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Having An 'Indian'




I went into the kitchen to see the drips of water coming from the ceiling. The kitchen in the flat upstairs must have flooded. Luckily, the flat was owned by the company I work for, so it meant that a colleague would probably be using it. I went upstairs to find out what was happening. I was very thankful when Sonia opened the door.

Sonia's family was originally from India but she has grown up in London so has a London accent. She's about my age, 25, straight black hair, about 5’ 4’’ and is the office flirt. Not that she would ever do anything more than flirt (or so I thought), but she likes to make innuendo—type jokes and is a little risqué but she’s generally a sweet type of girl. She has caramel brown skin, still very smooth from youth and a very petite frame. Her breasts aren’t particularly noticeable, but she never really dresses to show them much. She does have a very smooth, curvy ass though. Hmmmmmm.

She gave me her trademark cheeky, flirty smile when she saw it was me.

"Is the water coming through already?!"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"The tap was jammed on. I tried to loosen it with pliers but then it came off!"

She never really took things too seriously, always fun—loving. She swished her hips when she turned and I caught a very small glimpse of that ass under her short skirt.

After a quick inspection, I found the water stop—cock (as it is in the same place in my flat) and the water stopped. After about 10 minutes of brush, mop and bucket, the place was damp, but almost back to normal.

"Thanks SO much!" she beamed. "I would never have found that." "No probs." I bent over to give her a hug at the same moment she went to peck me on the cheek. Somehow ours mouths met and we kissed. I think we were both so surprised that we kissed for quite a few seconds. Suddenly we both stopped.

"Wow!" I said.

"Eh.. yeah.. not quite what I meant to do."

"Me neither!"

"You're a damn good kisser though! Mind you, I'd always suspected that!" She said, in her usual flirty, impish way. 'Thank god,' I thought, 'she is not going to be weird or uncomfortable about this.'

"Thanks. Sorry about that! I'll just go and check the damage to my place."

There was not much damage at all, nothing a mop and bucket wouldn't sort out right away. I went back to let Sonia know, and to say goodnight. The door was still open when I went back up. I went straight in, thinking she was waiting for me, or had started mopping the floor. I walked straight into the kitchen as she was pulling off her top to reveal the perkiest, petite pair of breasts I’ve ever seen, with nipples that took up half the breast. I looked away and coughed. She realised I was there, but grabbed an old shirt from the table that we hadn't used to mop up water rather than put her jumper back on.

"Oh, I wasn't expecting you back so soon. Thanks again for your help."

"No probs, I'll catch up with you tomorrow." She came towards me and put her hands out to hug me. I bent over to hug her back and she grabbed my face and gave me a deep kiss. This time there was real lust behind it and I kissed back.

As we enjoyed the kiss, my hands wandered to that ass and gave it a massage. Sonia's moans told me I was doing it right. She broke the kiss and said "I wanted to thank you properly."

"That was VERY nice of you!"

"Wait, I'm not done yet!"

She pushed me back into the lounge and sat me down. She sat straddling my lap and opened her shirt. "You liked them didn't you?"

"Oh yeah. They look perfect."

"Excellent. They will be your reward." She pushed one into my face and I grabbed it and started licking the nipple. my left hand massaged the other one. Sonia tilted her head back in pleasure.

This was like one of those random fantasies you often have about co-workers from time to time, but you NEVER think in your wildest dreams that it will happen. But I'm not this type of guy, I don't give out on the first date, never mind random acts of sex... and the office would never be the same again. I had to stop.

I took my mouth and hands off her and she looked at me with her seductive brown eyes. "Why did you stop?"

"I can't... this might affect.. I'm not... "

“Shhhh...” She put her finger to my lips. "Noone will ever know, I want you and you want me. You look like a fucking stud and I’ve always wanted to be your sex slave for a night. I will make you cum so hard and you will use me as you wish." I was so hard and horny and she knew it. She had already unzipped my trousers when I was sucking her nipples and had my dick in her hands. She had me caught when I saw her breasts and she knew it. I wanted her. I wanted her badly. There was nothing more I could say, except:

"Fuck me."

She lifted her short skirt and placed her pussy lips on the head of my dick. Then, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "Let’s begin, lover." She plunged down on my shaft and I think we both came almost right away, we were so horny. After two or three humps, we were certainly coming, but she didn't stop, she bounced up and down milking all my juice into her. I had not jacked off in about a week so there was a lot of it, so much so that she came a second time from it. As we floated back down to the chair we shared another deep kiss.

"What next, master and stud?!"

"Let's go to the bedroom... "

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