tagLoving WivesHazel at Tom's Reunion

Hazel at Tom's Reunion

byTony King©

Tom still wasn't sure if the offer to fuck Hazel whenever he liked was genuine or made in the heat of the moment. Returning from work the next day he collared me going up the stairs. "Hi Tony, I just wanted to say thanks for last night, it was unbelievable, that little wife of yours in so sexy."

We went into his flat and over a couple of beers I told him the whole story. "Seems like you've got two choices, join in and enjoy or ditch her and find someone new." "Yeah, I know. I have to admit, it does turn me on watching her behave like a slut but at the same time I feel hurt that I'm not enough for her anymore. I still owe the bitch for what she made me do with that fucking Barry."

Tom thought for a while as we drank our beers. "You know, old Charlie's missus, that's the one me and boys used to fuck, well, she was a bit like Hazel, couldn't get enough cock and would fuck anything in trousers. At first, when Charlie found out he was furious, he beat her up real bad and she ended up in hospital. Fortunately she didn't press charges, instead, she fucked all the male nurses and doctors she could and made sure Charlie knew about it. Apparently, one night he went to visit her and found her in a private room with three guys going at her. He took the attitude; if you can't beat 'em, join them. It worked for them, they had a good marriage up until she died a couple of years ago; we still talk about at our reunions.

"So what you saying, let her get on with it and just enjoy it?" " Basically, there's not much else you can, apart from ..." Tom stopped for a minute, "go on, apart from what?" "Well, there was one time when me, Charlie and some of the lads fucked her so bad she couldn't take any more, really made her think and put her off sex for a least a month. In fact, I think she would have stopped completely only Charlie missed the fun and started her going again." "You think that would work with Hazel?" "How many cocks she had at one time?" "two, no three including me," "and how many do you think she could take in one session, a gang bang?" "Search me, she seems insatiable but I guess she must have her limits."

We discussed the idea for some time before Tom came up with a suggestion. "Tell you what, I've got a regiment reunion next week, there's about 20 of us left, mostly retired but all fit and healthy, we're no studs but there should be enough of us to sort Hazel out, what do you think?" It sounded good to me, 20 old boys fucking the arse of her; that should teach the bitch a lesson.

The reunion was to be held in a private room above a pub, I would tell Hazel we were going to a party and take it from there. As usual, it didn't take any persuasion to get her to dress sexy and by 8.30 we were on our way. When we arrived I was surprised to see a number of other women in the hall and at least 40-50 guys. I found Tom and asked what was going on. "Don't worry, some of them are wives or girlfriends, they'll all be gone by 11 at the latest, I know the landlord so once he's locked up he'll come and join us.

Hazel enjoyed the evening flirty with the old soldiers and chatting to some of the women, she had no idea what was in store for her. Sure enough, last orders was called and most of the people made their way out, Tom and his mates stayed behind. "Shouldn't we be going then?" Hazel asked, "No, the Landlords invited us to stay on for a special party treat for Tom," I lied. "Oh, I love surprises, what sort of party treat?" She was obviously a little tipsy and the thought of something special happening excited her imagination. "You'll just have to wait and see."

We all waited quietly as the Landlord locked up. Hazel was busy being chatted up by a couple of the guys and hadn't even noticed she was the only woman left. "I see you've met my sexy little lady friend," said Tom, sidling up beside her and patting her on her mini skirted rump. "Tom," Hazel chided, making a pretend effort to remove his hand. "She loves it really," Tom said, now playing with one her tits through the silky blouse. Hazel wasn't sure what to do, "Tom," she whispered, "everyone's looking."

Tom now started to undo the blouse, button by button. "C'mon, you told me you liked being a slut, don't you want my friends to see what a good little slut you can be?" "Tom ..." It was no use and suddenly the realisation of the situation hit her like a brick. With Tom pulling her blouse wide open exposing her black bra, Hazel stood there, looking round the room at all the eager faces. Next the mini skirt was unzipped and dropped to the floor leaving her in bra, panties, stockings, suspenders and high heels. "Now, your going to walk round the room and introduce yourself to everyone," Tom said, patting her behind to send her on her way. She tottered over to the nearest guy and looking back at Tom said, "hello, I'm Hazel." "No, no, no," said Tom, "you tell them what you are, you say, hello, I'm Hazel, Tom's slut."

The colour drained from her cheeks, she really wasn't expecting this. "Go on, we haven't got all night." There was complete silence in the room and she turned back to the guy and said in a low voice, "Hello, I'm Hazel, Tom's ... slut." A big cheer went up from the guys. "Well Tom's slut," the guy said, "you'd better show us what you can do." She went round the room or was rather pushed from guy to guy, each one grabbing a handful of tit, arse or pussy as she went. I lost sight of her for a short while but when she re-immerged both tits were hanging out of her bra and her panties had completely disappeared.

Tom grabbed her and pushing his hand between her legs gave her a big kiss. "Looks like she's ready lads," he said holding his wet fingers up to show them, "who's first?" An old gym mat was laid on the floor and Hazel pushed onto it. Immediately a guy was climbing on top of her and with out saying a word just shoved his cock straight up her. "That's Joanna, never could wait," said Tom with a big grin on his face. The guys all cheered as Joanna's arse pounded up and down, two other guys held her legs apart while others played with her tits. "Yeah, c'mon you bastard, fuck me." It was Hazel, the first cock of the night and already she was loving it. "Pull my nipples, hey you, pull my nipples, harder, that's it, oh yessssss, don't stop." She lay there shouting instructions, egging them on. Joanna announced to the world he was coming and Hazel's scream announced she was to. No sooner had Joanna got of than the next guy took his place.

After three of four fucks, they placed her on all fours, now they could fuck her mouth as well. "Has she ever been DP'd?" asked Tom, "what's a DP?" I asked innocently. "Double penetration, one up her cunt and one up her arse," explained Tom. Now that was something she had never let me do, fuck her arse, but under the circumstances ...

I told Tom that I would like to be the first up her virgin arse. "Hang tight, I'll find Charlie and arrange it." A few minutes later Tom emerged from the cheering mob with a large, extremely fit looking guy and introduced him as Charlie. "Hello mate, your missus certainly likes her cock don't she. Tom tells me you want to break her arse in, that right?" I nodded yes. As the two guys fucking Hazel reached their respective climaxes, Charlie stepped in. "Hold up lads, we got a special treat for her." Stripping of, Charlie lay on the mattress, his big cock sticking straight up. "OK slut, on you get." Hazel didn't need asking twice and climbed onto his prick taking it straight to the hilt. He allowed her to fuck and down for a while, enjoying the feeling of her spunk soaked cunt on his cock. Grabbing her nipples he pulled her forward and then held her there crushing her tits against his chest. Tom stepped forward and started to rub a mixture of cunt juice and spunk into her arse hole, eventually getting two fingers in right to the knuckles. He motioned to me and I replaced his fingers with my knob, also generously coated in juices. Before Hazel realised what was happening I had the first few inches of my cock up her virgin hole. It was real tight and she was doing her best to move forward, preventing me getting any more in. Charlie held her tighter, "I've got her, go for it son." The rest cheered me on as I savagely rammed my cock up my wife's virgin arse.

"Arghhhhh, please, your hurting." Tears were running down her face. I could feel Charlie's cock up her cunt with just a thin piece of skin separating the two of us; the sensation was incredible. Another guy lifted her head and forced his cock into her mouth. It was too much for me, a couple more strokes and I was filling her arse with spunk. I don't think I've ever cum so much in my life; jet after jet rushed from my cock, I was so turned on. Not only did I have the physical sensations of my prick up her tight passage with Charlie's rubbing me through her cunt, I also had the sight of my lovely young wife, dressed like a whore, on her knees astride one cock with another in her mouth and mine in her arse. I could feel her silk stocking brushing my legs and see the back of her black bra strap, I watched her head bob back and forth as the guy relentlessly fucked her mouth, it really was mind blowing.

As I pulled out, Tom took my place. With the first load in place it was easier now and within seconds he was pumping her arse while holding onto her hips. The guy in her mouth exploded and was quickly replaced with another, hardly giving her time to swallow. Once Charlie had cum, they turned her over. Now she had the guy underneath with his cock up her arse with another kneeling in front fucking her cunt, another in her mouth whiles others could now reach her tits and nipples. Tom pointed out that rather than try to get away she was now pressing down on the cock up her arse and trying to get it in deeper. I watched one guy stand in front of her forcing a large fat prick into her mouth. With out warning, he grabbed the back of her head and just pulled until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He held her there while he emptied his balls directly down her throat. When he eventually leg go she was gasping for breath.

Others openly wanked themselves off over her face, tits and hair. Every guy in the room had her at least once, some of them, including Charlie, managed three fucks. The final scene of the night was Fred, the fat jolly barman. He made her stand up against the wall while he fucked her well-used arse from behind. With her arms outstretched, it looked like a crucifixion. Having shot his load up her slippery arse, he made Hazel kneel in front of him and lick his prick clean. She licked his prick, balls and legs, savouring every mouthful. At one point she even scooped some spunk from her cunt and ate the lot.

"Fucking hell lads," Tom said surveying the room, "reminds me WWII after a day's heavy fighting." "Fuck off," another retorted, "we were never this knackered after a good scrap." Laughter echoed round the room as slowly the lads got dressed. Hazel, still dressed like the slut she was stood at the door and thanked each one as they said good night.

Did it cure her? Did it bollocks.

* * * * *

Hazel was my first wife and I've documented our life together as a series of short stories, all of which are true. See Hazel meets the Rent Man (part I & II), Hazel Meets Barry and Hazel escapes. There's more to follow including photo stories.

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