tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHaving Faith! Ch. 01

Having Faith! Ch. 01


It was late afternoon and the college had already lost the bustle of the day as Ray closed the door to his small untidy office.

A small bead of sweat appeared on the forehead of the slightly over weight lecturer as he reached into his brief case and retrieved the DVD that had become his prize possession a week ago.

He slipped the disc into his laptop and sat back to watch once more.

Now in his late fifties, Ray had thought that he had almost lost his sex drive, except that he did like to prowl the local car parks at night with his new camcorder, hoping to catch an unsuspecting couple with the new night feature that enhanced dark filming.

He hadn't had much luck until last week when he noticed a familiar car parked in a quiet corner.

He had fumbled with the camera as he came in close to the windows and filmed for five minutes before the fear of being spotted caused him to quit and scurry back into the safety of the shadows.

It wasn't until he arrived home, poured himself a stiff drink and connected the camcorder to the TV that he realised just what he had caught.

Faith Neville, at forty two was climbing fast through the ranks of the college. She now had a senior position in the adult literacy field and had steamrollered her way there! She was pushy, dominant and very confident, and although Ray was her boss, he knew that she was now chasing his position.

She often made him look a fool in front of his other staff, and being a weak man he just squirmed and accepted it, knowing that to get into a verbal battle with her was just asking for more trouble! He feared her potential power and resented her attitude.

What made the situation worse for him was the fact that she was a very sexy woman.

Attractive, long auburn hair, lovely full breasts nice hips that flared from a narrow waist and long sexy legs.

He would have loved to fuck a woman like her but he knew that she was way out of his league, and the fact that she was close to twenty years younger than him was the final nail in that coffin!

But now, as the screen came to life once more, his cock hardened in anticipation.

The slightly blurred black and white video started and there she was, lying back in the passenger seat of her car with a large cock filling her mouth.

He had watched the video enough times now to know who that cock belonged to! Rob, a cocky twenty five year old student of hers! She was supposed to be tutoring him in mathematics, but they seemed to have moved on!

He fast forwarded the DVD to the best part, both their faces clearly in view as he lay between her legs pumping his big young cock into her!

Ray had hold of his own cock as he switched off the DVD. Damn woman! He hated her, but she was giving him a better hard on than any of his porn collection, and he now saw her in a new light.

This footage was a powerful tool, but he had to decide what to do with it.

He knew he could get her thrown out of the college, or he could just keep her in check, hell, if he sent it to her husband, he could finish her marriage as well.

The big problem was having the courage to approach her with it. How would she react? He had to admit that even with this weapon he was still scared of her!

That night, a good few whiskies down and his cock in hand once more, he made the decision that next day he would call her to his office and front her with the footage. It was time to be a man for once!


Mid morning the next day found Ray lingering nervously in the corridor waiting for Faith to leave her classroom.

Finally her room emptied and there she was in front of him struggling with a pile of books.

'Ah! Mrs Neville ...Faith! I was hoping to catch you, could you spare a couple of minutes in my office please, I need to ask your advice on something?'

'Ray, I don't have a couple of seconds! Can't it wait until later?'

'Err, no actually, this is very urgent, I do need to see you now!'

'Oh for God's sake! Come on then and make it quick!'

Ray followed her as she strutted ahead of him, his eyes fixed to her swaying hips and shapely legs. His cock started to swell as he thought of her in the car.

They entered the office and Ray locked the door behind him.

'Why the locked door?' she asked, as a mystified expression crossed her face.

'Ah, well, I need to show you something of a delicate nature involving one of your students. Please, sit at my desk, it's on the computer.'

Faith eased herself into his chair as Ray lent across and started the DVD. He wanted to watch her expression, but from his elevated position just to the side of her, his eyes were drawn to the tantalising view down her ample cleavage.

The screen came to life and Faith was confronted with the sight of her laying back with a large cock pumping into her open mouth.

It was a few seconds before the shock of what she was seeing struck her like a sledge hammer.

Ray saw her eyes widen as the colour drained from her face.

'Oh my God! Oh fucking hell! Where the hell did this come from? For Gods sake Ray, turn it off!'

Ray leant across and ejected the disc.

'You can see the dilemma I have my dear, this has come into my possession and I need to decide what to do about it!'

Faith snatched the disc, and stuffed deep into her bag.

'I'll tell you what I'm going to fucking well do with it!' She yelled viciously.

'Yes, that's your copy, have a look at it later! You have to understand the severity of this situation Faith, if this gets out it will cost you your job for sure and probably your marriage too, when your husband sees it!'

'Oh my God! I can't believe this is happening to me!

Hang on a minute, what do you mean, my copy? How many copies are there for God's sake?'

'Well, I have another, but the good news is that I have the opportunity of buying the original, if I act fast we can keep it between ourselves and make sure that it doesn't end up on the internet or something!'

'The internet! Oh Christ no! How much? I'll pay for it, let's do it! Oh Ray, please, you've got to help out here!'

She looked up at him, pale faced and with tears starting to form.

'Well, a figure of twenty thousand pounds has been mentioned!'

'Twenty thousand pounds! I don't have anything like that amount, that's ridiculous! Where am I going to get twenty thousand pounds?'

Faith slumped forwards, her head in her hands.

Ray nervously rested his hand on her shoulder, the excited jolt of the contact made his cock twitch.

'Well my dear, I'm not without a few pounds myself, I could help out ...Err, if we could come to some sort of arrangement?

Faith slowly turned to look at him.

'You'd do that, for me? Oh Ray! Hang on, just what kind of arrangement did you have in mind?'

Ray gulped, this was it!

'Well, you know, you're a very attractive woman, and I like that!'

'Ray, are you suggesting, ... well, just what are you suggesting?'

'Mrs Neville ...Faith! You don't mind if I call you Faith do you?

You are a married woman, and I can see from this little film that you are no stranger to a man's needs, all I'm saying is, we could help each other out!

Look, you have your job and marriage on the line here, not to mention your reputation. If this gets out you will have nothing.

What I'm saying is, we could help each other, you look after me and I'll do whatever is required to destroy the original tape. In fact you can have it to destroy yourself!'

Faith looked totally crestfallen, her whole world had been pulled away from beneath her.

'So what do I have to do?

Oh my God, I can't believe I'm even considering this. I didn't even think that you liked me that much!'

Ray smiled at her.

'To be honest Faith, I don't! Not very much, I think that you are a bossy cow, pushy and outspoken, and I hate the way you trample on people to get what you want!

'So why this then?'

'Because you have something that I want. A great body! I want full access like that young man, Rob isn't it? The one in the video! If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me!

It's been a long time since I've got my hands on a nice firm pair of tits like yours, and the old cock needs a bit of exercise! It'll do me the world of good!'

Faith gulped and felt sick to the stomach.

'So then, Mrs Neville, do we have a deal?'

'Oh for God's sake Ray, I don't know, I don't know what to think!'

Ray put his arm around her shoulders.

'I'll tell you what, you have another look at the DVD this evening, and we'll see about it tomorrow.

To save you any further embarrassment, if you agree, just wear some higher heels tomorrow! Oh, and stockings, I do like a nice pair of black stockings!'

He ushered a numb Faith to the door and unlocked it.

'Off you go then my dear, your class will be waiting, I'll see you tomorrow!'

He patted her bum and watched as she walked away.

Oh yes! He thought, rubbing his crotch, this old cock of mine is in for a real treat!


Faith struggled through the remaining hours, hardly able to concentrate on her lessons. With huge relief at the end of the day she drove home, luckily to find the house empty.

Sitting at her lap top, she slipped the DVD in and watched it through. By the end she felt totally defeated by the content.

There was no doubt about it, her face was as clear as day despite the cock in her mouth, in fact both of them could easily be identified! She had no choice but to resign herself to her fate with Ray. If he was going to pay the price for a quick fumble she would have to go along with it.

The more she thought about it the more it made her skin creep, but the thought of her loosing her job, marriage, home and the fall from grace with all her friends helped make her mind up. There was just no other way!

After a subdued evening with her husband Martin, and an early night, Faith awoke next morning with a feeling of dread.

She showered and prepared for work as normal, but slipped a pair of sheer black seemed stockings and a pair of black stilettos into her bag, she wasn't going to be seen leaving the house in her sexy outfit.

Arriving at the college car park, she discreetly pulled on her stockings and fastened them to her suspender belt. She then slipped her feet into the black stilettos, eased herself out of the car and walked towards the college.

By the time she had reached the doors, she was blushing furiously from the wolf whistles sent her way by a few admiring students.


Ray, on the other hand, found himself whistling as he drove to work, something that never normally happened!

Despite the cool wind he felt that there was definitely a touch of spring in the air. He had even showered this morning instead of his normal wash, put his best underpants on, and applied a liberal amount of cheap aftershave! After all, he mused, if Faith was going to agree to his terms, the least he could do was make an effort himself!

As he walked towards his office, he could feel his cock swell in anticipation. He needed to know what she was wearing. He took the long route to his office that would take him past her classroom.

The door was open and she was standing with her back to him chatting to a small group of students.

He said nothing for a few seconds as the sight before him took his breath away.

Wonderful! There she was in a pair of black stiletto's with five inch heels and a very sexy seem running up the back of her dark stockings.

His voice almost dried in his throat as he knocked against the open door.

Faith turned to face him.

'Ah, Mrs Neville, sorry to interrupt, but could you pop along to my office at coffee break? There is something we need to discuss!'

'Yes, I'll be there.'

'Ah! Good ... yes, very good! See you there, then!'

He slipped away, almost wanting to jump for joy, Oh yes, Mrs Neville, you certainly will! I'll be seeing you too! Oh fuck yes!


At eleven o'clock, Faith took a deep breath, straightened her skirt and left her room. Right, she thought, let's get this over with!

With her heels clicking on the stone floor she strutted off towards Ray's office. She paused out side the door for a few seconds before knocking gently.

'Come in, come in, my dear, and er, better lock the door behind you, I think.

Faith locked the door and turned to face Ray.

This was not going to be easy, she thought as she took in his slightly dishevelled appearance, and almost gagged at the smell of cheap aftershave.

'Well, Faith, I'm sure see you've thought things through and I can see that you've made the right decision! We don't have much time right now but I thought we should break the ice, so to speak!'

He pushed his swivel chair back from his desk.

'Come closer, dear, come and stand here where I can see you!'

Without a word, Faith moved towards him until she was standing between his short splayed legs.

'There, that's better, now let's see, you have the sexy shoes on, very nice!

But what about the stockings? You are wearing stockings I hope?'

Faith felt her face burn with embarrassment, as she looked towards the ceiling.

'Yes, of course, just as we agreed!'

'Good, very good! Well, you don't mind if I check do you, no point in wearing them if I can't check is there? ...well?'

'No, I ...I suppose not.'

She kept her eyes on the ceiling and held her breath.

'Good, well then, lets have a little feel shall we?'

Faith shuddered. Oh my God, "A little feel" What a creep!

Ray felt a few beads of sweat break out on his forehead as looked at the lovely full hips in front of his face.

His cock was stiff and uncomfortable as he moved his hands to just below her skirt. At last he was going to get his hands on this sexy younger woman.

With his cock leaking pre cum into his pants, he slowly ran his hands up her warm silky stockings, hooking her skirt up with his thumbs as they went.

Fuck me, yes! He thought as he finally exposed the soft warm flesh where it bulged slightly as it was released from the constraints of her stocking tops.

'Oh yes! Oh yes indeed Mrs Neville, sorry Faith! Just what I wanted!

Oh my Lord! Good girl! That's lovely that is, in fact, if you'll pardon the language, I'd say that's fucking wonderfull!'

Faith slowly looked down through tears of humiliation as the old fart kept muttering his approval and continued to explore her thighs with his hot clammy hands.

He finally placed his hands on her hips and applied a little pressure to turn her around.

'Here, hold your skirt up, there's good girl, keep it out of the way while old Ray has a proper little look at what we have here!'

She reluctantly took hold of the hem and held it waist high, allowing him unrestricted access with both hands.

'That's better Faith, now bend forward a little, that's it, bit more, there!'

She felt his hands gripping the cheeks of her arse firmly and exploring her inner thighs, then felt his hot breath on her skin as he drew his face closer.

'Now, I don't think we need these sexy little panties any more, do we?'



Faith choked the word out'

'Good, let's get them out of the way then shall we!

In fact, I don't think you need to bother with panties at college any more, just a waste of time now!'

He slowly eased them over the soft round cheeks of her bum and slid them down to her ankles. As she stepped out of them he picked them up, used them to mop his brow, before slipping them into his pocket.

His hands then went straight back between her thighs.

'Legs apart Faith! No need to be shy love, that's it, now, lets have a feel of that lovely pussy shall we?

You do want me to feel how nice your little pussy is don't you?'

He barely heard the reply.

'Come on love, tell me!

Tell me you want to feel my hands on your pussy, I want you to invite me! Now, ask me nicely!'

Faith wanted to tell the creepy little arsehole to go fuck himself and kick his balls, but she had no choice.

'Please Ray, touch my pussy, let me feel your hands on me!'

'That's more like it!

Of course my dear, now lets see. Ahh, that's better!

Wow, you've shaved it!

I like that! Mmm, nice and smooth!

Now, let me lick my finger, see if we can open you up a bit!'

She almost gagged with disgust as first one finger and then two slipped inside her.

Damn, she was starting to get wet, how could that be with this little worm fiddling with her pussy.

Oh hell no! He was going to enjoy this even more!

She was right about that! As Ray felt the wetness he was sure that she was beginning to respond to him.

'There, that's better! Mmm, I can tell you like that!

Old Ray still has the magic touch then!

Bloody lovely that is!

Oh yes! Nice wet twat, so glad that you're enjoying this too! Bit of shame we didn't get to know each other like this before!

Still, lots of time to make up now!'

'Anyway,' He said, pulling his fingers out and standing up.

'We haven't got a lot of time now, we'll go out for lunch, you can drive, I know a nice little place!'

Faith gave the little arsehole an incredulous look.

'Lunch? I don't have time for lunch! I shouldn't even be doing this now!'

'Look Faith, I am your boss, If I tell you that we're having lunch, that's what we are doing, d'you understand?'

She looked down, feeling defeated.

'Well, do you?'

'Yes Ray!'

'Good, I'm glad that's cleared up! Now, turn around before you go!'

He came up behind her and she felt his cock press against her bum as his arms closed around her. His hands moved slowly up towards her breasts.

'Not much time now, but I've got to get a feel of those wonderful big tits before you go! I've been dyin' to get my hands on those beauties ever since you started here!

She felt the creep's hands cup her breasts and he gave them a jiggle.

'Oh yes, nice heavy knockers! Thought so! Mmm, lovely they are, still, no time now, you need to get going, well get those fun bags out later.'

He slapped her bum and urged her towards the door.

'See you at your car at one then Faith!

Oh, and one more thing!'

She turned back to look at him, standing with a silly smirk on his face. 'What?'

'Say thank you!'

'Thank you! Thank you for what?'

'For getting you out of the shit, young lady! That's what!'

Oh my God, what a little creep, she thought.

'Thank you Ray, thank you for helping me out!'

'There, wasn't difficult was it? Until lunch time then, I'll meet you at your car. Don't be late!'


Faith let out a sigh of relief as she closed the office door and clicked her way back towards her classroom.

She knew that she was blushing and she felt as if everyone knew that she was now knickerless.

Worse still, she felt dirty having had that little creeps hands all over her body.

She could feel her confidence draining as the full realisation of her predicament washed over her. On top of that she now had to go straight into class to teach adult students while dressed in seamed black stockings and ridiculously high heels!

Ray, on the other hand was feeling very pleased with himself!

Faith had proved to be even sexier than he had imagined, and as he sat back in his chair, his left hand rubbed his sticky crotch as he closed his eyes and sniffed his fingers. Lovely pussy scent he thought, recalling the sight of her in those stockings and suspenders!

Only two hours to lunch, then he would have her all to himself again!


As Faith approached her car just after one, Ray was already leaning against the drivers door waiting for her.

'Nice and punctual, good girl, I guess you're as keen as I am to get started!'

As she pressed the button to unlock the car he held the door open for her, slyly watching her legs as she climbed in.

He was soon sitting next to her as they left the college and he began giving her directions.

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