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Hayden Panettiere: Put in her Place


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

Sitting at her computer, Hayden Panettiere glanced out the window at the morning sky, grey and heavy. Not the best day to be outside, though she didn't plan to be. Nestled on her plush computer chair in just her sexy black slip, her typical nightwear since she liked to feel just a little bit sexy even on her own, with a cup of coffee in her hand, sipping the lovely rich blend as she checked her e-mail, looking for one e-mail in particular. She was planning to meet up with an online friend of hers today. Well, he was more than just a friend really, an online lover essentially, though they'd never actually done anything in person. She'd arranged to meet him today to change exactly that, and had e-mailed him the previous evening to just make sure they were still on. Reading her e-mail, she found one from him, which confirmed they still were, and that he was also very much looking forward to it, which made her smile but also sent a little shiver of excitement through her. Finishing her coffee, she shut down her computer down stood from her seat, walking back to her bedroom as she peeled the thin black slip over her head to expose her gorgeous naked body.

At just eighteen she was peachy, her body firm and shapely but supple and soft at the same time, her nicely sized breasts firm and perky, a firm round ass and sexy legs. And she was downright cute as well, long blonde hair and a cheerleader role on her TV show saw to that. Casting her black night wear aside, she picked up her towel and strutted to the bathroom, playing a little and almost posing as if on a catwalk, since she was feeling excited at the prospect of finally going the final step with her man. Turning on the shower, she waited for it to warm a moment and found her shower gel before stepping in, the hot, steaming water cascading over her perfect figure, her nipples just a little bit stiff from her thoughts of what awaited today. As she soaped up, she thought over how this had come about, the build up to this very day.

A few months ago, not long after she'd turned eighteen, she'd met a man online whilst curiously looking into some more kinky aspects of sex. He was much older than her, in his mid-thirties and much more experienced in it. She'd been immediately drawn to him though she didn't know why, and it'd gone from there. She wasn't stupid though and had been cautious, at first not even telling him who she was, and then meeting him with other people at first before moving to meet him alone, though they'd never gone any further, at her own choice. They weren't exactly falling in love, it was all about sex and adventure, and they were definitely interested, so the issue had come up pretty quickly. She didn't want to rush into anything, and he'd been fine with that, not pressuring her and willing to wait, which let their relationship develop. In the mean time though they'd had lots of fun over the Internet, role-playing and dirty talking for hours. They'd played around with father-daughter incest fantasies, light rape ones and many others, mainly kinky to some degree, but their favourites were by far and away when they played teacher and student, her acting the naughty schoolgirl, usually in need of some punishment.

She smiled to herself, feeling a hot flush burst through her, her skin tightening as she shivered in arousal, letting her fingers slide down her soapy body to her pussy, her fingers gliding over her shaven lips, just letting her middle one glide up her slit, pausing at her clit and lightly rubbing, the nub stiffening fully under her minimal stimulation since she was feeling horny. Idly rubbing, she closed her eyes and felt the hot, enveloping water run down her, thinking back to their kinky cyber fun, the hours of arousing chat to indulge their fantasies. They'd finally come to this point, after she'd decided she was ready to take it to the next level and go to bed with him for real. Well, she wasn't sure whether they'd actually get to a bed, but that was the overall idea, and she'd thought long and hard before telling him she was ready. He'd been more than happy with the idea, and they'd carefully planned out when and where to meet for the occasion, and he'd told her she could back out any time she wanted, though she was determined to go through with it and get what she wanted, and give him what he wanted.

Deciding not to get herself off and hold back, she reluctantly finished her shower and dried off, moisturising herself completely before dressing, which was interesting. They'd decided to do what they liked best, which was a teacher-student roleplay, and since she played a high school student in Heroes, it was ideal. Especially since she had a sexy little cheerleader outfit as well, something he'd expressed particular enthusiasm for, which amused her as he showed he was as bad as most other blokes in that respect. For this, it'd quickly come up as a potential outfit, and even more quickly become the outfit she'd be wearing, so she already had it laid out waiting. He wanted her to spice it up a little, and had suggested a set of skintight black leather thigh high boots to go with it. Not exactly typical cheerleading footwear, but she was more than happy to do it, the idea of being tightly laced into those whilst playing the naughty cheerleader turning her on more than she'd let on. The only thing left for her to choose was her underwear, if she was going to wear any that is. She quickly decided she should, since she didn't want to appear too easy and it added to the whole schoolgirl thing.

They'd decided she should go to his place, since anyone trying to get near her would be seen by far too many people, and he'd told her he would be ready for her there, that it would be perfect for what they had planned. She was intrigued and nervous at that, hoping she wasn't walking into some kinky dungeon or something. After getting herself ready and doing everything she had to, she slipped into her cheerleader outfit, feeling immediately exhibited, though she was in the privacy of her own home, and sat down to get her boots on. Slipping into them, she carefully laced them up so they were snug on her delectable legs, thinking they gave her already saucy outfit a fantastically kinky edge to it. To add to it, she rolled her skirt up a bit to make it shorter, showing off her thighs and accentuating the contrast of her leather thigh high boots even more.

Arriving at his place in her SUV, she parked as close as possible to minimise the distance she had to walk and risk being seen. Of course she had a long coat on, but any attention was unwelcome at this point. Luckily she didn't get any and quickly stepped to his front door in her high-heeled boots. She hesitated just a moment before she pressed his doorbell, hearing footsteps immediately before the door opened and he greeted her with a smile, quickly inviting her in.

"Hi Hayden," he said with a warm, self-assured smile, closing the door behind her as she glanced round his hallway. She'd been here before, but only a couple of times.

"Hey, how's it going?" she said, making conversation despite the rapidly building heart rate, feeling excited and nervous.

"Going good, even better now," he said giving her a look, which sent a little burst of adrenaline through her, making her body almost shiver with the energizing chill.

"Same..." she almost whispered, looking into his eyes, his deep brown eyes, which were so friendly and trusting. She'd noticed that as soon as she'd first met him, and they always seemed to perfectly capture and portray his mood. They didn't waver now as he looked at her, soaking her up, her gorgeous beauty. Undoing her coat, she turned and slid it off to reveal her cheerleader outfit, not turning back as she hung the coat over the bottom of his banister, letting him get a good look at her from behind before she turned back to face him. He just stared, barely containing a choke as she revealed herself, drinking in her gorgeous figure and cute outfit, not to mention the tight long boots.

"Goddamn. Would you like something to drink?" he said, unable to prevent himself offering some comment on her look. She didn't say a word, and stepped straight to him, stood up onto her toes slightly and snogged him hard, grabbing his shoulders as he was a little taken aback. He only took moments to get into it however, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as she did the same to him, their lips locked tightly together as he slid his arms round her tightly, lifting her up a little to sustain their passionate kiss as his hand slid down her back, unable to resist her peachy teenage rear. Giving her arse a good firm squeeze, he heard and felt her moan slightly, giving a little shiver in his arms before he let her slip away from him, stepping back and looking a tad shy.
"You're very bold young lady," he said, looking her in the eye. She blushed and looked away embarrassed, shifting her feet a little.

"Well...I..." she started, unsure what to say.

"I like that," he said, breaking into a smile. She looked up again and smiled back, positively beaming at him at his appreciation for her.
"I can't wait, we have to do this before I lose my nerve," she said, giggling and then giving him a quick spin, her little skirt lifting to give him a flash of her little white knickers and the thigh length boots wrapped snugly round her toned thighs.
"Then I think we'd better get going," he said, taking her arm and leading her towards the basement. He'd converted it to a study long before he'd met her, and given the teacher-student roleplay they were indulging in it was the ideal place. He briskly escorted her to the basement, dropping into character now as she semi-stumbled along behind him, her boots not ideal for moving quickly, but she got herself prepared and in character as she did. Once they reached the study she looked round, seeing he'd made some small touches to make it like a headmasters office. Standing her in front of the desk, he casually sat down behind it. She looked round a little unsurely, her uneasiness obvious.

"You don't have to do this if you're not ready. You can leave or stay, it's up to you," he said, making sure she didn't feel pressured to do this.

"I'll stay," she said, smiling slightly. He smiled and gave a slight nod, then leaned on the desk and interlocked his fingers, putting on a serious expression.

"You've been brought here today for inappropriate behaviour Miss Panettiere," he said firmly, looking her squarely in the eye in a way she'd never seen before.

"What do you mean sir?" she asked innocently, going wide-eyed and cute.

"Don't give me that. You've been going round teasing and flirting with every boy that's come near you, and frankly it's putting them off their studies," he said. She gave a smirk, almost giving a giggle at the amusing situation he'd described, since they were having fun after all.

"And then you even try and flirt with me," he said sternly, looking at her with a glare.

"You don't seem to mind," she purred, giving him a little wink and pouting at him.

"Well I'm only human and you're a very attractive girl, but we can't have you dragging down the entire standards of this school for a little thrill can we?" he said, eyeing her as her hand just slid down her front. She was putting on a little show, sexily biting her lip and dragging her hand down her front between her ample, pert breasts, over her bit of exposed tummy and down her skirt, just pausing at the hem, where she lifted it a bit to flash thigh dangerously close to the soft bulge of her pussy.

"We could, you could just let me slide, this one time," she cooed, leaning forward to him seductively.

"Not again Miss Panettiere. We need to find some outlet for your...frustrations, and keep our male students productive," he said, sitting up a little, his cock already hardening in his trousers, hidden from her by the desk. She'd used this time to take in his rugged looks. Well-built, just nicely toned, tall, dark, handsome, with chiselled features and light stubble which looked ever so hot to her.

"Do you like my boots?" she asked simply, pulling her skirt up a little more, hearing his breath pause as she fully revealed the snug black leather hugging her peachy thighs.

"They're very nice but hardly acceptable attire for school," he said as she gave a little pout, then brashly lifted her right leg onto the desk, banging her heel down on the oak, offering him a look right up her skirt to her which cotton knickers, which just concealed the enticing pussy beneath.

"Oh come on, I think you really do like them, especially with my cheerleader outfit. Better than a pair of pom-poms aren't they?" she teased, leaning forward to slide her hands down her outstretched leg, stroking the soft, warm leather.

"Well they're certainly more useful, but still inappropriate," he said as she breathed lightly and ran her hands down to pull back on her toes, showing her flexibility.

"Ooh I think you really like my boots. Perhaps you have a fetish? Would you like to lick them?" she teased relentlessly, suddenly pulling herself up as he stood up from the desk, pulling her leg off it and standing straight as he walked round towards her.

"You, Miss Panettiere, are nothing but a complete cock tease, do you know that?" he said, stepping round close to her, Hayden stepping backwards, catching her heel and almost stumbling.

"Yes sir...and I can see you're no different from the boys," she goaded, eyeing the bulge in his trousers.
"Well I guess not, except this unlike with the boys, you're going to deliver this time, not just tease," he said, looking her sternly in the eye.

"Yes sir," she breathed, feeling his power over her despite the fact he hadn't even touched her. He stepped round her slightly, closer now, taking hold of her arm and pulling her towards the desk, reaching with his other hand to guide her by the small of her back, which she arched as he moved her to stand against his desk, pushing her till her thighs were pressed into the edge of the heavy wood. Without a wood, he pushed at her shoulders and bent her over the desk, pressing her right down against the oak to leave her completely vulnerable to be taken from behind. She didn't resist at all, completely wanting this even though her heart thumped so hard she felt it might break her ribs as she felt him behind her, unable to see him, knowing what was coming.

He lifted her skirt up casually, flicking it up over her lower back to reveal her firm, rounded rear, and her little white cotton thong, tightly hugging her figure. It perfectly showed off her toned bum and the bulge of her pussy between her legs, showing she had a nice full pout down there as well. Hayden gave a shiver as his fingertips just brushed her rear, gliding over the smooth skin, pressing just hard enough to feel how firm and well toned it was, which suddenly made her daily work outs all seem worth it. His fingers just slid down between her legs, brushing over the back of her hot pussy, feeling her labia, soft as a petal through her little white underwear. Just dragging his finger firmly down the middle he separated her cameltoe, making her gasp and wiggle a little as he pushed the knickers into her just a fraction before sliding his hand back over her arse, firmly squeezing her, making her groan lightly before he gave her a soft pat.

"You need a good firm punishment my girl," he said, giving her a teasing spank, making her give a ragged sigh.

"But you haven't graded me yet," she said, glancing back to him. He looked a bit taken aback, not removing his hand from her arse however, grasping another full, warm handful as she looking at him with her innocent eyes.

"Graded you for what?" he said, eyeing her curiously as he immediately regained his composure.
"Oral talent," she said with a dirty smile, turning and standing up. Before he could either encourage or refuse her, she dropped to her knees in front of him, quickly grabbing his belt and undoing it, unbutton and unzipping his trousers and quickly freeing his rock hard erection, letting his seven inch cock out into the fresh air, albeit briefly. It was the first time she'd seen his cock in person, and took in every detail for a moment before she opened her mouth and slid it over him, enclosing him in liquid heat. He gave a groan as she sucked hard straight away, feeling the surge in his cock and tightening in his stomach as she did, almost thrusting into her mouth to help her out as she got to work. She took hold of his hips and got down to it, immediately pressing down to take most of his length before she started to bob steadily, her lovely soft lips wrapped round his shaft perfectly. Pushing him backwards, he staggered back and fell into a brown leather chair closer to the corner of the room, Hayden following him perfectly and barely even breaking momentum as she sucked at him.

"I'd give you a D," he said, reaching down to lightly stroke her soft blonde hair as she added her tongue to the equation. Lifting it up, she let the tip run along the underside of his cock as he slid in and out of her mouth, before holding him in her hot, sucking mouth and assaulting his bulbous head with it, fluttering and kneading it with her strong tongue, feeling his hands immediately grasp her head and him give a groan, pushing up into her mouth a little as she smiled to herself.

"Hmm I think that makes you a C sweetie, you've worked hard for it," he said with a smile, his fingers sliding into her hair as she resumed her bobbing, continuing to work her tongue as she did, showing off quite considerable talent indeed. He wasn't sure where she'd practised this but wasn't going to be rude enough to ask, simply enjoy it. She picked up her pace, bumping the back of her throat now as she dived up and down his cock, holding her tongue in one position so the rough surface of her tongue ran down the underside of his cock, plunging up and down his cock now. Pausing, she pressed down as she reached the bottom, relaxing and letting him slide all the way into her throat, giving a hum as she did which buzzed the tip of his cock just perfectly. Proving it wasn't just a one-off, she pulled back and dove down again on his shaft, swallowing him completely once more, pressing her nose to his groin. Adding this into her routine, keen to impress, she rapidly resumed sliding her pretty mouth up and down his cock, deepthroating every time as she tongued and sucked hard at him.

"Oh fuck that's just got you a B," he grunted, gasping her head again, pulling her hair slightly as she worked hard to finish him off, the whole chair shaking as she did. He didn't know how, but she added a little twist, making him gasp and starting the onset of his climax. His hands left her head and grabbed the armrests of the chair tightly as he pushed up into her skilful mouth, just about managing to resist face-fucking her till she sucked him dry. He didn't need to wait long at all for the latter however, as she worked the head of his cock briskly with her tongue, taking him to the edge, where she plunged him into her throat with a groan, making him come hard with a loud, throaty groan. He emptied himself hard into her throat, exactly as she'd intended, barely needing to swallow since he was already buried in her throat, the thick, warm fluid sliding down neatly as she continued to suck, pulling back so she could taste it more. It allowed a bit of room for one of her soft, warm hands, wrapping her delightfully slender, feminine fingers round him and milking it all from him as she sucked at him, his softening cock leaking the last of his load over her tongue.

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