tagSci-Fi & FantasyHaving Fun with History Pt. 02

Having Fun with History Pt. 02


When Sarah arrived at her new destination, she was once again in a field. "Okay, now where am I?" she asked herself as she pulled the skirt back around her waist, then gasped as a shallow wind suddenly hit her and slithered up under her skirt brushing over her bare pussy.

She had been so content after the fucking she received she didn't realize that she had left her panties behind. "Oh well, to late to go back and get them now." She said to herself as she fixed her bra then pulled her shirt down.

She looked around trying to figure out where she was when she saw a man flying a kite about 30 feet from her. He seemed to have a key attached to the kite and was looking at the sky as if he was looking for something.

"Let me guess, Benjamin Franklin..." she said to herself as she slowly walked towards him. She was beginning to see a pattern in her time travel and wasn't sure how to interpret it.

"Excuse me, are you Benjamin Franklin?" She asked walking up to him.

Ben had been so busy watching the sky and wishing for lightning that he hadn't heard her walk up. He was startled when he heard her voice. "Huh?" he asked turning to look at her. He moved his eyes over her slender body and the strange clothes she wore. "Um, yes I am Benjamin Franklin, and you are?"

Sarah shook her head. "My name is Sarah and well, I'm kind of lost." She glanced at the console on her arm and saw that once again it was flashing before it went blank. She sighed as she turned back to him. "Could you possibly help me?"

Ben smiled at the girl standing before him. He had been out here since early morning and was beginning to think he wasn't going to see any lightning today. He pulled the kite down then smiled at her. "Sure honey, no problem. My carriage is parked just up the hill a ways. We can go back to my place and you can explain your predicament to me. Maybe I can help in some way."

Sarah smiled at him, if this encounter was anything like her encounter with the first president. She had a feeling they were going to be helping each other; find sexual release that is. She let her eyes move over his body as he rolled up the kite then picked up his hat.

"Shall we?" For an older gentleman she had to admit that he wasn't a bad looking man.

"Sure." She said taking the arm he held out for her. "Um...I know this may sound crazy but what is the date?"

Ben glanced at her as they walked up the hill. "June 14, 1752."

She nodded, if she remembered her history correctly, it was the day before he discovered electricity. She wondered why she had been brought here. If she was supposed to be learning history, shouldn't she have been brought the day he actually discovered it?" She shook her head; trying to figure out what was going on was giving her a head ache.

They walked in silence up the hill and stopped when he came to a black wagon being led by a big black horse. The horse whinnied at them and Sarah walked over petting its snout. "Well aren't you a beauty." She said running her fingers through the mane.

"His name is Shadow." Ben said walking up beside her. "I have had him for years. He is a great pet and companion." He patted the horse on the neck then helped her into the carriage, before climbing in himself. "So Sarah," he started as he started back towards town. "How did you get all the way out here on your own? And what are those strange clothes you are wearing?"

Sarah sat back against the seat and closed her eyes. She had a feeling that she was going to get asked that question a lot if she was going to be bounced around in time for one reason or another. "It is hard to explain." She said opening her eyes and looking at him. She smiled slightly, "besides, I doubt you would believe me even if I did tell you."

Ben was quiet as they continued back towards town; Sarah was trying to figure out what to do next when his next words startled her out of her thoughts. "I'm sure Deborah will have something you can wear." He said smiling at her.

It was then that she remembered; at this point in history, Benjamin Franklin was married and had 2 children. She thought she remembered something about him having a son who had died of smallpox at the tender age of four.

She bit her lip as she tried to think what to do, her console had more or less died but once she had finished fucking George Washington, it had turned back on and brought her here. She turned sideways in the carriage and tried turning some of the knobs but it didn't do anything.

She was beginning to think that some mystical force was playing games with her. "What do I have to do, fuck my way through history?" she asked under her breath.

Ben looked at her strangely, "did you say something?" he turned onto a dirt road.

"Um...No." she said smiling at him as she looked at the console again. It flashed green for about 2 seconds before it went blank again. It was then that she figured it out. She literally had to fuck her way through history if she ever wanted to get home.

"How far are we from your home?" She asked looking out at the plush fields surrounding them. She knew if she had to seduce the man who discovered electricity, it would be better to do it without his wife and kids watching.

Ben looked at her again; she was a very strange girl. "Oh, about 2 or 3 miles," He said hitting the horse on the rump to move him into a gallop. "We should be there within an hour or so."

Again Sarah bit her lip, an hour or two? She had to figure out a way to get him to stop the wagon before they arrived at his home. She put her sweetest smile on her face, while she rested her hand on his arm. "Are you really in a hurry to get home? I mean this is beautiful country. Maybe you could show me around it a bit."

Ben looked at her, something about her had changed, her eyes were darker and she seemed to be breathing a bit heavier. "Are you all right my dear?" he asked stopping the carriage. "I can take you to a doctor."

Sarah figured this would probably be her only chance. She took his hand in hers as she pulled her skirt open exposing her snatch to his gaze. "Actually I am hurting Ben." She pressed his hand between her legs. "Do you think you could take care of it for me?"

Ben stared at her in shock. His hand was touching her bare flesh. He knew if he moved his finger just an inch or so it would slip between her lower lips. His breath quickened and he felt a rising in his pants as he looked at her. "I...I don't..." he gasped as one of her hands held his hand against her while the other one lifted her shirt until her breasts were open to his gaze.

"Please Ben; I really need your help." She sighed pushing his finger against her clit.

Ben gasped again and tried to pull his hand away but she held him tightly. "Young lady, I really don't think..."

Sarah brought his other hand up to her breast while she grabbed his cock through his pants. Ben moaned as he felt her hand stroke him lightly and his cock continued to grow. "Please Ben; this is the only way I can go home." She whispered looking into his eyes.

Ben's eyes softened, "to go home?" he asked softly.

She nodded as she continued to rub him through his pants. "Please Ben; I just want to go home."

He looked at his hand on her breast and his other hand between her legs. "I don't see how I can help."

She leaned forward kissing him softly on the lips. When he didn't pull away, she pressed her tongue against his closed lips. She moaned when he suddenly parted them and she swept her tongue inside his mouth. She wrapped her hand around his neck, holding him close as she moved over until she was straddling his lap.

His hands moved from her body and wrapped around her as he deepened the kiss. Sarah rubbed her bare pussy against his cock and he groaned in her mouth. "I don't know exactly how it works either." She said huskily as she rubbed herself against him. "But I need to fuck you in order to be able to go home."

Ben was breathing hard and his cock was rock hard in his pants. "I really don't think..." He started to say when she pressed her mouth back against his as she pressed her breasts against his chest. He let her kiss him for a minute then pulled away when she started working at his pants. "Now really..." he said looking down at her hands.

Sarah reached inside his pants and pulled out his 8 ½ inch cock. "Oh this is nice," She said rubbing it gently between her hands.

Ben closed his eyes as pleasure coursed through him. He knew that he should push her away. After all, he was a married man, but he had to admit that her hand felt good wrapped around him.

"Touch me Ben; touch me like I'm touching you." She sighed bringing his hand back between her legs. She bypassed her clit this time and brought his fingers down to her wet slit. He moaned as he felt her juices then cried out when she pushed his finger inside her. "Oh god, you're so wet and hot." He moaned slowly working his finger in and out.

"Yes, touch me, it feels so good." She whispered pulling her hand off of him long enough to pull her shirt and bra off over her head. When her breasts were free, Ben eyed them hungrily. He watched as she threw her clothes over on the other side of the seat, and then leaned forward taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Oh Ben, honey, yes." Sarah whimpered as she felt his tongue move over her flesh while his finger continued to slide slowly inside her. "Oh honey, it feels so good." She held his face against her breast as she pressed her lower body against his thrusting hand.

She whimpered when he suddenly lifted her up a bit then sighed when all he did was slide a second finger into her depths. "You are so wet." He growled huskily against her breast. Her nipple was hard and soaked with his saliva. He licked at the little peak and heard her cry out in pleasure as she coated his hand.

"Fuck, please, make me cum baby." She whimpered pressing her body harder against his hand.

He grabbed her hips and moved her forward just a bit so her pussy was above his crotch and he had easy access to her body. "Does that feel good my dear?" he asked watching his hand move inside her. He brought his thumb up and brushed it lightly over her clit making her shriek with delight.

Sarah was on fire, her pussy was juicing his hand like crazy and her orgasm was rising steadily. "Oh yea, feels so good, finger me baby, make me cum all over your hand." She moved her hips fiercely against him as her hands pulled at her breasts. "I need to cum, make me cum."

Ben was breathing hard and his cock was throbbing mercilessly against his stomach. He knew he needed to get her off then get himself off to but the coach was crowded and with her on his lap like she was, he wasn't able to bring her complete pleasure.

When he went to pull his fingers from her body and push her off of him, Sarah clung to him. "No, don't stop, I need this so bad."

Ben chuckled. "Easy my dear, I'm just going to get us more comfortable."

Reluctantly she moved off of his lap and sat down on the other side of the seat. Ben smiled at her and climbed out of the carriage. He watched her as he quickly disrobed laying his clothes in a line on the ground almost like a blanket. Sarah grinned at him as she watched. "Mmmmm...You have a nice body Ben." She said looking at him.

He chuckled. "I'm an old man Sarah, but I still know how to treat a woman. If you need this to be able to get home, then I will do my best to oblige you. Come here my dear."

Sarah made sure to grab her clothes; she didn't want to take a chance on ending up in another time naked. She laid them down on the ground next to Bens then went into his arms. He kissed her hungrily as he slowly lowered her body to the ground. When she was lying on her back on his clothes, he covered her body with his own as he continued to kiss her.

He closed his eyes as he moved his hands slowly over her body. He heard mewls of pleasure coming from Sarah's lips as he moved his mouth to her breast and suckled on it.

"Yes, oh yes." She purred lifting her chest against him as he sucked at her. "That feels so good." She spread her legs wide as she felt him settle between them. She wondered if he was going to fuck her now but he didn't, all he did was rub his cock over her pussy lips making her sigh in pleasure.

"You like that I see." He said huskily as he lifted his face to hers.

Sarah smiled, "Mmmmm...Yes I do, I'll like it even better once you are inside me."

He chuckled, "all in good time my dear, all in good time." He kissed her softly on the lips before he moved his mouth down to her neck and nipped at it with his teeth. "Ooooohhhhh..." she moaned feeling his teeth dig gently into her flesh.

Sarah felt his body move off of hers and panicked for a minute but when all he did was lay down beside her, she relaxed. "You have a beautiful body young lady." He said his eyes traveling over her as his hand caressed her.

She smiled, "thank you." Her smile widened when she felt his hand move between her legs again. "Oh Ben, yes touch me."

Ben moved his hand down between her legs and easily spread her open before he flicked his finger lightly over her clit. "Like that?"

She purred in contentment. "Oh yes, I love having my clit played with."

He smiled at her and flicked his finger over her clit again; he felt it harden against his hand. "Hm...I wonder if it would be okay if I tasted you." He said looking into her eyes.

Sarah brought her eyes to his. "I wouldn't argue."

His smile widened, as he moved quickly until he was lying between her spread legs. She spread them even further apart to give him complete access to her body. "Eat me Ben; make me feel good with your mouth." She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him gently towards her.

Ben closed his eyes as he moved his mouth closer to her. He had never done this before but had been curious about it for a while. He had heard men talking about sucking on a woman and thought about it but he had never had the courage to actually do it. Now as he ran his tongue up over Sarah's hot snatch, he moaned against her. She tasted like honey on his tongue.

"Mmmmmmm...Yes, eat me honey." Sarah moaned lifting her hips towards him.

Any doubts that Ben had about this, went out of his head as he ran his tongue over her. He flicked his tongue over her clit roughly and heard her squeal as she pressed up against him. "Ben, fuck, eat me," she panted humping against his face.

Ben moved his tongue over her clit then moved down until he was able to tease her slit. Sarah was panting and mewling as she humped her body against him. He licked at her slit lips but wasn't sure about sticking his tongue inside her.

"Its okay honey," she panted sensing his hesitation. "Stick your tongue in me baby, see how good I taste inside."

Ben lifted his eyes to hers; they were glazed over with desire. Her hands were pulling roughly at her nipples. "Eat me baby." She purred.

Ben smiled then dove back between her legs, he didn't hesitate this time, instead he drove his tongue far inside her and heard her cry out as she coated his tongue with her juices. "That's it, tongue me, fuck me with your tongue." She screamed holding the back of his head so he didn't pull away.

Ben had no intention of pulling away; he loved the taste of her. He drove his tongue deep inside her then pulled it out only to penetrate her once more. Sarah was screaming loudly as she rode his face. "Eat me, fuck I'm going to cum...Agh, eat me, I'm cummmmiinnnngggg..."

She wrapped her legs tightly around his head holding him against her as she coated his tongue liberally with her juices.

Ben moaned against her as he drank her up. His cock was throbbing wildly against the ground. He drank her up until she finally released her hold on him, then he slowly moved up over her.

When he was resting comfortably between her legs, Sarah wrapped her legs around his waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his mouth to hers. "Fuck me Ben; it's the only way I can go home." She begged kissing him hard. She tasted herself on his tongue and lifted her hips trying to push him inside her.

Ben kissed her hard as he brought his hands down to her ass and pulled her tightly against him. He lined his cock up with her entrance then slowly slid inside. He groaned loudly against her mouth as he felt her envelop him. "Oh god, you're so tight." He groaned pulling his lips from hers and dropping his head against her neck as he slowly slid into her body.

Sarah tightened her legs around him, pulling him deeper inside her as she panted. "Ben, oh god honey, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me baby."

She felt him bottom out inside her then slowly start to withdraw. She whimpered as she felt him leave her then sighed when he came back. "Yes, that's it, fuck me.

Ben closed his eyes as he slowly thrust into her. She was so tight and just caressed him as he moved inside her. He kept his hands on her ass, pulling her against him. When she started fucking him back, he moved his hands away and braced them on either side of her. He lifted his head and looked down into her eyes. They were glazed over with desire. "You feel so good my dear." He moaned feeling his balls slap slowly against her ass. "You like that?"

"Mmmmm...Feels so good." Sarah whimpered meeting his thrusts with ones of her own. She pressed up with her hips each time he slid into her and she swore he went deeper each time. Her orgasm was rising slowly over her. Her body was strumming with pleasure. "Honey, fuck me good baby. Make me cum on your hard cock." She purred pressing her breasts up against his chest as she pressed her hips tightly against his.

Ben groaned as he closed his eyes tightly, he could feel her body clenching around him. "Fuck, oh god." He growled pumping hard with his hips. His cock started flying inside her as he pounded her hard. "Take it my dear, take my hard shaft in your hot body."

Sarah squealed with joy as he fucked her hard and fast. Her orgasm rising steadily. "Yes, oh yes." She cried pushing up against him. "Make me cum baby."

Ben lowered his mouth to her breasts, nuzzling it with his lips before he took her nipple into his mouth, sucking hard on the small nub.

Sarah's eyes suddenly opened wide as she felt her body convulse in release. "Fuck, I'm cummmmiinnnngggg..." She howled digging her feet into his ass and pulling him completely inside her.

"Fuck, oh god can't hold it." Ben groaned as he felt her tighten around him. He held himself completely inside her as his balls erupted. "Take it my dear, take all my hot cum."

Sarah whimpered in pleasure as she felt him fill her. "Yes, oh yes, cum in me honey." She kept her body clenched tightly against his as they rode the waves together.

Sarah and Ben held each other as they came down from their sexual high. She ran her hands down over his back as his softening cock slipped from her body with a plop.

"Oh god, it hasn't been that good in a long time." He groaned kissing her softly before he pulled completely off of her and lay down on his back on the ground beside her.

Sarah was in a kind of sexual stupor and just sighed as she turned over resting her head against his chest. "That was fantastic." She purred. She kissed his sweaty chest, and then heard the familiar beeping. She didn't bother to look at the date this time; she really didn't want to know where she was going to end up next.

She kissed Ben's chest once more before she reluctantly pulled away. "Thank you Ben, for everything." She grabbed up her clothes holding them against her body then pressed the button and vanished.

Ben watched her vanish and his eyes widened. He laid there for a couple of minutes before he finally stood up and pulled his clothes on. Walking over to where he had left the horse and buggy, he shook his head. "What a strange girl." He said more to himself then to anyone. He walked up to the horse. "Now, this is our secret right?"

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