tagNovels and NovellasHaving Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 05

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 05


25. They Day after the Day Before

It hit him that he had school Monday morning. He told his dad that he would be home by 10:00p.m. In addition, no he asked his parents, if they would please have one of his sister's rooms made up for a guest, who might be staying "permanently"!

Dycke asked his dad not to pick him up, because he would be arriving at a different area of the airport than passenger jets and that he and his guest would make their own way home.

Chad was okay with this idea for two reasons: 1.Traveling to the airport at night was not his idea of fun. 2. Traffic outbound from Charleston to its' many suburbs at night, was always a nightmare.

Dycke looked over at Fiona and said, "On Monday, while I am in class, start making telephone calls: First, call your people and find more agents to help with protection for my family and the Temples. Second: find a realtor to get Mister Temple, high-end office space, with enough room to grow his future firm. Third: find me a secretary you will not have to kill every time she approaches me with information I have requested. Fourth: if people, at school, start bullying me, know that I am used to it. Do not kill or injure anyone beyond repair. I can take care of myself. Understood?"

Fiona said, "Yes boss. Boss, how did it feel giving me my first order rather than taking one from me?"

Dycke thought for a moment and said, "I didn't realize that I had given you an order, but now that you have mentioned it, it felt like...it was normal!"

"Good, boss" Fiona replied, "you may be getting the idea that you are no longer just Dycke Schneider, track star, you are "Dycke Schneider, Titan of Industry!"

Dycke dropped his head and said, "I am not that far along yet, Fiona." Dycke called ahead to Mister Temple to tell him he needed to speak him before he saw Payne this morning.

Piker Temple said he would meet him in the hospitals' lobby and hung up. Alletta and he were not at the hospital, yet, and he asked the driver, of the taxi, to go a little faster, so he would not make his newest client wait. His taxi and his clients' limousine drove under the hospitals protective canopy, nearly at the same moment.

Chad, Dycke, and Fiona exchange greetings and moved inside the hospital for an impromptu conference, as Alletta went upstairs to see Payne. Dycke started saying, "Dad, I have to leave tomorrow. I have school Monday morning and I cannot see any way to get out of it. I need your help figuring out what to do next. Can you help me, please?"

Piker Temple looked at Dycke and was amazed at how much he had grown in the past week. He looked at Fiona and asked, "What have you done to this boy?"

Fiona said, "I beat the shit out of him, because he left without his security detail, that day. Other than that, he grew up on his own."

Piker replied, "Well, that beating must have shaken something loose in his head, because he is thinking like a businessman, already."

Piker looked at his future client and son-in-law and thought for aminute before continuing. "I need that meeting with my partners to happen late tomorrow without fail. I need to start handling your legal affairs, now. You told me the documentation on your businesses should be arriving at my home this week. I will have to arrange for secure storage for them. I will need to set up office staff and see what type and how many lawyers will be needed to run your businesses efficiently and effectively. We will have to find out through which businesses we are going to charge all these expenses: legal, security, secretarial, travel, tutorial, housing, and everything else that goes on with the people that are in charge of the protection and well-being of your businesses and our families."

"Thank you, dad. I feel better already knowing that you have this under control."

"Let us not call it under control, Dycke, but it is not chaos, either."

Dycke said, "I think we are done here. Let us go take some abuse from your daughter."

Piker and Dycke stood up and started to walk towards the elevator when Dycke stopped cold. He said, "Fiona, I am ready to go now."

Fiona whispered in his ear, "Boss, you're no fun anymore."

Dycke smiled when he realized how close Fiona was to hitting him for forgetting his protection detail. She was right and he knew it. Once his fortune hit the Financial News Papers the life he once had would be over and his new one would begin. He had better get used to listening to her advice on security measures and following her directions as if they came from his father.

When they entered Payne's room, it was empty. The bed was newly made, but Alletta's coat was tossed over a chair by the window. They turned around and looked up and down the corridor but except for a few nurses, it was empty. Piker went toward the nurse's station and Dycke and Fiona went towards the visitors lounge.

Dycke smiled when he saw Payne sitting with her mother and said, "Is this the new home of sick patients and runaway mothers."

Payne said, "If you tell my nurses I am here, you will never get laid again."

Alletta said to Payne, "Dear, I have tried that on your father so many times and it hasn't worked once. The simple reason is 'We want it more than they do and they know it.' So try something else."

Payne, looking confused, said to her mother, "Is there something else, mother?"

"Payne, darling," Alletta said, "When I find it, you will be the second person to know. However, while I am looking for it, I also, go Shopping!"

Payne held her face and laughed.

Piker walked in with a nurse and said, "Did I just hear the word "Shopping!"

That was all it took! Payne, who was trying to control her laughing, burst out into a full-throated laugh that brought her to tears of pain.

Alletta started laughing, also, seeing the bewildered look on her husband's face.

Dycke and the nurse reacted to Payne. Payne was in a dire situation. She had to be back in her bed and medicated, immediately. Piker went to pick up his daughter. Fiona pushed him out of the way. She picked Payne up as if she were a feather and carried her to her room.

The nurse returned with the medication and injected Payne with it. She then gave her a second medication and told everyone assembled that Payne would sleep for a few hours. Laughter, she told them, is good for the soul, but not good for Payne's face right now, because the tissues were trying to adhere to the skeletal surfaces. The pain Payne was feeling was from new tissue tearing away from her new face. The nurse informed them that this laughter had to stop if her family wanted Payne to heal properly.

They returned to the visitors lounge and Piker started talking business with Dycke. He said, "I am going to buy you a new computer and a language program that the State Department uses. You will be at a great advantage if you are fluent in several languages, which you can understand and conduct your businesses. I think German should be first. Do you agree Fiona?

Fiona replied, "Yes. The second language should be Mandarin Chinese, Mister Temple."

Piker Temple said to Fiona, "Chinese? Not Russian or French?"

Fiona said, "Mister Turnquest felt that the next building boom would be in China's big cities. The Chinese are sitting on so many American Dollars that they can build up their cities at a record pace. He purchased huge parts of companies and stocks, in others he could not buy. Those companies included building equipment and supply industries, both inside China and from those countries from which China regularly buys. He always knows, years in advance, what businesses and countries, are likely to do, and prepares accordingly." Russia," he said, "Will be in decline until after 2021, and then its future is still uncertain because of its fundamental lack of democratic leadership. France, because of its' monetary issues and socialist policies, is also in decline. The four-day workweek, two months holiday every summer and retirement at age fifty-five is weighing heavily on their economy and slowing it to a crawl. Mr. Turnquest said many times that until France changes its ways, 'its' best days are behind it!'

Fiona looked at Dycke and said, "We have a little time before Payne wakes up, why don't we go to the gymnasium for a workout?"

Dycke said, "I did not bring my workout clothes with me."

Fiona said, "Don't worry, neither did I.

Dycke said "Oh shit" and before he realized what he had said, Fiona smacked him on the back of his head; he said "Ouch!"

Dycke mumbled, "I am going to get even with Payne for that."

Piker asked, "What did Payne have to do with you getting hit by Fiona?"

"It is a long story, dad. "You remember the night of my birthday party."

Piker said, "How could I forget!"

Dycke continued, "Well, skipping all the other stuff, you remember when I found out that Payne was Steve's sister and my remark was "Oh... "And he stopped. He turned to Fiona and said, "Don't you hit me." He continued and said, "My remark was "Oh shit." After which, my dad smacked me on the back of my head because of my language. Payne and Fiona came to an agreement that if I ever used that invective, Fiona could hit me, just as my father has been doing, since I turned thirteen. That is how Payne got involved with me being in constant fear of being in "Pain."

"Fiona, please, call the hotel and have them leave messages for the entire crew: We will be wheels up at 6:00p.m., tomorrow, for Charleston, S.C. Have the captain call ahead and get reservations for the entire crew, until further notice." Dycke ordered.

Fiona was on the phone immediately.

Piker Temple said, "There is a cheaper way to handle the crew arrangements."

Dycke replied, "When you are my lawyer, officially, you can handle it. Until then my crew stays at the best hotel in town, because that is the way they have always been treated in the past."

Piker said "Okay. Then, he asked, "Is anyone else hungry beside myself."

Immediately, Dycke said, "I am hungry."

Fiona glared at Dycke, because she knew he was just trying to get out of her exercise class.

Alletta said, "I could be convinced to nibble on something."

Fiona knew she was going with them because she was the leash attached to Dycke's collar. What Dycke did not realize yet, he was going to pay, dearly, for every calorie he ingested.

Dycke looked towards Fiona as they were walking to the hospital's cafeteria. He could not understand why she had this pleasant looking grin on her face. Fiona never looked 'pleasant.' She looked stern or foreboding, never 'pleasant.' She was up to something, it involved him, and he did not like that feeling, not one little bit.

Payne woke up to a quiet room. Her mother was alone, sitting in a chair, reading a magazine. Payne asked, "Where is everyone, mom?"

Alletta said, "Hi, baby. They kicked all of us out of here because we were doing you more harm than good. The laughter, while good for your spirit, is bad for you healing. We have come up with a plan. Your father and I can be here, but not with Dycke. Dycke can be here, but not with us. At least not until you heal.

"Why?" Payne asked.

"Payne, it seems that when people are in the room with Dycke, He finds a way to make them laugh or make them laugh at him. Either way, everyone is laughing, including you and that has to stop for at least the next six to eight weeks."

Just as Payne was getting ready to argue over the new arrangement, a hospital technician wheeled a chair into the room and said, "Ms. Temple, there are some people downstairs that are waiting to see your head. Your body can stay here if you wish, I am told, but your head has to come with me."

Payne said, "I think I will take my body along. My head has become quite attached to it."

Alletta Temple chuckled, along with the technician, as Payne was helped out of bed and into the chair. Alletta asked the technician if he knew how long this test would take.

He told Alletta and Payne that this series of test was extremely simple and Payne should be back in her bed in no more than two or two and one half hours.

Payne groaned and dropped her head into her hands.

The technician winked at Alletta and Alletta nodded and grinned at him, as he started wheeling Payne to the Radiology Suite.

Forty-five minutes later, Payne was back in her bed laughing with her mother, who kept telling her not to laugh.

Payne's nurse came in with two injectable medications and told Alletta to say good night because Payne was going to sleep, immediately.

Alletta asked, "Is anything wrong?"

The nurse said, "I just received a call from Doctor Wolf and he told me to put her to sleep, immediately! The Doctor will be here at 8:30a.m. In addition, wants you all here so he can explain what is going on and what can be done. Payne you are not going to remember this conversation. Say goodnight to your mother."

Payne said "Goodnight mom. I love you." She was about to cry, but the medication hit her first and she was out like a light.

Alletta started to cry. She asked the nurse if she knew what was going on.

The nurse said she did not, but when she got orders like this one, something out of the ordinary has happened and that was not good. She told Alletta if that was the case, this was the time for it to happen, before the healing had started. The doctors could go back in and correct any defect with little damage to the other work that was done and the healing could begin again, soon. They would know everything in the morning.

Alletta went to the cafeteria, where everyone was waiting to go to see Payne. When Dycke saw her walking towards them crying, he started running toward the elevators, Fiona close on his heels. Alletta yelled "Dycke stop." He did not.

She yelled to Fiona "Stop him!"

Fiona did.

Dycke yelled, "Fiona let me go. Something is wrong. I have to see her."

Fiona said, "Keep your head Dycke. Let us find out what is wrong and go about ways to fix it. Okay."

"Okay, Fiona. Can I get up now? Dycke asked.

"Of course, boss."

Piker was clutching Alletta to his chest as she cried and Dycke felt like a heel for intruding but he had to know. "Mom" he asked, "What is going on?"

"Dycke, when they took the scans of Payne's face tonight, something showed up that was not good. Doctor Wolf called the nurse's station and gave them orders for medications that would knock Payne out quickly and cause her to have temporary amnesia. I do not know why and I am worried about it. The nurse told me that if there is a problem, now was the best time for it to happen, before the healing starts. She is in the correct place and her doctors are still here. I will make sure they stay here until my daughter is safe and secure with her new face."

"Mom, I can guarantee, that this hospital will move before any of Payne's surgeons do. Whatever she needs she will have, I do not care what it is, where it is or what it costs. If Payne needs it, she will have it and I mean NOW!

Alletta said "Thank you Dycke. I know how much you love her, but she is my baby girl and I will die if anything happens to her."

"Mom, I will not allow that to happen. If she needs a new heart, she can have mine. It would be of no use to me if she is not here with me." Dycke said.

Alletta left her husband's arms and hugged Dycke fiercely. She said to him "Dycke, Payne would kill you for giving her your heart!"

Alletta, Piker, and Fiona started to laugh but Dycke looked up at Alletta and asked, "Do you think it would hurt?"

With that, all of them broke out in laughter and started towards the hospitals exit.

26. The Big Sleep

It was 8:20a.m., when Doctor Wolf walked into the room. He did not seem to be in an unpleasant or somber mood but the family all looked at him and waited for the bomb to fall. He started by asking "Mr. and Mrs. Temple, how do you want me to handle this? Do you want me to wake Payne up first so she can be in on the discussion from the beginning or do you wish to hear what I have to say and figure out a plan of action to try to sell her on when we wake her up?"

Piker asked, "How bad is it?"

Doctor Wolf said, "The situation as it stands now is extremely tenuous. There are two ways to resolve the issues but only one sure way will work. That way is not covered by insurance, naturally, but it offers the best chance of an optimal outcome."

Dycke said, "Wake Payne up. She is eighteen. She has a right to make this decision for herself."

Alletta and Piker did not totally agree but did not argue the point.

Doctor Wolf took a syringe out of his pocket and injected its' contents into the intravenous line. He said that he would be back in ten or fifteen minutes to discuss the situation with everyone.

Dycke said, "I am going to the nurses' station and have them bring Payne something to eat and drink. Are you coming, Fiona?"

Fiona said "Right ahead of you sir."

As they left the room, Dycke told Fiona that he wanted to talk to Doctor Wolf. He needed her to stop by the nurses' station, take care of the food, and stuff for Payne.

Fiona gave him the evil eye at the thought of being separated from her charge, but nodded and left him to speak with the doctor, who was reading a chart in the corridor.

As he approached Doctor Wolf, Dycke asked, "How bad is she? What do you need to repair it? Do you need any equipment that you do not have? Does Payne need anything in the near future to maintain her life?

Doctor Wolf looked at Dycke and said, "Are you the fiancé'?"

When Dycke nodded and said, "Yes," Doctor Wolf shook Dycke's hand and said, "Anyone who can change Wyeth Summitt from a bear into a pussycat overnight is a miracle worker in my book and I will do anything and everything I can for your young lady."

Dycke said "Doc that is not the point. Tell me what is going on so I can do something. "

"Dycke, Payne's facial tissue is not adhering to the structures we placed internally. Some areas of her flesh are too tight and some are too loose. This is something we anticipated but not to such an extent. We adjusted certain areas using saline solution to stretch the skin, which worked out fine but other areas have too much and are not laying down or the surface yet. Every time she speaks, the muscles move and distort the facial tissue a little more."

Dycke interrupted the doctor saying, "Doctor, I have the picture. What is the cure?"

"I want to put her to sleep for a month."

Dycke said, "What!"

"Dycke" Dr. Wolf said, "I know it sounds radical but it is the best way. This is the only way to get a positive result without undergoing another surgery. While she is in this "drug- induced coma," I can watch her carefully. I can inflate or deflate the saline bags that are in her face to make sure they keep positive contact at all times. I will see her every day Dycke; I am going to cancel many out of state appointments, because I made this commitment to Payne, many years ago."

Dycke said, "Okay doctor, I will go with you on this one. I have one piece of advice for you though."

Doctor Wolf asked "What would that be, Dycke?"

"When you tell Payne that you want to put her to sleep for a month, stand far away from her or even better, stand behind one of her parents!"

Doctor Wolf laughed and said "Oh yes, I remember now. She said that I would have to testify at a murder trial if you had put me up to showing that picture."

Dycke said, "Doctor, she was not joking! The angrier she gets the harder she hits and she loves to hit men; me in particular!"

Fiona motioned that Payne was now awake and everyone was awaiting the return of the doctor.

Dycke asked Doctor Wolfe to give him two minutes so he could say hello to his love before the fireworks began and the doctor agreed.

Dycke walked over to Fiona and said to her in a whisper "Are there any weapon in the room that Payne can get to?"

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