Haunted House Tricks & Treats


Looking at the room full of women she says, "So are you in or out?" They all agree quickly that they are in and begin to talk about the evenings plans.

A group of eight ladies show up at the entrance and Jay looks them over with a smile. All of them are dressed like trampish witches, except for their faces, which are done with traditional green make-up and ugly warty noses. "I'm sorry ladies, the house is closed now."he says. "Jay," Sheila says and he turns to look at her. "I promised I'd show them the house after we closed, it won't take long." she smiles. He looks puzzled for a minute then agrees, after all, this just gives him more time to get made up for his private show with her later.

He watches the group walk through the door and into the path then hurries off to his stash of things. He already had part of the latex face on under his mask and he rushes to get his gray devil's face finished so he can catch Sheila as soon as the group leaves. He stops in the small room where he's set up the security cameras, checks the tape in the VCR and the position of the cameras. Movement on the screen catches his eye and he sees Sheila walking through the sacrifice room calling his name. He dashes out the door and down the hall toward the scene she's in, trying to be as quiet as possible.

Scott opens the door to the security cameras, "Jay?" he calls in a low voice. "Is he there?" Mike asks. "Shhh, he hasn't answered." Scott chides. The screens are lit and Scott sees Jay in his devil outfit walking into the grave room heading toward the sacrifice room where Sheila stands looking around nervously. He motions for the other guys to come in and they all file into the small room, nudging for space to see the monitors. "Looks like we missed him." Mike says. "Yeah, but we can sure sit an watch the show." Scott laughs and they all agree watching the screens intently.

Sheila paces around the sacrifice room, looking around worriedly until she hears footsteps approaching. "Jay?" she calls timidly. The gray demon steps through the door and she jumps back. He laughs and steps toward her, his eyes shining with lust.

"Stop!" she commands in a strong voice that surprises him. She squares her shoulders and looks directly at him, an evil smile curls her red lips. 'This is an interesting turn.' he thinks as she begins to walk slowly toward him. "So," she begins,"You come to claim my body again?" He laughs again, "It is mine. I will claim you whenever I want you." he sneers, figuring he'll call her bluff.

He doesn't notice the figures slipping silently from the darkness until the metal cuffs snap simultaneously around both his wrists. "What the fuck?!" he yells and lunges for the nearest person, who deftly steps out of his reach. He turns his attention to the chains, looking for a way to remove them when Sheila produces a small black box. He hears a motor start up somewhere above him, looking around he sees the chains beginning to rise off the floor. "Shit!" he curses fumbling frantically at the cuffs. Before long he is dangling, his arms pulled taut over his head, up on his toes straining to relieve the tension in his body.

Sheila walks over to him as eight other shrouded figures surround him. "Sisters," she says turning to face them, "Our dark lord has sent this pitiful beast to test me. As you see he has failed his mission in our lord's name." The group of women chant softly as Sheila continues, "His penance for failing our lord shall be exacted by my hands as I have been commanded. But first he shall be shared with all of you as everything is shared with the coven."she finishes, their chanting rises and Sheila joins them.

"Coven?" he asks, "What the hell?!" Sheila slides a gleaming knife from the wrist of her outfit and Jay recognizes it instantly, they have played with it many times, he knows it is razor sharp. She turns to him and chants loudly, as two other girls pull open his robe. "First the drawing of blood." she says and drags the blade across his exposed stomach. A thin shallow cut opens skin and he groans, the pain making his already hard cock throb. "Drink sister." the group chants. Sheila leans into him, her tongue glides over the cut and his cock twitches excitedly. She holds her hand out and a leather strap is place in her palm which she quickly binds his cock and balls with. He moans feeling her hands on his hot flesh, then she slaps his cock hard enough to make him yelp. "He will not release until we allow it." she says looking up at him.

She presses a button on the black box and he is lowered about five inches until he can stand flat on his feet. She presses the knife under his scrotum and hisses, "You will move carefully to the alter or I shall slice this off." He nods, too stunned to speak and she lowers his arms further, two figures quickly catching his wrists behind him.

He is laid on his back on the fake stone slab, his hands are attached somewhere above his head and his legs are tied loosely. He is bound much as she was the night before, except that he is not spread eagle. Sheila quickly undresses never looking at him until she climbs up on the alter with him. She straddles his face and looks down between her legs at him before she lowers herself. "You will perform your best or we shall cut off your tongue and use it without you." she snarls and he nods mutely.

She presses her sopping pussy to his face and he begins licking urgently as she grinds on his face enjoying the pleasure. The rest of the group presses in to touch him, stroking his cock, rolling his balls, pinching and rubbing his body everywhere. He moans into her pussy as the tingling grows in his balls, licking her clit like a dying man's last taste. His hips push up, his body reacting to the hands on his cock, he can feel the climax building in his groin. A stinging slap hits his cock and he whimpers, still the pleasure boils in his balls. Sheila grinds her clit on his nose, rocking her hips wildly as she starts to cum, cutting off his air. He struggles as she smothers him with her pussy, her body trembling with aftershocks from her orgasm.

His cock aches with his need to cum, his chest burns from lack of oxygen. She lifts her body from him and he sucks in air desperately as she climbs off the stone. "Disrobe sisters." Sheila says, her voice lush, still relaxed from her climax. The group begins to drop their robes one by one, Jay's eye's follow from one nude body to the next, his eyes widening. Each girl has a pentagram carved into her stomach or chest, the scars rough looking and painted red with something.

Two girls climb up on the alter, kissing and fondling each other as they position themselves over him. He sucks in a breath, the scent of the pussy over his face fills his lungs as they both lower their bodies. He licks the wet lips, sucks the clit of the girl on his face as the other rides his cock hard. He can hear their soft moans and can only imagine them still kissing and touching as they use his body. He can feel a hand snake in between his stomach and the girl on his cock, as she increases her pace.

He whimpers with his need to cum, his cock burns and throbs inside of her. Momentarily he stops tonguing the pussy over him and she slaps his chest sharply. Both girls are moving towards their climax, their bodies thrusting and rocking on him as if he were nothing more than a toy. His face is ground into the pussy as she cums on his tongue, her voice rising to a scream. The girl on his cock slams down harder, his hips aching on the hard alter as she fucks him, grinding her clit until she cums too. They climb off him as soon as they are able and he gasps when the cool air hits his tortured cock.

He doesn't get any rest as the next pair climb onto him, hurrying into their positions. He continues to lick each pussy that is pressed to his face, his hips buck under each girl on his cock. He loses track of how many, barely able to think straight enough to keep licking and fucking them. His face is sore, his jaw is aching and his nose has been badly bruised on their pubic bones. The painful ache in his balls overrides everything else, all he can think of is pleasing them, hoping they will let him cum.

Another pair climbs off his body and he waits for the next but they do not come. He looks over and sees Sheila walking over to him. Her body is streaked with red, pentagrams and inverted crosses have been drawn on her in black. She climbs on the alter as the group circles him, each picking up and lighting a red or a black candle.

She mounts herself on his cock and he whimpers as she begins to ride him. The group is chanting the whole time, but he doesn't notice, he watches Sheila's face intently, watching for signs she is ready to cum. She impales her pussy on his cock and he trusts up hard, seeing the familiar lusty glaze over her eyes. As she starts to cum another steps forward and releases his cock from the strap. He bucks up into her harder, closing his eyes, his chest seizing as his cock erupts inside of her clenching pussy. He falls back to the alter, panting for breath, his cock twitching madly as every bit of cum is milked out of him.

Shelia's voice rings in his ears as she speaks strange words and he looks up at her. She is sitting on him, his cock still inside of her pussy, holding the knife with both hands. The group chants louder as she says, "Accept our sacrifice to you oh dark lord!" Her arms swing down swiftly, though it seems in slow motion to him as the blade rushes toward his chest. "Nooooooo!" he screams, "Ahhhhhh!" He jerks up as her hands thump down on him, his chest is heaving, fear having forced the air from his lungs.

Something flicks his nose and he opens his eyes cautiously to see Sheila still sitting on top of him grinning from ear to ear. "Oh shit!" he exhales and she leans down close to his face. "I told you that you can't fool me, this is my holiday." she teases. "Jesus Sheila, you scared the shit out of me." He collapses back looking up at her.

"Come here girls an show Jay who his Halloween treats have been." The girls come up an kiss Jay's cheek one by one, pulling off the latex pieces to reveal themselves. They stand together as he looks at them... Mary, Amy, Cheryl, Didi, and Jessica are the girlfriends of the guys that helped him last night. Sheila grins and whispers, "Guess who's sitting up in your security room watching the whole show?" Jay's look is priceless as he realizes the guys knew he'd been fucking their girlfriends. "Hope you enjoyed my little Halloween treats," she laughs as she kisses his nose. "The tricks are still to come!"

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