tagNovels and NovellasHawk & A Dove Ch. 02

Hawk & A Dove Ch. 02

byMy Erotic Tail©

(A special thanks to Mystic-Arrival, not just for editing but for putting her special touch in this story. Thanks a million S~)

Gray Hawk and Little Dove lay under the sparse shade of the thin tree in the meadow of knee high grass and wild flowers. The distant snow capped mountains offered no coolness to the sun's warmth as it rose. Lying there together wrapped in each other on their day of joining, their skin became sticky and tacky against each other as the warmth grew between them.

Little Dove's head was laid on Hawks’s chest listening to the beating of his heart. Her long black mane covered them both and waved slightly in the occasional breeze. Her fingers trailed upon his muscular chest while his hand slowly glided back and forth across her bare back.

A distant yell and the sounds of pounding hooves caused her to raise her head and look above the veil of waving grains. The braves were riding to hunt the Taca again this day.

"Are you not going to go with them Hawk?" Little Dove asked in a soft tone.

"No, this is our day." He replied.

"What will we eat this day then? You have become my provider this morn and already you’re not going to provide for our teepee?" She asked half-serious and half-giggling.

"I will provide something for you to eat my love." Hawk said with a mischievous smile, looking between his legs and then at Dove.

"Oh?" She said smiling. "And this will provide for you as well when I unsheathe the knife." She sounded mischievous herself.

"No, I am going to eat you as a hungry wolf would." Hawk said as he dove into Little Dove's neck making growling sounds. She squealed at his playfulness and giggled loudly. They wrestled joyfully in the meadow then settled into a long passionate kiss. His hands began to run along her body as she pushed him back gently and crawled upon him slowly. Raising herself up slightly, she placed her hands upon his chest then looked down upon him. She reached over and grasped her buckskin dress, then turned back to her man.

He was reaching for her firm mounds when she sprang to her feet and put out her finger wiggling it in a come here gesture. "Catch me...then you may eat me." Then she took off, running bare across the meadow. Hawk leaned up enough to look above the tall grass to see Dove running towards the woods away from the camp. He fixed himself and sprang to his feet then took off in a fast run gaining on her quickly even with her head start.

Little Dove looked back and saw Hawk gaining fast and squealed as she turned and got her legs to move as fast as she could. She was reaching the outer edge of the forest when he was almost upon her. She grabbed a small tree trunk and spun a little, changing direction quickly as he passed her up and had to stop. Regaining his footing and direction he was back in pursuit.

Little Dove ran down the slight slope, dodging the thick trees and weaving in and out. Hawk was gaining again quickly. The slope began to get steeper as she darted in another direction at the last second. Hawk reached for her, but just grazed her waist as he shot passed her again, his feet trying to stop him as he lost his footing and slid with stiff legs down the steep slope. The earth disappeared as he flew off a small drop off and waving his arms wildly flying through the air for 10 feet before he splashed feet first into the shallow creek. The water engulfed him as a wave of splashing liquid circled outward from his landing.

Birds took flight from nearby bushes as the sound of crashing water rang out in the covered woods. Little Dove went hastily to the edge of the drop off and saw Hawk beginning to stand up in the shallow pool. The water was up to his chest as he checked himself for injuries then looked up at Little Dove. She was trying to hide her snickers but Hawk saw her and began laughing. The two of them burst out in laughter while Little Dove made her way down the steep embankment and to the creek edge.

"You Ok?" She asked still giggling.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He replied. She waded out to him and looked him up and down to see for herself that her man was not injured. Hawk reached out and grabbed Dove and pulled her to him, hugging.

"Got you now." He said as he pulled her in for a kiss and Little Dove wrapped her arms around him. Their lips and bodies pressed against each other in passion. Hawk began to step back and Dove followed willingly. He only went a few steps then he fell to the sandy shore of the creek. Little Dove sat down lightly. Looking at each other they soon leaned into one another again, kissing. Hawk pulled Dove into him and she rolled on top of him with ease.

Their hands fondled each other eagerly while their breaths were still short from exertion. Doves bare breasts were Hawks’s target as she run her hand to his crotch slowly. His hands explored her firm mounds and twisted at her hardened nipples playfully. Hawk reached down and shed his wet pants quickly. Dove took them and laid them and hers on a nearby rock then sprang into the pool in a dive.

Hawk watched his lovely new bride with pride. He slowly slipped into the pool and waded to the center as she swam around him. Hawk turned in a circle to watch her bare bottom surface then fall beneath the water as she swam and paddled. She finally made the circles closer to him till she was at him and smiled as she stood in the pool in front of him. Her long wet black hair clung to her as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

Hawk stood stout and firm in stance as she pulled herself upon him wrapping her legs around him while he grasped her ass and held her up. Their tongues danced upon one another’s with pleasure while their bodies pressed into each other with desire. Hawks groin grew quickly to the grinding of Doves pelvic. He fixed himself so that he entered her slowly opening her pussy with his push.

She turned her head with her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he thrust in humps towards her. She settled upon him more with her lips pressed into his shoulder as he pumped his passion more and more. She squeezed her arms tighter as he thrust faster and faster. The water sloshed from the motions of their bodies crashing together till Dove tensed greatly and he felt her tightening around his shaft. Her legs were clenched tightly around his body, resting on him as he rapidly increased his thrusts.

The feeling was great causing him to explode his love in her deeply. Holding her tight he stopped and quivered, pulsing inside her for a few short waves. She tightened her hold with lips sunk into his shoulder at the neck. Then he released his tightened grip and she slid from him then looked him deeply in the eyes. He gazed at his love for a long time before their lips lightly grazed each other, then they turned and walked to the bank.

Hawk fell into the soft sand while Dove continued to walk on to the edge of the woods naked. Hawk watched her every move as she bent over here and there. Then returned to his side and sat next to him. She put her hand and fingers to his mouth and he opened them as she placed a blackberry on his tongue. He chewed a few times then swallowed it down as she did the same. Then she gave him another.

The two ate heartily as she made several trips to the edge of the forest and back then fed him like a chief. Hawk lay back fully now and enjoying his feeding and relaxing. Dove called to him from the forest edge.


"Yes." He answered his eyes closed and arms behind his head. Relaxing in the now noon sun.

"Hawk." She called out in a low tone yet slightly excited.

Hawk turned and looked at Dove. "Yes." He said as he saw her concern. There in the woods about 20 yards in was a pack of wolves slowly making their way towards Dove. Hawk got to his feet and walked hastily yet silently to her side and then stood just in front of her. His hands spontaneously reached for his knife. Then realized his nudeness and glanced to his pants and knife that lay on the rock.

Putting his arms out slightly, he pulled Dove behind him as the wolves slowly and cautiously approached. Hawk took a step backwards and Dove then did the same.

"Need to get in the water." He said in a low tone. The two inched slowly backwards as the wolves come closer. There were only 5 of them but their large dog like frames with snarling fangs were very intimidating. The pack advanced slowly as Dove and Hawk walked backwards to the edge of the water. Hawk reached down grabbing a long stick and one of the wolves barked out in dislike of his movement.

Dove was beginning to wade into the pool as Hawk stayed on the bank inching his way to his knife and their clothes. Finally he slowly pulled them from the rock as one of the wolves braved a leap forward till Hawk set the stick out to him. The wolves back hairs were standing up and fangs glaring with a low growl. The others quickly circled him as Hawk reached and grabbed his knife and sheath.

The wolf closest lunged then stepped back taunting as Hawk swung the stick at it. Then with several swings to show the wolves he would not be an easy meal.

"Hawk, ahh." Dove cried out in fear from the middle of the creek. The wolves spread out along the shore. Hawk stepped back until the water come to his knees, slowly, inching backwards. The stick outstretched before him with his clothes and knife in the other. Dove stood in the center of the pool with her fist at her chin in fear.

The low growls of the wolves became louder. They paced the shoreline back and forth before the water. One tested the wetness and backed up, then sprung forward at the stick. Then it quickly retreated from the waters depth. Drops splashed from its under belly, while the wolves gathered closer.

Hawk splashed the surface of the water, spraying a wave of water at them. The wolves scattered then returned to the shore. Hawk splashed again even more and the wolves scattered again and stayed farther from the bank and spread out.

"Haw, haw." He yelled spraying more and more. The noise didn't seem to bother them but the pelting water they didn't like. Hawk reached back handing her the clothes and knife. Dove grabbed the clothes quickly and backing up while Hawk pushed lightly with is hand. She turned and quickly made it to the shallower edge of the other side. She put her buckskins back on. Hawk slowly backing and began doing the same.

The wolves paced the creek bank, looking as though they might try another attempt to brave the swim, and then took off towards the woods after another stick taunt "Haw haw." Hawk yelled, and splashed the water again as they vanished up creek into the thick brush. Hawk turned and motioned for Dove to head down creek on their side.

"They’re gone? I thought they would never leave." Dove said as she saw Hawk pick up his pace. He looked back at her.

"Their not gone, lets go." Motioning her to follow then turning and quickly making his way through the trees. Dove followed right behind. They weaved through the timbered pines quickly and silently ‘til Hawk pointed and they change course. They came to a tree that leaned a great deal. Hawk turned and gripped Dove, and pushing her up the slant of the base. Then he pushed lightly and began to climb. They gripped the sturdy bark and shimmied up quickly as the sound of rustling feet shot past the base.

Hawk quickly went higher, as did Dove, the wolves all ran by, silent as a breeze. The tree's bark rustled some from their climb and the wolves’ keen nose and hearing made them stop. They quickly sniffed around then zeroed in on the tree they were climbing. The pack circled the tree panting and sniffing. They were looking straight up at Hawk and Dove.

The two sat on the lower limbs high above the pack. They continued to circle the base till Hawk cupped his hand to his mouth and let out the tribal distress yell. "IEEE ya, ya ya." Taking in a deep breath and repeated the shout with his head tilted up and his hands open at his mouth. The wolves stepped off but quickly return.

Hawk shouted louder and higher. Dove gripped the branches tightly. The wolves roamed farther away but still circled. Their tongues were hanging and prancing paws in jittery strides. The two looked at each other then down at the wolves. Hawk let out another shout, "IEEE ya, ya ya." Cupping his hand around his mouth.

The wolves took off quickly away from the tree but not from his yell. They ran from the sound of horses hooves. Hooves that galloped through the tree line, searching. Hawk and Dove waved their arms in the slightly leaning tree. Cries out loud from Hawk brought them closer. Hawk and Dove inched down the tree. Hawk sprung to the forest floor and reached up to help Dove place her feet till he could grip her waist and lift her to the ground.

The horses snorted at the smell around. Approaching Hawk and Dove both readied to hop a ride and be off to the village. The horses shuffled their hooves while the two quickly came to the riding braves. Hawk peered through the tree line for the pack of wolves.

"What is it Hawk?" The brave asked as Hawk set Little Dove behind him.

"The tundra wolves." Hawk blurted with haste.

Hawk took the arm of another brave and swung behind him settling on the horse’s rump. "IEEE, IEEE." Came his shout as he triggered the flanks in rapid nudges and the horses bolted in to a gallop. The three braves carried Hawk and Dove back to the village. They rode fairly hard out of the area, across the meadow of scattered high grass of grain and flowers. Thundering hooves pounded the earth with whipping manes in their flight. The quick sprint of the horses made the trip seem short.

___ ___ ____

The fires shone and flickered through out the village of teepees that night. The groups were finishing their meals and the center of camp blazed the main fire. Gathered around its warmth the young all teased the flames while the elders savored the delights of their nourishment.

Smiling Bear was telling his wordy entertaining wisdom. Both short and long tales. "I saw the Grouse cross the trail. To get to the other side. He looked at me and asked. Are you going to eat me? Or feed me? I told the Grouse, I'm going to eat you. The grouse disappeared with his feathers the same as the forest floor. Now, had I said I was going to feed him. I'd be chewing on a Grouse about now." The old Indian chuckled.

The huddled group laughed and the children laughed the loudest. Smiling bear poked at the fire to stir its flame. Hawk chewed his food with watchful eyes on the storyteller. Dove’s eyes watched Hawks every move.

"More Smiling Bear, more." The young pleaded.

"Ok, give an old griz a moment to build up some wind." He snickered. "Ok, the rabbit that hopped down the trail to find a wolf in wait. The wolf growled at the bunny and the bunny said. Oh you got us, all of us. The wolf looked around, not seeing but one rabbit."

"I see only you. The wolf snarled. And the rabbit looked around himself."

"Oh they are here, rabbits are very smart. Smarter than a wolf. They hide very well. Shall I show you? Asked the rabbit."

Smiling Bear gazed around at his audience. Hawk and Dove sat at their usual placing, close to one another. The children surround the entertainer with attentive faces.

"Yes please, show me more rabbits. Said the wolf. The rabbit hopped a few hops and the wolf was right with him till the rabbit darted down a rabbit hole. The wolf chased for a moment then putting its nose down the hole the rabbit went in. The rabbit taunt the wolf. Rabbits are smarter than wolves the rabbit said to the wolf. The wolf snorted then tramps off angry."

Smiling Bear took in a few breaths as chuckles came from the children.

"The next day the rabbit woke stretching and yawning from deep in mother earth. Slowly he come out and began to nibble the short grass sprouts. Getting quite comfortable the rabbits nose to the ground chewing. Till he come nose to nose with the wolf. The big wolf growled at the rabbit and said. Rabbits might be smart but wolves are very patient."

Hawk and Dove rose as the "Awes," come from the spectators. Hawk nodded to Smiling Bear while they made their way to their teepee. The old storyteller readied another fable as the children squirmed from sitting to long.

"Ok, One more and then little ones must sleep. To grow into big bears. Each breath while your asleep makes you grow. As your lungs expand you grow. Oh let me see, ok the wolf and the rabbit again." Smiling bear adjusted his old frame and began another.

"There was a squirrel that was running around one day when he came to a deer that lay slain. The squirrel was leaving the deer when he saw the wolf coming. He was scared and didn't know what to do. So he darted back and forth as squirrels do. Then ran up to the deer and waited while the wolf approached. The squirrels back was to the wolf."

"Wolves are hungry tonight, huh Bear." One of the kids jested, anxious for the tale to continue.

"Yes." He said in his raspy low tone, bellowing out. "The squirrel began speaking to himself as the wolf got closer behind him." Shuffling his feet at the fire.

"I wish I had another wolf I could eat, like I got yesterday. This deer just isn't as good and an easy slay. The wolf stopped, listening to the squirrel talking to itself. Then it slid off into the tall grass, hiding. The squirrel continued: I can eat two wolves a day compared to this yucky deer." Smiling bear watched the young ones who were all eyes and ears.

"Well the wolf decided not to take a chance. Maybe this squirrel had some tricks the wolf knew not. The wolf ran off silent. The squirrel chuckled as he heard the wolf run away. Now all this time a rabbit watched as this come about. He decided to run to the wolf and strike a deal. Telling the wolf of the squirrel’s trickery in exchange the wolf would leave the rabbit alone. The wolf listened to the rabbit. Rabbit say, Squirrel sat on deer, knowing you were coming so he act like he killed the deer and eats wolves. But he is just a cleaver squirrel nothing more. I saw the puma-lion kill the slay deer this morn. Squirrels can’t do this. The wolf listened and became angry."

The children smiled and listened. The fire was stirred while Two feathers came and sat down at the fire quietly. The braves were beginning to ready for their evening gathering. Smiling bear nodded.

"So, the wolf and the rabbit went back to the deer and the squirrel saw them coming and figured that rascal rabbit struck a deal with the wolf for its safety. So the squirrel jumped back up on the deer with its back to them as they approached and the squirrel flicked its tail a few times as squirrels do. As the wolf and rabbit got close enough the squirrel began speaking to itself again. Now where is that rabbit that promised to bring me a wolf? This deer is yucky; I need to slay me a wolf. That rabbit said he knew where to get me a wolf. The wolf heard this and looked at the rabbit. The squirrel heard them leave and he scampered around from tree to tree looking for the rabbit and the wolf but never saw them. In fact nobody ever saw the rabbit again." Smiling Bear chuckled, as did the small crowd.

"Wolves like rabbits, huh?" One of the very young spat as they sprang to their feet. "Yes." Another answered.

They began getting up and leaving while more braves settled around the big fire. Kids gave Bear a hug before they slipped of to their homes. Wood was tossed on the flames to bring the fire alive again.

Little Dove took out her new buffalo hide and lay it on her blanket. Hawk removed his knife and sheath, and then hung it from a thin timbered brace. He sat on the hide while Dove sat with a container of water, offering it to Hawk. Hawk drank of it with fixed eyes on Dove as she removed her dress. Then she took the container and drank herself.

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