tagSci-Fi & FantasyHaven Ch. 01

Haven Ch. 01


I finally got the balls to submit something. Yes I know it is small but I had to post something before I lost the nerve. There is no sex yet, it's hopefully going to be a nice long journey.


"Eirienel," boomed the voice of the Almighty. "You have broken one of the Master Laws without permission, and know its consequence. You are to be banished from the High Realm to the mortal world. The added punishment for breaking the Third Master Law will be for you to completely enter the Third Dimension like as a mortal. You shall receive no mercy nor will any call for aid be answered by any in the High Realm, and any who do answer your call will suffer in your fate. However, as you were deceived into breaking the Law your powers will not be bound. I sincerely wish that this had not occurred, but it has and your sentence has been set. You have until the Earth completes half of its rotation before you must leave. Farewell Eirienel, you shall be missed."

And with that Eirienel's world had come to an end. She was sentenced to almost the same punishment as the Fallen. Wait no that was wrong, as soon as she was remove from the High Realm she would BE a Fallen, cursed to the Mortal Realm until she was killed since she was cursed to fully enter the Mortal Realm. As a Hunter she had answered to High Anhie Uriel personally, now she would be a Fallen, the worst fate an Anhie could suffer.

Looking up she saw High Anhie Uriel standing before her and also the fact she was no longer in the Throne Room. The change in location was the final blow since only the Almighty can change an Anhie's location without them noticing. Never again would she see the wonder and glory that surrounded the Almighty, forever banished to serve Satan.That viper would enjoy torturing one who had a part in his casting out.

"Eirienal," Uriel's voice broke through her darkness. Standing as beautiful radiant as only one of the High Anhie could, Uriel stood before her with a sad smile. "There is not much time before you must leave. I have some words that I can say before you leave, listen carefully and keep them in your mind and heart."

Eirienel knew that for Uriel to be able to tell her anything the Almighty must have not forbidden it, unlike when Arathius was banished for aiding the Fallen. That was one other mercy the Almighty had allowed, his time in the Mortal Realm had changed him.

"Satan is not the only power in the Mortal Realm, if you can find one of the other powers you may be able to avoid Satan's grasp. The one whom I know would take you in has disappeared from our knowledge otherwise I would send you there. There is still a chance since you will fully enter the Mortal Realm, because of that Satan nor any other power will feel your presence until they are in striking distance. You however will feel them and this will aid you in hiding. Unfortunately, you will have to relearn your powers since they will manifest in different ways. There is only one other thing I may tell you and that is to warn you. Always avoid the low places in the Mortal Realm, the Fallen have a natural preference for the lower darker places of the world. You must resist this at all cost for if you don't Satan will take you. Now you must go your time here has come to an end, farewell Eirienel and remember my words."

As soon as Uriel had finished she started falling, the High Realm wasn't literally above the Mortal Realm like humans had believed for so long. It was a separate dimension from the Mortal Realm, with a wall preventing anything mortal from passing through. Yet still Eirienel felt like she was plummeting, plummeting to the Earth. She tried to open her wings and slow her descent but only then did she realize she didn't have wings anymore! She streaked towards the ground at impossible speeds, passing through a thunderstorm the ground rushed up and all went black.

The first thing Eirienel noticed was pain, a severe breathtaking pain all along her body. She couldn't focus on anything else because of the pain, pain wasn't foreign to her since she was a Hunter but never this much pain. She just laid there in some sort of room that had a small window as slowly, incrementally the pain faded to an ache. Gingerly she looked around the room. She saw the small window letting sunlight in, a wooden door, and three iron bound chests one small two large. Eirienel had absolutely no idea where she was, there was no hole in the ceiling so she didn't fall through the roof.

Slowly she sat up, only then did she notice she wasn't wearing her white robe. She wasn't wearing aside from her arm band! She saw that the door had a locking bar on it so no one was coming in that way. Finally standing up she looked over herself, no cuts, no bruises, no broken bones just a dull ache she couldn't compare to anything since the only pain she ever felt was momentary. Since she determined she wasn't in immediate danger she shuffled over to the chests. There were no locks on them but there was a fine layer of dust, there was no dust in the High Realm since there was no death. The room was set up like a storeroom waiting for someone to actually come by and use the stuff.

The first large chest contained shirts, pants, socks, and a few coats. The second held underwear, which she immediately started looking through. They were organized by size the smallest on the top, Eirienel started digging close to the bottom. After some time she finally found a black bra that actually fit her, her next problem was the panties. After some more digging she gave up on finding anything that wasn't a thong, see through, or both. Grabbing a matching thong she gratefully put the underwear on and somewhat covered herself. It felt strange wearing something aside from her robe, it felt different. Only then did she feel something growing in her. Compared to her previous experiences it felt slightly wrong. She tried pushing it away but she couldn't, it only settled low in her abdomen. Ignoring the feeling she went back to the first chest and picked out a pair of pants. The pants were jeans she had never worn them before but unlike most Anhie she was frequently sent to the Mortal Realm on missions, she wasn't completely clueless. Her first attempt at trying on a shirt she grabbed one that was so tight it wouldn't even fit over her chest, the second one did actually fit to her surprise. Pulling on the shirt and jeans that feeling came back to the forefront. The pants caressing her legs and butt and the shirt over her chest and stomach felt good. Eirienel put on some socks and found three pairs of shoes, sadly only one pair fit and it was some slightly spiked boots. It took a little getting used to but after some time she could comfortably walk in them.

Finally Eirienel came to the small chest inside was some money, obviously there was no money in the High Realm since everything was provided. Yet again her limited experience help her she knew you needed money to buy things like clothes, food, and places to sleep. At the thought of food her stomach growled and Eirienel jumped. Her stomach growled! That meant she was hungry and she needed food. Then the thought led into another one, the Almighty's words rang in her head again. Like as a Mortal. She was Mortal! She had to eat, and sleep, and use the bathroom, everything a Mortal had to. In the chest she also found a wallet, a silver watch, and a silver necklace that had some inscription she couldn't read. The last one made her uneasy since she should be able to read and speak every known language. That uneasiness faded as she put it on and a sense of safety overcame her.

Once she put the money in the wallet she grabbed a leather coat that fit her and headed out the door. The door led into a long hallway that ended at a metal door. The door felt cold so she put on her jacket and opened the door. And got hit with a blast of freezing cold air, Eirienel had almost no experience with cold. The High Realm was always pleasantly warm and she never fully entered the Mortal Realm before.

Hunkering down in her coat she started walking hoping to find something to eat. She had no idea what nation she was in much less the city. At least the room she woke up in wasn't in a bad area, or so Eirienel thought since no one attacked her once she walked or of the door. OK she exited the alley she saw signs in English so she was in either America, the UK or Canada.

Eirienel could feel the sun setting and that feeling in her abdomen growing. Uriel's words came back to her about low and dark places. As the streetlights came flickering on her pace got quicker. She didn't know where she was going but something was almost pulling her in a direction. Before she would have immediately fought the feeling and gone in the other direction.

As she walked it hit her she wasn't trying to sense other beings! Uriel was right what had been subconscious before she had to focus on now. Slowly her senses opened up and a spear of ice ran down her spine. There were six demonic presences following her, and they were getting closer. She tried to break out in a run but her boots went made for running. She heard the demons chasing after her and felt a myriad of more presences further ahead. She quickly turned down an alley not wanting to go towards that huge group of foreign presences. After she had gotten most of the ways down the alley she saw the brick wall at the end.

Turning around she saw the six lower level demons walking towards her unhurried.

"It's her alright, the red hair and everything." Said the demonto ether right of the leader. They were in human form so they looked like normal humans. "We found her we should bind her to us, it's been years since we've had a bitch of or own."

"No,"said the leader. "The master himself wants this one. However, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with her first." He continued with a smile that chilled her soul. They kept walking and Eirienel backed up until her shoulders hit the wall.

"N..no stay back,." stuttered Eirienel. She knew what they were talking about Binding. Raping a person and forcing a seal on them making them a slave footer the rest of their life, with total obedience no matter their former personality. The only one Eirienel had heard a demon call "master" was Satan himself.

Satan himself wanted to rape her and bind her to him. But it looked like the six demons wailing towards her were going to rape her themselves first.

Right before they were in arms reach a door opened flooding an arc of the alley in light and some sort of music.

"I believe she said no," said a man as he walked out the door.

"A human, great something else we have to clean up." Said the second one as the door closed and most of the light disappeared.

Almost as one the demons turned towards the man. Eirienel couldn't let the demons kill the man, so she tried to grab the lead demon. It only turned and backhanded her into the wall.

Curse it if only I had my powers, Eirienel thought to herself. She couldn't stop watching as the demons approached the man.

"That was not a good idea," said the man. His face was in shadows but there was something new in his voice. The demons surrounded him but he just stood there, staring at the one who backhanded her. Slowly the demon's power rose, it had to be slow they were demons. Demons were weakest of the Fallen but a demon could easily kill a man. At once they lunged at the man intent on tearing him apart.

They never even touched the man. It looked like he just flowed from one movement to the next. He never stopped moving, but the demons did. Bones snapped, joints were dislocated, it was beautiful and deadly. Every demon was down with most bones broken, except the leader.

The man had him by the neck and it was so quiet she could hear him whisper.

"That was not a good idea." Then he snapped the leaders neck, and let it fall to the ground. Eirienel stared at the human who single handedly took out five demons and killed the sixth. Then she felt another presence approaching, it was around the corner. Then a Wrath demon in human form turned the corner. Eirienel knew better than to try to take on a Wrath when she was still an Anhie, and now she had none of her strength or powers. For the first time she felt fear, and was completely caught off guard as it started to speak.

"Trouble boss?" Asked the close to six and a half foot tall Wrath.

"Nope. Just need some clean up, can you and Kis take care of it for me?" Answered the man as he turned to the Wrath.

"Got it boss," was all it said before it picked up the closest demon by a dislocated shoulder.

The man turned to her and stepped over the dead demon's body. After all that there was not a single drop of blood on him, and she was sure of that since as he came closer she could see him better. He held out his hand to her and the silver necklace became warm.

"Don't worry, you're safe now. You can call me J, I'm the owner of Haven."

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