tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHawaiian Wahine out of Bikini

Hawaiian Wahine out of Bikini


This is a work of fiction, and all participants are over the age of eighteen. If you like what you read, please rate accordingly when you are done, and of course, drop me a line. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



I have an admission to make. I love great photography. I have even taken a few truly great pictures in my time. I am not a professional, but I guess you could call me an avid amateur. Actually, when you see the cost of my equipment, I think most would say I am an extremely avid amateur.

I have downloaded literally hundreds of thousands of photos on my computer, and I will admit that the majority of those are of women. Tall ones, small ones.... Big tits, great asses..... Pretty faces, in pretty places...Provocatively dressed, or sensuously naked.... You name it, I probably have it. Some are there for stimulating reasons, (news flash.... Men sometimes like to jerk off to pictures of women) and many others are there for the sheer artistry and beauty of the subject, or the photo, or both. That's how you learn to take great photos; by observing what a great photo looks like. Most times, greatness isn't so much a matter of talent as it is experience. Especially in the digital age.

I must also admit that I don't normally go out of my way to take people pictures, preferring instead nature or wildlife as my subjects of choice. That's actually why I found myself on the north shore of Oahu that day. I wanted to try to get some surf shots. When I say 'surf', I mean the waves themselves, not the brave (or foolish, depending on your point of view) young men and women who ride them.

It was early in the evening, say an hour or so before sunset, when I found my spot at the top of the beach, among the low dunes and scrubby trees. The beach was pretty deserted. All the surfer dudes and dudettes were plying their trade elsewhere, and there were few beach walkers in this area. I wanted to get a shot of the waves cresting. The wind was blowing off-shore, causing the spray from the breaking waves to sparkle like airborne diamonds. It was very 'Hawaii 5-0', which was exactly the shot I wanted.

With that in mind, I set up my gear and took a seat on the sand. I set the tripod as low as it would go, so I wouldn't have to stand for an hour or more. I was facing into the sunset, and I was getting a great look down the tube of the breaking waves as they passed directly between myself and the burning glare of the sun. I would take a three or four frame sequence with each wave that passed, and use the camera's display to check the results, before making adjustments for the next sequence.

I had my eye in the viewfinder when something intruded into frame from the bottom left. Just a blurry blob, it reminded me of two days earlier, when I was recording the sunset on Waikiki beach. Some inconsiderate asshole had decided to park his fat ass right in front of my camera, no more than five feet away. He then looked right at the camera, and still didn't even comprehend that he was being a jerk. In the dictionary, under 'oblivious', is his picture.

Anyway, that's what was going through my mind as the blurry blob crowded in front of my waves. I muttered a few choice words under my breath, and turned the knob on the tripod head, adjusting the framing to exclude the offending object.

Several wave sets later, the blob was back, this time filling about one-third of the frame. There was no way to fix this without moving both the tripod and myself. I decided to see what, or more likely who, was ruining my view. I turned the zoom ring on the lens, allowing me to see who it was. As the auto focus centred on the object, I saw just how wrong I was.

It was a woman's head. A very attractive woman's head. Even with the glaring sun behind her, reducing her to a back-lit silhouette, I could see she was gorgeous. She had a classic profile, and her long straight hair hung past her shoulders.

Great photos are where you find them, and I began to see that she had offered me an opportunity to go beyond my planned waves. I hastily reframed the shot, and began to capture her. There was a golden glow around the edges of her silhouette. I took shot after shot, sometimes zooming in to get the details of her lips, her nose, her eyelashes. The shots looked very artistic, and my unwitting model was very cooperative.

It never even occurred to me that she was sitting up, facing away from the water. Who does that, and why would you deliberately look away from the ocean view? As I zoomed out a little more, my unspoken question was answered; she was straddling a man. I couldn't see any more details on him than I could on her, partially because of the sun, and also the longer grass that obscured him. Nothing obscured her, however as she reached behind her back and tugged at the strings of her top.

"Holy shit!" I said quietly, as my shutter finger went into overdrive. A pair of gloriously curvy breasts bounced free as she discarded the bikini top. In this profile view, they projected deliciously forward, sagging very slightly from the crease at their bottom curvature, and they were crowned with very stiff, perky nipples. As with the rest of her body, the stark back light offered only edge detail, but they were soooome details! Something else to zoom in on and capture, which I did. Her nipples were yummy looking, outlined brightly by the sun's brilliance. Thank god for digital. I would have been out of film a long time ago, but with a monster 64gb card in the camera, I was good for over a thousand frames, even shooting raw files.

Once, when I was much, much younger, I had come across a young woman sunbathing nude on a beach, and she had let me take a few pics of her. But this was on film, so not only did I only get three frames before the end of the roll, but I also didn't know what I got until I had the roll developed. Sure enough, I had been so excited at my first live nude, that I fucked up the settings, and the pics were ruined.

Now, with this camera, I could review and adjust, which I did rapidly and often. It wasn't everyday that a beauty like this was naked before my lens, so I was getting everything I could. As I peered through the viewfinder, she moved, first up, then back down, before repeating the process.

"Holy fuck.......!" I laughed, aware of the irony as soon as the words left my lips. She was having sex with the guy.... right here in front of me, in broad daylight. Well, broad twilight at least, in public, and about fifty feet away from me. Did I mention it was happening in front of me? Please forgive me for repeating myself. She turned her head in my direction. "Oh, shit."

If I was on their shadowed side, then they were on my lighted side. In the glare of the sunset, I must have stood out like a sore thumb. Or a neon light. Or a ginormous erection, which I was now sporting. I fully expected a scream, followed by a flurry of covering hands. There is no way she could miss the camera pointed right at her, and my eager eye in the viewfinder.

She waved. Not a big 'hey over there, look at me' wave. Just a little flutter of her fingertips. Then she started to fuck her partner harder, her breasts responding to each slamming thrust with a delicious shimmy.

I immediately flipped the switch to go from stills to video, and adjusted the exposure accordingly. I watched the display intently. "Oh, yeah, baby fuck his cock hard! Bounce those beautiful tits for me!" I ran another minute or so of video, recording the fluid motions of her breasts for posterity. Then I flipped back to still mode. She was still skewering herself on his erection, and apparently enjoying it, as moans of delight began to waft my way over the sound of the surf.

If she didn't mind having an audience, I was going to make the most of it. I put the bag over my shoulder, and scooped up the tripod, scooting down to the water's edge. As I walked around them toward the lighted side, I took a few quick shots of her firm ass bouncing on his lap. It only took a minute or so for me to get to a position slightly above them on the beach that allowed a well lit view of her.

They call the first and last hours of sunlight each day 'the Golden hours', because the light has life and depth that is absent in the flat light of day. When I quickly set down the tripod and peered through the viewfinder, that light made an already breathtaking sight.... well, even more breathtakingly beautiful. Words fail me.

If I thought she was gorgeous in silhouette, then I would need to invent a new superlative for her beauty in this light. Stunning. Exquisite. Really fucking hot. Take your pick. She looked right at me while I ripped off frame after frame after frame. God, she had beautiful breasts, so full and smooth, large enough to be the perfect complement to her sexy rump and muscular thighs, without overpowering her figure. And a very pretty face, with piercing dark eyes. I was having a very 'hard' time staying detached from the view through the camera, if you get my drift.

She slowed her rhythm, and lifted her shaved pussy off her partner's dick. I know her pussy was shaved because I was zoomed in on their most interesting and erotic point of contact at the time. Her juices glistened on his hard cock in the sunlight. At least, they did until that same cock vanished between her lipstick coated lips on its way down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, before she sat back on her haunches. Her partner stood, his pole waving in her face for a few seconds before she inhaled him again. I, of course, captured it all.

She sucked his cock fiercely, her hair flying wildly around her beautiful face. His dick was pretty big, and I could see her pretty lips stretched around it. Through the viewfinder, I could see her eyes locked on the camera as she pumped his hard meat into her mouth. Then she pulled her head back, and extended her tongue under the head of his cock. She worked her hand sharply along his shaft, all the while keeping her eyes on the camera. The end was near, and I pressed the shutter release and held it. The camera shifted into high speed, firing eight frames per second.

His cock twitched, and a rope of thick, white semen blasted into her open mouth. Another followed a few seconds later, and a small wave of white goo broke back over her lips from within her mouth. He spurted again, and again. A trickle of cum dripped down to her chin, hanging obscenely for a few seconds before dropping wetly onto her cleavage. The last few drops of his jism ended up on her cheek. I must have got fifty frames of the cumshot, and her beautiful dark brown eyes were looking at me for every one of them.

She swallowed, and wiped her chin, licking the glop from her fingers. Then she crooked her finger at me. I was still looking through the camera. She beckoned me to her again. "God, I hope she wants what I think she wants", I thought, flipping the camera to video again.

I stood. That wasn't easy, because my cock was, well.... fucking hard as steel! My shorts didn't have sufficient room in the crotch for the monster within. I walked..... waddled?.... over to a place before her, and looked down at her eyes as she unbuckled and unzipped me, pushing my shorts and undies down my legs. I tried to turn a profile to the camera, so I wouldn't just get a shot of my ass on the video. She licked the head of my cock and pumped her hand on it a few times before swallowing as much of me as she could.

I must say, feeling her lips on me was far better than merely photographing them. Duh! Her head bobbed back and forth, and her tongue was doing a little dance in there as well. The combined effect was electric. As excited as I was from the show, I knew I would do my geyser impression pretty soon. I assume that was the general idea behind her oral ministrations, and I certainly didn't want to disappoint her. I looked over at her partner, and he was taking a picture of her sucking me, with his cell phone, in much the same way I had. I was pretty sure my photos were better. I was also pretty sure I was gonna cum..... right..... fucking..... now!

She latched on and sucked furiously, slurping and swallowing every drop I produced as fast as my balls could send it to her. When I was empty, I collapsed back onto the sand, breathing hard.

A few minutes later, she had her bikini back on when she leaned over me. She stuck a note in my hand.

"My email address. I'd love to see your pictures, if you don't mind showing me. Maybe we could schedule another session for me to... 'model'.... for you again?" she smiled, and licked her lips.

And with that she was gone. I stuffed my exhausted dick back into my pants, and stood, a little shaky. As I did, I looked back toward the setting sun which was about halfway below the horizon. It was the shot I had in mind when I got here.

I spun the camera on the tripod, adjusted the settings, and fired off about thirty more frames. They were spectacular. If I hadn't cum when I did, I may have missed the chance. I smiled, and looked at the note in my hand. "I won't miss this one," I said, and started to pack up my gear.

I did send her a few pics via email, just enough to whet her appetite. As for a repeat performance... well, that's next week, and another story.

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