Haunted Tricks


Michelle's Story

I want to marry Zach. I know I'll have to share him with other women. I think I can live with it. I've been learning to live with it for a year but I don't like it. I'm a jealous girl. I know he likes me better than the others. They had only been to bed with him once or twice before we ganged him, but that was only to try them out to see if they were any good in bed so he could pimp them. He does that with all the girls he runs. I'm the only one who had been seeing him regularly before and since. I'm his girl, not them. I'm the one he calls every day. I'm the one in his bed all night three times a week. I'm the one he takes when he travels.

Zach keeps me in style. We don't live together but he keeps me in an upscale apartment and bought me a BMW. His place is even nicer. Sometimes at lunch I leave campus and he bangs me in his bed. I love going back to class with his seed is inside me. I want to have his children someday. He always tells me when he's been with someone else, including the women who pay him. I understand them. If I were old and alone or in an unhappy marriage I'd pay to have Zach between my legs, too.

I'm shorter than Katie, Julie and Robin, but I'm sexier. I have big boobs. Double D's. The others aren't any bigger than C. They kid me all the time how jealous they are. With a narrow waist over a J-Lo booty I have curves Zach can't resist. That and my smooth light brown Latin skin makes him crazy. The night we ganged him he told me over and over I was the one he loved. I had delivered the others to him like we planned. It was a test to see who would be willing to do three-ways with customers. A lot of them like slim college-age girls but even more like someone with a fuller figure and big chest. That's me. Zach is always telling me how he gets more requests for me than for any other girl.

I didn't know Zach was going to go down the line fucking us all the first night of the haunted house, but I got so hot when he did. I've never done a three-way with he and another girl. Once when he asked me I made it clear if he wanted me in bed it would only be me. I could barely stand sharing him with my friends when we ganged him last winter. I refused be in bed with him and them at the same time, but fucking us while we were captive to his haunted house display was different.

It's like he sees right through me and knows all my desires. Like how did he know I'd like him fucking Katie, Julie, Robin in me in public? How did he know I fantasized being anonymously gang fucked by a large group of men? I came so many times that second night I lost count. Sometimes I want to be fucked by every man in the world. Sometimes I walk down the street or across campus and want every man inside me. It's not like I'm a slut. I just desire them all. It's like all their cocks were made just to be inside me. My pussy tingles when I know all men want to be inside me. I get wet knowing that all women want Zach to fuck them.

Zach's Story

Dey my bitches, haha. Nah, I love my ladies and look after them. They got all the money from their tricks at the haunted house. I didn't take a cut. They never earned more money in one night than they did with the gang fuck. I had to plant my seed in each one them the night before to warm them up and prove my ownership. Then I made them cum over and over to take my seed deep in their wombs. Still doesn't compete with sixty loads of cum they each got the next night, but what the hell. They thrilled to it and it was all hot Halloween fun.

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by Nemo1810/24/17


The different POVa for the same story was interesting, but Zach's was illiterate and seemed rushed

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