tagLoving WivesHave I Found Utopia?

Have I Found Utopia?


Dear reader, this starts as a loving wife story, goes on to incest, then to lesbian, please beware.


I can't believe how far things have gone; or where I am now, it all started about 4 to 5 years or so ago.

I am, or was, a normal happily married housewife, the obligatory 2 kids, happy household. I have all the trimmings, all possessions, and a life that a 'normal' housewife would lead.

No debts, no worries, hub has a good job, I do, or have done all the mother things, attended school when required, attended all my PTA things. Have my own car, a full social life when I want it to be, I like gardening, changing the house around, this causes uproar when things aren't where they had been etc.

I am Kit to all my friends and family, but was christened Katherine, I have no idea where Kit came from, but that's who I am. I wouldn't say I am beautiful, but I am quite good to look at. I can hold my own when it matters.

I am 5ft 4" tall, good body, just turned 42 years old. Still like to think I can be sexy, when I want to be. (And that's where my problem lies). I still love all the girly things, soft lace, short skirts, skimpy underwear, stockings, the lot!

I have a good face, nicely shaped, tilted nose, full lips, soft blonde hair, and my body is still sensitive, (very sensitive) to a touch, a kiss, a caress. I have had a couple of earlier dalliances in my married life, but it was opportunity that I did, nothing more.

But now my life is in some turmoil to say the least. I started feeling horny, and then more and more horny about 5 years ago, I couldn't weigh it up. I had always had a good sex life, no issues of lack of it, until this started on me.

I put up with it, until it grew in more and more intensity. I think it must have been my hormones? I was playing with myself in between making love with Mike. I bought a small dildo, and a vibrator. But as time went by they grew more and more useless.

I wanted the real thing. It was good while they lasted; I fucked and was fucked by some serious men in my head, and I had been with gorgeous women of all persuasions in that time too. Big ones, black ones, eastern ones, Arabs, you name it, I was fucked, and better fucked by them all.

But the time was approaching, and I knew it. To where, I would have to get the real thing somehow. I was becoming more and more desperate for cock, real cock. The fact that it wouldn't be my husband horrified me.

Yes I know I had been unfaithful twice. But this was different, I was now actively thinking of finding more and different cock.

I couldn't understand it, why was I getting like this?

I would get aroused if we were in town shopping or what ever. I would find myself gazing at men and boys, checking their butts, their bodies, their faces. Imagining what their cocks would be like, would it be big, would it be nice and hard?

I even had to go to the toilet a few times to relieve myself, because I had got them on my mind, thinking about their tongues in me, their cocks right up me, me on my knees servicing them. It was bad I know, but? And I wanted to be fucked right there and then!

Then the day arrived when it happened, I had gone into town on my own, especially to try and find a man or a boy, though I was in fear of myself, I had no idea what to do really. I had to find someone who could give me what I wanted. I went to pubs, cafes, shops, and then into a Laundromat. And that's where I found my first one.

I was ostentatiously checking the machines, pretending to see how they worked. But I was quietly checking out the 2 men in there.

I settled for one of them, simply because he looked better than the other. He looked to be about 10 years younger than me, a good virile age I had decided.

I stood near him, and said to him I was going to return and do some laundry, but wasn't sure how they worked. He gladly showed me, and soon we were chatting. I was attentive, and listened to what he told me and to what he said. I also made sure we had good eye contact.

I had kept my wedding rings on; I wanted my selected man to know I wasn't hunting for a husband. But my rapt attention to him was a clear indicator of things in the offing.

I couldn't believe I was actually doing this, but what surprised me more was, I was enjoying myself. My pussy was talking to me!

We told each other all sorts of things, his name was Greg, and he told me he had an apartment close by. Things were getting better. Then I played what I hoped was to be my trump card! He said something funny, I laughed accordingly. Then I rested my hand on his knee, and looked him right in the eye.

I think he got the message!

'Well,' he said, 'I'm about done here now; I'm going home and having a nice cup of coffee.' He told me, with I hope, was hope in his voice.

'What kind of coffee do you drink,' I asked. Not caring what it was, I was going to like it too!

'Ground coffee, and percolated, not like that muck you get in jars,' he told me confidently.

'Ooooh my favourite too,' I said softly.

I was getting turned right on, simply by speaking not, what was in my mind!

'Well, if you like you can join me, there is plenty for two,' he told me.

I wanted to drag him out and away, so I could get at him!

'I would love to Greg, I really would,' I almost brayed.

I had checked him out properly now, he was clean, quite good looking and fairly muscular. I hoped he was hairy; my husband isn't, so that was one of my fantasies.

We left and walked to his apartment. He led me in, I looked about me, it was clean and very tidy. 'Where is your wife?' I asked.

'I'm just divorced,' he said. And he left it at that.

'Mmmm,' I looked at him now. Then to break the ice, I stepped closer to him.

'Greg?' I whispered, 'you know I'm married?' I said, and lifted my wedding ring.

'Yes Kit, I know,' then he moved closer to me.

That was the 2 second warning! The next one and I was in his arms, and he was in mine, and the fervent kissing led us, or rather me, to my goal. I wanted a fuck, and Greg, was the lucky man who was going to do it. And in return, I would give him everything he would want.

He dragged me sort of, to his bedroom, thank god it was clean, I was desperate to be fucked, but I think I would have baulked at a dirty bed. We women all know what men can be like when it comes to hygiene don't we?

We kissed, touched, groped, and felt our way, including getting my gear off, including him. He was hairy! Jesus was he hairy, he was covered in it, I immediately buried my face into his chest, he smelled good, and the hair tickled my nose and face terrifically.

I had my hands on his prick and balls; he wasn't overly big, which was a little bit of a let down. I had been hoping for a whopper! But we can't have everything can we?

But he was big enough for today's exercise, that's for sure. I jumped onto his bed, and pulled him onto me, I wanted him in me as soon as possible. But the cheeky sod hesitated, he was teasing me!

He knew now how desperate I was, he had seen and sensed it in me. I looked at him, and I was a bit out of order, because I was annoyed with him, and I think it must have shown. Then he suddenly rammed it right into me. I thought he was going to break me in two. The suddenness of it took me by surprise. I orgasmed almost immediately, such was the rush of adrenalin that powered through me. I was in heaven, he was scratching my itch in real good style, it was wonderful.

He fucked away at me as if it was him in need of this and not me, his loins slapped against mine, his prick dominated my thoughts. He held himself for as long as he could. Which was good news for me, I was having orgasms all the way.

I held myself to him, and gave him all I could, I kissed him, bit him, scratched his back. It was as much as he needed from me. He kissed me, and then blew his lovely load right up my chute!

I came right along with him. I at last felt sated; it had felt as though I had been given a life saving drink in a desert.

I silently cried a little to myself, I had actually gone through with it, and although I felt bad for doing what I had done, I was satisfied beyond belief. I knew this would not be the last time!

I stayed with him for another 2 hours. I gave him my best blow job; he fingered and slurped in and on my vagina. He shot a last load into my willing mouth; this day was one that would go down in the annals of my history.

He told me Monday was always the best day for him, he worked nights, so was fully rested on that day, and Thursday too if I wanted. I left with his phone number, and a definite promise to call him again.

I loved him for what he had done for me, above and beyond the call of duty. I never told him that I was just using him, but I suppose he didn't care though. He wasn't 10 years younger than me, he was 14.

His bed would feel my hot married body a lot more, of that I was certain.

But my first priority now was to buy condoms, I had to be careful, I didn't want pregnancy, and I didn't want to catch some thing either.

I was on cloud 9 for days afterwards; even hubby asked me what had given me this enlightened mood. If he had only known his wife had been absolutely rocked by another man. But I had set my stall out now, until what it was that was making me this horny went away, I was on the available list!

I didn't actively pursue anyone for a week, I went to see Greg again, and used the condoms, but it wasn't really comfortable to me? He fucked my arse, I wasn't happy about it, but I just felt so unsure of myself, I gave in. He did fuck me wholesale normally as well, and I was satisfied to the limit. But he seemed to becoming a little dominant. I didn't want that. So sadly, he was crossed off!

He knew nothing about me, I had been careful about that.

I went about things the way I had before, but with out success, I was beginning to believe that Greg had been a one off, and I was considering ringing him again. I had always thought that I could get any man I wanted, and maybe I can, but again maybe the conditions have to be right. And also maybe, it has to be me who gets chased, not the other way round?

I was feeling that horniness again, the one that will not be denied. It seemed to me to be bordering on nymphomania! I wanted cocking again, and as soon as!

I had noticed a tear in on of my curtains in the back room, and decided to change them. I had asked my hubby to do it, but he hadn't. So I got the steps out, set them up, and warily made my way up them. They were a bit wobbly, so I was very careful. As I got near to the top, the bell rang! Fuck! I thought. When I answered it, there was Mark, my son's friend. My pussy said hello before I did!

Mark is a dark coloured boy; his heritage is African I believe. My mind assessed the situation in record time. He is good looking, and the same age as my son. Tallish, reasonably well built. Has a lovely personality, and is popular with everyone.

'Come in Mark,' I told him.

'Is John around Mrs Lowes?' he said.

'No he has work today,' I replied.

'Oh, ah well, I'll call later then if that's okay?'

'Yes, you can Mark, but wait a minute; can you give me a hand please?'

'Yes sure I can, anything for you Mrs Lowes,' did I hear something in his voice I wondered?

'I'm putting new curtains up, and I'm a bit unsteady on the steps, if you could hold them for me, I would be very grateful.' I told him.

'Yes,' said my pussy, 'I will be grateful too!' It told me.

It heated up as walked in front of him; my mind was watching him, watching me. I sashayed my way to the steps.

'Mark, as I climb up will you hold me, so I don't fall?' I asked.

'Sure thing Mrs Lowes, it will be my pleasure,' he said.

'And mine,' chortled my pussy!

'Please Mark, call me Kit, Mrs Lowes sounds so old.'

'You, old? Never in this world, you are just too beautiful for that,' he told me. I blushed with pleasure!

I started up them, 'hold onto me Mark,' I said.

He put his hands on my hips, then I went up one step, his hands slid down to my thighs, my pussy yelled at me to stay still, 'let him feel you Kit!' It told me.

I slightly turned away from him, his hands followed suit.

'Don't let go of me Mark, my life maybe in your hands!' I laughed.

'You have nothing to fear, Mark is here,' he said, and gave my thighs a squeeze.

'Ooooh,' I murmured.

'You alright, Mrs, sorry, Kit?' he asked me.

'Yes, just hold me honey, don't let go,' were my needs showing through, my desperation?

'You got it Kit,' then seemingly as an after thought, he said. 'And me!'

I went up one more step; his hands were tight yet loose? One more step and his hands hit flesh; my shortish skirt had given him my soft skin. His hands felt smooth and strong, I shivered.

'You okay Kit?' he said very softly?

Yes Mark,' I said. Then looking upwards, I said, 'just raise your hands a bit higher Mark, I'm don't feel too safe here.'

'Mmmm,' I heard, and then his hands slid up my legs, but inside my skirt, they were on my high thighs, or it felt that way! They didn't stop, he knew! He knew!

They slid all the way up to my hips, and moved slowly and softly around me. He had sensed my consent, he was confident.

I held onto the curtains now. I wasn't going to stop this. I was fully aroused; my pussy was jumping about trying to get out of my thong!

I couldn't stop the, 'Oh oh Ooooh' escaping from my lips.

He was gaining confidence, a hand found its way to my rounded arse. Then the other completed the coup de gras. It felt and touched my pussy lips.

'Yippee,' I heard it wail.

The steps felt like they were rattling away to my trembling.

Mark took control then, he started to pull me from them, and down into his arms, I leaned down to him, and slid mine around his neck,

I whispered, 'Ooooh Mark, this feels so good baby, it really does.'

As I slid down him, his already fully erect prick rubbed right up along my pussy lips, a small orgasm hit me. The darkness of his skin, the contrast to my milky white, my blonde hair wafting in his neck, it was a wondrous sight, and one that will stay with me for ever.

I took control from him then, he is after all, a young man, he may have made love to a few girls, I didn't know. But I did know he won't have been around a sexy horny lovely like me before, of that I was positive.

I kissed his neck, and told him he was gorgeous, well, I wasn't lying, he is! And this was going to be a first for me too, I had never made love, or been made love to, with or by a coloured man, or should I say, boy!

It excited me further, if that was possible; I was already shivering with expectation. Would it be true, as they say it is, would he have a whopper? Would he be 10" as I have read about?

Well the truth is as it turned out, he wasn't and isn't, but he had a bigger one than Greg, and it was bigger than my husband, in fact it was the biggest I had ever had, and he learned how to use it on me in 2 days!

We fumbled, or rather he did, and I felt him tremble against me, he was excited, more than he should be, but he was young. He was in with a champ! He was a contender for sure, but this time, the contest was going to be a loss for him. Although I would suffer a heavy defeat the very next day!

After much kissing, I loved his lips, thick heavy and succulent. I suggested we go upstairs, he followed willingly. I stopped at my jacket, where I had secreted my stash of condoms, and took 3 with me.

In the bedroom, I started to undress him. What I wanted first, I was going to get! And that was his prick deep seated in my pussy. I got him on the bed, he was doing everything I said, and hinted at. A young pliant, and willing student for my pleasure.

I pushed him onto his back, and got over him; I held his gorgeous black weapon in my hand and marvelled at it. It was a big mahogany log, and I knew what it contained! My temporary salvation!

I leaned down and kissed it first, that made him jump! The condoms were left forgotten on the side of the bed in my desire to get his prick into me.

Now the moment of truth, I popped my super hot pussy on it, and dropped own, oh believe me, it was fantastic, to feel a cock as big as his pushing my insides out of the way, shot me into an orgasm!

I drove myself up and down; I was expecting him to cum quickly. And he didn't disappoint, he lurched upwards, grabbed my hips and lifted me right off the bed. His spunk was boiling hot as it filled me. My titanic orgasm followed his, I fell on him, I kissed him, giggled in appreciation, he had fucked me good, or I had fucked him, but his beautiful black heavy prick had done the job!

I stayed where I was on top of him, he prick was still half hard, and my pussy took over then, it started contracting on him, and soon it was growing again. I rolled over with him, and off we went!

He was flat on top of me, I was pinioned beneath him, and he fucked away at my giving cunt for all he was worth. I knew his expertise needed fine tuning, but all I wanted was to be fucked, and fucked hard. And him, bless him, fucked me with what could have been described as a vicious uncontrolled pounding. I loved it, and the orgasms it gave me.

When he shot a second load, he relaxed, he was spent, I knew that. But he had satisfied me way beyond anything he could have thought of. But I wasn't going to tell him. I wanted this again, but control had to be kept of the situation.

I had promised myself that no one would ever get me in my home. Yet here I was, limp, and laid on my bed, under a gorgeous black boy. Who had, unknowingly to him, fucked my brains out!

'Come on Mark, I'm sorry but you have to go, times getting on, people will be here soon.'

'Yes okay Kit. Kit, that was fantastic, can I see you again? Please?'

I could see the fervent hope in his eyes.

'Yes Mark, you can, come tomorrow, be here for about 9:00 okay,' I told him as I kissed him softly.

'Or, better still,' I said, 'maybe I can come to you?'

'That will be just great Kit, my parents are out all day,' he said happily.

'Okay,' I said, 'I'll be at yours by 9, to 9:30.'

One last loving kiss and I pushed him out of the door.

That night my husband said, 'you seem to be in a good mood Kit, is there something you need to tell me?' He asked quizzically.

I quickly denied that there was anything wrong. He laughed and said, 'oh that's good then, you are much nicer when you are happy, I prefer that about you.'

My stomach churned with utter guilt. I did love him, but there again, did I? But what was I going to do? I decided there and then that I would not see Mark tomorrow.

As I did breakfast the following morning, I was absently thinking of what to wear for Mark, I wanted to look and be, as sexy as I could ever be. So much for my resolve, my fanny was in control again. I was thinking of his big black log doing the business once more. God I am nothing but a cock hungry slut!

I was at his house at 9:20, he let me in, and we were at each other before the door even shut. I was more than desperate to get that cock in me again. 'Mark, fuck me, and fuck me right now, or I will flatten you!' I ordered.

He half pulled, and half carried me to his bedroom. I had my clothes off in no time, he was fractionally behind me.

I hardly had time to get the condom on.

Then he was on me and banging away to his, and mine hearts content, I was orgasming at the 2nd or 3rd bang. It was heaven.

I had my arms and legs tight around him; I wanted to feel every muscle spasm of his young hard body as he hammered at me. He didn't last too long again, but the second one went on for ever, he literally crushed my wanton soaking puss. He was unstoppable, and I had no intention of even thinking it!

My raging fanny was having its dreams fulfilled. This was turning out to be the best and hardest fucking fuck session I had ever endured. I had never even imagined that being fucked like this would ever be what I was delirious for.

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