Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 09


There is a lot of truck traffic in the right lane. They will turn right as we approach the second traffic light, which will also be red, thanks to the Feds. After that light, our cars will move into the right lane, and depending on how many cars they have tailing us and coming at us, we are an easy target for an attack all the way to third traffic light, which is Appian Way. Traffic stays slow up to Appian Way, because of the three malls at that intersection. The 'perps' must have figured a way to get Dycke and get themselves out of there, safely. My best guess is, 'they will do it at the intersection itself. If I were the kidnapper, I would block off all Southwest bound traffic on Dorchester. I would use four or five cars to block the traffic lanes and have another car ready to transport Dycke, away from the scene. They would take Dycke Southwest on Dorchester to the next intersection, and then left through one of the communities, to the Ashley River. They could escape, using a high-speed boat. They could go east towards the Charleston Harbor and hide among the yachts on the Intracoastal Waterway. On the other hand, they could go west, and navigate through several intersecting rivers and canals and never be found.

Alternatively, if that way is blocked they could drive to Ladson Road and go northwest and attempt to escape by US 26, which I believe would be a bad move unless the crew was using motorcycles. They could disperse in any direction, and disappear into Charleston. Their only, other, escape route is southwest on Dorchester Road to Delmar Highway, where they can go, either north or south. What they do not know is, if they were to get that far, is the South Carolina Highway Patrol will have that area completely blocked off and our eyes in the sky will be telling them exactly what cars to look for, and how close they are.

However, the only vehicle we have to worry about is the one that is carrying Dycke and his family, but the perps will not get to them, because we have several surprises waiting for them on our side:

1: They do not know that we have broken into their computer system and are monitoring their radio communications.

2: They do not know about our eyes in the sky.

3. They do not know about the FBI and the manpower they have brought to bear on this situation.

4. They do not know that the limousine is armored.

5. They do not know that South Carolina Wildlife Commission with some help from the FBI will have the Ashley River blocked at the Colonial Historic site in the West and at Cross County Road in East.

6. Finally, thanks to the FBI, we are also going to have two armored Hummers waiting for us at the hangar. When the aircraft arrives, this is going to look like a normal trip home.

We want them to think that we have lowered our guard and that we have returned to normal status. The longer they believe this, the better for us. Those of you who are going to be assigned to the armored Hummers are not going to be happy with me, but you will follow these instructions religiously, "When the shooting starts, 'you are not to get out of your vehicles.' You are to move your cars in to defensive positions on each side of the limousine and wait for instructions. If the bad guys start closing on your position, unleash everything you have. Show them no mercy, because they will show you none.

Finally, Gabby will be in charge of coordination with FBI. She will be in our helicopter, which will close in, as soon as the first round is fired.

Alana will be in charge of our ground troops. I have already told her to play nice Feds, because there are going to be about a hundred, or more of them out there. However, we are independent contractors. We have our own rules, and we are here to protect our people. Alana step up here and tell your people what their jobs are and what you expect of each one of them.

Alana put up abigger, more detailed, map on the wall. She said, "This shows the area from just northeast of Appian Way to the next traffic light. This is Ladson Road. Our main area of concern is the Appian Way intersection, the malls, and parking areas. The Feds have taken the biggest mall, which is on the Southeast corner and the smaller one, on the Northeast corner. We have the mall on the Southwest corner, all to ourselves. We are going to wear shorts and tee shirts. We are going to go shopping. We are going to laugh and have a good time. We are going to arrive between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. and we are going to buy stuff and drop it off at the car and go buy some more and get something to eat and go back to the car. Let yourself be seen. We are going to team up as many men and women as we can. As you are walking to your car, get into a spat with your husband, talk about your children, or give your wife a pat on her ass. Draw attention to yourself, so anyone looking at you, feels comfortable seeing you walking toward your car. Look and act as normal as possible. When we run out of mixed pairs, we will start with groups of three and four women shopping out of two cars. Park as close to the perimeter of the parking lot as you feel comfortable, but do not park together. Back your cars in so no one can see you changing into your combat gear.

We are going to start leaving here around midnight, lights off until you get on US 70. Your route of travel tonight is US 70 West. The rest of the data will be fed into your GPS's, but you probably know the route already. Considering the firepower you are carrying in the trunk of each vehicle, I suggest that you travel five miles an hour under the speed limit. It is a five-hour trip, so there is no need to hurry. We will need all of you well rested for Sunday. Make sure everything is packed and let me know when you're ready to leave." Any comments or questions?

Steve said, "If I was the kidnapper, I would block off the intersection in two directions, and once I knew I had the ability to get my target. I would call my helicopter, land it in the intersection, and get the target out of there in a hurry."

Everyone in the room looked at him. They looked back at the map, and they thought about what he said. They realized this was a very good option and they had no time to set up a plan for it."

Marti looked at Steve and said, "When Joey hit you, she must have woken up some of your James Bond cells. That is an excellent thought and something no member of this group had thought about. Well done, Steve, very well done!"

Marti turned to Gabby and said, "Get on a secure line to the Feds. Tell them what Steve came up with and see if they have something to counter it, because we do not. Tell them the kidnappers will not be able to get to our people, but they may be able to get a hostage and leadership out, using a helicopter."

Everyone left the room, talking about the last minute hiccup in their planning. They could not believe that they missed something so obvious, that an eighteen-year-old kid had picked it up, out of thin air.

Steve had a big, shit-eating grin on his face. Finally, Dycke owed him something. Now, he was going to face him and collect.

Dycke was with Payne and his parents, as Steve approached him and said, "I want a Porsche Carrera, for saving your sorry ass."

Dycke, Payne, Alletta, and Piker all laughed.

"What did I say that was so funny, this time?"

Dycke asked, "Who would like to answer Steve's question, this time?

Alletta looked at Payne and tried to stare her down. Payne looked back at mother and said, "You are a millionaire, and you would not give me any money to go shopping. All I was trying to do was what you have been asking me to do all my life, '...try to be more like me...' When I asked you for money so I could go shopping and buy clothes, and shoes and other girly stuff, so '...I could be more like you...' you pushed me away, and sent me to daddy. I am very unhappy, with you."

The three men in the room had had all they could take. It was time to do something serious, because they were going to die of laughter, if they did not. Dycke asked, "Which one of you is going to answer the question?"

Alletta said, "Go ahead, Payne, answer the question."

"Thank you, mom. Does this mean you going to give me money, also?"

"Give me a little time to think about that. I have never had to spend my own money before, but for you, I will try."

Payne said, "Why don't you just give me your checkbook, mom. Or, sign a few checks and give them to me, and you will not have to worry about anything, ever again."

Payne started by saying, "Steve did you listen to anything that was said in there? If you did, you would have heard Marti say, many times, that they were never going to get, into the car. Therefore, you asking for reward for saving 'Dycke's Ass', which assumes that they can get into the car to get to him. Are we supposed to believe you, a certifiable nut, or Marti, who has been in the business of protecting people, for a very long time?"

Steve just shook his head, knowing he had been defeated, again, only this time, by logic. As long as no one in the car panicked and opened one of the doors, they would be safe.

It was decided, that they had had enough fun, for one evening, and bed was the best place for them. The Temples lead the parade up to the second and third floors, where every bedroom was in use.

The professionals were filled with pride, because of their prior accomplishments. However, now, they were filled with nervous energy, thinking about what was to come, on Sunday. They were edgy now; on Sunday, they would be razor sharp.

The FBI had sent packets of information with the weapons. They showed the murder scenes these kidnappers had left behind. They had killed, or injured over eighty security agents during their reign of terror.

Desiree had never been in a live firefight. She had all the training. She had been in some very tough situations. However, she had never fired her gun in anger. Sunday, she, or some of her comrades-in-arms, could join the ranks of the dead, or injured. For the first time, since she had started her training, she felt extremely tense, and her nerves were frayed. She had to find a way to calm herself down. She would be no good to anyone, on Sunday, or worse, she might be the cause of someone's death, because she was not at her best. She knew she had to do something physical to bring her body under control.

45. Decisions

The drivers of the Hummers, that were going south, were desperate to get on the road. Alana acquiesced and let them start leaving at 10 p.m. Every ten minutes, quiet as a church mouse, a hummer left the estate and in complete secrecy. Finally, after the last hummer left, they closed and locked the gates, set the alarms, and everyone that remained settled down, for a good night's sleep.

Piker and Alletta could be heard, reliving the night of passion, after the incident with Fiona, at the hospital. Her cries of passion could be heard, across the third floor and beyond.

Dycke and Payne were definitely not sleeping, because you could hear the giggling going on, from inside their room. Dycke was reminding Payne, that the screams she was hearing, were the reason she lost her bet to him, and that she would spend one glorious day, as his naked sex slave, doing every deviant and perverted sex act he could imagine.

Steve's room was, also, next to his parents, and he had a pillow over his ears, trying to keep out the sounds of his mother's moans of pleasure, while his father was driving her closer and closer to climax.

He knew he was not going to be able to fall asleep, so he decided to exercise. He moved to the center of his room, and started doing push-ups. He had just finished doing one hundred and flipped over, and started doing sit-ups, when someone kicked him in the ribs, fell across his body, and landed on the floor.

Steve cried out in pain.

A woman said, "'Bloody hell!' What the hell are you doing on the floor?"

"Desiree is that you?"

"Yes, and you still haven't answered the fucking question. What are you doing on the floor?"

"My mother and father are screwing around, next door, and I could not sleep. I decided to exercise to get them out of my head, and tire myself out. Then, you walked in, kicked me, and broke a couple of my ribs. Now, I will be unable to exercise, and I still, will not be able to sleep, because of the pain in my side."

"You have such a miserable life."

"You do not have to rub it in. Desiree, what are you doing here?"

"I came to tuck you in."

"That is really sweet of you. Do you do that every night?"

"No. Tonight is a special night and if you ever open your mouth up about it, I will have you drawn and quartered."

Steve asked, "May I ask what your problem is?"

"I just needed to talk to someone and somehow I knew that you would be awake."

"I guess you heard my mother screaming and yelling, also?"

"Yes. I heard. I have also heard your father is hung like a horse and he knows how to use that appendage, very well."

Steve said, "That is too much information, Desiree. However, now I am certain of who my parents are. Are you going to tell me what is wrong, or are we going to play twenty questions?"

"Are you going to keep this between us, or am I going to have to kill you, before I leave this room."

"It stays between us, 'Des', I swear."

"Okay, here goes. I have never been in a firefight. I am not afraid of it. I have been extremely well trained. I know what to expect. I know what to do. I know how to handle myself. I am just so keyed up; I do not know what to do with myself, right now. Everyone else has been there, and done that. They are all sleeping like babies. I need to go outside to run, or do something physically exerting, just to bring my energy level down.

Steve asked, "Are you sure you just wanted to talk?"

Desiree said, "You are a son of a bitch!"

Steve said, "Would you please be quiet. My mother is getting laid next door."

"Steve, if you ever breathed a word of what happens here; you will live the remainder of your life as a eunuch."

"Desiree, I have been with a lot of women, and the one thing I have always been is 'discreet.' I never talk to anyone about any relationship I have with a girl. The girls at school trust me for that reason, and will go out with me, even knowing my reputation as a ladies man."

Steve got up from the floor, and went over to his bed, where Desiree was sitting. He said to her, "I've never made love to an older woman."

"You haven't yet, Steve, and that is a very poor way to start."

"I promise that I will make it up to you before you leave this room."

Steve took her into his arms and kissed her for the first time. It was not a deep kiss. It was not even a good kiss. However, it was only the first kiss. After the first kiss, came the second kiss and that one was much better. He controlled his hands for a very long time, not wanting to rush Desiree into something that she might want to stop. However, as soon as her hands started to move on his body, his hands started to move along hers. He found the buttons on the back of her blouse, and with practiced ease, he unbuttoned each one. He unsnapped her bra, with one hand, and removed it and her and blouse at the same time.

Desiree felt naked, all of a sudden, and tried to cover her breasts. She was in a room, about to have sex with an eighteen-year-old boy, and she was acting like a virgin. He was doing very well, playing the part of a gigolo. She was an experienced, twenty-seven-year-old woman, who had been around the block a few times and she said to herself, "What is wrong with this picture"?

Steve moved his lips down Desiree's jaw and neck along her arm and down her chest and finally she moved her arm away so that he could get to her breast. When he licked and then bit the nipple of her left breast, her pussy flooded and she never felt it coming. She did not even realize she was aroused. She thought she was tense, maybe nervous, but she never felt like she was aroused. She did not even think she was wet, but now her panties were soaked. Her pants were soaked. She had no clue what had happened to her but she wanted it to happen, repeatedly.

She pushed Steve away and he looked at her as if he had done something wrong. She just grabbed his shirt and lifted it off him, then pushed him back and took off his pajama bottoms leaving him naked. Then she took her slacks and panties off, leaving her only with her white anklets on. Before she could bend down and take those off, Steve grabbed her and threw her back onto the bed. She laughed and asked him if he had a thing for socks?

He said, "Not till now, however, I'll come up with something?" Steve lunged for her, but missed and wound up face down on the bed and Desiree was riding him bareback, like a cowgirl, and her arms forcing his face further into a pillow.

Steve yelled, as best he could, "This is not fair!"

Desiree asked, "Why isn't it fair?"

"Your pussy is so slippery I couldn't hold on to you if I had to."

Desiree started laughing and rolled off Steve's back.

Steve climbed on top of her and attacked her breasts, again. However, this time he was taking no chances. He grabbed her knees and pulled them upwards, until he was able to lay his body on hers and put a nipple in his mouth.

Desiree squealed loudly and said, "You are not playing fair, not fair at all!"

Steve laughed, "I played by Dycke's rules."

Desiree squeaked, "What are those?"

"He cheats!"

"He does not cheat," said Desiree.

While moving his tongue from her breasts, his down past her belly button, Steve smiled and said, "Ask him?"

Desiree was just about to say, "I will," but she screamed out, "Oh fuck," instead, as her second orgasm overwhelmed her, instead. Steve had just bitten her tender, inflamed, and over-excited clit. His arms had spread her knees, as wide apart as possible, and his mouth descended rapidly onto her open center. He wanted access to her juices and his mouth formed a seal around her vaginal lips that not even air could get through. His tongue probed and tortured her clit. It moved up and down, through the folds of her nether lips, and darted into and out of her vagina.

Desiree wanted more. She grabbed Steve by his hair and lifted his head up. She beckoned him with a finger, motioning for him to move up her body. She was hot enough now to melt steel, and there was no sense putting it off.

Steve put his knees inside of Desiree's, and lay down on her body. He looked down at Desiree, who looked up at him, a little confused, at first, until he slowly thrust himself inside her. He was in control, whether she liked it or not. He set a slow but steady pace, which was exactly the opposite of what Desiree wanted, and needed. She wanted a sprint. He set up for marathon.

Desiree said to him, "If you don't start to move, I am going to pick you up, throw you back on the floor, take what I want from you, and leave."

"I thought you wanted to burn off some energy?"

"You may be burning off energy, but I may as well be reading and a fucking dictionary."

Steve said, "Okay, first gear." He reared back and started moving, like the wings on a hummingbird.

His speed and power caught Desiree totally off guard. Desiree could only use her hips to respond, and even that was hard, because of his onslaught. She could feel every ridge, of the width, of Steve's, impressive cock, and she felt a shot of pain, when his cock hit her cervix.

Desiree wanted to taunt him to see if he had joked about this being, "first gear." She said to him, "Is this all you have, Steve?"

Steve looked down at her and said, "Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Let me know when I can put dictionary down."

"Second gear, with spin mode, coming up!" Steve's motions slowed and his hips turned, like a washing machine agitator. That cycle stopped and he moved into high-speed drilling for about one moment. He stopped and went into a 'one minute' spin cycle, where his hips circled and dove as deep into Desiree as her cervix would let him, on each spin.

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