tagErotic HorrorHaunted Love

Haunted Love


Her preparation left her feeling anxious and apprehensive. Carefully placed candlelight cast an amber glow over the otherwise shrouded bedroom. Her body was exposed to the still night air, feeling the reach of the different flames as she walked passed them in the circle around her bed.

She felt the apparition's echo of a hand lightly caress the nape of her neck. He was vapor and a muted kind of light, an intangible collection of energy but his touch was more real to her than any lecherous attempt at intimacy by the living.

He whispered forgotten poetry into her mind and shared the air between her lips, filling her senses with the heady perfume of his power. His kisses danced up and down her flesh each time lingering a bit longer than the last. Though centuries of decay had eroded his body, his soul had resisted the current of the river Styx with a fortitude born of limitless passion that he now poured over her.

She was a fiery sprite with dreams that outlasted the oceans in both expanse and mystery. A treasure of potential, wasted on the banal and the mundane that made up the population of her world.

In the liquid of night, between the arches of dream her heart was a beacon that drew him to her. He traversed an ethereal wasteland to sample the curious spirit that beckoned so sweetly only to fall desperately in love with one of the living.

Her body bowed and writhed against the swirling rush that seemed to tug and pull at the deepest parts of her ascending arousal. The sensations grew with each passing stroke, becoming more and more material until there in the dark she felt him apon her as corporeal as herself.

Once or twice she thought about opening her eyes and trying to see him but feared it might break the spell so she kept them shut and let herself drown in the feel of him. His hands were strong but not calloused as they made their way slowly over every inch and curve of her legs while gently spreading them apart to welcome him. His mouth was clean shaven with a powerful jaw that pushed up against her pelvic bone as lapped his tongue over her clitoris, into the opening of her lips and over her clitoris again.

His breath was hot and his mouth hungry as he tasted of her long and deep. The sensation of his tongue circling and probing was more than physical as it shook her to the core.

His hands ran over her thighs and up her waist then back down again as she twisted and gyrated in a futile effort to get closer to him. Try as she might, his kiss was as deep as any could go and as her pleasure peaked his enthusiasm doubled, filling her ride down with multiple spikes of orgasmic contraction.

As her body shivered he rose up to lie parallel above her, only it was such a fluid movement he had felt like warm mist washing over her and she feared he was gone. Before her fears found substance, she felt the solid weight of him again. He was a sculpted form that matched her height and she found her legs wrapping around his with such ease and precision that they seemed to melt into each other.

As his penis entered her she found that it fit as if it were made just for her and the subtle turns within. Once inside it grew to fill and strain all the right parts of her and his movement had her instantly rocking in unison, her body a symphony of biochemical notes being played to a crescendo.

She felt herself levitate into the air, anchored only by the unseen body that had her in its sway. Hands on her shoulders, dick in her pussy, and parted lips against one ear. She heaved and panted near the ceiling, feeling it against the palm of her hand as she reached out behind herself.

It was there that the second wave of orgasms shuddered out from her core into every fiber of her being. When she came to, she was lying on her stomach, on her bed with her legs spread and hanging off the end. As she lay there, a tight and wet mess in between her thighs, she had a moment to wonder if the whole thing had been a wonderfully intense dream.

She felt his hands pull apart her ass cheeks and she knew it was real. They lifted her hips and then his cock slid into her soft wet slit. A quick jerk and he was balls deep against the backs of her legs.

She dug her nails in to the sheets and blankets as she was taken from behind with a fury that seemed harsher than before, as if his need for her had driven him past gentleness and left him at the mercy of his lust. She bucked and pressed herself into his passion, craving his unrestrained attention.

Her back arched and her head lolled from side to side as she felt his splayed hand against her spine. She Moaned into the dark as she came again against his thrusting cock before dropping her face into the mattress as her raised ass continued to slap against him.

Then she heard his voice for the first time with her ears instead of her mind. Not with carefully chosen words but with incoherent grunts of male release did he fill the silence of her room. His climax was not the ejaculation of warm fluid that one feels upon taking in the lust of the living but a spiraling coil of electric energy that rode up her spinal cord and sent every muscle in her body into orgasm.

Laying in stillness at the edge of an erotic euphoria, the scent of summer rain was sent to her along with the distant echoes of thunder as she drifted off to sleep.

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