tagNonHumanHawaiian Hellhound Invasion (MGE)

Hawaiian Hellhound Invasion (MGE)


Little Shout-out: Thanks go to BreakawayRepublic for the sudden idea at lunchbreak. Filler story between Theo: Blood Angel and upcoming modern age monstergirl fictions.

** Hawaii, Edge of Mauna Kea **

"Jesus fucking Christ man. I get to spend half my savings on a research mission in Hawaii, and that dickhead Johnson earns the Discovery Prize!"

Under the warm Hawaiian sun lay a pair of men on the chair, next to a small, unpowered drone, an icebox full of cold beer and several electronic devices.

The first one, a young man wearing a stereotypical getup of a Hawaiian tourist exhaled in frustration, reclining on the folding chair. "At least it came with a beach package..." He mumbled, looking at his project at his side. He had spent his life savings for inspecting the newly active Mauna Kea with a special drone of his own making, complete with an inflatable, convection absorbing parachute to look closely and analyze the incredible developments inside the volcano...

...ever since the CERN collider exploded last month.

That event was what shaped the world today.

Ever since the European accelerator blew up in a cloud of red plasma, the world started to experience bizarre phenomena, from ancient myths and legends coming true to statues of Virgin Mary exuding real rubies in lieu of tears. Doomsday cults, religious fervor and scientific theories popped up dime a dozen every day since then...In particular around the staff of CERN who was not harmed in the explosion, now interviewed and venerated by the religiously insane.

Science also changed.

One day, an engineer working in Texas Instruments displayed an anomalous method of superconduction using brass that specifically came from the supposed location of Atlantis. Next day, a weather balloon reported a humanoid female with wings laughing and flying in the stratosphere...

...the pair of amateur scientists, fresh out of an Msc. in Geophysics would find out what the "humanoids" were.

Dale and Earl had come to Mauna Kea, the biggest Volcano in Hawaii which was supposed to be extinct. Yet the volcano started to bubble last month, prompting the population to flee in panic and reorganize...and the two friends decided to travel to Hawaii (the sinking prices due to the disaster helped) and look inside...Who knew, something could be discovered that could make them famous.

Settling in, the pair of young men had designed a drone to look inside the caldera and find out what made the extinct volcano come back to life. Dale pushed a button, and the drone buzzed up, towards the volcano, where it started to watch the fire and smoke...

"Alright, worst case scenario we put it on youtube...The best case is we discover a new lava flow, some tectonic movement and get a prize."

Dale pushed the "RECORD" button on his tablet...


The drone was broadcasting the first visual footage from the edge of a volcano... Then the unthinkable happened.

The boys were staring down on someone.

A pair of fluffy, cute dog ears popped from the edge of the crater, making Dale scream in shock as a grinning, adorable face of a... humanoid...girl jumped into sight.

The creature looked like a regular girl wearing extra "furry" accessories for ears, paws, feet and a tail, with fur tufts around her elbows, brow, and ankles. Her skin was black like soot, and she was looking at the camera with a cute grin, her blood red eyes blazing with fire. Dale and Earl would squeak in shock, meeting their first Hellhound girl in their lives staring at the drone. It was a moment they would never forget.

"WHAT THE FU-" Dale's mouth was half open, coming camera-to-face with the cute girl with big, red, blazing eyes, dark black skin, massive dog ears topping her head. They didn't know what Hellhound meant, so the terminology was out of the question.

She nuzzled the drone's transparent lens with a curious smile, pushing her cute button nose towards the white, buzzing robot.

"Whats dis?"

Dale had to pull the joystick in panic and make the drone buzz further away. The strange monster girl tilted her head, blinked, and to the drone's microphone, gave a sound akin to a dog squeaking.

Behind her, several similar "fluffy" monster girls climbed lazily, using their claws to ascend the slick obsidian caldera and lazily lounging along the edge, not even bothered slightest by the convection, heat or soot.

Hellhounds they were, the human pair would learn their name soon. These monster girls were climbing out of the once-extinct volcano, chattering with each other and lounging on the sun.

The drone buzzing next to them had suddenly all of their attention, cute, flaming eyes blinking at the small robotic drone looking at them. Dale would realize the implications of the event the moment he heard the next, confused words in English coming out of the Hellhound girls staring at his drone.

"We live!"

"Didn't we die with Maou?"

"I thought I was done for!"

"What happened?"

"Where are we?"

"Did Theo kill him again?"

"That's an interesting afterlife?!"

Dale and Earl simply stared at the screen in dumb confusion. They had forgotten the microphone was on:

"Dude, what the fuck are these...are these dogs or furries or something? And they speak English!"

The drone blared the sounds from its speakers, startling the Hellhound girls who were lazing after what seemed to be a strenuous event... All of them suddenly stared at the robot.


Curious, young, innocent monster girl faces focused on the drone.


Obviously, they were either tone deaf, or the convection of the volcano was disorienting them, speaking in shouts.


Suddenly, the flaming, canine eared females started circling the hovering robot with careful steps, sniffing the drone and giggling when they noticed it was something mechanical.



One Hellhound waved at the camera, realizing it acted like an eye. Each waved their thick, fluffy paw in lieu of arms towards the drone.

"Yo-hooo!" Others joined in when the first Hellhound, the largest one, shouted.



"Humaaaaan! Are you there?!??!" They waved fluffy, clawed paws in lieu of human hands and feet, their tails wagging. Aside from the limbs, their faces and bodies looked pretty much human...

Including their sexual characteristics...

They were naked. Each Hellhound had a black, shiny grey-tipped pair of breasts that strained known bra sizes, beautiful bodies with curvy, childbearing hips and feet that were canine paws... And their eyes...They were bright or dark red each, flames spewing from the sides every second they stared at the drone. And the drone showed their pussies, pink slits topped with a shiny little pleasure buzzer to the HD camera, every inch of their bodies shown. Earl's jaw had dropped at the sight, still, he felt it was unsavory to record the creatures, those cute monster girls who might have been unaware of nudity taboo amongst humans.

"Man we can't record this. They are naked."

Dale waved his hand. "I'll put some censoring. This is FUCKING GOLD, MAN. My Professor told me strange creatures appeared around the world and that's why I came here you know! Maybe something out of Moana movie." He was speaking in a hurry, recording the Hellhounds waving.

Earl blinked, scratching his head. "So...did we hit some sort of Jackpot?"

"Yes, Jackpot. We are going to be famous." Dale spoke in joy, recording the Hellhound girls flashing their breasts at the camera.

Earl's eyes lit with joy. "Boobs! Man, they are girls like ours!"

Earl already had a good mind what to think of them. Living a lonely bachelor life in the United States, and not much luck with any women, the idea of an exotic feminine creature...mating with him wasn't far off in his mind.

"I have to note this. No human can live in that much of a convection! Earl, press "Save" and record the thermal readings! This is crazy! How can they even live in an active caldera?!"

A husky female voice and loud pawsteps crunching the gravel behind them made them jump, carrying the answer.

"That's because we aren't human, boys."


"Found you."

Dale's heart clenched when two warm, sulfur smelling, giant paws made him turn around, albeit gently.

It was their big sister, apparently. And she was BEAUTIFUL. Her face, wolf-like around the edges but human like the rest, had a set of pouty, lovely lips of an unnatural silvery color under a cute nose and big, beautiful fiery eyes. Her smile was sweet, fangs protruding from her lips flashed menacingly. Then both friends started to look down.

Her breasts felt like they could break concrete with a swing, just about the right size. Her curves hid a titanic musculature under them, with a tail that could strangle them both if she wished, slowly wagging. Her both paws were planted on a shoulder of each man, standing in front of them well over six feet tall. Her eyes were bright red, spewing painless fire to their faces that...made them feel strangely aroused.

"So..." She purred, making their hearts clench. "...you humans have been watching us with that flying thing?"

"Um...yeah?" Dale smiled at her, trying to charm her, not even caring that she spoke English so well. "You aren't going to eat us or anything...will you?" He squeaked when the big Hellhound girl hugged both men in a very intimate way. Earl was lost in sight of her plump, gigantic breasts pushing to his sweating face.

She chirped happily, squeezing Earl's face between them. "Oh no, we don't kill people. Buuuut..." The Hellhound giggled. "We have a strong culture of saying "Hello" to the humans we meet."

Both blinked uneasily.

"What's your culture? Race?" Dale spoke, only to be laughed at by the curvy Hellhound girl. The monster girl smiled sweetly, her threatening glare fading.

"We are collectively known as Mamono, or as humans call us, monster girls." She purred like a tiger, squeezing both men's shoulders while embracing them tightly. "Elves, Hellhounds, Pixies and such...And..."

Dale kept listening, shocked, realizing that fantastical races ARE real, after all..."So...Hello ma'am. I'm Dave, and this is Earl."

The Hellhound shushed him with a claw, very gently put on his lips. Slowly, she leaned, both men smelling her lovely, feminine scent with a spicy tinge. She pulled each head to her lips, whispering in their ear.

"I will greet you...by fucking both of you until you can't walk!" She grinned wider, her eyes widening in joy and starting to push them down.

"No!" Dale tried to pull back, the Hellhound chuckling happily in return.

"No means yes!" She cackled, laughing in a mischievious tone.

Earl gave an enthusiastic "YES!" instead, which made her laugh madly and hug him tight.

The Hellhound could feel his hardening erection poking her crotch. Her tail was wagging when she pulled him for a kiss, dropping Dale flat on his ass on the sand.

"YES MEANS DOUBLE YES!" Suddenly, the Hellhound threw head to the sky, screaming in joy with a roar.


"Oh fuck me." Dale shuddered, trying to run. The Hellhound winked at him, clearly knowing the English idiom:

"Not me, but my sisters are just as good!"

Dale scrambled to his feet in a panic. Before he could run away, he was hearing rumbling paw stampede sounds combined with cute howls echoing around him, grinning Hellhounds racing down the caldera to assault him and jump him before he could run. Screaming, happy monster girls, all Hellhounds, overran both men in seconds and tackled Dale in a cloud of dust.


"FUCK!" Dale screamed.

"OK! WE FUCK!" They cheerfully screamed and laughed, forcibly tearing off Dale's clothes in a whirlwind of claws and fangs.

"Oh boy." Dale got up in panic, only to be tackled by GRINNING Hellhound girls who started licking his face, kissing his hips and pressing her breasts on his face with paws wrestling him down.


"YES!" The Hellhound girls happily cheered, forcibly kissing him and rubbing their feral, exotic skin on his.

Their kisses felt amazing. Dale did not have an overly sexual life, his life was mostly of study and a very low-intensity mixture of male pursuits. But now, naked Hellhounds had wrestled him down nude, in an attempt to rape him. His skin felt on fire every time he felt their soft, hot fur rubbing on his legs...

And that was the worst. Dale *loved* the feeling of a feminine body closely pressed on his, fondling his partner the best he could...And now, soft boobs filled his hands, hands kissed his cheeks and crotch, jumping his cock to a full erection.

Before he could beg for being let go, one of the dark hellhounds planted her pussy on his face crudely, clenching her legs around is neck and whining in need.

"Lick me! Please! I need it!" A young Hellhound yowled pitifully, even though she was the dominant one on his face, coal black skin gleaming as if she was full of fire...It looked as if she wanted the man to act first rather than force herself, even in such a situation.

It was a hard time for Dale. He sure wanted to get laid, but being swarmed and face-fucked by crazed, infernal Hellhound girls was the bottom of his wishlist now. Even so...The scene felt erotic.

The Hellhound, her crotch on his face, was staring down at him with more desperation than lust, hey eyes imploring him.

And the cute pussy and crotch on his mouth looked so soft, pressed on his lips with a soft, wet feeling.

The slit was softly pressed on his mouth, giving a spicy musk. Subconsciously he extended his tongue, licking the soft pussy slit before him. A purr and moan on his face, vibrating his bones was a sign that he was doing alright.

The slit was soft, rubbery, the interior walls tasting of cinnamon and sulfur... The Hellhound moaned in pleasure, rubbing her ass and pussy on his face in short circles while biting her lips, eyes closed.

Dale's brain was overloaded with sensations: his shirt and shorts were torn off, wet mouths kissing his nipples and chest, and now a pussy was pressed on his mouth by a dominant Hellhound...

"Oh God. I'm so hard!" was all he could mumble between licking the dark, cinnamon-flavored slit before him.

"He he! Our magic makes all cocks hard as rocks!" Came a muffled reply as a soft tongue touched his exposed penis. A soft, gentle mouth started suckling his tip, making Dale almost bite down if his tongue and mouth wasn't buried in spicy Hellhound pussy. Whoever was blowing him was out of this world, this time literally. It was better than the Thai hooker in Bangkok. A young, soft mouth sucked the tip, slowly sliding down on his shaft, careful not to bite. Her tongue was hot, eagerly licking his shaft even inside her mouth.

From the corner of his eye, Dale saw Earl being mounted by the big Hellhound girl who snarled and barked at the others. She had engulfed his cock in her voluminous hips as if her pussy sucked the cock like another mouth as her ass squeezed and released his shaft in rhythmic movements.

"He is MINE!" She was bouncing on the poor man who gave piteous cried, only to be silenced by soft kisses on his lips.




"Mmm!! I'm going to kiss you every time you say something stupid." The Hellhound chided him. "Now, boy, you are all mine." She gyrated her hips, slowly gliding up and down his ass and fucking him senseless. The Hellhound howled in glee when the man shuddered, his cock twitching inside him. Throwing her head back, she let out an ear-shattering...


The Hellhound didn't stop fucking Earl, bouncing on his lap and locking him in a kiss as she kept violating her.

Dale himself felt coming when the soft mouth sucked the entirety of his shaft, his mouth buried in Hellhound pussy. His body felt on fire with soft mouths sucking his toes, fingers, nipples and kissing his feet and legs.

"P-please don't kill m-mmph" He was lost in licking, fearing for his life. The Hellhound girls yelped and cooed as they heard him, fluffy tails wagging.

"Noooo...Why would we do that! We are just getting essence!" They chided him. "We just came to this world!"

The rape queue had just started, one man mounted by a strong Hellhound girl, the other swarmed by young, hungry Hellhounds kissing, licking and sucking him off every which way.

Dale felt another orgasm build up as another hungry Hellhound girl started sucking him off, another giving a sniff and exploratory lick on his balls.

"OH GOD!" He shuddered, his cock exploding a shower of cum.

"HAHAHAHHAAHAHAAA!" The Hellhounds were jubilant as his cock sprayed his cum all over their faces, licking hungrily. And his sensitive tip was burning, merciless hot Hellhound girls licking the poor shaft as a form of torture. He could not stop cumming, writhing like a fish out of water with so many Hellhound girls violating him.

Furry paws massages his cock, as one of the older Hellhound girls shifted herself on top of him and grinning.

"Time to enjoy!" She barked, lowering her round ass and pussy on his crotch and giving him a hot, murderous feeling of pleasure when his cock felt like being pulled to a burning hot fleshlight.

Dale screamed at the top of his lungs, only to be silenced by a kiss. The Hellhound started spreading her legs, clenching up and down when she started to milk his cock.

"If you don't get it hard, I guess we'll stick fingers in your prostate! Y'know I like fingering boy asses! One time, I fit a whole fist into-"

Dale's cock jumped back into action with subconscious panic, making the Hellhound laugh in glee...And softly whispered in his ear.

"That's a good boy...Come into big sister..."


The chaos in Hawaii's other islands and resorts was no different. Everywhere, heat-based monster girls had appeared. Starting with curiosity, and flirtatious encounters with humans, the strange monster females started raping all the men playing with the modern equipment lying around. A petite, dusky little dark elf with white hair had found a radio microphone, singing off-key and dancing to the camera she just found watching herself, realizing it was a recording device.

"Allll the meeeeen should be my slaaaaaves because I'm so prettyyyyy <3"

A Lava Golem jumped when a feminine perfume can exploded in her hand.

"Human technology is racist!" She squeaked, blowing a raspberry at the shop. Luckily no gas stations were around. At least she smelled good now.

Hellhound girls were running in panic when a loudspeaker they barked on exploded back with a bark of its own.





"SISTERS! PINE-APPLE PIZZA THING IS BAD! EAT THE PEPPERONI ONES!" One Hellhound had ransacked a stall, and availed herself on the pizza on the counter with curious eyes reading the labels...her enjoyment amongst shouts of panic was only interrupted to spit out the pineapple-topped ones.

It was a black comedy scene with sex, monster girls mounting men savagely and generally running around. The police were having a field day pulling Salamanders off poor men screaming for mercy as they mounted the poor men, tearing their pants off and impaling themselves on their cocks, helplessly made hard by the monsters' instinctive demon energy.

Luckily the police didn't resort to guns, fearing the creatures would eat them.

"I WASN'T DONE YET!" Screamed the Salamander girl when she was deprived of cock, pulled by angry policemen.


Dale and Earl felt their tenth orgasm explode in warm, fertile Hellhound wombs, tongues lolling like idiots. The Hellhounds kept riding their cocks, barking and howling, the poor couple's crotch feeling like it was stuck in a pile of burning fleshlights belonging to the cutest, perkiest girls in the universe.

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