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I hope you like this new story…I do plan on continuing it, soon hopefully. Enjoy!

As John Morgan sat in front of the computer in his study room, he thought back on his life. He was married to his wife, Monica, for 23 years now. They had met at the college which they were both attending, and later graduated from. They met when they went out on a double date, but both were going out with the other person. John was going out with Deana, Monica’s friend, and Monica was going out with Ricky, a good friend of Johns at the time. At the time, but not soon after, because Monica found that she liked John more and later that night after the double date was “over” Monica stopped by John’s room and they proceeded to get rather intimate. From that time on John and Monica dated, or as John used to say “mated” all during their remaining time at college.

After college John got a job working as an engineer for the city of Atlanta, and Monica began work as an accountant. They married right after landing their jobs in Atlanta, and almost right away Monica gave birth to their first child, a daughter they named Cassidy, though John started calling her Cas almost right away. They made a down payment on a nice house on the outskirts of the city soon after. Two years later Monica gave birth to their second daughter, Cynthia, though usually she was know as Cindy, but again John wanted it short and he alone would call her Cyn.

For many years things were great John thought. They were doing very well money wise, and managed to save quite a bit into savings and their children’s college funds. John also thought things sexually and relationship wise were great between them. They had been very sexually active during school and experimented quite a bit, trying new things, even a threesome with a female friend of Monica’s. After they married, the sex still stayed varied and plentiful, with both of them performing oral sex often and differing the positions they had intercourse in.

Then their troubles began about eight years ago, John thought. Monica was talking to some new friends from work and they talked her into going with them to the church they attended. John remembered Monica saying at the time she did it just to please her friends. At first Monica would only go once in awhile, then suddenly she started going every Sunday and shortly after that would go several times during the week, whenever they held services. John noticed his wife bringing home all sorts of information about her new “religion”. John soon found it was all she could talk about, and how she now felt new meaning to her life. Soon she was volunteering for any function they had and John started to hardly see her between that and work. He seemed to be taking more care of the children then she was now.

By the time John noticed that their relationship was starting to slip it was too late. He tried talking to her, about limiting her time and making more at home, but she would grow angry and they would argue. They now had sex little and it usually was just in the missionary position. Then one night after they hadn’t had sex for awhile, he tried to instigate sex and she got mad, telling him sex was dirty and should only be for procreation. John flipped out that night, and they argued all night with him sleeping in the spare bedroom, they used for guests. Since then John could count on one hand the times they had sex. For the first year or so he had thought about a divorce, but did not want to split up his family, even if he got custody of the children, they wouldn’t see their mother much. So John held on, and now it was second nature to not think of sex like he, or they, used to.

But to top it off about three years ago Monica decided to quit her job and take up a part time job as a simple book keeper making about half as much as she was making. She did this so she would have more time to “spread the word” as she put it. Then their daughter Cassidy got into a car wreak and had to stay in the hospital for almost six months as they had to repair much of her legs and left arm, all of which were badly broken and scarred. Even with insurance, the bills were incredible and they almost drained their saving and had to take most of their daughters’ college funds.

When Cassidy was nearing graduation, a year behind when she should have been due to her injuries, John found they didn’t have the funds to see her off to a good four year college, and due to her grades slipping due to her injuries, she couldn’t get a scholarship. Monica also didn’t want her going away to college due to all the “sex orgies and drugs at those places”. John almost asked for a divorce then, but Cassidy settled it by saying she just wanted to go to a local community college to try and become a registered nurse. She said she had really fallen in love with the thought because of several nice nurses that helped her after the accident.

John then thought more of Cassidy, he grinned at the thought…his wife didn’t care much now for their eldest daughter. Cas was the wild one of the two sisters and like dating during high school. Before the accident she was a knockout, and even now she was still a knockout though she did have some scars on her legs and a nice one on her left arm. But she had an outgoing personality and was usually pleasant, though a bit bossy at times, John thought. Monica tried to forbid her from dating saying it was sinful, Cas had almost left home when she did but John stepped in. Cas had a curfew but dated often. And the time Monica found a condom in Cassidy’s purse, Monica almost hit her. The next day John drove Cas down to a local clinic and arranged for his daughter to get birth control, which Cas was very thankful for. But he just said she was going to have sex and might as well be protected. She now worked part time in the day and went to college during the night. John noticed she sometimes came home late or even drunk, but he always tried to cover for her…even lying directly to his wife on more then one occasion.

Now Cynthia was almost the opposite of Cas, John thought. Where Cas was outgoing and loud at times, Cyn was usually quiet and reserved. John often thought she had bouts of depression and he thought she wasn’t quite grown up inside. John knew Cyn was just as good looking if not more so, then Cas was, but John knew she had never been out on a date. And she certainly was a virgin, he thought. Her natural shyness and reserved air pushed most guys away, and the one time she had been asked out, Cyn turned beat red and shook her head no. John often worried about Cynthia; he knew that if she didn’t open up soon, she would probably go through life miserable. She was almost ready to go out into the world, it being her last year of high school, and John knew she didn’t have any idea of where she wanted to go or do.

And now, so it was John sat in his study…alone as he often did late at night after the house was quiet. He would sit and think, when he wasn’t working on some project for his job. Or he would sit at the computer and do what he often did…masturbate to pornographic pictures and movies on the web. John had resigned himself to a sexless, maybe even loveless marriage… but his large sex drive was still there. He knew that if he didn’t satisfied some part of it, that he would wind up having an affair, and even though he often thought about trying to have one…he still loved his wife. He still had hopes…that maybe…one day she would open her eyes and find what she had been missing…her family. But for now he only had his web connection to ease the pressure in his crotch, and ordered that no one was to ever enter his study unless they knocked first and he opened the door. That was due to the one time his wife had walked in on him while he was close to cumming and she berated him the rest of the night about the “sins of self pleasuring” as she put it.

So John sat there, browsing the web sites he liked best, downloading pictures, movies, and stories that seemed hot to him at the moment. He was listening to music off his computer through headphones as he often did while at the computer, and was sitting in the nude as he slowly stroked his growing member in his hand. He was watching a movie clip, of two guys slamming their cocks into a petite blond, the same color as his daughters he thought. He was quite engrossed in the clip, it being quite long, and didn’t notice as the door behind him opened slightly.

Cynthia got up in the middle of the night and had to use the bathroom, her bladder feeling quite full. After relieving herself on the toilet, she felt thirsty and walked to the kitchen to get herself a soda. As she passed her fathers study she thought she heard a noise inside and she looked at the clock in the kitchen, two o’clock in the morning. No way is dad still up, maybe he fell asleep while watching TV in there, or something, she thought to herself. She walked to the door intending to knock, then stopped….she didn’t want to wake her daddy that harshly she thought, and she wrapped her hand gently around the door handle and softly opened it, too check too see if her father was still inside.

What she saw made her drop her hand from the door and gasp loudly as she took in the entire scene. Cynthia stared ahead of her, and looked at her nude father as he stroked his member. She also noticed the computer screen and could make out that he was watching several people having sex. Then her gazed went again to him as he stroked himself and Cynthia noticed that she thought her daddy had …well… was rather large down there. She had seen some sex Ed movies and pictures, and her fathers seemed far bigger then those. He was turned to the side and facing away from her and the door, so Cynthia thought he hadn’t seen her. She knew it was wrong…but she had never had sex of any kind. Well, at least with others…Cynthia knew what her father was doing…masturbating she knew because of the sex class… but more so because she too used her fingers to get herself off almost every night. She discovered just after puberty that her fingers down there could make her feel very nice.

But Cynthia knew that her standing here was wrong…and she hadn’t knocked, her father would be mad at her she knew, but she had never watched a man play with himself before and Cynthia really wanted to see what it was like. Her eyes could hardly make out the video that was playing on the computer and even if she could, she was more into watching her father…and how his hand moved over his large member. Cynthia started to get very hot down there and all over her body. She started to feel her panties getting wet, as she watched her daddy stroking his hard member. Cynthia knew that if she got caught watching she would be in huge trouble…..and even bigger trouble with what she was thinking, but she had to do it. Cynthia opened her pajama pants and held her panties open as she slid her other hand down to her privates… and slowly she started to rub herself…feeling her fingers start to get wet and sticky as her juices flooded out.

Cynthia herd her father grunt and watched as he started moving his hand faster over his…cock, that’s what the other girls at school called it. Cynthia then got really turned on and rubbed her wet slit even faster, now pushing her fingers inside herself and she could hear squishy noises coming from her rubbing…oohh she was getting close …she could feel it. And Cynthia thought her daddy was too by the way his hand was flying up and down on his big cock and she heard him breathing heavy and grunting a lot. Cynthia then watched as her daddy’s hand slammed back to his tummy and held it there...and she watched his cock start to squirt and squirt….and squirt, all over his hand, stomach and chest. Cynthia buried her fingers deep inside her now sopping slit and she felt herself reach the edge and she was panting hard and moaned a few times.

“Huh….huhh…uumm…yesss.” Cynthia moaned out softly as she pushed herself over the edge and she started to see stars as she felt light headed. She leaned against the doorway and waited for her head to clear. When she refocused on her daddy she saw that he was closing down the video window and reaching up to take the earphones off his head. Cynthia panicked and quickly took her hand from her panties as she tried not to fall with her other hand. She grabbed the door handle and quickly closed the door and hurried from the room and headed back to her bedroom. She stopped and listened…she didn’t hear any loud voices or movement. Cynthia sighed deeply, figuring she had gotten away unnoticed. She entered her room and got back into bed…but found she could not sleep. She laid there and absentmindedly started to rub her still sopping wet slit again as she pictured what had happened.

After John had succeeded in getting himself off and had turned off the music on the computer, he thought he had heard something and turned around after getting the earphones off of his head. He saw the door was closed and no one was in the room behind.

“Must be my guilty conscience with me being “sinful”…hehehe.” John smiled, glad his wife hadn’t opened the door without knocking. He really needed to install a lock on that door he thought. John continued to surf the web for a few minutes, but feeling his “release” he felt quite tired now…it being past two in the morning. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday…I can sleep late, he thought. John proceeded to shut down the computer, then got up and poured himself a drink which he quickly downed. Another vice my wife doesn’t hold with anymore, he thought. John walked toward the door opened it and turned off the light in the study. When John went to close the door using the knob on the other side he quickly pulled his hand back….it was wet. He touched the handle, and it was wet, he pulled his hand close to his nose, thinking maybe it was somehow old oil from the doorknob and smelled his hand. Damn…he thought…it’s been awhile but Ill be damned if that isn’t pussy cream I smell, he thought. John leaned down and smelled of the handle…he definitely smelled a woman’s juices on the handle.

“Now how in the hell…?” He started to say aloud to himself. It had to have happened just a short time ago to still be wet. John then gasped, he had heard someone at the door. He had been caught, but if his wife had caught him then why hadn’t she railed at him…even at this time of night. Then a thought hit him, maybe she was turned on by him beating off, he grinned at the thought and had another. Maybe she’s in bed right now….horny. John wondered if he should try and do anything about it. A short train of thought, even after getting off, the possible chance to getting some pussy after this long made him instantly hard. He quickly moved to their bedroom and went inside.

John climbed into the bed he still shared with his wife. He wasn’t sure if she was asleep…maybe she had time to doze off since then he thought. John moved close to his wife and snuggled her, she was on her side away from him. John started moving his hand over her butt, which were covered in panties. Even after finding religion she still only slept in panties and a night shirt, hating getting tangled in the covers. So John only had to contend with her thin panty material. As he moved his hand over her butt, he started to rub his way toward the top of her legs and rubbed with pressure over where her pussy would be. John felt her stir, and start to move, he even heard her moan once. John thinking he was about to get lucky after at least nearly a year, pulled aside the panties and rubbed his finger directly over Monica’s pussy mound.

Monica was having a strange dream. Even after finding her calling she still had the occasional sex dream. When she had them she would often awake and pray for forgiveness, but there had been a few times they had been too strong and these were the times she had became weak and would awake John and have sex with him. She would be mad at him after they finished, but even now she loved sex when they had it, which made her even more mad at him and herself. Twice she had even awoken and finding him not in bed, once when he had a business trip, she had felt so needy that she had to use her fingers too satisfy her bestial urges. On the time he had taken the trip she had even been so needful that night that she had needed more then her fingers, but having LONG ago rid herself of sinful sexual devices, she had wondered the house in longing. In the kitchen she had found a cucumber in the refrigerator, and rushed to the bedroom to satisfy those urges. For many days she prayed over that incident, as well as tossing the cucumber in the trash. So it was now that she felt her body respond to her urges now.

John was starting to feel her body responding, as she was starting to get wet now. Even though he was amazed she was still asleep having just gotten there, she was now moving her body slightly against his fingers. John figured she must have wiped herself clean after leaving the study door, as she had not been wet when he got into bed. But John knew she was wet now and felt as she opened up and two of his fingers started to slide into her warmth. He felt her start to move more, and knew she was waking.

Monica was having a wonderfully sinful dream of a handsome stranger who happened to find her with her dress bent up when she was bent over, looking for something. She felt him bury his face into her, and pushed back as he started to tongue her forbidden hole. She felt quite wicked in the dream and started to feel his tongue go deep, very deep into her…..then she awoke…too find someone’s fingers probing her now wet sin hole. Gasping aloud, thinking it was her stranger from the dream, she twisted her head around and found her husbands face. Monica smiled glad it was her husband, but feeling a pang of regret it was her stranger. Monica then realized the situation and started to get angry.

“John…what are you doing!” Monica said, her body still moving, pushing against her husbands fingers. John sunk his two fingers even deeper now with her body turned more toward him, sinking them to the hilt. Monica moaned deeply feeling full for the first time in many months.

“Just finishing what we sort of started earlier.” John said as he used his other hand to lift her shirt… and quickly shot his head in and covered one of her nipples with his mouth. Again Monica moaned, even louder this time. She felt every confused, having just awoken and her husband talking of starting earlier.

“Wha…what…are you…ummm…saying?” Monica asked between gasps of breath, her body now responding totally too her husbands actions. But part of her still wanted him to stop….it was wrong. “John….uumm…oh god…you got to…sttooppp….this…ohh god…wrong!” she moaned out to her husband. John knew she felt guilty whenever they still had sex but he, and he knew she was as well, too far gone too stop it from happening now.

“Mmm baby, you’re too wet too stop now…. but you should have asked me to do this before getting back in bed.” John said as he moved his other hand around and used it to start to rub her clit as he still finger fucked her pussy with the other. Monica’s body shot up and then she flopped back to the bed, a small orgasm running through, but feeling strong due to being unused. But she still felt confused the way her husband was talking, but figured she find out later. For now her body had taken over the talking.

“Oh god John…yes…fuck me darling…fuck my pussy.” Monica chanted out, knowing she would have to do penance later, but now….god it felt so good. John again sucked his wife’s nipple into his mouth, and John bit it slightly with his teeth and pulled on it, she used to like her nipples being bitten…it would drive her crazy. John felt her hands encircle his head and almost suffocate him they held him down so hard. John felt his finger being squeezed by her pussy and knew she was cumming….hard.

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