tagSci-Fi & FantasyHaving Fun with History Pt. 03

Having Fun with History Pt. 03


When Sarah landed at her next destination, she was once again in a field; she was beginning to see a pattern when she heard two men talking not far from her. "I think it will work this time, Wilbur." One man said as he leaned over what looked like an ancient glider.

"Let me guess, the Wright brothers." She said to herself as she slowly walked towards them. She heard the familiar beeping and turned to see the date of October 3, 1900 before the screen went blank. "Great, just great." She said to herself again as she continued towards the two men.

"Excuse me, could you help me?"

The man who had been leaning over the glider turned to look at her and his eyes widened. "Wilbur, Wilbur." he said frantically hitting his brother on the arm.

Wilbur was beside him making some last adjustments before they did the practice launch. "What is it Orville?" he asked in exasperation as he looked at his brother.

"There is a naked girl talking to us." Orville said breathlessly as he let his eyes drift over Sarah's body.

Sarah shrieked at his words and looked down at her body. Orville was right, her skirt and shirt were hanging in her hand and all she was wearing were her boots. "Um...that is..." she started to say as the two men looked her over.

Wilbur turned his head at his brother's words and seeing Sarah standing there, he licked his lips as he felt his cock lengthen in his pants. "Well hello there." He said seductively. "What's a good looking girl like you doing all the way out here?"

Sarah saw the lust in the two men's eyes and felt her pussy start to leak with need. "Um...that is, I'm kind of lost." Feeling stupid just holding her clothes in her hand she let them drop to the ground as she walked towards the two men. "Can you two fine gentleman help a lady in distress?"

As she moved closer, Orville snaked out an arm and wrapped it around her waist as he pulled her tightly against his body. She could feel his cock pressing against her through the material of his pants and her pussy leaked even more. "Hm...I sure know how I would love to help you." he said huskily as he brought one hand up to her breast and cupped it.

Sarah closed her eyes and moaned as she felt his hand cup her breast. "Hm...I think I know what you're thinking." She said with a giggle." She pressed her body tightly against his and heard him moan.

"No keeping her all to yourself Orville." Wilbur said beside them.

Sarah pulled out of Orville's arms and wrapped her arms around Wilbur's neck. "So which one of you is the oldest?" She asked running her hands down over his back.

Wilbur grinned as he wrapped his hands around her ass and pulled her tightly against his erection. "I am, wanna have some fun?"

Sarah didn't protest as he lifted her body against his and started walking towards a clear spot in the grass. She just wrapped her legs around his waist as she tightened her arms around him. "Hm...I'd love to."

Orville watched jealously as Wilbur carried the mysterious woman over to the grass and laid her down before covering her body with his own and claiming her mouth with his. "Hey, I saw her first." he complained walking over to the couple.

Wilbur ignored his brother as he moved his lips to Sarah's neck then down to her breast. He licked at her nipple and heard her cry of pleasure.

Even though he was still dressed, Sarah could feel Wilbur's cock pressing against her hot snatch and rubbed up and down over him. "Oh god, that feels good." he moaned against her breast as he felt her rub against him. He took her nipple between his lips sucking gently as he lifted his body and brought his hand down between her legs. "What are you hiding down here sweetheart?" he asked gruffly against her skin.

Sarah lifted her hips towards his roaming hand. "Hm...Touch me and find out." She heard Orville's complaint and turned her eyes to him. He was standing beside her and Wilbur and his eyes were glazed with lust.

"There's no need to fight boys. There is plenty of me to go around." She purred as she felt Wilbur's finger brush against her clit. She whimpered in desire as he flicked her clit repeatedly and sucked hard at her nipple. "That's it, touch me." She cried taking Orville's hand and pulling him down beside her.

Wilbur moved off of her and down beside her so he could keep his mouth on her breast while his fingers played with her pussy. Seeing her other breast free, Orville lowered his mouth and Sarah sighed as the two men loved her with their mouths. "Yes, eat my breasts baby." She purred holding tightly to both men's heads.

Wilbur sucked harder at her nipple as he let his hand drift further down between her spread legs. When he came to her wet hole, he teased it with his finger. "Oh, agh, touch me." Sarah panted as she felt his finger. "Stick it in me baby." She lifted her hips and sighed when she felt his finger enter her. "Yea, that's it, touch me."

Orville kept his mouth locked on Sarah's breast but his eyes were on his brother's hand. He watched as Wilbur slowly sawed his finger in and out of her and wanted to touch her there to. He to lowered his hand between her legs. Feeling his brother's hand in the way of him sliding into her wet hole, he contented himself to flicking his finger roughly over her clit.

Sarah was in heaven, she had two hot men nursing at her breasts while their fingers brought her pussy to life. "Oh yes, finger me, play with my clit. Make me cum." She cried humping against the men's hands. When she felt Wilbur slide a second finger into her and start pounding them roughly in and out, she screamed in pleasure. "Fuck, make me cum."

Not to be outdone by his older brother, Orville started flicking his finger furiously over her clit while she cried out in pleasure. He pressed his hard cock against her leg and humped against it.

Wilbur slammed his fingers into her and growled as he felt her muscles tighten and loosen around him. "Fuck girl, you are so hot." He cried pulling his mouth from her breast.

He sat up and watched his hand as it flew in and out of her. "Cum for me honey." he panted as he finger fucked her mercilessly. "I want you to cum all over my hand." he slid a third finger inside her and watched as she went crazy. She humped her body forcefully against the men's hands as she screamed in pleasure.

"Finger me, play with me, I'm cummmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg...." She screamed as her body convulsed.

Both men had the same idea at the same time but unfortunately for Orville, his brother got there first. Wilbur dropped his head down quickly between her spread legs and started devouring her hot snatch with his mouth.

"Oh, agh, yes, eat me." Sarah cried when she felt his tongue replace Orville's fingers on her clit. She shrieked in pleasure and desire as Wilbur kept his fingers flying inside her while he took her clit between his lips and started sucking on it. "Ugh, yes." She panted thrusting her body tightly against his face.

Orville watched the writhing couple for a minute then stood up and quickly stripped out of his clothes. When he was naked, he knelt beside Sarah and took her hand in his before he brought it to his hard cock.

Feeling the hard cock in her hand, Sarah looked over at Orville. "Bring it up to my mouth baby." She breathed pulling at him as she continued to pummel her pussy against Wilbur's face.

Orville smiled in joy, his brother may have been the first to taste her but he would be the first one in her mouth. He moved quickly until he was kneeling beside her head. At the first touch of her lips on his skin, he purred in pleasure. "That's it baby, suck that hard cock." he moaned as she took him into her mouth.

Sarah bobbed her head up and down over him as she humped against Wilbur's flying hand and mouth. She whimpered around Orville's cock as they older man started slowly fucking her face. She whipped her tongue over him and was rewarded by a bit of his precum. She licked it up eagerly then dug around looking for more.

Meanwhile, Wilbur was having a feast between her legs. He finally pulled his lips off of her clit and moved his head down further until his mouth was even with her slit. He slid his tongue inside her and heard her muffled cry. He worked his tongue in and out of her furiously as he drank up her juices then dug further for more.

Sarah was leaking like crazy and humping her pussy tight against Wilbur's mouth as he pushed her fast and hard towards orgasm. She sucked greedily at Orville's cock running her tongue seductively over the hard veins and listened to him whimper with need. When he started fucking her face faster she put her hand on the base of him making sure he didn't strangle her with his cock.

Wilbur pulled his mouth away from her hot pussy and heard Sarah whimper with need. He smiled at her as he stood up and quickly slipped out of his clothes. "Don't worry little darling, I'm not done with you yet." He grabbed her legs and pressed them back against her chest as he lined up his cock against her willing hole. Sarah whined against Orville's hard cock as she looked at Wilbur through lust filled eyes.

Wilbur smiled at her as he slowly started pressing inside her. When he bottomed out, he leaned down over her and locked his mouth on her breast. He sucked greedily at her nipple as he slowly worked his hips back and forth sliding seductively inside her.

Sarah whimpered against the cock in her mouth and felt her body shiver with pleasure. Wilbur's cock was pressing hard against her clit every time he slid inside her and she felt herself pressed closer to that glorious release. She shifted her legs against his hands as she lifted her body against his slow strokes. She tried to tell him with her eyes to fuck her faster but Wilbur had his own eyes closed and continued the slow, arduous assault on her senses.

Orville was in heaven. Her mouth felt so good on his hard cock and when she wrapped her tongue along the head when he pulled back he felt more precum sliding out of his cock. "Oh god, it feels so good." He cried wrapping his fingers in her hair and holding her tight against him as he fucked her face harder and faster than before. He felt his cock slide into her throat and almost lost it right there. "Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum." He cried as his cock slid into her throat for the third time.

"MMMMMMph..." Sarah mumbled against his cock as she sucked harder at it. Her own body was on fire and Wilbur was showing no sign of pressing her over the edge anytime soon. He continued with the slow assault on her pussy as he bit gently on her nipple.

Suddenly Sarah had a mouth full of cum as Orville suddenly let go. She held as much in her mouth as she could then started swallowing it as fast as she could. When he stopped, she licked at the head searching for more before she slowly let his cock slip between her lips. "Yummy." She said with a soft smile as Orville collapsed on the grass beside her.

"Oh yeah. Now I can really have some fun." Wilbur growled lifting his head from her breast. Sarah looked down at him in wonder then gasped as he suddenly locked his arms around her legs and started slamming inside her like a madman.

His cock was flying so fast inside her that Sarah couldn't keep up with the furious strokes. Her breath started coming out in pants and her body soared towards release faster than ever before. "Oh fuck yes. Fuck me with that hard cock." She panted trying to match his strokes with ones of her own. She felt her body tighten and knew it was a matter of time before he pushed her over the edge.

"Such a hot, tight pussy." Wilbur growled locking his mouth on hers as he kissed her furiously. Sarah sucked at his tongue as she wrapped her arms around his neck and welcomed the hard, furious strokes he was giving her body. He let his tongue dart in and out of her mouth in time to his cock pounding in and out of her tight pussy. Sarah couldn't take anymore and screamed against his hot mouth as her body suddenly released.

Wilbur felt her juices coat his cock and howled against her mouth as he slammed forward once more and let go, his cock shooting hot loads of cum into her willing pussy.

Orville watched the couple in front of him and felt his cock start to lengthen once more. When Wilbur moved off of Sarah, Orville moved over quickly and grabbing her leg rolled her over onto her stomach. "Oh my..." Sarah gasped in surprise as Orville pulled her up onto her knees and slid inside her from behind. "Oh yes, fuck me." She purred hotly. Orville was a bit thicker and longer than his brother and he seemed to his everywhere at once as he started working deep inside her.

Not to be outdone by his brother. Wilbur quickly moved up by her head and pulled her face around until she was able to take his cock into her willing mouth. "Oh god yes." He moaned as she quickly started working her tongue over him.

Sarah was surprised at first to have Wilbur's cock suddenly shoved into her mouth but she quickly recovered and gave his cock the same treatment she had given his brother only moments before.

It wasn't long before both men were panting and moaning as they used her hot body for their pleasures. She knew both men were getting close and she wasn't far from getting off herself. She tightened her pussy around Orville's cock as she tightened her lips around Wilbur's making both men cry out with pleasure. She felt her body suddenly tighten as both men suddenly shot off at the same time. She gagged a bit on Wilbur's cum as her own body found release but she quickly recovered as she swallowed the second load.

As both men collapsed, Sarah rolled over onto her butt and quickly grabbed her clothes and pulled them on. She didn't know where she was going to end up next but she wanted to be a little bit more prepared. As she slipped the shirt down over her body, she heard the familiar beep and smiled. She blew each man a kiss as she suddenly disappeared.

"Where did she go?" Wilbur asked looking at the spot where Sarah was just moments ago.

Orville looked around as well. "I don't know. You don't think we dreamed that do you?"

Wilbur looked down at his soft cock, her saliva still glistening on the head. "No little brother. I don't think it was a dream." He quickly pulled his clothes on then looked at his brother. "Come on, we still have a test flight to do."

Orville took one more look at where Sarah had been. "Yeah right... a flight test."


Authors Note:

Well there you have chapter three of having fun with History. I'm sorry it has taken so long to get it finished. I know four years is a long time but I was having real trouble trying to get somewhere with this series. I hope to have the next chapter out a lot sooner than that. If you have any ideas about who you would like to see Sarah end up with on her journey through time just drop me a comment and I will see what I can do.

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