tagSci-Fi & FantasyHaving Fun with History Pt. 01

Having Fun with History Pt. 01



Sarah sat in her American History class and tried to stay awake. The teacher was going on about George Washington, how he was our first president. How he won the American Revolution. "Big deal." She said looking at the holographic picture on her screen of the first president. "The guy died almost 500 years ago." She sat back in her chair and closed her eyes.

She knew she should be paying attention to what the professor was saying. Since she was a history major she knew that history was important. But why did it have to be so boring?

When the bell rang, she stood quickly fixing her neon skirt and shirt against her slender body. She flipped her reddish brown hair back over her shoulders as her violet eyes searched out the room for her best friend. Finally spotting her, she walked over to her. "Hey, talk about boring." She said as they walked through the sliding doors and out into the hallway of the university.

At 19, and a freshman at the University of Seattle, Sarah thought life couldn't get more perfect. Her father was an inventor and her mother was a social butterfly. Not the most glamorous parents but they loved her and she loved them. When she told her father that she wanted to study history as her major, he went on a long winded spiel about how important history was.

Her friend Veronica smiled at her as they walked out into the afternoon sunshine. "Remind me again why we are studying history?"

Sarah shrugged her shoulders. "I don't remember." She saw her boyfriend Mark sitting on a bench nearby talking to some friends and moved towards him. She had been with Mark for almost 2 years now and was sure she was in love with him. They had started sleeping together 6 months before and her pussy tingled every time she was near him.

"Hey baby." He said pulling her down on his lap and kissing her softly.

"Hey yourself, you guys wanna come over today? Dad said he has a new experiment that he wants to show me."

Both Mark and Veronica groaned. Neither of the two really understood her father but since she was their friend, they tolerated the man.

"No can do baby," Mark said rubbing his crotch against her butt before he pushed her off his lap. "If we're gonna take the state championship this year, I've got to go practice." He kissed her again then ran off with his friends.

"You know, there are times I think that man loves football more then he loves you." Veronica said as they started walking again.

Sarah laughed, "I don't mind. He is one hell of a good fuck when he has been practicing all day. He rides me hard and fast taking out his energy." She giggled as she unlocked the door of her 2247 BMW then unlocked Veronica's side.

They climbed into the hover car and Sarah heard the computer voice come on. "Hello Sarah, where are we off to?"

Sarah looked over at Veronica who just shrugged. "Home then," Sarah said sitting back as the car started itself. Sometimes she actually drove herself but today she was perfectly content to let the car go on auto drive.

The girls talked about school and guys as the car drove down the busy streets of Seattle. It finally pulled up in front of a 2 story ranch style house that had been built back in the 1900's, and the girls climbed out of the car. "I'm surprised this thing is still standing." Veronica said looking at the ancient house. "I mean it was built what, almost 300 hundred years ago?"

Sarah nodded as they walked up the wooden steps. "Yea, I keep telling dad that we need to move into one of those new condo's we see popping up everywhere, but he just says that he likes it here." They opened an old fashioned front door then stepped into the house.

The girls made their way down to the basement where Henry (Sarah's father) was using a laser gun on a piece of metal. "Hey daddy," Sarah said kissing him on the cheek as she put her backpack down.

Henry turned his violet eyes on his daughter. "Hey kiddo how was school?"

She shrugged, "it was okay. So where's this new invention?"

Henry smiled at his daughter. "It's in the other room, I'll get it." He slid his lanky frame off the stool he had been sitting on and left the room. While he was gone, Sarah looked over her father's work bench. It was full of his inventions.

Her eyes rested on something she hadn't seen before. It looked like a watch with knobs and buttons on it. She picked it up and looked at it. "Cool." She said looking at the LED display on the front. She put it over her arm and turned some of the buttons. The numbers on the display changed as she turned the knobs. "I wonder what this does." She pressed a green button on the console just as her father came back into the room.

"Sarah...Nooooooooo..." He cried but it was too late, she had vanished.

Chapter 1: George Washington under the cherry tree

Sarah looked around trying to figure out what happened. Her house was gone and she was standing in the middle of a field. "Where am I?" She asked out loud looking around at her surroundings. There didn't seem to be anything around for miles. She looked at the watch thing wrapped around her arm; it was flashing and looked like a date of some kind. "March 22, 1790..."It flashed over and over before it went blank. She turned some knobs but it didn't turn back on.

"Well, that's just great." She said more to herself then anyone. She looked down at the designer boots she was wearing. "Not exactly made for walking," She said to herself as she started walking up the hill.

She had been walking for about 10 minutes when she heard a voice call out. "Are ye friend or foe?"

She turned to see an older man standing about 20 feet away holding what looked like an ancient shotgun. She had seen these types of guns in museums but to see a man actually holding one made her feel a bit of fear.

"Um...I'm not sure." She said slowly moving towards him. "Where am I?"

The man eyed her for a minute then slowly lowered the gun. He had seen her from afar as he was out taking a walk and exploring. He thought she looked strange in the skirt and shirt she was wearing, he had never seen a woman show so much leg before.

Even at the old age of 64, George Washington still knew a beautiful woman when he saw one and still enjoyed a pretty active sex life with his wife Martha.

"This is Philadelphia, and you are?" He asked letting the gun rest against the ground but still holding it.

Sarah looked at him in surprise, "Philadelphia? That's across the country." She looked him over, her eyes moving over the ancient clothes he was wearing. "Who are you supposed to be?" she asked bringing her eyes back to his.

George gave a smart bow in front of her, "George Washington at your service milady." He said.

She snorted, "Yea right. And I'm Betsy Ross."

George looked at her strangely. "No you are not, you look nothing like her. In fact, you are dressed very strangely. You are the first woman I have seen who shows so much leg." He waved his arm towards her bare legs.

She looked down at her legs then back up to him. "Um...what year is it?"

Again he looked at her strangely, "the year milady? Why it is 1790. You are in the lovely city of Philadelphia; we are about 5 miles from my home. Are you okay?"

"1790?" Sarah squeaked before she hit the ground in a dead faint.

George ran over to her and carefully moved to his knees beside her prone form. He checked to see that she was breathing then thought about running for a doctor. The problem was he didn't move very fast these days and his horse was tied about a half a mile down the hill. He liked to walk around the area and explore off on his own when he wasn't busy running the country.

He watched her breasts as her breaths rose and fell. He figured she had just fainted and should be coming around soon. He moved his eyes over her strange clothes trying to figure out what they were. He didn't see any buttons holding the material in place; it looked to be one piece.

He let his hand move over her shirt and gasped at how soft it was. He moved his hand down to the bottom of her shirt and pulled; it came loose and pulled up with his movement. He saw pale skin and the top of her skirt. Again, no buttons seemed to hold it together.

He pulled a bit at her shirt, surprised at how stretchy it was. Of course he had never heard of spandex before. He pulled the shirt up to see what other surprises she might have. He gasped when he saw that her breasts were incased in what seemed to be a clear material. Her breasts were open to his gaze, although when he touched them, he felt the material of her bra.

"Where do you come from?" He asked softly moving his hand over her breast as he explored the strange material.

He moved his hand over her nipple and was surprised when it hardened against his hand. "Very strange," he said grasping her nipple through the material and tugging on it gently.

During his explorations, George didn't realize that Sarah was awake. She had awoken at his first touch. Now as he played with her nipple, she watched his hand as her breath quickened. She bit back a moan when he gently pinched the nipple. She knew she should push him away. She had to figure out a way to get back home. But his hand felt good on her breast and she wasn't sure she wanted him to stop. It had been a while since Mark last touched her and her android sex toy wasn't as good as the real thing.

She watched motionless as he left her shirt pushed up but moved down to her skirt. She watched in wonder, wondering what he was going to do, she didn't have long to find out.

"Hm..." George said moving down to her skirt. He figured since she was unconscious she wouldn't mind if he explored this strange girl. He reached for her skirt and pulled, at first he thought he ripped it when it came apart but he looked to see two sides that when he pushed them back together, they stuck.

"It's called Velcro." She said softly.

George looked at her suddenly as his face turned red. "I'm sorry; it's just that I have never seen clothes like you wear before."

She smiled. "It's okay; you can keep looking if you want."

He searched her eyes then shrugged his shoulders. Since he had her permission, what was the harm? He pulled her skirt open again then gasped. Her pussy was covered in the same kind of material that covered her breasts. Her hairless pussy was open to his gaze beneath the clear material. "You do not wear bloomers?" He asked looking up into her eyes.

She laughed, "George, women haven't worn bloomers in centuries. Those are called panties. They are made out of silk but the silk is transparent. It turns a man on to be able to see what a woman has without her completely disrobing."

George definitely agreed with her on the men get turned on point. Just seeing her pussy through the material was making his cock harden in his pants. "Interesting..." he said softly touching the material.

Sarah gasped when his hand touched her pussy lips. He just held his hand over her then moved it slowly as he closed his eyes exploring the soft silk. Again Sarah had to suppress a moan as she felt her panties slip between her lips and his finger touch her clit.

George moved his hand over the material enjoying how soft it was, he didn't realize that his finger kept brushing against her clit or that he was setting Sarah's body on fire. "Ooooohhhhh, ugh..." She moaned jerking her hips up against his hand.

Surprised at her action, George quickly pulled his hand away. "No, please, don't stop. It feels good." She whimpered bringing his hand back to her pussy. George watched in surprise as she moved his hand over her. She lifted her hips against his hand as she brought his finger back between her pussy lips. "Touch me." She whispered.

"I...I..." He gasped looking up into her eyes. He moved his eyes back to between her legs as she slid the transparent material down over her hips. She moved it down her legs then kicked them off before spreading her legs wide, giving him a perfect view of her snatch.

"It's okay, you can touch me." She said huskily putting his hand on her bare pussy.

"I...I don't..." His words dropped off as he watched her take his hand and move his finger over her clit. She moved it in circles around her as she moaned bucking against him. He watched in fascination as she used his hand to pleasure herself. "I really don't...Oh my..." He gasped as he watched his finger slide into her depths.

"Touch me." She whimpered forcing his finger in and out of her pussy. She held him until he started moving it on his own then pulled her hand away. "Yea, that's it. Finger my pussy." She lifted her hips against him as her hands pulled her bra down until she was able to grab at her bare flesh.

George was fascinated. He had a practically naked woman lying on the ground before him with his hand buried up between her legs. He watched as she squirmed around on the ground as he pushed her towards orgasm. "Fuck, yes, Agh...Oh so good." She cried humping her body against his hand. He moved his fingers farther and harder inside her and heard her cry out in delight. "Yes, finger my pussy, oh god, don't stop."

George's cock strained against his pants as he fingered her. His hand flew inside her and he suddenly felt a strong urge to taste her. Keeping his fingers moving inside her, he laid down on his stomach until he was resting with his head just above her pussy. He lifted his eyes to hers, but they were closed tightly as she writhed in pleasure. Lowering his mouth, he ran his tongue up over her tender flesh.

"Fuck, oh god, what are you doing?" She shrieked looking down between her spread legs. Her eyes widened as she saw his head between her legs. He licked her again and she cried out. "Oh fuck, yes, eat me." She humped her pussy almost violently against his face as he licked at her clit. "Eat me, fuck eat me, I'm gonna cum." She cried.

George went harder at her pussy while his fingers drove far inside her. He slid a second then third finger inside her and heard her cries of pleasure. He looked down at her clit, throbbing madly. Leaning down, he wrapped his lips around it and sucked hard. He was almost thrown off of her as she suddenly came.

"Eat mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee..." She shrieked loudly as her orgasm washed over her. She pressed her pussy tightly against his face as she coated his fingers with her juices.

He kept his fingers buried inside her as she rode the waves. He could feel her juices sliding down over his hand and felt his cock harden even further in his pants.

After what seemed like ages, she started to calm down so he pulled away. He licked at his hand tasting her juices. "Yummy." He said more to himself then to her as he sat back on his knees.

She smiled at him, and then let her eyes drift down over the crotch of his pants. She saw the bulge there and her mouth watered. "You know, it felt great with your mouth on my pussy," she moved to her knees before him. "Would you like me to return the favor?"

He looked at her curiously, "How?"

She smiled then reached over and undid his pants, she pulled them and his under shorts down until his 8 inch cock came into view. He watched with held breath as she lowered her face towards him. "Oh my." He breathed closing his eyes as he felt her mouth cover his hard shaft.

Sarah took the head of his cock into her mouth savoring the strong taste, before she slowly moved down over him. George was moaning like crazy as she slowly worked him in her mouth. Her tongue touched around his sensitive flesh and he groaned as he bucked upwards with his hips.

She wondered if he was one of those older men that came once then couldn't come again, since she planned on having his cock in her pussy, she figured she'd better not bring him off with her mouth.

She drove her mouth up and down over him a few times as he whimpered in pleasure. She felt his hands in her hair as he pushed her down over his hard cock. "Oh god, it feels so good." He groaned pressing her tightly against him as he leaked precum into her mouth.

She drank up the slightly salty stuff then dug around his piss hole looking for more. She was rewarded with more and moaned around him as her pussy leaked.

When he started bucking against her, she knew it was time to stop. Reluctantly she pulled away.

George had his eyes closed while she sucked him, when she pulled away; he opened them and looked at her. "Why did you stop?"

She smiled at him, "because I have a better place for your cum then my mouth."

He looked at her strangely, "where?"

She wasn't sure if people back in this time knew about different sexual positions so she figured missionary was probably her best bet. She lay back on the grass and spread her legs wide. "Right here." She said pulling her pussy lips open so he got a good view of her slit. "I want you to fuck me." She hissed breathlessly.

George was uncertain, his cock was pulsing madly, he needed to get off, but at the same time, he was a married man. He felt guilty about sucking her off and her sucking on his cock, but to fuck her, that would be going to far. "I don't think we should do that." He said as he started to pull his pants back up.

Knowing he was about to turn on her, she sat up and grasped his cock in her hand. She pulled his struggling body down over hers until she had him braced against her entrance. "Come on George." She said huskily as she pulled him partially inside her. "Who is going to know?" She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and lifted her hips pulling him further into her depths.

George struggled against her as she pulled him on top of her. However, when he felt her push him inside her and her muscles wrap around him, he was lost. She was tight and felt wonderful wrapped around him. He felt her legs wrap around his waist as she pushed more of him inside her. He knew he should pull out and go home but she felt so good.

He growled low in his throat as he gave in and penetrated her completely. "Yes, that's it." She purred as she felt him fill her. "Fuck my sweet pussy."

She lifted against him, and then tightened her muscles making sure to caress him as he held himself buried inside her.

"Oh god," he moaned feeling her body caress him. "Oh yes," he pulled partially out of her, then slammed back in making her whimper in desire. He braced his hands on either side of her head as he slowly thrust into her willing body. "Oh, you feel so good." He moaned closing his eyes as he felt her accept his thrusts.

"Mmmmm...So do you." She purred lifting her body against him. "Fuck me George, it feels so good."

George sped up a bit making her squeal as he pounded into her furiously. "Fuck me, I'm going to cum." She cried slamming her body hard against his as he forced his way inside her. "Fuck me harder." She grabbed his ass, pulling him forcefully into her.

Getting the idea, he lowered his upper body over hers as he slammed hard and fast into her. He saw her eyes close in pleasure as cries of ecstasy escaped her lips. Her body was flying up against his as he rode her hard. "I'm cummmmiinnnngggg..." She screamed as her body tightened around him.

"Yes, oh yes." He cried as he buried himself to the hilt and started shooting. "I can't stop. Its cummmmiinnnngggg..." he pumped his hips a few times as he emptied himself inside her.

"Yes baby, cum for me." She cried feeling his cum splash all over her insides.

Suddenly as he collapsed against her, she heard a beeping. Turning her head, she saw the thing on her arm was flashing again. It read, June 14, 1752. She knew she had to get home but wondered if maybe she had to go there to be able to go home. She kissed George on the cheek, grabbed her skirt which was lying beneath her then pressed the button that had brought her here.


Authors Note:

This is a series I am working on. I decided to submit the first part and see what kind of response I get for it. Do you like it? Should I continue it? Who would you like to see her with? Let me know.

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