tagInterracial LoveHave You Ever...

Have You Ever...


Have You Ever...

I look at you and my eyes wonder straight down to your pants. The zipper is pulled down just a tad but I would love to unzip you with my teeth and undo the button. I've been thinking about your cock all day. I thought about it as I worked out this morning, while I showered this afternoon, and now tonight you are gonna get it. I would love to get those pants down and see the bulge you have for me. What do you want me to do with that bulge baby? What can I do to make it bigger? Maybe I should take off my pants too...

Honey how does being stroked and kissed at the same time sound to you? Driving our tongues into each other with my hand rubs and squeezes you through your boxers sounds delightful. Maybe you can stick your hand in between my legs as well so you can feel how wet this is making me. Can you feel my wetness through my white cotton panties? It's all for you. I want you so bad that my pussy is getting ready for you, it's begging for you! But I feel your cock also and it's begging for me. Do you like kissing my plump lips? I love it when you suck on my lips; it gives me a little taste of how you will suck on my pussy lips. Baby I want to wrap these big juicy lips around your cock. Are you ready for that? I want to slide down your body to my favorite place. When I pull down the rim of your boxers there is a delicious surprise ready to be tasted...

Have you ever had a black woman suck your cock before? Call me whatever you want, but I love sucking cock, whatever color it is. But I don't want any cock, I want yours! I need you now in my mouth as deep as possible and as tight as possible. Mmmm, your cock looks so good—so thick and so hard. I grab that cock and bathe it with my tongue from balls to head. Gosh you are better than anything I have ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth. Once you are wet enough I pucker my lips and stroke your cock with them. I hope you don't mind if I suck your balls also, I don't want to exclude them, plus they fit just perfectly in my mouth. There is nothing better than your wet cock just getting wetter and harder...

Do you like how I let your cock slip into my mouth? I can feel the head of your penis toughing the roof of my mouth and grazing my tongue. Once you are in there good I wrap my lips around you tightly and slide them up and down. Baby do you want me to suck you harder? I can make the suction of my mouth tighter for you if you would like. Or I can switch it up for you. I love sucking on your head really hard because I love the look on your face when I do it. Mmmm, your cock is getting so wet. Maybe after this I can put it in between my breast for you. How does nestling your wonderful cock in between my wonderful 34D tits sound? It sounds more than wonderful to me! Yeah Baby work that cock in and out of my mouth. Fuck my mouth like you want to fuck my pussy! Shove that cock deep into me...

Don't stop me now; I am in the cock zone where nothing else matters except for making you cum. I want to sexually please you darling. Do you like what I am doing to you? Sucking your meaty cock with my mouth and hands? Do you like the added touch of me massaging your balls as I do so? I am enjoying myself way too much! I hope you are too. You say you want it harder and I am going to give it to you. I can hear myself sucking you and I can hear the sexy sounds that you are making. Are you about you about to cum baby? Where do you want to cum, in my mouth, on my face, or on my tits? Or do you want me to stop so you can ram that thing into my slippery pussy and cum inside of me? Whatever you want to do, your wish is my command...

Your warm cum is all over me. The explosion was...epic, beautiful, and glorious! Oh man, I could surely do that again before the night ends. Baby I will never get my fill of that cock of yours ;)

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