tagInterracial LoveHater's Beware

Hater's Beware


Hi my name is Tami, I grew up in an all white town. My father was a hateful man who did nothing but rant racist bullshit whenever a person of non white origin stopped in for repairs at his garage.

My father was two faced, he was nice as could be to everyone face to face but the minute the repairs were done and they were gone the shit poured out, Why don't those spics, niggers, asians all go back to their own countries." I could never understand why my father was so hateful after all the white people stole america from the indians.

Never having interacted with people of the other races until I left home for college I soon found out that my father's rantings were misguided. I met alot of people from other races at college and found that it was a person that was bad no matter their race.

I left for college at 18 stood 5'7" with a 36c-24-36 figure and brunette mid back length at 136 lbs.

My major at college was computer programming and forensics. My classes were filled with people of all races. The classes was filled with intelligent well versed and educated people.

I was no virgin when I left home for college but I was still very naive about sex. I had never performed or recieved oral and never thought about anal.

The first year at college after developing friendships and curiosity I ended up getting a couple of tattoo's and piercings. I kept the tattoo's hidden, a rose on my right breast and a tribal weave on my lower back. The piercings were my belly button and left nipple.

I had a couple of one night stands during my first year but never repeated with the guy's. Their main concern was getting off and not weather or not I did, which was frustrating. I always made them wear a condom even though I was taking birth control shots. Now a days there are to many diseases to worry about.

The second year at college our classes had broken into study groups. My study group had one very intriguing African American who was very handsome yet nerdy in a way that made him very sexy, in my eyes.

He seemed very shy when I tried to talk to him, yet I caught him staring at me on more than one occasion. It took most of the first semester to get him to come out dancing with the rest of us. After breaking the ice it took a couple of weeks for him to dance with me. He was a good dancer and had gotten the attention of everyone in the club with his moves, but when it came to the slow and up close dances he would leave the floor. He became more appealling with his shyness.

When I finally did get him to slow dance I found out why he was so shy. He became easily excited and what I felt I could not believe. Not like I had been with that many men but his cock was bigger than the ones I had been with.

His name was Anthony he stood 6'2" tall maybe 190 lbs. Nobody in the class could get any information from him, where he came from, his parents, siblings, etc.

It was not until the second semester that I finally got Tony alone with the ruse of needing help with an up coming test. He agreed to come over on Friday thinking others were coming too. When he got there I lied and told him the others backed out to go to a party.

We spent a couple of hours studying, until I understood the work. We settled in and started to talk and he opened up some about himself. He came from a single parent home with 2 sisters and 2 brothers all younger. He came from the low income section of a major city and wanted to get himself and his family out of there.

It was not until the end of the semester that I finally got to sleep with him. This is the point that I decided that this was the man for me. He made me feel like a real woman. He did not concern himself with getting off until I had, many times. He was not one and done either it was three times that first night.

After the first night with Tony I reveled to him my lie to get him alone and why. I told him about my life in an all white town and my father's racism.

We started dating but because he was black I could not tell my family, Tony understood.

That was five years ago we both graduated with honors and landed good jobs at a very prestigious company. We had decided that we should not marry.

After becoming financially stable we bought a house together. With some help from us his mother was able to move out of the ghetto area she was in.

We have been together for 5 years now and our lives are very good. Sex is still as hot as ever but routine this is where our lives became interesting.

Both of us had sex fantasies so we started writing stories for an adult web site. We wanted the imput from the readers on our stories so we opened the comment section to all readers.

We could not believe the hatred that was out there about the nigger loving whore and how I was going to die of aids. Being that we were both computer forensics specialist we were able to tag our username's comment section with a tracker to see where they lived.

We obtained many ISP's most of which were one time only offenders. A couple were from other states. There were two that kept reappearing from a town 50 miles from where we lived.

After finding the addresses where the hater's lived we hired a private detective to find out about them. After receiving his report we put together a plan of attack. The detective found that the addresses we provided were from a married white couples house and her husbands place of employment and pictures of both.

The report also included that the husband went out quite alot with the guys and the wife twice a month with her girlfriends dancing.

I started frequenting the club she went to alone and was soon earning her trust. We became friends rather quickly after finding out about her life with her husband. They had decided to have kids after three years of marriage so she was not on birth control, yet she was not getting pregnant.

I had rented a one bedroom apartment in her town and she would come over on weekends when hubby was out, to talk.

After a couple of months when she was over I was doing all the ranting about what a son of a bitch my boyfriend was. I told her we had scheduled a romantic three day weekend for the up coming holiday and he cancelled. Since the cabin was paid for I invited her for girl time. She called on Sunday to tell me her husband said it was okay.

Since I was away during the week for work Karen never got suspicious that I wasn't home during the week. Tony and I put our plan into action of seducing Karen.

Tony went and rented a cabin and scouted the town for a club. When the weekend finally arrived Karen and I settled at the cabin and had a good meal before going out.

When we got to the club I spotted Tony at the bar. Karen and I ordered drinks and found a booth. After dancing together a couple of times and relaxing in our booth Tony made his move and sent drinks.

Karen was the blue eyed, blonde cheerleader type so she attracted many stares, as did I. Tony soon came over and asked Karen to dance, she declined.

I told Karen it was a weekend to enjoy herself away from the men in our lives. If she wouldn't dance with him I was gonna steal him, she laughed.

I danced with Tony a couple of times before Karen finally did. Tony kept her on the dance floor when a slow song came on. When she returned to the booth she was beat red. I asked her what was the matter and she stared at the floor before uttering, "He's huge."

"He's average height," I answered.

"That's not what I mean, down there," she said.


"His penis is huge," she got redder.

"So invite him over tonight, lets find out for sure."

"I can't, I'm married and he's black."

"So what, he's gorgeous."

"I'm fertile this weekend."

"Have him wear a condom, have some fun."

"I can't, I have to remain faithful."

"Fuck the men in our lives, I'm gonna."

"You are not."

Tony sent over more drinks and I waved him over to join us. After talking for the last hour it was closing time. Karen was more relaxed but did not invite Tony back with us. I did, "What are you doing?"

"I told you I was going to."

"You can't."

"You can join us if you want, I'm gonna let my hair down."

"I've never even thought about being in a threesome let alone with another woman."

"Me either, but god hates a cowered."

Karen was still a little apprehensive, "Tony I want you to come with us."

"That sounds like a good thing for me," Tony smiled.

"Do you have any condoms, no raincoat, no pussy."

"Never leave home without them," pulling out a six pack.

Karen drove my car back and I rode with Tony. Whenever Karen checked the mirror I moved closer to Tony. During the drive I revealed to Tony that Karen was fertile this weekend. He pulled out three condoms that were to small for his cock, "I'll just have to fuck her with these."

"Why those."

He pulled out a safety pin, "I think their going to fail," we laughed.

"I hope the others fail too that way she won't figure out this was a set up," Tony gave me the safety pin to puncture the tips so they would all break.

Once we were back at the cabin we each had another drink. Karen turned on some music and we sat around talking. Tony grabbed Karen when he was done with his drink. A slow song came on the radio and Tony held Karen tight.

Karen looked stunned at first but after a minute she relaxed. Tony continued to grind into her pelvis. Karen at first pulled away but the longer they dance the more into it she became.

During my second slow dance with Tony he kissed me at first I played shocked but soon let it happen. It took Karen a little longer but she too let it happen. She started grinding back into Tony.

When the dance was over she said she couldn't be unfaithful and went to her room. She didn't shut the door all the way, "I think she is a vouyer."

Tony nuzzled my neck and whispered, "how do you know?"

"She left her door open."

Tony kissed me deep stabbing his tongue into my mouth. I kissed back and moaned to get Karen's attention.

We were playing around as I unbuttoned Tony's shirt and he pulled mine off. Soon we were both naked and I had Tony's cock in my mouth. After about ten minutes Tony pulled his cock from my mouth and lay me on the couch. Pulling my legs out and open he started eating my pussy.

I was moaning loudly when I looked toward Karen's room I could see a shadow by the door. Her light was off but it looked like she was playing in her panties.

I pulled Tony up and gave him a kiss. I started to suck on his ear lobe, "She's watching."

I reached down to stroke Tony's cock. When he moved it toward my pussy I pushed on his stomach, "You need a condom, What would I tell my boyfriend if you get me pregnant."

"I hate them damn things feels like their strangling my cock," He mumbled but put one on.

He came back and resumed his kissing. I played with his cock a little more before pulling it toward my pussy. He jabbed into me, "Ohh shit!, easy my boyfriend isn't that thick."

Tony slowed his rhythm down to play the part. soon his balls were slapping off my ass and I was moaning more than usual, "Just like that, Ohh feels so good."

We were getting into this awesome fuck I almost forgot about our vouyer. Tossing my head side to side I could see Karen was watching and rubbing her pussy even harder. I have never been so hot in my life knowing someone was watching.

Tony's pace was getting faster and my moans were getting louder, "Baby you like fucking this black cock?"

"Yesss feels so goooood."

"Your pussy so tight I think your skinning me."

I heard a faint moan from Karen's room. Looking over I crooked my finger and signaled her to come closer. Boy what a surprise when she did walking out clad only in her bikini panties covering her tits with her arms, "What?"

"You have to try this cock it is great."

"I can't be unfaithful," Karen said shyly.

"Baby no one will know, what happens here stays here," Tony told her.

Tony pulled out of me as I grabbed Karen's ears and planted a kiss on her lips. She tried to pull away but I tightend my hold and she was soon kissing back.

Tony sat in a chair and watched Karen's ass swaying with the kiss. Soon I changed positions with Karen and kissed her again. Moving down I worked my way to her tits and then her pussy. I didn't try removing her panties. First I kissed at the wet spot and then moved the crotch aside and stuck my tongue into her, she squealed.

I had never eaten pussy before but this whole situation had me turned on. Karen was moaning how good it felt and and why her husband refused to eat her. Karen must have finally dropped her inhibitions she turned me around on the couch and dove into my pussy.

I haunched my hips up to her invading tongue Tony finally had enough, "This looks so hot I gotta join in."

Tony moved behind Karen and started eating her from behind. Karen was soon moaning into my pussy which added to the stimulation from her tongue. Karen and I orgasmed at about the same time and Tony knelt behind her and pulled her panties off. Tony started rubbing his cock between her pussy lips. Karen moaned, "Condom."

"I'm wearing one," Tony said.

Karen looked up at me, "Is he."

"Feel for yourself."

Karen's hand went between her legs and felt Tony's cock. Feeling the rubber incasement she pulled his cock to her pussy and stabbed her ass back onto it, "Ohh shit!, to big."

Tony stopped moving for a minute or two. Karen adjusted to his girth before easing her ass back and forth. Soon Karen had her ass parked on Tony's stomach. They did not move for a while. Karen had her tongue back in my pussy while she adjusted to Tony's cock.

Karen soon started moving her ass back and forth on Tony's cock. When Tony started fucking back Karen stopped licking my pussy and started moaning about how good it felt.

I got up at that time and retrieved the video camera and set it up on the desk. I moved back over to the couch kissing Tony deeply. Karen's face was buried in the couch, "Oh Karen this is so hot your pussy loves this black cock."

Karen turned her head, "How can you tell?"

"Your pussy lips are holding onto it like they don't want to let go," I told her.

"I want to see."

Tony pulled out and sat on the couch and pulled Karen into a reverse cowgirl. Karen sat on Tony's cock and watched as the big black cock sank into her. She started posting on Tony's cock with a look of awe on her face.

I grabbed Karen's head and gave her a deep passionate kiss which she returned. Working my way down I sucked each nipple for a few minutes and then down to eat her pussy.

When my tongue hit her clit she posted faster and I started licking the underside of Tony's cock. Karen's moans got louder and Tony started grunted he was going to cum. I licked between Tony's cock and Karen's clit even harder.

Tony grunted he was cumming and grabbed Karen's hips and held them down, "I feel you cuuuumming," Karen moaned.

I continued eating Karen until I tasted Tony's cum, "Houston I think we have a problem."

Karen was still coming down from her orgasm, "What problem?"

Looking up at Karen seeing the semen leaking out around Tony's cock, "I think the condom broke."

Karen jumped up franticly looking at the ring of the condom and nothing but bare black cock above it, "I can't beleive it, this couldn't have happened at a worse time,"

"What are you ranting about?" Tony asked.

"I'm not safe this weekend."

"We can't do anything about it now it's late."

After calming Karen down and getting her to her room Tony and I went to my room. We couldn't say anything but we were both laughing inside about the night. Tony and I fucked twice with the condoms before going to sleep.

In the morning I was the first one up. I made coffee and headed to the pharmacy after a cup.

When I returned Tony was not in bed. After checking the bathroom I heard a moan from Karen's room. I opened the door quietly and saw Tony fucking Karen. Looking at their union I saw that he was wearing a condom. I backed away from the door and undressed before walking in, "Mind if I join you?"

All Karen could muster was an excited moan. I walked over and gave her a deep passionate kiss which she returned.

After breaking the kiss I positioned my pussy over Karen's face. She started eating my pussy with passion as I kissed Tony. After a couple of minutes Tony started to grunt and I knew he was about to cum.

Karen had me on the verge of an orgasm when Tony came. Karen let out a moan as she orgasmed, OOOH fuck!, that's so good."

I came all over Karen's face, "Yesssss," I moaned.

Tony pulled out and I engulfed his cock to suck Karen's cum and his off. When I was done I started licking the cum running out of Karen's pussy, "MMMM, do you always cum so hard you break the condoms?"

"Genetic flaw I guess," Karen didn't seem so upset this time.

"That makes the fourth one."

"Sorry about that, must be the two fine babes just got me overly excited."

I sixty nined with Karen for a couple more minutes before we all got up for breakfast.

Karen had a worried look on her face when I sat down with breakfast, "What's the matter Karen?"

"I can't beleive my luck, two condoms breaking while I'm ovulating."

"Don't feel bad, two broke on me also."

"What am I going to do, I can't get pregnant."

Tony chimed in, "What is meant to happen happens."

"But your black, my husband will know I cheated."

I handed Karen a placebo pill, "What's this?"

"I went to the pharmacy and got the morning after pill for us, so no worries."

Karen cheered up and took the pill, "Now we have no worries for the next two days."

"Two days."

"Yeah, I've never had such fantastic sex I want Tony to stay with us."


"No buts, you enjoyed him too."

"He is fantastic, and with you there makes it all the better."

"I can't beleive I let a girl join me, it made it all that more exciting."

"I can agree with that."

Tony just sat there sipping his coffee with a shit eating grin. Tony listened to our conversation and finally spoke up, "What are the plans ladies?"

"Karen and I spoke at the same time, "Stay with us."

"I can do that let me go check out of my hotel and I'll be back."

Tony got dressed and left for a couple of hours while Karen and I talked. By the time Tony came back I had Karen calmed down and assured nobody would ever know of our weekend.

When Tony returned Karen and I were on the front porch sipping coffee. I wasted no time getting Tony to fuck me on the front porch. To add emphasis on the morning after pill I took Tony bare and let him cum in me. From that moment on thinking she was safe there were no more condoms used that weekend.

When the weekend was over we returned to our normal lives. I kept up the double life for the next three months. Tony and I got many laughs about how naive Karen was.

I don't know how I kept up the charade, but I did. One weekend I was out with Karen but all she would drink was soda, "What's wrong, have a drink, lets have some fun."

"I shouldn't have a drink."

"Why, what's going on?"

"I'm pregnant."

"That's great congratulations, hubby is going to be a father, is he excited?"

"I haven't told him."

"Why not? that's what you wanted."

"I don't think it's his."


"The doctor estimated the time of conception."


"The weekend with you and Tony."

"You mean that Tony knocked you up."

"Yes, my baby will be black."

"Have an abortion, what hubby doesn't know won't hurt you."

"I'm to far along, unless my life is in jeopardy."

"Have you cotacted Tony?"

"I must be really stupid I never even got his last name or phone number."

"Come to think of it neither did I, what are you going to do?"

"I don't know my husband is going to flip he hates everyone that isn't white, and I don't know what my family will say when I have a black baby."

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