tagIncest/TabooHave Faith... Ch. 03

Have Faith... Ch. 03


John walked slowly up the walkway to his house, still lost in thought and wondering if anything had happened... or came out, while he was away. He sighed as he felt his chest tighten; thinking how his little "walk" had increased his anxiety not eased it. Now he had a crazy preacher's wife to worry about beside his crazy daughter and his "head in heaven" wife. When he reached the steps, he walked up them as if a zombie, opening the door to the house and stepping in. He saw his youngest daughter on the couch turn away from watching the TV, as she noticed the door opening behind her.

"Hi daddy, have a nice walk?" Cynthia asked with a slight smile as she looked at him. John wasn't sure what, if anything to read into her smile and decided at this point it didn't matter much.

"Not really pumpkin, but it doesn't matter." John replied from a dark place that surprised even him. He did notice his daughters smile fade at his response though.

"I'm sorry daddy." Cynthia said, seeing her fathers pained look on his face. She had to quickly turn back to the TV or she knew she might tear up or start asking him why he was so sad, but she thought that maybe the answers were best kept quiet for now...especially since she was thinking she might have played some part in his feelings at the moment. John closed the door too, louder then he had intended to because a second after it closed his wife called out from the kitchen.

"John! John is that you?" Monica cried out as she appeared in the doorway to the living room from the kitchen. John saw the look of almost pleasant surprise quickly turn to annoyance as she looked at her husband. "Where have you been John? We've been home for almost an hour and the car was still here and Cassidy had no idea you were even out of the house. Where were you?" Monica asked, becoming more exasperated with each word. John looked at her and listened to her tone and his own anger returned.

"I was just out ok! I went for a walk...trying to think...and...and I ran into Mrs. Granger down the road. Ok! We talked for a bit and now I'm here...happy?" John said, irritated and embarrassed about having to lie to his wife, especially in front of Cynthia. He felt his face as if it would glow in the dark from being so flushed and he turned away walking over and sitting down on the other side of the couch from his daughter. He glanced up at her and noticed her glancing back at him nervously, quickly looking away from him, not wanting to draw his anger to herself. He heard his wife sighing as she walked around behind him and felt her hands touch his shoulders.

"I'm sorry John; I shouldn't have raised my voice to you. I just wasn't sure where you had gone is all. Did you and Barbra have a good talk?" Monica asked him, thinking he had sought out the reverends wife in counsel as she had her husbands. John stiffened slightly at his wife's use of Barbra's name, but nodded his head to her question.

"Yes, it...it was ok. Umm, in fact she might stop by tomorrow... in the morning to talk more." John said, trying to keep his tongue from fumbling as he lied to his wife. He was very flushed and wondered if he sounded believable. Apparently he had nothing to fear at the moment.

"Good honey, good. I'm so glad to hear that, maybe between the reverend and his wife things will be cleared up!" Monica stated happily, thinking her husband was finally seeing things her way. But John groaned softly, almost hearing a funeral march in his head at his wife's being happy at the prospect of him being alone with the good reverends wife. Monica leaned over and hugged him from behind, then walked back into the kitchen to finish making a late lunch for them all. John looked back at his daughter, who was still shyly glancing at him out of the corner of her eyes.

"Cyn, I'm sorry I raised my voice sweetie, your father is just a bit...stressed at the moment." John told his daughter, in a bit of understatement he thought. Cynthia looked fully at him and smiled at him.

"It's ok daddy, I understand, I know your stressed out." Cynthia said still smiling trying to make her father not worry about making her upset. John gave her a funny look.

"You know I'm stressed huh?" John asked her, smiling slightly. He knew he and Monica had been yelling a lot recently, but he also noticed his question made his daughter totally freak. Her eyes went super wide and she sat there gaping like a landed fish for several seconds and John could tell she was 'fishing' in her thoughts.

"Umm...well...you and mommy have been arguing and...I can just tell is all..." Cynthia finished quite lamely, lowering her eyes, now unable to look at her father. John stared at her his thoughts racing.

"Uh huh." Was all John could say, starting to wonder if Cassidy had told her anything. John wondered if he should say or ask anything of her to try and find out, when she suddenly stood up.

"I think I should go help mommy in the kitchen." Cynthia said suddenly, all the while avoiding looking at him as she walked into the kitchen.

"Well shit." John muttered softly, wondering if she knew something or if it was just her being shy as she often was. He knew his youngest daughter was often shy to the point of being a recluse and embarrassed easily. He tried to mentally shrug, hoping that she didn't know what had happened with her sister or that Cassidy would have the sense of not talking to her about it. He sighed from his toes as he leaned back into the couch and tried to watch Television.

Cassidy figured she could stop playing sick and leave her room from her self imposed exile. She wasn't sure where her father had gone after leaving her room, but she knew that her mother had come in to check on her and had asked where he was. Cassidy had honestly told her she hadn't known, though she had lied and told her she hadn't seen him since breakfast that morning. So it was with large butterflies in her stomach that she left her room, not knowing what to expect as she entered the hallway. But she soon answered the question about her father being back, she saw him sitting on the sofa in the living room. She stopped and hesitated for a second before walking into plain view. As she walked into the room, her father looked quickly toward her and she also noticed that they were alone in the room. She smiled over at him.

"Hello daddy." She said softly as she walked over to the couch, her heart pounding in her chest. John caught the look on her face and gave her a warning look as he glanced at the kitchen door. She also looked that way as she reached the couch, touching it with her leg. She looked back at him. "Its ok, we'll hear if they open the door." She said and quickly leaning over him, planting a firm kiss on his lips. John jumped at her abruptness, and jerked even more as he felt her tongue invade his mouth, then almost hitting the roof when she just as quickly brought her hand up and cupped his crotch, squeezing his cock through his pants.

"Shit Cas! They'll see us...quit it!" John hissed quietly as he softly, but firmly pushed his daughter back off him. She giggled as he broke the kiss but sat next to him. She impishly grinned at him and quickly reached her hand out again, this time rubbing his crotch firmly. John groaned in pleasure and frustration, using his hands to fight her off and glaring at her. "Cassidy, stop it, now! I don't feel like explaining to your mother or sister why your hand is all over my dick!" He said as he held her hand down over her own body. She kept on grinning at him.

"Ok, well you can put your hands someplace then!" Cassidy gasped out and grabbing one of her father's hands, redirected his strength and John found his daughter had his hand cupping the mound between her legs. He jerked his hand back away from hers and quickly stood up and looked down at her.

"Cas, stop it please for gods sake! I don't want this right now." John scolded his daughter as she looked up at him. She giggled then.

"Maybe you don't, but I think that has different ideas daddy!" Cassidy laughed out softly and John looked down and saw his pants bulging from her ministrations. He reached down and tried to adjust himself to make the bulge smaller then stood back from her when she playfully reached out to make another grab at his crotch. They were both startled when they heard the kitchen door open to the side. John quickly turned toward the TV and moved to it as if to correct something. Cassidy looked over at her sister as she came through the door.

"Oh Cas...mommy said to tell you two that..." Cynthia started then stopped, thinking her sister looked strange. She then realized that Cassidy was very flushed and grinning so hard she was almost to the point of open giggling. "Umm... Mommy said lunch is ready and too tell you and daddy." Cynthia finished, also now looking at her father and noticed he refused to turn toward her, just mumbling over his shoulder at her. Cynthia glanced back at her sister and Cassidy gave her a grinning shrug. Cynthia smiled meekly, guessing her sister was up to something...something that had to do with their father. She kept her smile as she walked back through the kitchen door.

"You young lady are going to give me a heart attack!" John turned around a moment after his youngest daughter reentered the kitchen, his excitement subsiding after what had just happened. He gave Cassidy an angry glance as he walked past her and into the kitchen on his way to the dinning room, making sure to avoid her reach. Cassidy finally saw that her father was seriously upset with her, and her smile faded from her face as he walked past her and entered the kitchen. She sat back on the couch, wondering why she had acted so stupidly, now thinking her father might have rethought what they had done in her room. She crossed her arms and brooded, feeling suddenly sad and mad at herself. After a minute her sister came out again, she assumed to collect her for lunch.

"Cas, you coming?" Cynthia asked loudly, then glancing back, closed the door and moved closer to her sister. "What did you do to daddy, he looked pissed when he went into the dining room?" Cynthia asked her sister as she leaned close to her. Cassidy looked at her solemnly for a minute, and then grinned slightly at her sister, again feeling frisky.

"Only this!" Cassidy said as she reached under her sister and cupped her palm between her sister's legs. Cynthia jerked slightly at the contact, and then bit her lip at her sister's playful contact. Cynthia moaned softly as she closed her eyes, and her legs, trapping her sisters hand closer to her pussy mound. Cassidy gasped, meaning only to play and tease her sister with what she had done to their father, but now knowing her sister very much liked what she was doing. "Jesus sis, you like that don't you?" Cassidy said, more statement then question. Cynthia just nodded her head in agreement, but her eyes opened as she came to her senses.

"We need to go!" Cynthia said as she backed her body away from her sister's hand.

"You've never been touched...by someone else I mean?" Cassidy asked, remembering her sister telling her she was a virgin, but thinking she had at least some experiences.

"No...NEVER...not even kissed really, I already told you so!" Cynthia whispered embarrassingly as she looked at her sister then glanced at the floor.

"I'm sorry Cindy, I still thought...well...never been kissed! I'm sorry." Cassidy muttered to her sister as she stood up and rubbing her sisters hair, tried to look into her sisters eyes. Cynthia looked up at her sister's attempt to console her.

"You two coming?" Both of them heard from the dining room from their mother. They knew she always had to say grace before eating and usually waited for all of them to seat. Both of them smiled to each other at their mother's habit.

"A voice from above." Cynthia stated, trying to make a joke. Cassidy shrugged at her.

"Hardly." Cassidy replied as they both started off to the dining room.

Lunch was very subdued at the table, with little talk. The sisters didn't want to talk too much for fear of angering their father further and Monica could see that her husband was still moody about the state of affairs at the house. John could hardly bring himself to look at any of the women for various reasons. He was lying to his wife...all of them really, and he wasn't sure he wanted to visually encourage his eldest daughter, and he wasn't sure if his youngest knew anything that was going on.

After lunch Cynthia helped her mother clean up and Cassidy had to get ready for work. She avoided her father most of the time while doing so, giving him glances from time to time. Minutes before she had to leave she caught him as he was about to enter the bathroom in the hall. She positioned herself so he had to stop and wait for her to move so he could enter the bathroom.

"Dad, I'm sorry about earlier...I was just...just excited about this morning. Are you...you going to be free tonight, after I get home from work?" Cassidy asked him nervously in a whisper as they both stood in the hall. John looked back into the living room; Cynthia and his wife were watching TV in the room. He looked back at his daughter, not knowing what to say. Cassidy caught his hesitation and knew he was backing of what he had told her that morning. "But daddy, you promised. You promised..." Cassidy whispered, her whining voice beginning to get louder and John clamped his hand lightly over her mouth.

"Honey! Quiet, please...we'll discuss this later, but...we'll discuss this later." John said, not knowing how he was going to get out of what he had promised his daughter and hoping she wouldn't start up the threats again. He saw her grow angry and thought she started pouting as her eyes started tearing up ever so slightly.

"Fine! Later then, but its not fair...you already said so." Cassidy said, definitely pouting now. She moved out of his way and turned around and moved back into her room and closed the door. John shook his head as he entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He was still in the bathroom when he heard her bedroom door open a minute later and then faintly heard the front door slam too a minute after that as she left for work.

The rest of the day and evening John tried his best to avoid the rest of the family, either staying in his study or secluding himself in the spare bedroom. He noticed Cynthia doing her best to avoid him as well, knowing he was upset about something, and she thought she might know what that was. Monica tried once talking to him, asking why he was so tense and aloof, but John simply replied that for the rest of the evening he wished to relax and "just calm down." Monica tried not to grow angry and left him alone for the night. So it was that they didn't even know he had turned in for the night until Cynthia mentioned that she thought he was asleep due to the light below the spare bedroom door being off. Monica just nodded her head at the news, trying not to tear up, and they both watched television until later when Cassidy returned home from work.

"Hey Mom, Hi sis...you guys still up?" Cassidy asked them when she walked into the house. She was surprised they were still up; they usually didn't sit up late. She really wasn't expecting her mother up after 10 O' clock on Saturday night...before her big weekly prayer fest that Sunday morning, where she prays for all the family's souls, Cassidy thought as she wondered why her mother was up. She was hoping to catch her father alone...

"Yes WE"RE still up young lady, though I'm about to remedy that in a minute. I thought you might like to see me before tomorrow, since you never go with me to church, I won't see you till tomorrow night...or later." Monica told her daughter with a smile, trying to be friendly, but it was coming out to Cassidy slurred with condemnation of how she acted. Cassidy took a deep breath and tried not to let it get a rise out of her.

"Well that's nice mom...thank you." Cassidy said as nicely as she could though by her mothers look, she figured she got the point across. She walked closer to the back of the couch and reaching around softly tickled her sister's neck. "And I said hello mom AND sis...hello sis!" Cassidy said as she leaned over Cynthia and gave her a funny face. Cynthia giggled and squirmed at the tickling and her sister's silliness and tried to reach behind her to retaliate in kind, but Cassidy had stepped back already.

"Ok you two, make sure to keep the noise down if you sit up. I'm going to bed now and your father already is, so please keep it down." Monica said as she stood up and kissed each of them on the cheek and started for the hallway and too her bedroom. She didn't notice the reaction her announcement had on her oldest daughter, a look of confusion.

"Night mommy" Cynthia said, looking at her mother then at her sister. "What's the matter with you?" she asked as she noticed her sisters look.

"Dad's already asleep?" Cassidy asked her after a second she needed to compose herself. She stood there thinking to herself; all the while Cynthia was looking at her.

"Ok Cas...what's going on?" Cynthia asked after a little bit. Her question broke her sister out of her thoughts and Cassidy looked at her.

"Umm nothing...I was just thinking about you know, us trying to disturb dad and all while he...you know." Cassidy offered quickly to her sister.

"Uh-uh, something's up. Cas...what's going on, please tell me. You said you touched ...IT today, but what else is going on?" Cynthia pleaded with her sister, knowing her sister was holding things back, things she had to know. Cassidy again looked thoughtful, then grabbed her sister and motioned for her to sit, taking a seat next to her.

"Ok...you know this morning after you two left?" Cassidy asked Cynthia, with Cynthia nodding her head and waiting for her sister to continue. "Well, dad came in and talked to me, and...and I couldn't help it. I started playing with myself under the covers as dad talked to me. He THOUGHT I was the one who caught him in his study!" Cassidy said excitedly.

"WHAT? Was he mad...how did he know there was someone there...you were playing with yourself...with HIM there!" Cynthia said in a rush, not letting her sister continue. Cassidy had to reach up and cover her sister's mouth with her hand. Cassidy explained what their father had told her about how he knew and how she had gotten so excited that she begin fingering herself under the covers.

"He told me to stop and I did, but only to throw the covers back and asked him to lick me down there." Cassidy went on, grinning from ear to ear at her sister's reaction.

"Oh my god! Did he? Did you guys...fuck?" Cynthia said the last quietly, still unable to say the real dirty words without blushing. Cassidy shook her head, but still smiled as she looked at her sister.

"No we didn't do that, but he did lick me...and I came!" Cassidy said excitedly, though leaving the part out where she threatened her father. Too her that wasn't important now. "And...you won't believe this now...I sucked his cock..." Cassidy told her sister for shock value, and watched her face as her eyes opened even wider.

"Holy shit Cas!" Cynthia uttered out, and then giggled at her own cursing. "You're not making this up are you?" She asked her sister, suddenly wondering if her sister wasn't teasing or joking with her.

"Hell no Cynthia! It happened! And we were going to fuck but mom interrupted us. Dad had to crawl out the window and he went for a walk I guess. We we're suppose to continue tonight, but...but daddy acted like he was having second thoughts. I need to go check and see if he really is asleep. He might just be faking it and waiting for me to come home." Cassidy said thoughtfully, hoping the last was true.

"I don't believe it! I mean I believe you, but...this is wild! God I'm so horny!" Cynthia said, her excitement getting the better of her now that her sister's tale seemed to be finished and Cynthia had a second to ponder what had happened. And even though she felt very shy and awkward doing anything in front of anyone, Cynthia still couldn't stop from squeezing her thighs together, putting pressure on her crotch. Cassidy looked down at her sister's hips as she squeezed them together and humped them slightly off of the couch.

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