tagIncest/TabooHaving Sex on the Phone

Having Sex on the Phone


The incessant ringing of the phone inside the shoppe bothered me and I wondered where Jenny and the rest of my staff was so I went out of my office and picked up the phone on the counter near the cash register a little annoyed that no one answered it,

"Hello..." I answered with a sharp edge on my voice.

"Mom this is John. Why the razor sharp tone?"

"Oh Baby its you, I'm sorry...but this phone has been ringing for sometime now and no one picked it up to answer it...are you alright?" I replied apologetically.

"My 7:30 class has been cancelled since our teacher had to go out of town today so I'm going home early..."he said,

"I still have to do a couple of things here in the shoppe Honey so it will be some time before I can pick you up...Jenny is supposed to be here and tally all daily sales receipts but she isnt...oh there's Jenny now" I answered, seeing Jenny enter the shoppe and giving her a glare since she knew she was not supposed to leave or go anywhere unless she entered where she was going on the locator chart just before the door leading to my office.

"Hold on Honey..." I told John and turned to Jenny. I then gave her the sales journal and the daily receipts telling her to tally sales against current inventory and to put her daily ending report on the counter near the cash register. Going back to my office I passed by the register took out the cash and entered my office telling Jenny to close the shoppe as soon as she was done.

I entered my office and locked the door behind me since I was going to do a cash count. I sat and leaned back on my chair taking my shoes off and raised my tired legs on the table at the same time disconnecting the extension line of the phone connection outside and got back to John.

"Honey...its been such a hectic and exhausting day today here at the shoppe and I am tired and hungry, so I cant wait to get home and see you and have dinner with you..." I said softly,

"Tired Mom?...you know what I usually do when you come home tired..." he said in a provocative manner with an obvious smile on his voice.

"Mmmmmmmmm...I know, and a foot and thigh massage is what I need right now.." I sighed into the phone.

"That and more Mom.....I'll take off your pantyhose and start with your dainty feet and toes...kissing them so softly and licking them, putting each toe in my mouth and sucking it while slowly reaching up to your thighs..." his reply making me suddenly breathless.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...then what Baby..."I replied, my breath catching on my throat.

"Then I'll enjoy the smooth warm softness of your upper thighs and gently knead your tired flesh down to your knees..." he continued, his voice now making me grow warm and wet between my thighs as I imagined his hands upon me.

"Ooohhhhh Baby, you're making me wet by saying that and just thinking about what you're going to do to me but I'm still here in the office..."I replied breathlessly.

"I know Mom...now do as I tell you..." His voice now suddenly becoming stern and demanding. My heart skipped a beat and my pulse rate went up several notches as I heard his voice again.

"Unzip the zipper of your skirt and lower it to your knees...I know you're wearing your dark blue coat and skirt today..." he stated with authority.

"How...uh...how did you know..?" I answered, my voice now shaking with increasing desire.

"I lotioned your entire naked body and watched you dress this morning after we had our warm bath didnt I...?" he replied in a low voice.

I put my feet down from the table and unzipped my skirt slowly raising my hips to lower them down to my knees, then in a shaky voice I said,

"Its on my knees..." I was now breathless and very wet as I pressed the phone more tightly to my ear and eagerly waited....for his next command.

"Unclip the front of your bra and touch your breasts...DO IT!..." my hand suddenly doing what he ordered went up and unclasped my bra up front and felt the warm flesh of my breasts as my bra fell open, my nipples growing hard, my heart beating fast at this erotic exciting dominance John was displaying,

"Now...pinch your nipples...hard!!!..." he growled at me as I felt my hand reach and pinch my now erect nipples, my pleasure at this domination intensifying and my breathing getting more labored after each moment.

"Now lower your right hand and slip them under the waistband of your thong..."he ordered, his voice now an echo in my mind as I groaned and closed my eyes to the growing pleasure between my thighs.

"Oh John....what is this you are doing to me?" I shivered and whispered with a moan into the mouthpiece.

"Now....touch your clit...slowly...gently..in circles...round and round....in circles", his voice now gentle and soft.

A shudder ran through my whole body as my finger came to rest on my clit and slowly started to rub it gently in circles.

"Ohhhh Baby...Baby...you're so naughty..." I moaned.

"Now push your finger firmly and rub your clit harder in circles...push...and rub harder...and faster...DO IT" his demanding voice now coming on again with an urgency I did not understand.

I did what I was told and pushed my finger more firmly and rubbed my clit in circles. I was getting lost again in intoxicating pleasure as I slumped helplessly on my chair, my eyes closed and my right hand moving between my open thighs...

"Now...slide your finger inside your pussy and rub your clit hard on the way inside. Move your hips up as you slide your finger in...DO IT", his voice now a stern commanding presence in the darkness of my mind as I moved my hips up and down, my finger plunging in and out of my pussy in a frenzy. I started to moan in pleasure...my body now shaking with an urgent need for an orgasm.

"DO IT MOM.....faster, harder...harder..." he said sternly in my ear.

"Yes...oh yes...honey...I'm doing it...oh yes."
my voice now shaking, my hips moving up and down fast while humping my finger as it frenzedly went in and out of my pussy, my reclined leather chair squeaking as my finger keeping time with my hips began to move faster and faster, John's voice now loudly ordering me on the phone to do it faster and harder...faster still...until...until....my mind blanked out in total forbidden pleasure...

"Johnnnnnnnnn......I'm coming Baby.....oh
yes..oh yes...oh yessssssssssssssssss... aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh" I snarled and silently screamed on the phone, my hips caught up in midair my finger rubbing my clit roughly from side to side in and out then burying itself deep inside me, my hips still spasmodically humping it as I tried vainly to keep my voice down since I knew Jenny was still outside.

"Oh John....honey...I came...Baby...you made me come...ooohhhhh" I sighed breathlessly on the mouthpiece, my breathing rapid as I felt my body fluids still gushing forth out of my pussy.....

"Dont stop...I said dont stop...dont remove your finger from your clit Mom...." his stern voice echoing back into my mind.

"But Honey I....." my weak reply cut short when I heard his voice low and demanding on the phone,

"Continue touching your clit Mom...DO IT..!" my hand seemingly with a will of its own lowered itself and felt the profuse wetness between my thighs finding my clit.

"Oh Baby....how did you know I want it again.."
I moaned as my finger resumed its circular frenzy between my thighs, my hips moving up and down as my finger began to move in and out of my drooling pussy again....the sound of his voice leading me...pushing me harder...faster...until the quivering flesh of my thighs clamped tightly on my hand, my voice groaning out loudly, now unconcerned whether someone heard me or not as another blinding orgasm took control of my entire body, John's voice still pushing me on and on endlessly until I cried out in a helpless moan...,

"No more Baby...I cant do it anymore...."

After a while I heard his soft voice again...

"Good...Mom you sound so delicious when you come...I'll be waiting for you to get home. A friend of mine just said he is giving me a lift so you dont have to pick me up. I want you real bad Mom.."he said hanging up, his voice betraying his need for me.

I was still breathing hard as I raised my skirt and weakly stood up. After fixing myself I went out of my office. Jenny had already gone home and left the daily sales summary sheet neatly placed on the counter. I picked it up and reviewed it for a while inside my office then gathered the receipts and the cash from my desk and closed shoppe. On my way out I thought to myself...hmmmmm...just you wait my bad naughty boy...hmmmmmm...just you wait until I get home...I'm going to show you what naughty really is.....

I went down to the lower level of the parking structure and got into my Navigator and drove away into the night. On my way home I thought of the many nasty things to say and do to John for doing this thing to me but frankly, on second thought, I was really more amused at what he had me doing to myself on the phone...but inspite of everything, I felt great and strangely enough...rested.

I reached home and saw the light in his room. After parking the car and locking up, I went up to his room at the same time taking off my coat and blouse as I climbed the stairs. I passed by my room for a while and took everything off dropping everything on my bed and getting completely naked. I then tiptoed toward his room. I opened the slightly ajar door and entered. He was seated on the side of his bed and reading a Playboy magazine. Upon hearing the door to his room open he raised his eyes and saw me and started laughing. I gave out a snarl and rushed to him, my face smiling and in urgent need.

I pushed him down on his bed and straddled him immediately taking his tshirt off in a rush. I placed both my hands on the waistband of his shorts and shoved them down roughly. I took his penis now rigid and hard in my hands and then knelt between his thighs, staring at it lovingly. I lowered my face breathing deeply of its scent, my mouth immediately opening to take him in. I licked the head and swooped my mouth down on it taking his fullness inside me completely, my tongue feeling the hardness and heat. I was in a frenzy as I moved my head up and down rapidly taking his penis in and out of my mouth, my right hand touching his balls as I felt him move up and down in rhythm with me. I squeezed the shaft of his penis with my mouth tightly squeezing and sucking his precum out and savoring the taste of it until I felt him tense up. Soon after, I felt his scalding semen hit the back of my throat as he came. I opened my mouth wider and swallowed his seed, my mind suddenly turning blank as I also came, the fact that his semen was spewing in my throat enough to give me an intense orgasm.

He then moved to the middle of his bed and grabbed my hands pulling me towards him, bringing his face just under me in between my sweating thighs and in line with my pussy. I moaned out loud as I felt his hot tongue lapping up the sweaty moisture from between the pits of my thighs and then my pussy, his tongue flipping then sucking my throbbing clitoris, both his hands upon me roughly mashing the soft flesh of my breasts pinching my hard erect nipples...I was gone...my mind was reeling as my head started to spin in the intense pleasure John was giving me and when he shoved his tongue inside my pussy, I screamed out in a snarl and started to grind and push my pussy down into his face moving in a mindless way, his breath hot on my pussy, his tongue like a snake licking me everywhere and when he touched my asshole with his finger I exploded into another mindless orgasm, my pussy flushed on his face and my whole body jerking spasmodically and hunching forward to clutch the headboard of his bed...as his tongue continued to make me come again...and again...and again.

Suddenly, he got up and pushed me on my back pulling both my feet towards him opening up my body to his need as my hand just took hold of his penis, now rigid, hot and throbbing again...and immediately guided him inside me. He growled and entered me roughly, smoothly entering my already drenched pussy. My thighs opened wider to receive him as he moved immediately in and out of my pussy with a frenzy...his eyes glaring wildly into my own, his sweat trickling down profusely on his face as he pushed his penis in and out of me fast and relentlessly...like a man possessed...and like a woman similarly possessed, I placed both my feet behind him to draw him tighter to me. I moved my hips up to receive his thrusts, the sound of our voices primal, like two animals in heat seeking the release of our desperate and forbidden lustful need for each other...pushing in and out...my hips raised everytime to receive his every violent thrust into my body until...until...his eyes glowered on me and suddenly closed as he pushed violently with all his might inside me and screamed....

"MOMMMMM.....I"M COMINNNNNG...the sound of his ejaculation and the feel of his seed shooting forcefully inside me coupled with his continuing assault on my pussy pushed me over the edge as I tightened my grip on him with my feet behind and my arms around his neck...my mind exploding..

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS......." I screamed and wildly moaned my blinding release into space as I pushed my groin hard into him feeling his penis spewing out his seed again and again inside me.....my head shaking uncontrollably from side to side... our bodies still humping each other feverishly, pushing against each other hard...out of control...having minds of their own....enslaved by the addicting and intense sexual pleasure of incest...and taboo.

After a very long time, while still on top of me, his still hard penis pulsing...throbbing inside me...I ran my hands all over John's back and felt the sweat of his body in my hands, hot, burning and musky...and bringing my palms up to my lips, I tasted his sweat with my tongue...the living waters of his body mingled with my own...his head on my shoulder, his breathing exploding in my ear...and my tired thighs down and wide open in contented exhaustion.

Soon...nothing remained but the sound of our hard breathing...as we fell asleep in each others arms, my son's body still on top of me...still joined to mine and finding the intense forbidden bliss of incestual union once again in each other......

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