"Yes, it's not possible. Consider this..." Carl began and then gave his next words added thought. "Your fear is nothing more than perhaps, desperately, wanting Jack back in your life. You see him everywhere and especially in your son - who so much resembles him. It's natural Amber and it will pass." Rosenberg felt especially proud of that diagnosis. He was far from a psychologist but he felt he'd hit the proverbial nail, "on the head", so to speak.

Amber sighed heavily. She knew that the good doctor was wrong but, she gave him a weak smile anyway. Tell him – God damn it, tell him! Her mind screamed but she held back. The thought of exposing an incestuous relationship made her cower. "I see. It makes some sense doctor. I'd not thought of that and perhaps you're right. I do miss Jack so much."

"I'm quite sure, more than even you might suspect. Go home Amber. Hug your son and tell him how much you love him. More importantly, look at him and celebrate his existence and just how much he does resemble Jack, for he truly is his father's son." Amber smiled. It was genuine but not heart felt. Something told her she had to. Dr. Rosenberg was certainly right about one thing, Andy was his father's son.

"Thank you – I'm sure you're right. I feel silly coming here so desperately."

"Nonsense, that's what I'm here for...And Amber, if there's anything else – anything at all please don't hesitate to call." Amber, feeling the flush of embarrassment forming, nodded toward Rosenberg and got up.

"Thanks again and I will..." Amber rose in mid-sentence never completing her words. Her pleading eyes seemed to beg Rosenberg and as he extended his hand and he assured Amber.

"I'm positive." He stated, clasping her small hand in his and holding it. Oddly, for being close friends, the moment turned awkward for them both.

"Good – very good, you do that. We've been friends far too long." Rosenberg's smile was patriarchal and heart felt. Amber returned the smile and only then did he relinquish her hand. "Good bye Amber, until next time."

Chapter Four

Rosenberg eased back down into his chair. With extended fingers, he rubbed at his chin. Curious. He thought and offered Amber's visit a bit more thought before being interrupted. His last appointment of the day had arrived.

On the other side of town Andy was making his way home. He hadn't been himself at school. As his day had went on strange, unnerving, thoughts had entered his mind and none of it made sense. Worse, he felt there was no way he could explain it to anyone, least of all his mother. The kind of day dreams he'd been having were just plain wrong. He laughed nervously and made the final turn towards his house.

Amber was equally preoccupied with her thoughts. Rosenberg was right. Her mind demanded, and then aloud, to her self, she commented, "You've got to get a grip girl. Letting Andy do what he did was insane! It was all just some sort of weird coincidence – that' all." Deep down, she didn't believe.

By the time she had turned on Hanover St., heading the last few blocks home, she'd did have one conviction - Andrew had simply had a morning erection, like most males, and she blamed herself for what happen. "Never again." She said aloud and made the turn into the driveway.

Final thoughts went through her mind, just as she reached to turn off the car. Recalling what had happened, she returned to, why? Why had Andy just walked away? Why, in God's name had he not remembered any of it? The silence inside the car was deafening and it scared her. What scared her more was that Andy didn't seem to realize that he was having sex – let alone who he was having sex with. She withdrew the car keys and tarried a bit longer. A weak laugh escaped her lips after her mind sent a "You're thinking crazy" signal.

Andrew had left no indication he was home. He simply went to his room and lay down on his bed. Amber stood for a moment and looked around, shrugged her shoulders and slipped from her shoes. Too exhausted to think any more, she dropped onto the couch. "A nap – a short one and I'll be fine." She muttered and almost instantly went to sleep.

Shortly thereafter, Andrew woke. Without word he stepped in front of his dressing mirror and started to strip down. His face was strangely calm – in fact there was little or no emotion at all. He finished by kicking his underwear across the room and slowly looked up to take in his nudity. Andy's hands went to his face. Like spider legs, his fingers walked over his features – touching, feeling and gently rubbing what he saw. His fingers slid from his face, maintaining their slow dance over his chest, stopping briefly to play with nipples that were now hard. He touched, caressed and rubbed his youthful arms. A single eyebrow rose as he took in his flat, muscled, stomach. He touched it lightly and then dug his fingers in, crunching his stomach muscles into a scrub board of hard ripples.

While Andrew primped and played with him self, Amber's nap had turned into a series of sexual dreams, staring her and her late husband, Jack. Beads of sweat ran down her temples and she mumbled softly, in response to Jack, in her dreams. It was Amber's hand that entered her blouse and shoved her bra up but, to her it was Jack. It was Amber that wrenched at the blouse, tearing buttons away to expose her tits but, in her dream it was Jack and she was chastising him for ruining her blouse.

Her lips formed a near perfect circle and she gasped over Jack's advances in the vivid dream. She turned her head to the side, arched her head backward and cried out softly, as her hand plunged into her panties. "Jack – no, I can't." She muttered and then grinned, followed by more soft moans. The hand in her panties worked feverishly and her free arm shot over her head and clutched at the couch, all in response to her dreams.

Andrew watched, unseen, unknown and silent. His fingers slowly rubbed at his stiff shaft. A leering grin formed on his lips, as he watched his mother grow close to climax. Jack was in control. It was Jack's voice that sighed out seeing Amber's hips suddenly arch up. Together, they waited and watched as she came hard, her pelvis quivering violently with the prolonged orgasm.

The effects of masturbation grew on Amber's panties and Jack decided it was time to move. The ponderous, blood filled, weight of his young penis swayed in front of him, as he approached. His eyes were locked on Amber's panties and the prize they contained. His approach wasn't quiet and Amber's eyes suddenly shot open. Andy came to a stop directly in front of her, bending his knees and resting them on the couch. His penis slowly came to a stop in front of Amber's face.

In a voice not Andy's, deeper - slightly more baritone, he spoke. "You remembered." Andy's head turned slowly, taking in his mother's body and finally came to a stop, locking his eyes with her frightened gaze. "I always loved it when you masturbated. I loved watching you." He fell silent and Amber froze, unable to speak or move.

Wide eyed, she watched as a droplet formed on the end of his cock head. Her mouth moved but no sound came out. The droplet lengthened. A string of pre-cum slowly started to lower and Amber imagined the web of a spider, with strings of glistening silk. His penis looked massive. The veins were pronounced, dark reddish-purple, and pulsing to his heart beat. Still attached, the droplet eased down and came to rest on Amber's lower lip. Suddenly, she felt connected to Jack like no other time in their lives.

Unable to look away from his engorged penis, Amber's tongue, slowly, pushed between her lips and swiped through the droplet. She closed her eyes, savoring the salty taste. "Oh God...is it really you Jack?" She asked in a timid, unsure voice, opening her eyes. "Damn you, why did you have to leave me?" The face staring down at her remained passive, as if unaware of what was happening.

"You have me now." The deep voice's answer came with another warm droplet of pre-cum and Amber hungrily lapped it up in mid-air, before it reached her lips. A leering grin, again, formed on Andy's lips.

"Damn you!" Amber lashed out, after licking her lips clean. "Yes." The voice retorted and then fell silent, waiting.

Amber's mind took her back to the first time she had masturbated for her husband. It took her farther back replaying the first time Jack, in their youth, had persuaded her to give him a blow job. Both times were met with her resistance and temerity. During the latter, Jack had overcome her resistance using boyish charm and then, later in their lives, he'd used overwhelming lust to disarm her resistance.

Amber groaned softly. "Oh God Jack you can't want me to..." But, she knew the answer to her unspoken question. Her right arm raised and, with trembling fingers, she gripped young Andrew's stiff shaft, low at its base, and brought it down to meet her lips. Lips that for the moment remained closed. "God damn it Jack, I can't – I can't do this!"

Andy's face remained eerily blank. The reply was Andy's hand, placed heavily across Amber's mound and labia. Soaked panties offered little resistance to his probing fingers. Amber's eyes snapped shut, once again, and she moaned loudly. In a reflex action, she lifted her pelvis at what she felt sure was Jack's touch. His fingers pressed into the silk material, pushing it between her flared lips, making Amber cry out. "Jack! It's been too long Jack..." Andy's fingers found Amber's clit, restarting the passion from her dream.

The naked eye wasn't capable of catching the speed of Amber's next movement. Andy's cock head disappeared between Amber's puckered lips. A throaty, guttural, moan followed and Amber was transported back to the last time she'd sucked on her husbands cock. Eager, hungry, lips sucked and kissed his penis. Her tongue lavishly licked its head and toyed with the hole that would bring her pleasure. Through it all, Amber dared not breathe, certain it might still be a dream.

Finally, forced to breath, she pulled off his shaft. A thick string of saliva and pre-cum followed and she licked at it eagerly. Andrew's hand moved. Balling his hand into a fist, just above her panty line, he quickly extended his fingers and slipped them under the wet material. His thumb pressed into her soft mound, as his index and middle fingers found her hard, sensitive, button. Amber's hips jerked up and she screamed out in pleasure.

Amber stared at her son's hand, praying he wouldn't stop, as she absently stroked up and down his shaft. She knew this game and her left hand joined in, grasping his tightened testicle sack before she returned her attention and lips back to the penis she gripped. Jack stiffened his newly occupied, young, body and drove his hips towards Amber's eager mouth. She gagged before half of the shaft went past her lips but, there was no stopping her desire. Jack had her so close now. Barely able to hold her pelvis up, she shook with greater and greater intensity until blinding flashes of light, within her eyes, signaled her cumming.

Her mouth suddenly opened and she breathed deeply, in a prolonged gasp. Her left hand released Andy's balls and groped for Jack's hand, holding it tight against her pussy. She forced his fingers to work harder and harder against her clit. Wave after wave of intense pleasure passed through her body, before she finally dropped her hips, desperately trying to create space between her sex organs and his hand.

"Jesus – sweet Jesus, no more Jack...Please no more baby!" She cried out. She felt her panties snap back into place. Andy moved, ripping her hand from his penis. Breathing heavy and labored, she slowly came down. Her heart pounded in her chest and she watched Andy's athletic, nude, body leave the room. Amber closed her eyes and sighed. It was over and she couldn't recall the last time she'd felt so good. "Jack – Jack." She mumbled lovingly and drifted away in a deep sleep.

Hours later, Amber woke with startled jerk.

Chapter Five

With some difficulty, Amber managed to rise, sitting up. She shook her head trying to clear her mental fog. "Jesus what a dream." She muttered. Slowly the living room came into focus. For the first time, she noticed her blouse and bra. A certain shock and wonder took over. What the hell... And she quickly reached to pull her bra back over her breasts. Uncertain hands lifted the torn blouse. Lines of strain formed at the corners of her eyes as she tried to recall. In frustration, she wrapped the torn halves around her upper torso and scanned the room.

When she slid her legs from the couch she felt the, cool, wetness between them. Her hand went to the couch and the dark spot on it. Fear crept into her mind. God damn it, it was dream! I know it was! She thought but, her eyes and face told another story. Shakily, she got up from the couch and made her way into the kitchen, clutching at her torn blouse with one hand and placing the other to cover her crotch.

The kitchen was brightly lit and remnants of a small meal were scattered on the table. Amber began to laugh – a giddy, insane sort of laugh, as she stumbled into the room. Andy was home. Had he seen her dreaming? Had he been watching when she had...? She clamped her eyes shut and shook her head. Get a grip! She screamed silently to herself.

The events of the entire day replayed in her mind. The incestuous interaction with Andy; her visit to Dr. Rosenberg and the dream she'd had. God, Jack had seemed so real but, it was a wet dream and that was all. She wanted to believe in what Rosenberg had told her – she had to. It was her own desperation, her own desire to have Jack back.

Leaning heavily against the wall, she even tried to convince herself that what happened that morning wasn't real. Andy had never been there. Fantasizing about Jack, she'd somehow brought Andrew into the daydream. How else could she explain Andy's normal behavior a short time later? The giddy laugh returned.

Mentally exhausted, Amber turned off the kitchen light and made her way to her bedroom. Perhaps she needed more than Rosenberg. Perhaps she needed a real psychiatrist? As she closed in on her room she felt she'd just held the first truly sane thought in some time. A weak smile punctuated the idea and Amber turned the knob on her door. "Tomorrow – tomorrow is another..." She started to mumble and instantly froze in her tracks.

Amber's gaze, down cast as she entered, took in the feathered duvet and sheet, lying in a heap at the end of the bed. She forced her eyes up, looking at her bed. Andrew, stark naked, legs splayed apart, lied in the middle of the bed, fast asleep. His chest and belly moved easily to his deep breathing. Amber's eyes narrowed, as she focused in on her son's manhood. Flaccid, it was listing off the side of his lower abdomen. Pooled in his bellybutton she saw the thick remains of cum. An abject fear made her eyes widen. A rivulet of sticky semen had oozed from the pool and ran onto the bed's sheet. Her hand went to her mouth, stifling the scream whelming up. Shocked eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed on the bedroom floor – unconscious.

The thud of her body woke Andrew. His eyes fluttered and he stretched, afterward scratching himself, as men often do following a good sleep. A yawn followed and he swung his legs off the bed to sit up. He seemed unconcerned about his nudity, as he gazed at his fallen mother. He rose from the bed and almost casually walked towards Amber. "Why Amber? Why do you fear me?" A voice, not Andy's, questioned aloud.

Andrew squatted, lovingly placing one arm under his mother's head and neck. With his other, he firmly gripped her limp legs. Strong thigh muscles propelled him up and he gave a short heave to center Amber's body in his arms. "Why?" He repeated and turned to carry her to her bed. Gently he lowered Amber to the bed and before releasing her head, made sure a pillow would cradle it.

Her clothes Andrew – take them off. She never sleeps in her clothes. Jack's voice spoke softly in Andy's head. Andy obeyed. He set about removing his mother's clothing. As he did so, Andrew spoke back to his father. "Is she okay dad?" Yes, Jack answered back inside Andy's head. She just fainted. Andy smiled and rolled his mother to the side, gently pulling her arm from the torn blouse. He rolled her back and extracted her other arm, tossing the garment aside. Now, her bra, Andy - do you know how? Jack questioned. Andy simply nodded.

Andy studied the bra's clasp, fumbled with it briefly and then finally managed to unhook it. As before, he was gentle. It was Jack that stayed his hands from going farther. Beautiful aren't they Andy? I've always loved your mother's breasts. Feel them with me. Andy's smile widened and with hands guided by his father he cupped Amber's tits. Age and gravity had not yet taken their toll. Even lying on her back, Amber's breasts appeared firm. Andy's fingers softly caressed their fullness.

Jack guided Andy's hands away to softly caress her bare mid-riff. Andy's sigh came out deep, in a rich baritone quality. Let's get on with it. Jack demanded inside his son's head. The skirt was much easier for Andy. Seconds later, he was pulling the garment down Amber's legs, tossing it aside, as he'd done with her blouse and bra. Andy's penis started to rise, seeing Amber's wet panties.

There was a slight trembling in his hands. His breathing changed, turning shallow, as he gripped the waist band of her silk panties and started to pull. Amber stirred briefly, flopping one arm over her head. Jack stayed Andrew's hands once again until Amber had quieted down. The small, blonde, tuff of hair, just above the split of her labia was visible. Andy, at Jack's mental urging bent slowly and placed a tender kiss on Amber's bare, soft, mound before continuing the task at hand.

Amber was one those woman fortunate, or nor not - depending on opinion, who's inner vaginal lips were pronounced. Like ribbons of bright pink coral they protruded between the outer lips of her labia. Jack recalled the first time he'd laid eyes on her and Andrew instantly understood how special his father considered his mother's beauty. Just past the spot marking the start of her fabulous slit, Amber's clit poked through. A gentle finger slid over the nerve filled button, as Andy slid his mother's panties down. Jack smiled inside Andrew's head. Finish it, he said and Andy moved to pull the soiled panties from his mother's legs. Now cover her Andrew, I don't want her to get cold.

The look on Andy's faced turned confused. Standing up-right over his mother he questioned his father. "But, I thought you wanted to..."

I did but, she's had enough tonight. She'll enjoy it more tomorrow – cover her Andy. Jack's silent voice told his son. He did as requested and returned to his room. Moments later Andy was hard asleep and dreaming a dream shared by his mother.

Chapter Six

The following morning Amber awoke, dazed and confused. She was in bed and couldn't recall getting there. Slowly, she became aware of her total nudity and clutched the bed covering tightly around her neck. Since Jack's death she had never gone to bed nude. There seemed to be something inherently wrong with the idea to her. Long moments passed by as Amber's mind considered the possibilities.

Something told her to feel between her legs and she sighed with relief. Below, no telltale sign of having had sex existed. No crusted cum met her probing fingers and yet she felt an urge to shower – a strong, overwhelming, desire and she moved to get out of bed. Something else hit her hard as she stood up. Amber felt as if she was being watched. Small hairs on the back of her neck stood up and, unconsciously, she attempted to cover herself, as she hurried to her bathroom.

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