one said with a genuine warmness. They were small women, perhaps no more and one and a half meters, with waists that Roku could almost encircle with her hands. They shuffled in on tall heels, but kicked them off as soon as they entered. One of the girls was carrying a long shiny metal shaft, thirty centimeters long and maybe five wide, with a rounded – almost pointed end. That must be Steely Dan, Roku through, seeing for the first time in her life such a loathsome, yet titillating totem.

"Who's your friend?" the other asked, and looked Roku up and down. Roku suddenly felt self-conscious – still dressed in her maid's uniform. She felt extremely over – or under – dressed for the occasion. "She's pretty..." the whore continued, stepped over next to Roku, running a hand up Roku's thigh and under her petticoat. "Is she here to play, too?" And a hand cupped Roku's ass.

"She's Aru's new taste," Le-En said, casually walking over to one of the massage tables like she wasn't completely naked. The two whore oo'd like that idea impressed them. "So we should show her a good time..." Lady Le-En chuckled. She put down her Res, lifted herself up onto the table, and reclined back on her elbow. She let her legs swing open, unthinkingly reveling the luscious delicacy of her pink Jane. Roku felt her heart leap, but neither of the whores even batted and eye. "A really good time..." Le-En reinforced, taking another drink.

"Well, Steely Dan does not disappoint," the girl holding the dildo said. She held it up so everyone could get a good look at its brilliance. Even in the murky light of Sento Room it shined with an almost inner light. The whore stuck out her tongue and licked the full length of the phallus, taking it into her mouth when she reached the end. She curved her fiery red lips around it and almost chocked as she pushed it deep into her mouth. She brought it out with a joyful slurp and gave it a gentle kiss. "Who first?" the whore laughed, looking over at Lady Le-En.

"The taste," she said. Her free hand was already between her legs, pinching at her clit. The other hand remained throttling the Res bottle. The whore holding Steely Dan turned toward Roku. Roku was transfixed by the steel dildo – transfixed in both lust and terror. Through the show she hadn't noticed that other girl had pulled her panties down to her heels. A hand came up and tickled at her labia, bringing Roku back to reality.

"What are you going to do with that?" Roku honestly asked, but she knew. The thought excited her, but also horrified her. Roku. A Hatchette. A trained hunter and killer of the male animal. A tool of the State. To be penetrated in that way. It was abominable! But oh so delicious.... As one whore poked tenderly at Roku Jane, she could feel her wetness. And the other approached with the steel abhorrence... "Lady Le-En, please..," Roku pleaded.

The girl kneeling beside Roku gently sat Roku down on the second massage table. Roku didn't resist. She pulled Roku's knees apart, and brought her mouth up into position. Roku hardly noticed, her eyes were fixed on the shiny metal of Steely Dan. But as the whore's tongue dug deep into the depths of Roku vagina, and lapped aggressively against her clit, Roku let out a moan of pleasure. She looked down for the first time to see the woman between her legs, her heavily made up face expertly working away at Roku's Jane. Roku almost buckled over. If The Most – as Roku expected – didn't really count as sex, then this was Roku's first real sexual experience. Oh, that tongue up against her clit, those lips sucking on it... The other whore stood by, watching, still holding Steely Dan. Roku looked across to the other massage table, and Lady Le-En was frantically frigging at her blond Jane. She was enjoying the show. Roku untied her apron, and dropped it beside the table. She pulled her uniform up and off, and let it fall away. She squeeze her own breast as the whore ate happily away. She was close to cumming... She let herself lay back down on the table...

"Over," the second whore said. Roku had closed her eyes, ready for the explosion of pleasure. But the tongue stopped. The first whore was on her feet now. They slid their hands under Roku, and rolled her over onto her belly. Hands lifted Roku's butt into the air, and spread her thighs apart.

"No, no, I don't..." Roku said through heavy breaths. But she really did. The two whores were kissing at the inside of the thighs now, and her buttocks. Fingers were exploring around inside her, pulling apart her labia. There were tongues, simultaneously at her clit and her anus, then there was pressure. Something was pushing up and inside her, into her vagina. It was pushing her apart. It hurt, but it felt wonderful it at same time. The tongues were still there, working hard, as Steely Dan slid slowly inside...

"Oh God..." Roku heard Lady Le-En moan. "Fuck the little slut, fuck her!" she commanded. And Steely Dan began to move. Back suddenly, and then hard in. Roku buried her face in the towel by her head. Oh sweet Holy Matron! "Fuck the bitch!" Roku could hear Le-En moaning. She was cumming. Steely Dan pumped in, once, twice, three times and Roku was cumming too. The tongues, the slick dildo, Lady Le-En watching it all... Roku came hard and long, biting down on the white towel. It might have been criminal, it might have been obscene, but the pleasure filled her with no guilt. She let Steely Dan fill her, and let her organism shake the full length of her body. As it subsided, she let herself relax, lowering down to the table, the infernal device still between her legs.

"That your first cock, beautiful?" one of the whores asked quietly, stroking at Roku's hair. Roku didn't answer. She kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the aftershock.

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