Haunted Sex House


Denise cradled her son's head as she looked down at him. "Oooh, it's what they want, can't you hear them?" A loud roar came from under the floorboards, one that might be, by the extreme cynic, taken to be a combination of the house timbers shifting with the pipes shivering with an animal in the neighbouring woods being viciously killed. "We have to please them or we'll never get out alive."

Denise smothered her son's face in her breasts til he could barely breathe, and then pushed him back onto the couch. She put her hands on his waistband and said, "Push up, baby." She tugged his boxers down in one stroke, and her hands went back to his bare ass, squeezing it, as her son's cock bobbed in front of her face.

Her hands moved to it, one hand stroking the shaft, the other rubbing the balls, as Tim sat back, lightly moaning, his thighs spread. His mother spit on his cock. "Don't worry baby, mommy's gonna get us through this." She dropped her head down and stated sucking on the cockhead as both hands stroked the hot shaft. "Fuck you got a big thick cock for mommy, don't you Timmmy?"

Tim closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt his mother's mouth on his cock. He was already trying not to blow his load. He was finally able to speak again as he felt his mother's hot mouth on his cock. "So...so, you felt it too, huh? They...they want us to do this? This is why my cock got so hard? We have to have sex, mom?"

His mother went deep on his cock, and he felt the tip of his cock hit her throat as she gave a little gag. She slipped off and looked up at him and smiled, "We've got to do it, baby...or those demons...they'll kill us...brutally...rip us to shreds...ghosts and demons and spirits and shit." And she dropped her mouth back down on her son's cock.

Tim mostly sat back and moaned in pleasure as he felt his mom work his cock, suck on it til his entire leather seat was wet with the drool from her mouth dripping off his cock and balls. He leaned back a little more as his mother stroked his throbbing cock with one hand while lapping away at his big heavy balls, taking one in her mouth and moaning.

Denise spit on her son's cock and then said, "You want mommy to give you a special treat, baby? I don't do this to every guy, but you're so sexy and I love you so much. And I know you won't freak out about it, right? Grab your knees and pull 'em up, c'mon."

Tim didn't have time to think about what she was going to do, he just put his hands where she showed him and pulled his legs up, didn't realize anything until her mouth was on him.

"Ooooooh......fuuuuck mommmmm...that's my fuckin asssssss....you're lickin my fuckin aaaaaaassss...oh fuck, pushin tongue in, fuckin hell...."

Tim's knees were almost up to his chest as his mother pushed her face into his asscrack, while one of her hands kept stroking his throbbing cock. Denise felt her son's cock pulse in her hand as she jerked it up and down, rubbing that oozing precum into his shaft, while her tongue pushed past the tight ring of his ass. Pushing her wet tongue into the heat of his ass and pushing it in and out, flicking it around.

"Fuck, mom, I'm gonna cum!!" Tim moaned out. Denise moved her mouth back to his cock, slurping it up and down, looking right up at her son as she filled her mouth with his cock, one of her hands rubbing his balls, the other working a finger up his tight ass.

Denise felt the first shots of thick hot sperm exploding in her mouth. Tim lay back, arms loose at his sides, moaning like a retard, as his mother took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could, and his cock and balls pumped out load after load of jizz into her mouth as she sucked and swirled her tongue around.

Finally his cock was done and it felt so sensitive and sore as his mother sucked out the last drops and then loudly popped her mouth off the half-hard cock. She kissed up his body from his cock, over his stomach and then his chest, crawling over her son, til she licked up his neck and under his chin, finally sharing a hot wet long open-mouthed kiss with Tim.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized that this stud under her was her own son, who she was meant to protect and take care of and not exploit. And part of Tim's mind still knew that the horny harlot that was now making out with him, kissing him hungrily with a hot wet mouth still bearing the traces of his fresh seed, was his mother, the woman who would always have his respect and who he had known since before the day of his birth. But right now they were in the grip of something greater.

As they kissed and rubbed on each other's bodies, Tim's cock quickly grew harder again. "Damn, mom, I've got to fuck you," he moaned out, and grabbed the pair of his own shorts she was wearing, and began to tug them down her hips.

They twisted around until his mother was lying on the couch on her side, and Tim was on the floor, pulling the shorts off her feet. He looked up at her big ass on its side, hanging off the edge of the couch, and put his hands on it, rubbing and caressing it. "Ooooh, fuck, mom, your ass is so hot." He leaned in and ran his tongue over the pussylips sticking out between her thighs.

Denise moaned and groped at her own tits as she felt her son start to lick and suck at her wet pussy. She yelped when she felt that tongue run around the pucker of her asshole in little circles. "Mmmm, you baaaad boy, eating your mother's ass....ooooh, suck that tight hole, baby."

Denise felt Tim's hands caressing her ass and thighs as his mouth worked her asshole, then went back to lick and suck on her pussy that was wet as a swamp, and his tongue flicking on her engorged clit. She threw her head around, looked up at the ceiling, and saw the flickering shadows from the lit candles. It was funny, but the shadows almost looked like bodies. Humans brushing together, intertwined, doing...things...

"Fuck mom, I gotta put it in you." Tim stood up over his mom, stroking his cock, which was hard again. Denise looked up at her son, smiled, and rolled all the way onto her back. There she was, naked, on her back, thighs spread, tits slowly jiggling, as Tim bit his lip and ran his fat cockhead up and down her pussylips, and then pushed in.

They both moaned as Tim started to work his cock in and out of that pussy, getting deeper, making his mother gasp louder, her tits really starting to rock as she lifted her legs and locked them around Tim's body, interlocking the ankles behind his back.

Tim put his hands on his mother's large breasts as he huffed, looking down at her, "Fuck mom, you're so hot. We need to do this all the time."

"Mmm, we'll see, baby. For now keep fuckin that cunt with your beautiful cock."

The couch itself started rocking, and Denise found herself wondering if Tim, in his enthusiasm, might give more than this old couch could take. She chuckled to herself. Then she felt Tim pulling out of her, pulling away. "Mmm, Timmy, what's wrong, baby?"

"Turn around mom, I wanna fuck your ass."

Denise still lay on her back, panting, looking up at her son with his large cock bobbing in front of him. "We can do that another time, dear, now get back in my puss-"

"MOM. I SAID, I need to fuck you up the ass. We have to do it. We don't have a choice."

"Oh, c'mon, we don't have any lube for one, and--"

Denise yelped as she felt her son's hand roughly on her. He pushed her head into the couch as he roughly grabbed a thigh and turned her over. Part of her body slipped off the couch and her knees roughly hit the floor. She was kneeling on the floor, her upper body flat on the leather couch, chest and face in the wet sweat and juices. Tim wound up and smacked her meaty ass hard a few times. Denise heard a howling and knew it was only partly her. It was also the things in the basement.

Tim smacked that ass around, rubbed it, drank in the sight of his mother's large round sweaty spanked-red rump. And then he spread her big cheeks, spit on her asscrack, and guided his cock into that asshole.

They didn't say anything for some time after that. Denise felt her knees pressing into the hard floorboards, tried to keep her mouth and nose clear of the couch so she could breathe, as she arched her back and pushed her ass up, and tried to open herself up as much as possible for her son, who was pushing his cock deeper and deeper up her ass.

And Tim just straddled that ass, pushing his cock down into it, holding his mother's hips, running his hands over her sweaty back. As they continued their sodomy they picked up a rhythm, the sight of his mother's big bouncing ass driving Tim on to fuck her harder and deeper. He grabbed a handful of her hair, wrapped it around his wrist, and pulled back on it as he thrust his cock deep.

Denise grit her teeth, "Fuuuuuck, baby, you're sooo deep in my ass. Fuckin your mom's ass, you motherfucker, fuckin it deeper than any cock's been. Fuck it's burning."

Tim gasped, he couldn't take much more. He sped up, fucking his mother's ass faster, those big meaty sweaty asscheeks slapping back loudly every time he thrust in, the sound filling the room. He moved his hand to his mother's throat and squeezed it, gripping hard while shaking her head around, as he pushed in balls-deep and began to unload his sperm deep in his mother's bowels.

For a long time they lay on top of each other, collapsed, panting, Tim's cock slowly softening and retreating out of his mother's ass. He rested his forehead against her sweaty back.

Finally he raised his head up, "I'm...I'm really sorry, mom...I...I don't know what came over me."

He saw his mother raise her head too, and turn it to look back at him, and the expression on her face was more craven than any he had ever seen, with an immense white toothy grin stretching her cheeks, and her eyes wide and glittering and unmistakably reflecting the fire within.


Denise was the first to stir the next morning. They had gone to sleep beside each other, with whatever they could grab pulled over their naked bodies. She lifted her head and glanced around. Dawn had come, and everything seemed different in the morning light. There were many cracks in the walls where light shone through, and the fireplace didn't seem the same - indeed, from what they had seen the previous night, it was if the house had weathered another forty years overnight.

Birds twittered and flew around between the rooms. A large black crow overlooked them in the corner of the room. Denise felt Tim's warm body beside her, his breath still soft as he dozed. She felt she should stir, but she knew it would be cold and chilly as soon as she got up, and they'd need to decide where to go from here. In a moment she made a decision.

She nimbly turned around and began to proceed down her son's body, stopping her mouth at his cock, and started to lick and suck it, tasting the tangy flavour from all of the nastiness the night before. Soon it began to grow, and then Tim stirred and she soon felt his tongue between her legs, on her pussy that was getting wetter.


When they finally emerged from the house, the sun was higher in the sky, but the mist still lingered in the fields of uncut grass on the either side of the drive. Denise's hair was unbound and fell haphazardly as she walked on in her jeans but still wearing the 'Buttman' shirt from the previous night. She felt some of her son's sperm still slowly leaking out of her ass and into the seat of her jeans, and emphasized the roll of her hips for Tim, who was drowsily following behind.

They came to the car, and Tim shrugged, "I guess I'll give it a try again." Before they climbed in, they noticed a board that had been nailed up beside the entrance gate, which they had missed last night in the darkness and the storm and their haste.

It was a notice about the property being condemned, and a planned demolition date that was now many years in the past. Maybe the county had run out of money, maybe the proper forms had been misplaced. Tacked to the sign was a piece of newsprint sheathed in a plastic bag, possibly put there by someone trying to drum up local tourism of the macabre. The paper had gotten very wet and many of the letters had run, but what they could make out, as well as the accompanying photograph of authorities pulling out body bags from the house they had just spent the night in, made Tim and his mother shudder and want to get going as soon as possible.

They climbed in and Tim tried to start the car, and the engine complained and struggled, but did finally burst into life. "Well, what do you know," he said. In the moment before they pulled out, something shadowy and multi-limbed emerged from the tall grasses, and crawled, skittered, slithered to the car and under it, to catch a ride along with them.


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