tagIncest/TabooHaving Another Bash

Having Another Bash


As if sleeping with my best friend's new boyfriend wasn't enough to make me feel awful he also happened to be my younger brother. As if that wasn't enough, he was the best fuck I ever had!

I lay in my bed guilt ridden now the fun had been had and the realisation of what I had done coursed through me. I rubbed my stomach wishing we had used a condom. I wasn't on the pill – it fucked up my periods and I was single – there was no need; the few guys I did sleep with always used protection.

I moved my hand down between my legs to cover the hole he had treated so well. I could still feel him there and longed for more but I truly, truly didn't think I could handle the contradictory feelings of disgust and desire in my heart.

Sleep came in dribs and drabs and when I woke for work at six thirty, I felt like I had been clubbing all night on Ecstasy cut with a higher percentage of rat poison and drain cleaner than MDMA.

I welcomed my coffee but could barely face a slice of toast. My morning shower helped but I still felt so tired and by the time I reached work I was already longing for my bed.

My fellow colleague's moods were in complete contrast as usual. Most were moaning about that Monday morning feeling while others were still buzzing from their weekends. I was usually in the latter group having always made the most of my weekends. My good mood often didn't falter until Wednesday by which time I was involved in plans for the approaching weekend.

I snapped a few times mostly at my bewildered colleagues but twice to customers on the telephone. I was summoned to my supervisor's office on both occasions when she overheard. I received a light scalding but she was more concerned for the state I was in and nothing more came of it.

"You look a bit like shit today babe." Cheryl sang sympathetically, confirming, Sharon, my supervisor's earlier comments, as she slid into the seat opposite me at dinner bringing with her the copious amounts of food she wedged in herself in one sitting.

I sighed. "I feel it."

"Prob' caught something off that lush brother of yours." She smiled.

"What?" I snapped. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Cheryl jumped at my reaction and briefly looked scared. "He's just come back from travelling the world hasn't he?"

"So?" My heart was racing and I could feel my face burning up with anger and embarrassment. Had Bash plastered it all over the internet? Splashed it on billboards?

"Tropical diseases and that. Jeez Janie, what's got into you?"

My brother! I thought but thankfully kept that to myself though it was probably written all over my face. "Sorry Cheryl." I apologised sinking my face into my hands almost finding the amusement in the situation. "I'm just feeling awful and he's been, err, been doing my head in."

"He could do me in the head." She smiled trying to lighten my mood.

"I'm going home, sorry I snapped Cheryl." I pathetically brushed her hand with no sincerity.

"It's okay." She smiled sympathetically. "I understand."

I felt like screaming at her that she didn't understand and wouldn't have a fucking clue being an only child but I bit my tongue and held back my annoyance. It wasn't her fault after all, but Cheryl was one of those many people that could make you angry by repetitively asking if you were all right when you simply wanted a moment to relax. "I'll see you tomorrow."

I left Cheryl to finish her feast hearing her voice as I walked away but not catching the words unsure whether I was ignoring her or just lost in my self-pity. I saw Sharon and told her my intention to go home and that I'd be back in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. She was fine with it and told me to stay away if I didn't feel better. By the time I left the office and could feel the glorious sun soaking into my pores I had made my mind up that I was going to phone in sick tomorrow.

The house was empty when I got home for which I was truly grateful. I tried not to care where Bash was but the thought that I could fall asleep on the sofa or even in my bed only to be woken up by him cumming all over me was vivid in my mind. The thought turned me on but made me feel those unpleasant pangs more so. Still, I changed out of my work clothes and put my dressing gown on before heading back down stairs and lying on the sofa.

Bash did wake me up only this time it was because he was cooking the Thai Green curry he had mentioned the day before. It smelt fantastic and I was feeling much better for catching up on some lost sleep. Strangely, my dressing gown was open and the side that would have naturally fallen covering most of me had miraculously defied gravity and floated up exposing my body in my mismatching underwear. I sat up on the sofa running my hands over my covered breasts over my belly and down across my knickers. I had half expected to find his stickiness somewhere on my person but my fingers had not been burdened by such a thing as they ran smoothly across my skin. Although happy I felt a twang of disappointment. Had Bash looked upon my semi nakedness and not found it as desirable now he had given me a fill?

I wrapped the towelling material around myself and tied the belt in a knot before entering the kitchen to find chopped ingredients on the counter and some simmering away in the wok.

"Hiya." I greeted him rubbing my eye. "Smells good."

"Hey up sleepy head." He smiled. "You were back early, you okay?"

"Felt a bit sick."

"Nothing sicker than playing rape with your...." He started.

"Not yet Bash give me a minute to wake up." I fired. I wasn't in the mood for his quips.

"Do you want some coffee?" He asked flicking on the kettle.

"Now that's exactly what I wanted to hear."

He left his cooking for a moment and kissed me on the cheek before looking into my eyes, straight through to my soul . I looked away to avoid the magnetism I felt toward those deep blues and wondered to the kitchen table.

"I invited Kenzie for some food, hope you don't mind."


I felt like his words had punched me in the belly. Never would I ever have connected Kenzie's name with the feeling of horror that shot through me at that moment.

Bash obviously saw my dismay. "Don't worry about it. If..."

"Don't worry about it?" I interrupted him.

"If you feel a bit weird just go to bed, don't ignore her or she'll know some thing's wrong."

I couldn't believe how calm he was. "But I'm famished Bash I need to eat."

"You can still eat but just pretend it's brought back your bad belly, or something."

"We've been best friends since primary school" I reminded him. " she'll see straight through me."

Bash shook his head. "Just stay cool you'll be fine. Besides, it was a one off wasn't it?"

"Was it?" I asked, a whoosh of relief leaving me feeling not too dissimilar from having been massaged. All, well most, of my tensions lifting from me although the question of whether he still found me attractive rose again.

"Sis' I really like, Kenzie, really I do and I wouldn't mind settling down with her, you know, finish my studies first get a decent job, career rather, lawn mower, pets and then maybe even a few little people a bit later on."

"Really?" I asked surprised.

He thought about it for a moment. "I think so yes, don't get me wrong what we did was wonderful and I'd do it again at the drop of a hat if it hadn't made you feel so bad or if I didn't have Kenzie. I've chased her all my life you know that, I don't want to lose her now."

I shook my head a little confused. "I'm still trying to work you out Bash. You're confusing the hell out of me. Why did you go behind her back if you feel like that? Bear in mind it wasn't with just anyone either."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Confusing myself Janie." He smiled his gorgeous smile but at the same time, I could see the vulnerability of his own heart within it.

We hugged tightly pulling me closer filling me with comfort and reassuring just like our first hug at the airport after three years of not seeing each other. It wasn't long though before innocence had left and I could feel our secret growing inside me and forming against my belly. I stayed for a while until Bash moved away slightly.

"But I still think you're fucking hot, sorry." He smiled awkwardly as colour flushed in his cheeks.

I squeezed him tightly once more feeling him dig into my stomach again before we separated.

He suddenly tensed and nodded toward the front door. "That's Kenzie's Beetle just pulled up."

Panic struck. "I'm going for a shower, err, to gather myself."

"Okay, we'll be all right, don't worry." He smiled again and spoke before I could argue back. "Easier said than done, I know. Go. Shower."

I turned walking up the hallway with Bash following close behind me. I looked at the stairs where we had committed the last round of our wonderful, mortal sin. With him so close behind I couldn't help but get flustered. I was momentarily panic-stricken with the thought that he was going to unlock the door and quickly run back to throw me down on the stairs and invite Kenzie in just as he stuck his thickness inside me 'come on in Kenz' the sister's fine.'

"Now, now." He chuckled as if he had read my thoughts.

I flashed daggers at him and he winked innocently, comically, like a child trying with his mouth wide open.

I entered the bathroom closing the door and standing statue still listening to see what was said, if I could hear at all. I smiled at the fact that I too had my mouth open in an attempt to listen harder.

Bash cheered as if QPR had scored a goal against Manchester United. "It's beeeaauutiful Hooray!"

"Shut up." Kenzie shouted over his elated greeting.

"A winner for sure." He replied.

"Shut up!" She laughed then there was a silence for a long few seconds.

In my head I pictured them kissing while Bash's hands roamed her slight curves and Kenzie fondled his generous meat, tucked into his shorts, over his clothes. I uselessly shut my eyes against the image only for it to shine brighter.

"Where's Janie?" Kenzie asked after what I assumed was a passionate greeting.

"Shower, she's not feeling well today can you believe she came home from work early..."

I lost Kenzie's reply as they moved out of the hallway but still I heard them chatting and pausing and chatting and probably smooching, they were a couple now after all.

I took my time to shower to give them some space as well as to try and get a sense of normality flowing through me. I fought against masturbating to the fantasies in my head and after almost an hour I joined them down stairs.

"Hey Janie how you feeling?" Kenzie greeted me with a hug.

I hugged her back feeling surprisingly guilt free. "A bit shit hon' How are you?"

"I'm great." She smiled blatantly referring to her joy at being in a relationship with both of our last lover.

She looked great too in her dark grey, on the knee, skirt suit that reminded me so much of our school uniform. Kenzie had always been beautiful and happy, mostly, but she had a radiance about her that shone ever brighter today.

"You look it." I told her.

"You look better than I imagined. The way Bash was talking I thought you'd be at death's door."

"That's because of man flu and" I held my thumb and forefinger about four inches apart "is about a foot."

She laughed. "He doesn't need to lie about that though does he?"

I simply joined in with her laughter pretending to be oblivious to the size of my brother's cock until I realised she had been here when he shoved it, and I quote "accidentally' between my thighs as I was bent over the sink.

"I can multi task." He said. "I can hear what you're saying about me because I'm right here even though I've got a massive wok: in my hand."

"Saucy." Kenzie giggled. "Damn shame you're his sister we could have had a ball." She got indescribably flustered to mine and Bash's amusement. "Oh God, what am I saying? He brings the worst out in me, he's terrible."

"You think so?" I asked try being his sister. I thought,

"I read too much incest."

"WHAT!" Bash and I gasped.

"Incest." She was still burning up. "I read sexy shit on line."

"But incest Kenz'?" That's a bit wrong!" I played the innocent.

"You read about people cutting other people to shreds, that's wrong too."

"yeah but..."

"But nothing. Given the ultimatum, fuck your brother or cut his throat what would you do?"

I knew exactly what I'd do but for the second time that day I bit my tongue "That's tough, probably cut his throat." I smiled.

"Yeah right!"

"Enough of that we're eating soon." Bash ordered.

* * * * *

The meal was a delight, hotter than what I expected, much like the Chef when I met him at the airport. We devoured the lot between us squeezing in a bottle, and a bit, of red wine too..

"If you kids want me to make myself scarce just say so." I offered.

"Go on then." Bash jibed.

Kenzie slapped his arm. "Don't be silly, Janie. Let's go watch some sloppy film."

"No slop!" Bash voiced his opinion.

"You just want to watch macho men huffing and puffing while throwing flaming balls of testosterone at one another don't you." I said.

Kenzie looked at me over the empty bowls laughing. "Don't sound too bad does it?"

I joined her laughter and Bash playfully tutted. "Women, you're all the same." He huffed. "You beasts go and dig out your film while I get this lot in the dish washer."

"I'll do that." Kenzie told him.

"No you won't." Bash and I chorused..

"Seriously girls, take the rest of that wine in the front room get comfy and I'll sort this, it'll only take a minute."

"Think I got me a good man at last." Kenzie sang.

"You could be right." I agreed as we left the table and moved toward the front room. I knew she hadn't though. I hoped that what he'd said was true about our fling being a one off and that he genuinely did wish to settle and make an honest man of himself. Kenzie was already quite an honest woman but if Bash's past was anything to go by that could easily be changed.

Kenzie paused in the doorway looking back at Bash. "You could always do some training in the garden while we watch."

He attempted to sound upset. "I'm not a piece of meat you know."

"Yes you bloody well are." Kenzie mumbled deliberately loud enough for him to hear as we stepped in the front room.

"Cheeky." He shouted staying in the kitchen to clear the table.

I flicked on the TV and computer changing channels appropriately and bringing up my downloaded film list as I slumped on the sofa. "Take your pick Kenz'. I am going to go to bed."

"Oh don't."

"Babe I feel shit. As nice as that was I think it was a bit too hot for me, all those peppers and chilli." I got to my feet with a bit more effort than I actually needed rubbing my belly in pretence.

Kenzie stood. "Okay then but get better." She commanded as we hugged.

I went to peck her on the cheek but she moved and our lips touched. There was nothing in it, a simple friendly good night kiss but we both looked at one another in a way that we hadn't before.

"Oops!" I giggled and pecked her on the cheek.

"Goodnight." We chorused.

I went into the kitchen and pecked Bash on the cheek too bidding him good night.

* * * * *

Once in my room I shut the door dropped my gown to the floor, flicked on the TV and climbed on to my bed fluffing up the pillows and stacking them against the bed head sinking myself into them. I took the remote off the lamp stand flicking through the channels until I found the soaps. I wasn't a devout viewer but they were good enough to not make me have to think, and seeing such depressed people always made me feel my life was good. The EastEnders theme tune came on while I was in the bathroom and before I'd finished in there I'd made a mental note to find something else to watch.

On my return I got under the quilt and started to flick through the channels again when the door was rapped and in strolled Bash and Kenzie before I replied. Bash was carrying the PS3 and balancing a bunch of Blu Rays on top and Kenzie was carrying a tray with Hot Chocolate and biscuits on.

"If you're poorly we're coming to make you better." Kenzie beamed.

What could I say? I smiled back feeling a warmth burn in me at the knowledge of having such a good friend. Not for one second did I consider a plan had been born down stairs in my absence.

"Thank you." I smiled gratefully.

Bash tilted the Play Station so all the films fell onto the bed. "You're choice lurgee girl." He smiled settling the console beside my TV as he began swapping leads around.

"Budge up." Kenzie told me.

I did returning my pillows to their original place so we all had some comfort behind us. All done Kenzie offered me the tray. I took it from her and watched as she unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor before getting under the quilt and shuffling up next to me.

She smiled. "This is comfy."

I nodded as she settled and then rested the tray between us.

Bash dropped his Jeans and slid in and sighed heavily as he looked at the discs at the bottom of the bed. "Can anyone reach them?"

"Not with a tray on my lap." Kenzie informed him. "And I certainly can't stretch far enough to put a disc in."

"It's okay, there are films on there." I said kicking my feet gently until the discs dropped to the floor with a clatter.

We decided on the new version of Snow White with Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone and Charlize Theron. The hot drinks were placed either side of my bed and the show began.

Twenty minutes in and Bash was snoring, nowhere near as loud as his farts though and the odour of a snore could never be that bad. Kenzie grimaced and shuffled closer to me until I could feel her smooth leg close to mine, gently brushing it every so often. I crossed my legs at the ankle feeling slightly uncomfortable at the thoughts in my head. Then came her foot stroking mine. I tried to ignore it as best I could, on the outside at least, my thoughts started whirring, remembering the few and far between fingering fantasies I'd had where she was the star..

"You're shit at hints aren't you?" Kenzie whispered to me without taking her eyes off the screen.

I looked at her unsure I heard her correctly. "What?"

"Shit at getting hints." She pecked my nose and slid her hand beneath the covers resting it on the top of my leg.

"I didn't think so." I replied barely audible but evidently, I had been.

"No?" She questioned smirking at me as she slowly stroked my equally smooth leg up to the bottom of my underwear and then back down to my knee several times.

I uncrossed my ankles and allowed my legs to part slightly. "No."

"That's better." She told me as her hand slid back up and her fingers brushed the crotch of my silky boy shorts.

I closed my eyes feeling the goose bumps crawl all over my skin.

"But..." I looked over at my sleeping brother.

"He'll wake up as soon as he starts to smell sex."

"Sex?" I asked surprised.

Her eyes dropped to my mouth and she leant in and kissed me softly. "If you like." and then kissed me again.

I allowed her soft lips against mine and kissed her back. Our mouths' barely parting but the idea was there between us. As we separated, I looked at Bash still sleeping.

"He revels in it, Janie. He came to the shop today, all angry, demanding to see me with an imaginary complaint just because he wanted a blow job." Her fingers brushed my crotch again and I parted my legs further.

"And suddenly you're gay?"

"I'm not gay." She said, her fingers acting contrary. "But, Bash has showed me a lot since he's been back. He got on our nerves because of his determination and passion for the things he wants to do. He made it around Asia for three years, he won't get bullied ever again, and, he got the girl of his dreams; me" She smiled. "The mountain won't come to Mohammed." She leaned in for another kiss this time with a bit more passion.

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