tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHaving At It With My Stepmother

Having At It With My Stepmother

byVirginia Gentleman©

My parents were divorced when I was two and my mother remarried. I got saddled with the typical asshole stepfather but, enough about him. My dad also remarried, years later.

At the earliest opportunity, I left home, after a brief stint in college. I held various odd jobs…and, on a whim, I called my dad. He invited me to his house to get acquainted and meet his new wife. I mulled the invitation over and decided that maybe it was worth a visit.

The initial contact was a bit uncomfortable but we eased into the disaster with caution and a bit of decided delusion as to what each expected the other to be. After all, it had been a lot of years and as I recall, I was in diapers the last time I had a good look at his face.

His new wife was a bit of a bitch. I guess she figured that I was coming out of the woodwork after a lot of years and I must want something. Not true.

He invited me to stay for awhile, which went over real well with his wife. Anyway, I decided to move in for awhile and help him around the house and his business in exchange for some spending money, room and board.

After a few weeks, his wife warmed up to me a bit but it was still frosty around the house. I used to hear her talking to dad, in hushed tones, when hey thought I was asleep.

OK, now we fast-forward about 25 years (I don't want to bore you with a bunch of stuff that doesn't really add to the story).

I'm married, a couple of kids (fairly well grown) and dad has a heart attack. I get the call one-day at my office and pack a bag for a quick trip to his house.

My stepmother has been in a 4-year mental decline, suffering the onset of Alzheimer's and dad is in the local hospital awaiting a triple bypass.

Since I only have a maiden aunt, she and I share the responsibilities of staying with my stepmother. My aunt spends the weekdays and I drive up to the house to spend the weekends. From Friday night thru Monday morning, my stepmother is my responsibility.

The Alzheimer's was beginning to cause a real problem. She would get up at night and wander around looking for my father…she couldn't remember that he was in the hospital. This late night activity caused me to call her physician to get a sedative. Whatever it was he prescribed would really make her chill out.

One Friday night, after getting her to down two of the pills, we were sitting around and I was attempting to carry on a conversation with her…without much luck. She would start talking and then her words would trail off. Like she wasn't all there…that is when my thoughts of sex took hold. I rationalized that since she and my dad hadn't been getting it on in a number of years (previous surgery had left my father impotent), I might as well step in and see if what she had to offer was worth all the crap my dad had to put up with.

I poured her a glass of wine to strengthen the effect of the sedative and waited to let the alcohol work its magic. I continued our conversation and observed her reactions.

In less than an hour, and a couple of glasses of wine, it became apparent that she would have walked into a hail of bullets and felt no pain. At that point, I lifted her under her arms and assisted her to the master bedroom.

I got her situated at the edge of the bed and began undressing her. It became a chore as she kept drifting to the right and left as I was unbuttoning her clothing. It took about 20 minutes to strip her down to her bra and panties. I pulled the blanket and top sheet to the side and rolled her over, covering her again as her head hit the pillow. I soon heard her soft, regular breathing as she slipped into a deep sleep.

I moved around to the other side of the bed and stripped down. I gently moved the covers and slid underneath. It felt so deliciously wicked to be naked in the same bed with the old bitch that had caused me so much grief, for so many years.

I slid toward the center of the bed and snuggled up close to her body. I kissed her cheek and paused to check for a reaction….there was none. Reaching around her back, I found her bra hooks and flick, flick, flick…all three hooks were free. Slowly, I tugged the fabric restraint away from her chest. Those once probably-magnificent tits were considerably more saggy. The areolas were half-dollar sized with small but wide nipples. I rolled her on to her back to allow the other bra strap to be removed from her arm. I was amazed she hadn't awakened. But, I thought that even if she did, she probably wouldn't remember the incident the next day. Time for the next event.

I pulled the sheet away from our bodies and gazed at my next target…those ugly white cotton panties. I hooked my fingers under the waistband and began to tug them down. I don't remember what I expected to see but what greeted me was the most impressive thatch of salt-and-pepper pubic hair I could have imagined. It was a forest but obviously trimmed near the outer edges, since a minor amount of stubble was evident.

I moved my face lower and inhaled deeply….she had a mix of old-lady smell and a unique feminine odor. It was very arousing.

I continued my panty removal task and quickly had them down to her ankles and then off. Quite impressive, I thought, for a woman 70 plus.

Gingerly, I moved her legs apart….very slowly, and knelt between them. I reached up and touched that snatch that hadn't been penetrated in nearly a decade. She was dry and unyielding. Thinking quickly, I reached over to the nightstand for a bottle of handlotion. I figured that if it worked on the hands, it probably was OK for her pussy.

I squeezed a dollop into the palm of my hand and begin to apply it to her large cunt lips. I then used the tips of my finger to move the moisturizer into her tunnel.

As my fingers massaged and probed her innards, she breathed a gentle sigh and moved a bit….but not much. At this point, I was getting very hard. My cock was throbbing and precum was dripping for the head of my dick.

I eased forward and allowed my cockhead to gently touch her now moistened cunt….it yielded to the pressure. I continued my forward motion and my dick made further progress. I stopped for a moment, not wishing to shoot my load so quickly after so much work. As I felt my groin muscles relax, I pushed again. In one remaining swoop, I was buried in her….to the base of my cockshaft. God, it felt great. I was almost unhappy that she wouldn't be aware enough of my onslaught to fully appreciate the feeling.

I began a slow sawing motion with my cock. Since she was so relaxed, her legs were flat on the bed. I lifted them, one at a time, and pinned them between my forearms and her chest….opening her womanhood wider to my invasion.

My cock began pistioning in and out, faster and faster…like it had a mind of its own, allowing me to turn my attentions to the tit-flesh before me. Her boobs had flattened out, like water-balloons on a flat surface. The areolas were stretched obscenely.

I moved my mouth forward and sucked greedily on her taut nipples…pulling them deeply into my mouth. I used my tongue to caress them and chewed on them with my teeth. At this point, my stepmother was making gasping sounds, not sounds of sex but air being driven in and out of her lungs by my assault.

I reached to her shoulders with my hands and gripped them. Her legs were now almost parallel with her body. My fuck-tempo was nearing frenzy as I worked toward my release.

With her pussy stretched wide in this undoubtedly, never before tried position, I was plunging my cock deeply into her cunt…I could feel and hear my balls slapping a tempo on her ass. This added to the thrill of the already exciting situation.

I began to feel the stirring of my orgasm as it built to a crescendo. I groaned and flooded her cunt with spurt after spurt of jism. I had never cum that hard in my life….my balls actually hurt.

As my sexual tension began to ebb, I slowly lowered her legs and backed away from her body. Her legs flattened to the mattress. Her breathing became more regular and I rolled her on to her side. I pulled up the sheet and blanket to cover our bodies and drifted off to sleep…hoping I would wake before morning for another coupling.

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