tagNovels and NovellasHaving Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 06

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 06


29. The Challenges Lay Alongside

Piker Temple met Dycke and Chad Snyder at the principal's office in the morning. Piker told the principal that due to the change in Dycke's circumstances, the school now had a security problem and there were only two ways to solve it. Dycke was now a high risk student, because he had inherited a great deal of money and it was now, or would soon be, in every newspaper, on TV and on the internet. Every person in the world, with evil intent, would know where Dycke went to school and where he lived. Piker explained that the easiest place to get to Dycke would be at school, where he was most exposed, for many hours. It was, also, the place, where collateral damage could be a very big problem, if an attempt to kidnap Dycke was tried. Dycke would have his personal security agent with him, at all times. However, who was going to protect all the other students at the school, if the attempt on Dycke failed and the kidnappers decided to take a different student.

Chad Schneider added that the parents of all the other students would complain 'en masse', if they thought their children were in danger because one student was causing a threat to the entire school. The best thing for the principal to do would be to graduate Dycke early or allow him to take his remaining courses by computer, in consultation with his instructors.

Piker Temple told the principal that with Dycke's current grade point average, he would graduate Summa Cum Laude. If the only problem the school was going have, with him graduating early, was the loss of money because of Dycke not physically in attendance, the Schneider family would pay the school board the actual amount loss and give the school directly, one hundred times that amount to its general fund. Mister Schneider's architectural and engineering firm, would also remove and the current athletic area and replace it with a state-of-the-art, high school football field /track stadium, which would be the envy of all the schools in the state.

The principal smiled and said to the three men sitting before him, Gentlemen, that is bribery and it will get you everywhere with me."

"Dycke," the principal continued, "I will get the paperwork to the school board this week and I will make sure that you graduate with honors. I will let you know high after I talk to your instructors. How much the check to the school board will be is another question that will be answered later this week. The check for the school, regardless of how much will be very much appreciated. Good luck to you young man. Unfortunately, I lose the ones like you too soon and the ones I would like to lose stay hung around my neck like an anchor chain, forever!"

"Thank you sir, I really enjoyed my teachers here. I could have done without most of the students that made my life hell, but the instructors that you have here are first-rate."

After the goodbyes were completed, Chad departed with his new "niece" to his offices and Piker left with Dycke and their escorts to go to his law offices.

All of the partners were already assembled and waiting for his arrival. They were unsure what this meeting was about, even though he had left them specific details. When they went into the meeting room, Piker told the assembled group, that he had a business proposition for them and that they should listen very closely to the young man he was about to introduce.

"I am buying out of my partnership share and going into solo practice. The young man before you is going to be my only client. This is not a joke. You have already or will read about this gentleman in this morning's newspaper. You will be reading much more about him during the next 35 or 50 years, as he becomes one of the wealthiest men in the world. This young man, my daughter's fiancé, is "Dycke Schneider" and he has a business proposition for you, that will make my leaving, a very sweet pill for you to swallow."

Addressing the group Dycke said plainly, "Good morning. Many of you know I inherited a large sum of money. You have no idea how much, but the 54 million dollars you saw in the paper is less than a tenth of the total amount. I want you to buy out my future father-in-law. I don't want you to haggle with him over the price. Come up with a fair market value price, for his portion of this firm and pay him over reasonable amount of time."

"When this is accomplished and Mr. Temple has set up my businesses the way they are supposed to be, I will send you triple the amount of business than you have paid him, toward your future legal services for my companies. If your services are good enough, I may keep your firm on for continued legal services, here in the United States. If not, after the agreed amount of money has changed hands, our agreement comes to an end. Mr. Temple and I will make that decision, at the appropriate moment." Having said everything he wanted to say, Dycke turned on his heel, and left the room.

Fiona was grinning when Dycke came out of the room. Dycke said, "Let's go outside, I need some air." Dycke was very happy that it was cool out this morning, because his body was glowing hot.

Fiona looked at him and said "Where do these brass balls come from boss?"

A short time later, a secretary came outside and asked Dycke to come back inside because a decision had been made. Mister Temple was waiting in the outer office, and took Dycke aside when he came in.

"Dycke" he said, "they offered me $250,000.00 my partnership and I'm going to take it.

"Okay dad, but as soon as they bill out at $750,000.00, our dealings with them are over. They are robbing you and both you and I know it. Those are your friends in there and for the lack of ten thousand dollars apiece, they screwed you. They just lost out on millions of dollars in business because of it."

Piker said to Dycke, "When I send them their final check. I will add a note explaining that fact to each one of them.

As Dycke and Fiona turned towards her car and Piker and Grace, his security officer, turned towards his Piker yelled toward Dycke and said, "I am going to the bank and depositing this, pointing to the one million dollar check in his hand, "and it had better not bounce!"

Dycke laughed and said, "Fiona will protect me if it does."

Chad Schneider arrived at work at 9:58a.m., with his new personal secretary, Nancy. He introduced his security officer, Nancy, as his niece, who had just graduated from the University of the Pacific. She had come east to look for a position in the financial world, but, so far, had been unable to do so. She would assist him in general matters, as his personal assistant, until she was able to find a position, outside the office.

When Dycke showed up at the office a little later, with Fiona, everyone in the office started wondering, how many nieces Chad had. Dycke walked into his dad's office and brought up the four months his dad had to design and build a combined football/ track facility at his old school.

"It is okay son, it can be done. We will believe pulling permits to demolish what is there now, as soon as we get the school board's permission to do so. We are ready have plans and specifications on hand to show them from previous work we've done and as we are doing it, we will spruce it up a little bit so that your old high school has the best facilities around. Where did you say I should send the bill?"

Dycke laughed and said, "I believe you have my home address, you can send it there. Oh, Dad I forgot to give you this to you, when I got home. I've had this in my wallet since I left Europe. I gave one to Mr. Temple as a retainer for services to be rendered in the future. This check is for your services rendered, in the past, by you and mom. I love you dad."

"What is this Dycke?"

"It's for all the things you and mom have done for me while I was growing up. You have made me who I am today. I would not be the man I am without mom and your help. The only reason Payne loves me is because I am like you. She knows it and I know it. I can never thank you enough, dad."

"Dycke, this is for one million dollars," said Chad Schneider.

"If you want more, dad, all I have to do is make a phone call." said Dick.

"No Dick this is very generous. What am I supposed to do with all this money, "asked Chad?

"After you finish designing the stadium and track facility, take mom on that world tour, I told you about."

Chad said, "That is another thing, when do I get to see your airplane?"

"When you have time dad, all four of us will go to the aircraft. Then we can go to either: lunch or dinner."

Chad said, "I think I'll call your mother and see if she is available. If she is, I will have her meet us at Napoli's restaurant for lunch. From there, we will go, with you, to the aircraft, for a look around. I will have her bring a suit and tie for you for tonight."

Dycke said, "That sounds great, dad. Fiona, would you call the crew and tell them to fuel and preflight the plane. We will go to Washington to see the new Memorial and then we will go out to dinner. Also, tell them, after todays' flight, we will need a hostess for the aircraft. You will be too busy guarding me. Okay?"

"Yes, boss."

"Okay dad. I am going to call the hospital and see if everything is all right with Payne."

Chad said, "Good, I'll call Piker, also, and see if they want to join us, okay."

Dycke nodded as he left the room.

When Chad got Basilica on the line, he felt like he was in trouble again. He said "Good morning dear. How would you like to go to lunch and no then, see Dycke's aircraft?"

"Chad, please, you go without me. I might not be good company today. I spoke to my boss this morning and she really reamed me out for quitting. I attempted to tell her the situation I was in, but she thought it was a poor excuse and said I was leaving her in a bad position."

"Dear, she would say anything to keep you working at the bank. She would not care if someone came in and kidnapped you at gunpoint, to get to our son's money. If you got killed, she would come to your funeral as a representative of the bank and would not shed a tear. She would replace you in a day or two because the bank has to keep functioning. You left today, and she can replace you now. It is as simple as that."

"Do all architects reduce things down to the lowest common denominators?"

"We try to, dear. It helps us keep our lives simple. That's why we use computers for our math problems."

"Where are we having lunch, dear?"

"We will be eating at Napoli's restaurant, across from the airport's main entrance. We will be leaving here in ten minutes. From here to the airport is approximately 30 minutes."

"Well, you know I'm going to be late. I am not dressed to go out. I have not done my hair or makeup. I have to tell my security blanket, Frankie, we will be going out to lunch and then to dinner, so she can get ready. So, we will be there in about an hour and thirty minutes."

"Great, dear, we should be arriving there at the same time."

Basilica said, "I thought you said you were leaving in ten minutes and would be there in thirty."

"I said from here to the airport was approximately 30 minutes. I do have to make one detour that may take me a lot more time."

"Chad, you are a bastard."

"Yes dear, I know. You have told me that many times. I will see you at the restaurant, dear."

"I love you Chad. Goodbye."

Piker called Alletta and said, "Get dressed up dear. We will be going to Washington, D.C., for a little sightseeing and dinner with Dycke and his parents tonight."

Alletta asked "Joey, also?"

"Remember the rules dear. Where you go, your security detail goes."

"Okay, I'll tell Joey. When do we leave?"

"Three hours. I will send a cab to pick you up."

Grace told Piker "No. One of our people will take them to the airport."

Piker told Alletta the change in plans and said, "I'll talk to you later."

Grace told Piker his days of taking public transportation were over. "You must remember at all times, think safety and you are never safe in public or on public transportation, with the exception of aviation."

Alletta called out to Joey, "Get dressed up fancy were going to D.C., for dinner."

Joey walked through the kitchen on the way to her room and said, "I'm going to like this new gig much better than my old one."

Alletta asked, "Are you allowed to tell me what your last job was."

Joey said, "I was undercover with the DEA."

Alletta whistled and said, "Do they always give women the shitty jobs?"

"No, it only seems that way."

There was a scuffle going on, outside the front door. The door flew open and Steve flew in, landing on his ass. Joey stepped over Steve, on her way to her bedroom and smiled. Steve's personal bodyguard, Desiree, walked in the front door after Steve, and threw Steve's books at him.

Alletta looked down at her son and said "What did you do wrong now?"

"Mom, Dycke did this to me on purpose. Desiree will not give me a moment's worth of peace. She will not let me explain what her job is to Julie. She hangs all over me like my new girlfriend, which she, definitely, is not. Now, Julie will not talk to me. So help me, if I get my hands on Dycke's throat, I'm going to strangle him."

Desiree looked down at Steve and said "Just remember Steve, Dycke, is primary number one, your sister, Payne is number two. You are so far down the list; I do not think Dycke gave you a number. If you attempt to harm either one of them, your college scholarship will go out the window, because both your legs will be broken and you will never know which direction the near fatal blows came from. We will try not to kill you, but you never know."

"Do you see what I mean, mom, Dycke is setting me up to become a priest."

Alletta smiled and said, "Your dad and I would be so proud, if you took 'Holy Orders'. If you hurry, you could perform the nuptials for your sister's and Dycke's wedding!"

"How about I do a funeral mass for Dycke, instead?"

"Steve, go take a shower and get dressed in a suit and tie. We are going to D.C., with Dycke for dinner on his new jet."

"The only way I would go to dinner with him, is if he was on the menu."

"Dear, maybe he will allow you sit on the pilots lap and let you fly the plane!"

"That is not very funny mom! I can't go anyway. I have too much homework to do. How the hell is he going to go? He has to get caught up with the work he missed and there is a load of new stuff that we are getting hit with now."

Alletta smiled and said, "His dad, under advice from your father convinced the principal that it was in his school's best interest, to have Dycke graduate, early, with high honors. That way, no other student would be put in jeopardy, if an attempt to kidnap Dycke were to take place on school property. As an added incentive, Dycke is having his father design and build a new track stadium on school property."

"Great. Now my dad is working for my nemesis. And what may I ask did my dad get for all his hard work?"

"Your father received one million dollars!"

Steve yelled, "A million dollars!"

"Yes Steve, one million dollars. So you see if you attempt to hurt Dycke, I will have to hurt you. I love you son; but I love shopping more."

"It looks like I am just going to have to beat him on the track in college."

Desiree said, "We have not decided if we will allow Dycke to run again. We can arrange to have you run against him privately, if he wants to, but it may be impossible to guard him and the family, at such a large venue."

Steve said vehemently, "I will not go to my grave with Dycke getting the better of me five times and gotten my sister, also. There has to be a way to get him while we are at UNC and I will find it."

"Steve, I have one more disappointment to add to your list. Dycke is not going to UNC. He's going to Duke. He got a scholarship there."

Steve cried out, "No! He can't do that to me. The two schools are in the same division. We will race against one another, possibly five times a season and then at the regionals, if he gets that far. I was planning on humiliating him daily at practice, in the locker room, in the classroom, in the hallways, and to and from class. This is totally going to screw up what I had planned. Even the gods are against me, when it comes to Dycke Schneider. Thank goodness he looks like a nerd! "

Joey chimed in and said, "I don't know, I think he looks cute."

Steve threw up his hands and said, "I give up!"

There was a hard knock at the front door. Desiree motioned everybody away from the front door; Joey pulled her weapon as Desiree called out the days call sign. The female voice on the other side of the door answered with the appropriate safe word and Desiree opened the door. Marti walked in, with a frown on her face. She said that the passive receivers picked up loud disturbances coming from the interior of the house and she was sent over to check on it.

Joey and Desiree laughed and pointed at Steve, who was still sitting on the floor. Marti asked, "Is that supposed to be the other runner?"

Steve got angry. He stood up and said, "What do you mean the other runner?"

Marti said, "I ran with Dycke this morning, for five miles and I ran him into the ground. If you are supposed to be the other runner, you probably could not make it three miles before you called it quits."

"You may have run down that little sissy in five miles, but if you try it with me, and you will find out that I am just getting warmed up at that distance."

Marti said, "If I remember correctly, Dycke beat you in the five thousand meter run, the one-mile and the cross country last year at the state finals."

"Does Dycke tell everyone that story?" Steve asked.

"No, he did not have to. It was front page news in the High School Sports Wrap-Up. It had a great picture of you looking over your left shoulder as Dycke passed you on your right side."

Steve shook his head said to himself, "I will never live that one down."

Marti looked at Desiree and Joey and asked if Little Stevie was too much of a problem for them.

Desiree answered saying, "Apparently, Steve was having a meltdown because of the new rules concerning his safety. His illogical reaction was to blame Dycke for all of his failings and was currently trying to find ways to harm principle number one. I cannot allow this to happen and am contemplating restraining him during the evening hours and securing him during his sleeping hours."

Marti asked Desiree "Are you sure that this is one-sided, and is not just part of the pissing contest?"

"I am not sure Marti. They have been three overt death threats in the last ten minutes and several other threats for bodily harm. He is legally an adult, although by his adolescent activities at school, one would wonder. I would not feel comfortable having him roam free and unrestricted at night without Dycke's approval."

"Okay, Desiree. Dycke will be out of town until the early morning hours, so Steve will not be a threat to him tonight. I will speak to Dycke tomorrow, and see if we want to send Steve to a military academy or into the military itself."

Alletta chimed in and said, "Steve always loved fast boats. Can you get him into the U.S. Coast Guard Academy?"

"Mom, cut it out. I will leave the house. I do not need his money. I do not need your money. I have my own scholarship. I will get a part-time job while I am in college to support myself and I do not have to see Dycke, or you or anyone else again. I just want to be left alone."

Marti looked at Steve and said, "Someone needs to get this shit beat out of him."

Desiree and Joey were jumping up and down like schoolgirls yelling, "Me! Me!"

Marti smiled and said, "Easy children." She turned and said,"Mrs. Temple, do you have a preference as to which one of these fine young ladies, will beat the heck out of your son?"

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