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Hawk & A Dove

byMy Erotic Tail©

(Special Thanks to Mystic_Arrival S~(editor) She has put her special touch in this story and taught me how to create a story that is readable. And Thank you Elizabetht (editor),if not for them this story would not be what it is today.)

(The Joining)

The horse's nostrils were flaring open and closed as its head bobbed. The hooves thundered underneath him as he ran with the wind. Its white form and grey mane and tail whipped with its galloping strides. The earth released the clods beneath the pounding hooves and a light trail of dust trailed behind as it sped through a trail in the meadow.

"Taca...Taca," yelled the Indian on the horses back, as he slapped the horses flank. "Taca." Thundering across the meadow, nearing.

Gray Hawk was the young Indian riding like the wind. His lanky frame molded into the horse as he had handfuls of mane and was shouting. His braided hair flapping up and down as he thundered into the village. His tan skin glazed brown in the sun.

The people in the village all came to his call and lined up along their teepees. The young man come galloping into the center of the camp and the horse reared slightly as the command to stop was given by the young brave.

"Taca," he yelled again as he pounced from the horses back and pointed towards where he came from. The chief gripped the mans' arm as if to calm him and looked in the direction from which he came. The chief's nod to the mountains was all it took, the men all gathered themselves and leaped to horse back. A band of Indian braves rode towards the plains, as fast as their horses would run.

Little Dove was an Indian maid, whom had her heart given to Grey Hawk. Her feelings were, "deeper than the blue water at the foot of the mountains," she once told him. She ran to Gray Hawk and handed him a pouch of jerky and a skinned sack sealant of water. He quickly kissed her and mounted his pony riding off after the band that thundered across the meadow. She blushed as she looked around and all the women giggled. That was the first time he had kissed her. She smiled bigger than the majestic mountains as she touched her cheek where he had just laid his lips.

She shyly ran back to her teepee and brushed back the deer hide that covered the entry. Once inside she went back to her sewing of the leather, her gift to her man. With a smile upon her face as she glanced over to the gown she would wear in the new sun, when she would be joined in life with her love, Gray Hawk.

Her fingers and hands wove binds on the outer edge of the two pieces of skin. A sheath for his knife. "He will be so surprised, I'm sure," she thought. Her mind danced of the thoughts of him, with recollections of the time they met at the creek and she thought he was arrogant, boastful: and full of himself. Till his horse faltered in the water and he was dumped into the chilly wetness. They laughed and she knew then his heart was pure. For he didn't anger, he found humor in life which brought her joy.

The time the fire roared from the woods and his first dash, was to see that she was alright. He held her for the first time, rushing her to the river for safety as he ran back to help the elders to safety too. She smiled even more as her busy fingers intertwined in the strips of leather.

A giggle came from her as her thoughts were of when she caught him relieving himself behind the tall pines while she was picking berries and she scolded him and reminded him not to pour his foul yellow water on the berries or she would have to ride him like a pony and break his spirit. His reply was that his spirit was captured by her beauty all ready. Her smile grew even more so.

She heard the yell of the first warrior who had returned with portions of their first trip to bring back pieces of the buffalo, for all to share. She didn't go running for she knew her share was coming too, in time. It would take many trips, before the men were through bringing meat to the women, to fix for a feast this night. For the "Taca," had given them nourishment again.

She only hoped that she would get a hide this time, for the last couple times she did not and she wasn't married yet, so no man had brought her one yet. Her only hide came from her father who had passed many summers ago. She loved it and it brought her warmth, the smell of her father was all over it, but another for her new husband to be, would bring her much joy.

The only two things she could hope for was to be joined with her man Hawk and a new hide from a buffalo. That was wanting a lot, she knew, but she wanted it nonetheless.

As another cry came from the meadow; as another brave brought back meat from the plains. "Perhaps she should go and help the women prepare." She thought as it will be a busy night in the village.

She drew back the hide at the entrance and stepped through the opening and stood erect. She peered at the mountain peaks that were capped with snow and the blue sky that folded around the towering earth. Mother earth has been so kind to us this spring. She heard the cry of a hawk that soared across the sky as she put her hand over her eyes to shade the sun, so she could see the bird, the spirit of her love.

The Hawk was in a full dive, with the speed of a gale wind, wings folded and falling faster than a rock tossed from a cliff. She watched the hawk in his dive till she saw the dove that was darting across the meadow. "Oh no," she gasped. As the Hawk hit the dove in mid flight and the dove fell to the ground. The hawk swooped upon its prey and took its capture in talon and began to secure its meal.

Such is life, "but a hawk and a dove don't fall in love," she recalled her mother saying. Mother didn't approve of her joining. But she was old enough to speak for herself. She wanted this man that was called Hawk and that is different she spat back to her mother, moons ago.

"The spirit of the hawk is in the man, the spirit of the dove is in you," she recalled her mother saying.

She walked to the fire that was being built as women were pitching their own standing poled frames to cook meat upon. Her mother smiled from a distance. Little Dove looked around the village and all where in good spirits now, for a feast was beginning to unravel, the meat of the buffalo was trickling into the camp more and more .

She heard the familiar rebel cry as she darted to her feet and turned her head around. She saw Hawk galloping into the village. He tossed one handful of meat wrapped in a small skin to his family's teepee, and his sister caught it and unwrapped it, as fast as her fingers could. Hawk never missed a beat and continued straight to her.

The horse never really stopped as it got to Little Dove. Hawk just jumped from its back as he landed and slowed his steps the best he could, as he fell into Dove and their embrace. Their eyes met and he just laid his lips upon hers until she became flushed, as a flower red as he stepped back and looked at her.

"What?" He questioned as he saw the look on Doves face. "We will be joined tomorrow. I wish to taste my wife now."

"You will taste her tomorrow as is proper." Dove said shyly and embarrassed. She looked around to see who might have witnessed such a thing and the whole village was gazing on her. She was so embarrassed she darted into her work to keep her mind from thinking of the act. Hawk handed her the wrapped skin that enclosed the bounty of buffalo. She looked at him and smiled as she whisked off.

He stood there part confused and partially full of joy. His blood pumped wildly this day. He smiled at the thought of the lips he had just savored. Then ran to his family to help with the preparation.

The night had fallen and the camp was busy, many were feeding and many were stretching hides, before they became stiff. The fire was roaring in the center of the village as little fires flickered scattered out. The main fire was where the elders and the children sat. Smiling Bear was telling his usual stories. Dove sat with her meat in hand listening to the fables of truth and myths of mysteries. It was her favorite time of the feast.

She felt his hand on her shoulder as Hawk sat next to her with his meal and smiled. Then he was quiet for the story teller. They both scooted close to each other and smiled as Smiling Bear was telling his tales.

"...The Sun journeyed every day, across the skies in search of a lake of magical powers. This lake will grant any wish if you drink of it. Now the Sun's wish is that he can find his love that comes to him in the darkest night of the month...she'll slide beside him...and love him like no other...." Smiling Bear smiled.

A giggle went through the crowd of listeners, they were hushed by their peers and encouraged Smiling Bear to continue.

Smiling Bear continued for a moment. "His heart waits anxiously every month for her sweet loving...but it disturbs him that he knows her not."

Bear stopped a moment as many said their "Awwwws'"

"After many years of this romance he figures out a plan...and on her next visit he will try it...so when the darkest night of the month came and she slid next to him and loved him like no other...he put his hand in the dying fires ambers and filled his fingers with ash...and brushed his loves face as they made love..." Smiling Bear paused.

Again the giggles came from the young children listening in awe.

"The next morning she was gone...this shy one had left him again so Sun got up and went out into his day and searched for the lake as well as his love. The day was long and he found neither his heart sank as he fell to the other side of the earth. Then in the distant twilight he caught a glimpse of Moon. A lovely women who kept to herself and rarely seen by Sun. As he fell to the other side, he spotted the smudge marks on Moons face as he caught his last glimpse of her as night took over. Sun then knew who his love was and cursed that they lived so far away from each other. He was storming around for days.

Realizing they will never be together...unless he looks for the magical lake. That he can drink from it and ask for his wish to be with Moon always. Not just once a month when you see them both in the twilight. If you look real good she still wears the smudge marks as a reminder that she belongs to Sun."

Bear pointed up at the full moon that shined brightly and the smudges that showed on the moons surface were very apparent this night.

The children snickered as the lovers in camp cuddled closer. "More Bear more...another," the Children pleaded.

"Ok, ok," he said as he scratched his chin and his mind raced to think of what story to tell next.

"Mother Earth and Father Sky please tell it again please." The crowd pleaded.

"Hum, ok," the Old Indian settled for his next show. The drum roll came from a near by teepee as some were singing and chanting for his build up

Hawk put his arm around Dove and they molded together closer and all ears fell to the old wise story teller.

"Now Grandfather Time was making his rounds across the vastness." He said as he pointed to the heavens. "And he came across Sky. And sky was very sad. Grandfather time asked Sky why he was so sad. Sky said he was lonely."

He wanted to know love. He said the stars have each other, seems each star has another. I wish to have some one too. Grandfather time said. Careful what you wish for you might not want it after you get it and it will be yours to take care of no matter what. As with when you're a young man and you want a horse to run across a valley and chase the Taca. But soon you learn they need care and they don't always smell real good, and leave unpleasant mounds at your feet." Bear paused.

The crowd all laughed and chuckled. Dove laid her head in to Hawk even more. Hawk was laughing too, for he had a horse and knew what the old wise man meant.

Smiling Bear continued. "So Grand Father Time considered Sky's request and he brought back a lovely women for him to share his life with. Her name was Earth. Sky fell in love with Earth and embraced her fully and smothered and encircled her with love. So much love in fact that Earth began to have many children. More than Sky could imagine. Earth became a mother and most of her time was spent tending the garden of the forest and the children she bared."

"The deer; the buffalo; the birds; including the all powerful little ant. Sky was now a father and his days were full trying to shine upon his off spring and Mother Earth brought forth mountains and streams and trees as big as mountains and flowers as small as a rain drop. She brought you into this world too and she takes care of you with her water and food. Shelter from the winds and from the cold mountains. It seems that Father Sky and Mother Earth have been very busy in the woods to produce so many offspring." Smiling Bear chuckled.

The crowd began laughing and snickers came from the children. "Another please, Bear more." The small group encouraged.

Hawk took Doves hand and pulled her silently from where she sat as they walked off towards the river. This was not uncommon but many eyes watched them and smiled as their new love was blossoming.

They got to the river and Dove stopped, but Hawk encouraged her on farther.

"Oh no Hawk, we will stay here so that all can see that we are honorable." Dove spoke with concern.

"Ok, I just wanted to go over to that log over there." He pointed to a log off the beaten trail a-bit. "Well, ok." She said as they made their way over to the log.

They sat beside each other and smiled as the moon lit up the sky and the river reflected it which made it more bright. Hawk took Doves hand in his and felt the coolness of her touch.

She felt his fingers circle in her palm and his leg push into hers. She smiled as her head was down but her eyes looked up to his. There they stared at each other and they could feel the blood pumping faster in their bodies. Their hearts were awakening. There passion igniting as they sat together and watched each others movements.

"I am pleased of our joining tomorrow." Dove said shyly

"As am I Dove." He said with a low tone.

Hawks hand dropped to Doves knee and he ran his hand up and down her bare leg. She smiled as hers eyes widened. Watching him closely. Her legs tight together, she trembled at his sensual glides. He moved his hand up even farther. Dove moved a bit but didn't stop him.

"I want you this night Little Dove, the way that the wolves frolic." Hawk said with a light voice. Little Dove looked back at the fires of the village. Seeing no one, but knowing that they were there. And knowing full well what he meant.

"But tomorrow is our day." She said as she snuggled into his warm body more.

"We have this day and every day my love." He moved his hand up a little more and her buck skin moved.

Dove nestled in even more as her head tilted to his cheek and she laid her head on his shoulder. Her legs opened a bit more. He smiled as he moved his hands even more up her leg. Her hand went to his strong chest and toyed around his nipple. She was touching him for the first time in this way.

Hawk took it as an invitation and pulled her head up, placing his lips upon hers as she opened to him. Their tongues danced lightly upon each others. She placed her hand on his chest fully now, so Hawk did the same. She pulled back a moment then pushed into his hand. He squeezed her soft mounded breast fully and gently. Her arm went around him and pulled herself into him more.

Hawk pulled her to him forcing them to roll in the splendor's sweet grass. He fell with his back to the earth as she fell lightly upon him and their tongues never left the others. Her mane blanketed them while their desires were being fueled. She lay atop of him as her hands fell to his face and chest.

Hawks hand went to her lower back as he pulled her into him deeply. He was growing between his legs as Dove felt this, her eyes widened and her lips pulled from his.

"You are too excited perhaps?' She said curiously.

"My needs are strong my women, shall you take care of your brave or leave him with such pain?"

"Oh...you are in pain?" She asked even more curious.

Hawk took her hand from his face and slowly moved it to his crotch. Through the buckskin she felt his stiffness as he pushed into her hand. His hand showing hers the glides that pleased him. Once she was doing this on her own, he ran his hand up her leg fully till her ass was in hand. He squeezed the roundness and pulled her into him, tightly. She opened her legs and allowed his leg to push up in to her as she ground slightly on his muscled thighs. Her lips hungrily licked his and opened for his tongue to re-enter.

Their passion rose as they mashed their bodies into each other under the night sky and the glowing moon. Hawk rolled to the side and gently lay Dove on her back as his hand went up her leg fully and she spread them for him to touch her. He leaned into her and kissed her while his fingers toyed with her pussy lips, exploring the folds and the moistness. Her back arched to him while her hands found their way under his cloth and she wrapped her fingers around his hardened muscle.

His surge into her hand was instinctive as he humped slowly at her hold. His fingers fondled and found their way in to her slit and she moaned lightly, turning her head from the pleasure. He kissed her neck then his lips worked their way to her chest. She pushed her breast upwards to him as he moved the clothes to the side and pulled her breast out to his mouth. He sucked upon it and twirled his tongue around her hard nipple. His fingers were in her fully now and she was squirming from the sensations she was having.

His cock was hard and pulsing as he crawled in between her legs as she opened them for him. He steadied himself above her as she helped ease him into her. His cock pushed into her wetness as she moved her legs even farther apart and pulled at his buttocks to bring him to her. He pushed in her and leaned his head down, suckling her exposed breast. She turned her head quickly from the pressure and the sting of first love. Bit her bottom lip as he pushed in her more. She turned her head into his chest accepting her man deep inside.

The moans she let out were light and of pleasure as he gently went in and out, the glides became easier and deeper each time. She pulled on him more as he thrust into her more vigorously. His head came up as if he was howling at the moon and she began bucking back into him even more. The pace quickened as they pumped at each other eagerly. She bit her bottom lip as he felt her wetness flow. The sounds were clearer as their bodies crashed into each other.

He became hastened in his pace and franticly humped at her as she dug her fingers into him from his thrusts. She watched him with her doe like eyes as he become more feverish in his driving hips and his cock was swelling inside her. She moved to receive his hardened muscle fully. Her light whimpers got his attention but he was pulsing his ecstasy now and couldn't stop. The sensation overtook him as he stiffened his body, stopped his humping, while his body quivered and shook. His muscles tensed and hardened, bulging all over his body.

Her eyes became wide as she felt the warmness within her. He laid upon her as she felt his cock inside her, pulsing and his body shaking. He kissed her neck, his pants and warm breath so near. He rolled to her side and pulled her to lay upon his chest. His heart pounded loudly as she curled up into him and kissed his chest before she lay her head there. Listening to his heart beating like thunder.

"I have never heard such a sound." She said

"It is the sound of my love for you Dove." He said and she smiled at this, she was pleased to know that she excited him so. Laying her head on him, she wrapped her arms around him.

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