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Have A Good Day


My name is Helen. I've always had a fantasy of having sex with a black man. A few weeks ago it happened.

I was standing in the shower, when I heard my doorbell. I turned off the water and put on my robe. Before I left I took a look in the mirror to admire my body for a few seconds. My breasts have always been my best feature. My legs were long and smooth and I my pussy was trimmed. I walked out of the bathroom and pulled my robe together. It was extremely short and walking down the stairs I realized how short. It went about an inch below my ass, but it was too late to change now. I opened the door and leaned against the doorframe.

Three hot black men were standing there, all with equipment to fix something. "Can I help you?" One of them nodded. "My name's Jeremy, we came to fix your AC." I nodded and motioned them in. For some reason, my AC had stopped working a few days ago, and I called, but with my busy life I forgot. The last one in took a minute and looked me up and down. I smiled at him and then led them to the AC. I could feel Jeremy's eyes burning through my robe. Maybe it was just the heat in the house. "Here it is." I did a dramatic wave with my arm and sighed. The three men nodded and walked over to it. I turned to leave, but then had a sudden question. "Why are all three of you here? Doesn't it take just one?" Jeremy stood up and walked a little closer to me. "Mark and Chris are here to learn. They're new." I nodded and asked if they wanted anything to eat, they said no and I walked out.

I went back upstairs and blow-dried my hair, put make up on, and then went to my room to dress. I shut the door to where only an inch was open. They were downstairs with the AC so I had nothing to worry about. I picked out a black tank top and a really short khaki skirt. It was a little shorter than my robe, but I didn't notice. I went downstairs to check on the guys. I walked in and all three of them looked me up. Jeremy however never made it to my eyes. He stopped at my tits and announced that I needed a part replaced. I nodded and asked them when I could get it and they said that they would come back the next day. I nodded and we all walked to the foyer.

"So, I'll see you tomorrow?" Jeremy nodded, but Chris stated that he and Mark had their first job tomorrow, so I congratulated them. As they walked by they smiled at me and gave me an appreciative look at my body. When Jeremy walked by he put his hand lightly on my ass and gave it a small squeeze. I smiled sweetly and then shut the door behind him. *~*~*~*~* That night, I lied in bed and thought about Jeremy. I was glad he was going to come by again tomorrow. I wanted him to fuck me. Tomorrow I would seduce him. It couldn't be too hard. I would dress real slutty and make overt passes at him. Opening my legs, down shirt peeks, etc… I hoped it would work. I only wanted to do it once and I figure the skanky the better. He wouldn't come back. Maybe. I let my hand drift to my pussy and I started to finger myself to the idea of what tomorrow what would bring. I brought my hand up to my breasts and massaged the nipple. I came sooner than I thought. I must have been really wet. *~*~*~*~* The next morning I showered and primped. Light makeup; only lip gloss and smoky eyes. Next was the outfit. I found a sheer white top and a barely there skirt. I bended and tested it out. It worked out so if I bended, everything would be open. I decided against a bra and underwear. I took a look in the mirror and saw my breasts clear as day and my nipples were hard. I decided on a pair of stilettos. I looked good, but really slutty. I wondered where I got the shirt. I couldn't remember buying it. Oh well.

I tested out everything. I put a chair in the room so I could sit down and watch. If he asked why I would tell him the rest of the house was empty and that I didn't want to be lonely. I would frequently cross and uncross my leg. Ask him if he wants something to drink or eat and if he does take him to the kitchen and proceed to bend over, let my shirt open so he can see my tits and if he didn't get the picture, he was dense.

Around 11 AM, I heard the doorbell. I walked to the door, saw that it was Jeremy and opened it. He walked in and took a look at me. He smiled at my shirt and said that he was back. I followed him to the room, picking up a Cosmo on the way. I sat down in the empty room. "Why don't you ever do anything with this room?" I didn't know so I told him I didn't know. He nodded and got to work. I crossed and uncrossed my legs the next hour, reading Cosmo. Occasionally letting them drift open. I could tell he was watching me every now and then. At twelve I stood up and announced it was lunch. "Put away your tools we're having lunch." He put down the tool and then we walked to the kitchen.

I asked him what he wanted and he said he didn't care, but he did. All guys do, they just say they don't. I walked to my cabinet and he sat on a stool at the kitchen island. I stood on my tiptoes and reached up for hot dog buns. I couldn't reach it. So I got up on the counter and stood up on my knees. I got them. As I got down I let one leg open up and expose me before jumping off the counter. I got a pot to boil them and bent over. I put it on the stove, put the hot dogs in, and heated up the buns. I went and sat by Jeremy. I faced toward the opposite of where I was, while he faced towards it. I kept my legs uncrossed. He looked at my legs than trailed up to my breasts. I caught him and he looked up at me. I smiled at him and then looked at the wall. I was getting the response I wanted. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I went and checked on the hot dogs. They were ready, so I got the toppings. He said he liked mustard and ketchup. I bent over in the refrigerator and could feel the air on my pussy and ass. I grabbed the two items, stood up, and closed the fridge. I put them on the island and put the hot dogs all together.

We ate in silence. To sit closer to the island, I spread my legs a little open, but the counter covered me. I could see the disappointment in his eyes. When we were done, I grabbed another magazine and we proceeded to the desolate room. I sat down in my chair and he went back to work. I asked him how much longer it would be. "Only 30 minutes or so." I found myself saying oh. Whatever I was going to do I had to do it quick. I bent over and took off my shoes. I could tell he was watching me. When I was done, I brought my feet up on the chair.

When the thirty minutes was up and I had continuously exposed myself and even flirted with him, he got up and announced he was finished. I smiled and thanked him. "I gotta get going." I nodded and went to hug him. He finally did something. As soon as I hugged him, he grabbed my ass. I smiled and hugged him harder. The hand on my ass went lower and trailed under my skirt. He followed my crack and then went back down, grabbing my bare ass. I moaned and kept on hugging him. His other hand went to the front and cupped my pussy. His middle finger tested how wet I was. "Damn girl, you are hot, wet, and so ready." I nodded. I forgot my tongue for a while. He pushed me away a little and then pulled down my skirt. He left my shirt on and carried me into my living room.

I have a huge window that looks out to the neighborhood and anyone around can see inside. There were no bushes or objects to obstruct it. He opened it and allowed everyone to look in. He stripped down and I finally saw what I had been wanting. His cock was almost a foot. It was hard and begging to be touched. I took off my shirt and walked over to him. I knelt down and took it in my mouth. My hand reached up to hold it. Jeremy grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth. His cock went down my throat and I was unsure if it could fit, but it did. I moaned and grabbed his ass, pulling his cock even further. He came down my throat and started to take it out while cumming. I got to taste it and I had never tasted something so good.

He grabbed my shoulder and brought me back up. He dragged me to the couch and put one my legs on the top of the couch and the other one on the floor. He stared at me and then stuck his cock in me. I moaned and threw my head back, arching my back. He continued to thrust while he bent down and sucked on my nipples. As this continued, I looked outside and found 3 black teenagers, all I recognized as 18, my neighbors kids. I smiled at them and then grabbed Jeremy's back. My legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked my pussy. With one final thrust he came. I followed shortly after. He looked out the window and saw the guys. He waved and went to put on his clothes.

I stayed lying on the couch. I turned towards him. "Thanks for the great day." He smiled and nodded. "Glad you enjoyed it." I got up and walked him to the door. I gave him a kiss on the cheek I went to the window and watched as he left. The three guys were still there, staring at my tits. I smiled and opened a part of the window. "Not today boys." I closed the window and walked to my shower.

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