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Hayden Panettiere's Feet


Yesterday I went to an audition for my favorite TV show "Heroes", I arrived at NBC very early in the morning, and the place was crowded with participants, I joined the queue, After waiting one hour in that endless queue I began to lose faith in myself, as time went by, I got really nervous.

Finally I heard a voice call out my number, surprisingly It was Hayden Panettier's voice, apparently she was par part of the judges.

I quickly walked towards Miss Panettiere, my hands were trembling, I nearly had a heart attack at the thought of having Hayden watching me act

Hayden greeted me with a handshake and led me to the room where I would have to show what I was made of, as I walked in and saw nearly the whole cast, there to check if I was good for the job or not I fainted.

I woke up in an office, and still a bit confused, I asked "where am i?" and surprisingly I heard Hayden Panettiere's voice saying "Don't worry, you're not he first, and you won't be the last one to collapse in the middle of that room, believe me I know from experience."

At first I was a bit shy, for being alone with her in that office, but we started talking, and before we even noticed we started to get intimate

Hayden was wearing, a black skirt, revealing her sexy legs, a white shirt, and some ankle strap stiletto heels, which showed of her amazingly beautiful sexy feet, that had red polished toe nails. At the sight of her feet, so I had a hard on.

I stared at her feet a while but I couldn't afford to be noticed looking staring at her feet; she would probably think I was a perverted freak, so I pretended to be looking somewhere else.

"Do you like my feet or something?" Hayden asked

"Shit! She saw me stare I should've been more careful, now what? I thought to myself

"Of course not!" I replied nervous because I had been spotted and I was now trying to get away with a lie that didn't sound convincing at all.

"Admit it! You think my feet are really beautiful and sexy, and you want to touch them, I don't mind really!" Hayden replied.

"OK I admit it..." I answered in a very low voice.

"That wasn't so hard was it? I'm going to let you in a little secret of mine, I would love to get my feet sucked and I've been waiting anxiously for that day to arrive, when I would have someone worshiping my feet. So I will make you a deal, if you do a good job on my feet, I 'l talk with the guys to give you another opportunity, and I'l persuade them to choose you! How does that sound?" she asked in a seductive way"

"It sounds great!" I replied eagerly

Hayden sat on a chair took of her stilettos, placed her feet on the table, and told me to start worshiping those amazing feet.

I quickly sat down on the other chair, grabbed her feet and I started by kissing them softly and caressing them. "Hmm... that feels so good!"Hayden moaned as I kissed her feet all over, I quickly had a hard on, and I was feeling so good kissing those sexy feet.

I kissed both of her feet, and when I finished kissing them and caressing them, I lifted her left foot and I started licking her soles, her feet didn't stink, they smelled nice, "hmm... now the other one..." Hayden moaned with pleasure. I started licking the right sole, leaving both soles wet and Hayden didn't stop moaning.

In one hour I finished liking those tasty soles, leaving them, soaked in saliva. Hayden kindly moaned "hmm... please... suck on my toes..." I obediently sucked on those tasty toes, like there was no tomorrow, and she couldn't stop moaning in pleasure "yes!.... don't sot sucking them, suck them... hmm... you're so good at this... hmm...I want you to suck on my toes everyday... would you do it...?"

"Of course I would, I would really love serving you every day, whenever you want I'll be there " I replied.

She pulled her big toe out of my mouth and said "unfortunately we have to stop now, but here's my address, come by tonight!" She wrote the address on a piece of paper and left.

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