tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHaunted House Tricks & Treats

Haunted House Tricks & Treats


"Jay?" she called, "Where are you Jay?" She walks through the gore splattered rooms, smiling at the scenes.

"In here." he yells and she follows his voice.

Stepping into the doctor's office she sees Jay, up to his waist in the table trying to position the lower body. "What are you doing?" she laughs. "I'm just trying to get this damn thing to lay right for tomorrow night." he says fumbling with the latex legs, "Come give me a hand."

She walks over to the end of the table to help and bursts into giggles. "What's so damn funny?" he asks. Wiping the tears from her eyes she points at the flipped up skirt on the prop. "I didn't know you'd look so good in pink panties." she says bursting into another stream of laughter. Always the clown he lifts the skirt in a mock flash and says, "Oh yes, no more boxers for me silk and lace all the way" Sheila stands there laughing helplessly as he begins to rub the latex legs and says, "I've got such smooth legs too, I just had them waxed. Come stroke my silky skin." She's holding her sides laughing even harder at him, trying to speak, "Stop." is all she can get out between laughs. He puts his hands on the fake hips and in a motherly voice says, "Are you quite finished fooling around yet?"

She stumbles over to him and swats at him though her laughter, but he catches her arm. He pulls her across the table, gives her a quick kiss and lets her go. "Ok, enough being goofy, let's get this done." he says smiling at her. She wipes the tears from her eyes again and tries to suppress her giggles as she moves back to the end of the table. While they position the prop she asks, "So how soon are we going to do the walk through?"

He glances up at her, "I thought we'd do it tomorrow before we open."

"Tomorrow? But that's Halloween, we can't fix things on our busiest night!"

"Sheila, things have worked just fine all week."

"Yeah, but that was the tame, all ages, not so scary stuff. This is the NC-17 type of scare. We've got all these new props and we've gotta make sure they work right." she says.

"It's almost midnight now. The guys want to go have some fun. I mean they're gonna be here all night tomorrow, we can't keep them here tonight too."

"Look, its for charity and they said they'd do it."

"Yeah, charity, an they're doing this for free. So I'm not going to be a dick an keep them here any later tonight."

She throws the prop down, "Whatever! You do what the hell you want Jay!" she snarls and storms off.

He just stands there watching her go, shaking his head and thinking. 'She's got a heart of gold, but sometimes she can be such a bitch!' He's known Sheila for several years, they're good friends and they usually get along. She's been working hard on this haunted house, he knows she's just wanting this to be perfect. He shrugs and goes back to work on the set up, figuring he'll straighten things out with her tomorrow.

Sheila slams the door to the make-shift office and flops down on the ragged couch. She crosses her arms in a huff, tapping her foot. "Damn him." she mumbles. Deep down she knows he's right, which only irritates her more. Jay has been her friend for eight years now and this is only a minor fight. She shares almost everything with him and they're friends with benefits, or 'fuck buddies' as Jay would put it. Although they would never make it as a real couple, this is a comfortable relationship for them both. She gets up, walks over to get the file folders off the shelf and sighs, "I may as well go over the revenue until its time to go." Sitting at the desk she begins to tally up their income and tries to let her temper subside.

A knock on the door makes her jump nervously and she looks over at the clock... 12:30am. "Well happy Halloween." she groans. Another knock on the door and she walks over to open it. The door swings open to a gray-faced creature with horns and a sardonic smile. She catches the scream in her throat realizing that Jay has put on his new costume. "Very fuckin funny Jay." she sneers. The creature doesn't say a word, simply gestures down the hallway toward the entrance to the haunted house. She looks at him, "Oh Jay, did you change your mind about the walk thru? You're the best! Thank you!" she says smiling and he just bows slightly. "Glad to see you got rid of that silly red devil face too." she laughs.

They walk through the door of the haunted house, the lights are dimmed, and a light fog swirls around their feet. He leads her through the first few scenes, all of which are working perfectly. As they turn a corner two other creatures jump out at her and she shrieks. "Dammit Jay!" she hisses then starts giggling, "I didn't know you had helper demons." She can barely make out these guys, but it looks like they are dressed similar to Jay. She begins following him again, but turns to whisper to the new guys and they've disappeared. She looks around wondering where they went when she realizes they must be doing double duty for the next scene.

He flicks on a small flashlight, its red bulb gleaming a thin crimson trail for her as he leads her into a pitch black room. She knows that she'll be left in the dark while a short recording is played then the lights will come up suddenly with the 'creatures' jumping up in her face to scare her. She stands where he leads her waiting for the sound when she feels something cold brush against her thigh. She jumps a little and makes a mental note to tell the guys to be more careful with the groups tomorrow. The recording keys up and a spotlight flashes on, but instead of being a good ten feet away from her it's centered on her exactly.

"Damn," she curses, "I knew we needed a walk thru. Jay, see what I mean, the spotlight is supposed to be over there." Even though he couldn't see her if he wanted to she points over toward the stage and she bumps into something leathery. "What the fuck?" she yelps jerking her hand back. "Jay?" she calls getting a little bit scared now. 'Maybe he was more angry than I thought?' she thinks, 'Yeah, that's it, he's trying to scare me now.' "Jay! Come on, you know you can't scare me with this stuff. Halloween is my holiday, I know all the tricks." she says crossing her arms and looking around the small circle of light.

Dark figures dart just into the edge of the light and she peers closer trying to make out if they're people or props. The black lights begin coming up slowly, filling the room with its shadowy glow. Sheila turns to head back out of the path and almost runs into the gray-faced creature. She glares up at him then turns on her heel to go the other direction but freezes in place. Looking around the dim light she sees five other figures of various creatures flexing their claws and watching her intently. Now she's really getting scared, that nervous-sick feeling snakes up through her belly and she trembles. She steps back and bumps into the solid body of the creature she thought was Jay.

'It has to be Jay, these things aren't real.' her mind rationalizes.

The creatures surge forward grabbing at her, their sharp claws tearing her t-shirt and scratching her skin. A scream finally breaks out of her throat as she swings and kicks at these beasts, trying to fight them off. The gray-faced one grabs her about the waist and picks her up off the ground effortlessly. The others rush in, quickly catching her swinging limbs, tying her wrists together as well as her ankles. She twists and struggles as they carry her toward another scene, screaming loudly until one of them shoves something in her mouth.

She chokes on the taste from the gag, trying to dislodge it with her lips and tongue, but to no avail. There's a clatter to her right and she snaps her head around to locate the source. She sees the latex half body and various instruments laying on the floor where one creature swept them off the exam table. Then she is being carried towards it and before she can even react she is dropped hard on the metal table.

The air is forced from her lungs, leaving her gasping to catch her breath. Her wrists are untied while she desperately sucks in breaths and though she resists she is no match for them. The rough rope they bind her wrists with digs into her skin as her arms are pulled up over her head and secured. She fights as they untie her ankles, landing kicks when she can, barely holding back her tears. They force her legs down and she can feel the ropes tightening on her ankles as she whimpers softly behind the gag.

They begin tearing her tattered t-shirt off of her, their claws slicing through the cotton easily. Her tears roll down her face as they shred her sports bra next, exposing her full breasts to them. She twists her body pulling the ropes, they just stand leering at her while she struggles. The creatures rub their growing bulges, watching her breasts jiggle as she thrashes around. A taloned hand reaches out and squeezes her breast tightly, the points of the nails digging into her flesh. She squeals in pain, shaking her shoulders, hoping to free herself.

She hears a zipper somewhere and she freezes, her chest still heaving as she catches her breath. She looks around frantically and sees a couple of them have taken their hard cocks out, slowly stroking them. Cold sears her stomach causing her to gasp and she can feel a sharp blade pressing flat against her skin. She lifts her head, looking down her body she sees the gray faced one holding a knife below her navel. He traces the point down the center of her jeans, pressing up slightly when drags it down her crotch as she sobs behind the gag.

Too scared to move now she drops her head back in defeat, shutting her eyes trying to block everything out. She can feel the blade slip up the leg of her jeans, the material straining as he pulls up then giving way under the sharp edge. His strength and the razor sharp hunting knife slice through the denim like it was water. The air hits her bare legs and she shivers when she feels his weight on her thighs. The waistband of her jeans is tugged hard and held away from her body, she can feel the vibrations through it as he saws through it. She whimpers when he traces her pussy lips through lace panties, the last piece of clothing she has. The cold blade slips under the edge of the panties, sliding along her skin, then carefully being pulled through the material. She looks up as they are pulled out from under her, he looks at her and smiles, sticking the cloth in his pocket. He puts the knife down, unbuttons and drops the robe he has on, never taking his eyes off her.

'Now we'll see if I recognize these guys.' she thinks, certain these are just some punks out for trouble.

She screams into the gag seeing him naked, her mind refusing to accept what she sees. His body is as gray as his face, his skin looks rough and his hard cock has thick ridges all the way down his shaft. The rustle of cloth is all around her as the rest of the creatures undress quickly, her wide eyes gazing around at each of them in disbelief. Ridges, spikes, and scales, all things that seem impossible, cover these beasts, a couple even have tails!

The gray one seems to be the leader, he motions and they all move in closer to her, their claws reaching for her as he watches. She strains against the ropes, moving any way she can to get away from the ten hands touching her, groping her. The nails scratch her skin, thin red lines all over her body, her body trembling under their touch. Her breasts are mauled roughly, her nipples tweaked and tugged as they explore her body. Her nipples have always been sensitive, sparks of pleasure growing as they are tortured and she is arching her back involuntarily. A chilly claw traces the lips of her pussy slowly and she gasps into the gag, lifting her hips in shock.

She looks down at the gray one, his hand between her thighs as he watches her face. She cries harder, tears soaking her hair even as her body responds more. Guttural groans and growls are all she hears from these beasts as they stroke their engorged cocks and maul her body. A small whirring sound comes to her ears as she arches her aching breasts up to the rough claws. A blast of cool air hits her when the break-away panel is pulled from the table, leaving her ass exposed. She clenches every muscle in her body when a tongue touches the cheek of her ass, lifting her body up with all her strength. The gray one places his hand on her chest, pushes her back down harshly and holds her firmly in place. Her eyes plead with him as she feels the tongue on her skin again, accompanied with something vibrating.

The hands all over her body knead and massage her flesh as the tongue and mouth begin their assault on her unprotected ass. She closes her eyes again, the pleasure taking over her mind temporarily. The sandpapery tongue flicks across her puckered rosebud and she groans, grinding her ass on it. The creature teases her tight ass, as she relaxes her muscles she feels a slippery finger slide quickly inside. After only a couple strokes another finger stretches her ass, pumping in and out rapidly, then a third is forced in. She moans into the gag, her body betraying her, grinding her hips, arching her back. A claw grazes her clit and she squeals, bucking her hips into the air. The fingers slip from her ass and she whimpers as something else is pressed against her tight hole. She throws her head back and screams as the object is pushed slowly into her ass, stretching her painfully. Finally her ring of muscles close around the lip and it seems to slide securely into place.

She lays there panting, trying to adjust to the uncomfortable full feeling in her ass. The gray one holds up a small black thing, then smiles and pushes a button on it. The plug in her ass begins to vibrate and she moans, writhing in pleasure. The gray one shoves his cock deep into her wet pussy, she shrieks as he hits her cervix forcefully. A wet hand slaps lightly on her stomach and she looks down to see a bright red claw mark on her skin. The creatures paw at her, smearing bloody handprints on her skin while the gray one fucks her hard and fast.

The bloody tracks on her body, the vibrating plug in her ass, the thick and ridged cock slamming into her pussy are too much. Despite the terror she feels she begins to get even more excited. She tosses her head, bucking her hips up to meet gray's thrusts, moaning into her gag. She doesn't care what they are as long as they don't stop before she cums.

Grey pulls out of her suddenly and she yells no, still muffled by the gag. He moves up and slides his cock between her blood slicked tits and squeezes them tight around it. Another cock pushes into her pussy and they seem to fall into rhythm together. She writhes under them, trying to move with them wanting more, whimpering behind her gag. The one between her legs stirs his cock inside of her and another keeps spanking her clit every time he pulls out of her pussy. The hands never stop touching her as she is fucked by these creatures, moaning and thrusting with them.

Grey leans up and pulls the gag from her mouth quickly. "Open wide," he growls and she opens obediently. He grabs a handful of her hair as he continues to fuck her tits, aiming his cock at her mouth. Then he begins to cum, shooting into her mouth as she swallows hungrily, licking her lips for more. Grey moves and the other crawls up her body as a third begins pushing into her pussy. She groans, "Ohh yessss, fuck me." The cock being crammed into her pussy is thicker than the others, stretching her almost painfully. He is about halfway in when he pulls out, leaving just the tip between her slick lips. He rams inside of her and the plug in her ass jumps to a higher speed. She screams as her first orgasm hits her hard, her body bucking and thrashing, her muscles contracting tight around the plug and the cock.

Grey lifts her head with her hair, holding her face up for the one between her tits. She keeps her mouth open waiting for the next load, her tongue circling her lips. He shoots his load half in her mouth half on her face, she licks around her mouth as far as her tongue will reach. Another claw scraps the lingering cum into her mouth and she sucks it clean, the sickeningly sweet taste of the fake blood mixing with the salty cum. Another orgasm takes her as number three fucks her slowly and Grey teases her tender nipples. She whimpers and begs, "Please stop, please, I cant take it anymore." Her body writhes as the creatures trade places, filling her pussy, sliding their cocks between her tits. She loses count how many times they fuck her and how many times she cums. Her body is drenched in sweat and fake blood, as she lays there shivering beneath the rutting beasts. Finally they lift from her body and she lifts her head to see Grey moving between her thighs again.

She has no idea that they have untied her until Grey picks her up and sets her on her feet. Her legs are wobbly as he turns her around and bends her over the table. As he slides his cock in her legs give out and she lays under him limply. She realizes none of the other creatures are touching her, but his driving cock pushes that thought from her mind. She weakly moves her hips in time with his, but he doesn't seem to notice.

He twists the plug in her ass suddenly and she groans. He pumps the plug in her ass while he fucks her, in with the plug as he pulls out. He pulls her head up by the hair, her body begins to spasm as she cums yet again. Slamming furiously, he fucks her gripping pussy until he feels his balls tighten. Shoving the plug deep in her ass he grabs her hips and pounds his cock in to the hilt. He cums hard, groaning loudly, his cock twitching inside of her hot hole. He stays there catching his breath for a moment then sinks his teeth into her shoulder with a growl. She whimpers, too weak to fight or even scream.

He pulls the plug and his softening cock out simultaneously, leaving her gasping from the sudden emptiness. She slides to the floor, unable to stand, confused at the feelings inside of her, she looks down at her blood streaked body. She grabs the robe that Grey left, wraps up in it and makes her way back to her office.

Sheila sits watching the tape of her attack for the second time since she found it in Jay's security set up. She thought for sure it was Jay last night, but he denied doing anything. She had been hurt and scared when she left his office, until she thought of the security tapes. Now here she was with a tape of the whole ordeal, showing it to eight of her friends. Despite her embarrassment her panties are a bit damp watching Grey have his way with her.

"Oh my God!" Mary sighs, "That was soooo intense!" The rest of the girls chorus in their agreement. 'That's why I like them so much,' she thinks, 'They're just as twisted as I am.' "Keep watching." she says quietly and they all turn back to the screen.

Footsteps come up on the sound as the tape shows her gathering the robe, then muffled voices. "Oh shit! I'm going to be pulling latex off my dick for a month!"

"That sounds like Scott!" Amy exclaims. "Shhhh," Sheila says, points to the screen and mouths 'watch'. Men's laughter fills the tape then Grey's voice says,"Yeah, but wasn't it worth it?"

"Damn man, turn that thing off!" Grey's laugh changes, giving way to Jay's and he says, "Is this better?"

"Yeah," he laughs,"Man, I didn't think she was going to get into it at first, but you were right, she did."

"I told you."Jay answers."Hey come over here so I can show her the 'demons' that just raped her." he laughs.

The camera bumps as it turns around, then one after the other the five guys step into view. Scott, Mike, Ted, Jim, and Joseph say "Happy Halloween Sheila." and finally Jay moves in front of the camera, still half coated in his gray devil face and says,"Hey Babe, Hope you enjoyed my little Halloween treat." he says with a grin, then she shuts the tape off.

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