tagLoving WivesHazel Turns Pro

Hazel Turns Pro

byTony King©

If the definition of a prostitute is someone that sells there body for money then my wife has just turned pro.

Since leaving the grasp of Mr. Houseman (see Hazel and the rent man) and his heavies life had been getting better and better. I’d accepted the fact that Hazel needed more cock than I could give her and was happy for Tom, the tenant down stairs to fill in for me. Between him and his army buddies she was kept well satisfied, at least that’s what I thought.

It seemed the more sordid the situation the more she liked it, like being made to fuck the Indian cab driver on the stairs with the front door wide open, taking on Tom and his mates at the reunion, she even enjoyed drinking cum and anal sex. It seemed she was always looking for that next sordid adventure.

We talked about Houseman and she finally admitted that despite or even because of the fact that he was so fat and gross she just loved being used by him. “I don’t know love, it’s hard to explain, he just makes me feel so used and dirty it’s like the final act of degradation and submission. I reach a state where I accept that this fat old pig can do whatever he wants to me and I have to do it."

"Fuck me Haze, that’s a bit heavy for a Sunday night.”

We were lying in bed with my cock buried deep in her cunt, her silky black stockings rubbing along my thighs as I slowly fucked her. We often discussed other men as we fucked but this was the first time Houseman’s name had been mentioned. “Do you want him again?” I asked upping the pace a little, “Do you want me to?” she countered. To be honest I wasn’t sure, I liked watching her being fucked by various men and the more gross they were they better it looked. Trouble was, Houseman could be dangerous.

I felt her pussy muscles tighten round my cock and she started to lick my ear. “C’mon, admit it, you love watching me getting fucked by fat old men, it turns you on.” She was now grinding her pussy up to meet my thrusts. “Yeah, it turns me on but …..,” before I could finish the sentence she rolled us over and straddled my cock. “No buts, you fucking love it, you love watching your whore wife being used, watching them cum in my mouth and my arse, wouldn’t you just love to see his big fat gut crushing my tits as he rammed that fucking great prick up again?” She was sitting on top grinding her cunt on my cock and pulling at her nipples. She knows that talking dirty really turns me on and pulled out all the stops.

“I could dress in my whore suit and walk round in front of him as he jacked himself off, then I’d let him pull and pinch my nipples while he fingered my juicy cunt. He says he likes my bald cunt surrounded by black lacy stockings. Wouldn’t you like to see him fingering me Hon?” Would I. “Perhaps you can shove your cock in your sluts mouth while he fucks her from behind, I’d let you feel my cunt after he fills it with spunk, you know how much he cums, would you like that? Can I fuck again, hmmmm?"

"Yes, oh yes,” I almost screamed filling her cunt with my own cum.

After reaching her own orgasm and licking my cock clean she snuggled down beside me. “I’ll give him a call and arrange it.”

It was no point arguing, I long ago realised that once she set her mind on something nothing was going to change it. However, I didn’t want Houseman knowing where we lived so we agreed that we would go to him. I listened in on the phone call.

“Hello, is that Harry?” Hazel cooed into the receiver, “yeah, who the fucks that?” he growled, “what, forgotten me already, and I thought you enjoyed fucking me.” There was a moments pause, “Well, if it isn’t the little slut that couldn’t pay the rent, ran out on me if I remember right, phoned up to gloat have we?"

"No Harry, I phoned up because I miss your nice big cock,"

"Don’t fuck with me little Lady, what do you want and make it quick."

"Oh, now I’m hurt,” she purred, “I thought you liked me. I was hoping to arrange a meeting, you know, me in my black stockings and high heels and you with that enormous cock of yours,"

"you taking the piss or what?” He seemed a little unsure now and Hazel went for the kill. “No Harry, I really would like to see you again, wouldn’t you like to see me?” Again a pause. “OK, where and when?” Between them they arranged to meet at one of Harry’s new bed-sits in High Wycombe, it was currently empty but fully furnished.

Hazel dressed to kill in her long 6” mettle heeled thigh high black patent boots with black stockings and matching suspender underneath. Her tits were encased in a black under the nipple bra that pushed them up and out and her makeup was positively sluttish, thick black mascara and bright red lipstick matching her fingers and toenails. Her smooth shaven cunt was covered by a pair of sexy black panties and already glistening from her juices as she thought of the night to come. All she wore on top was a full-length simulated fur coat. “Think he’ll like it?"

"Like it, if the old git doesn’t have a heart attack when he sees you then he’s not fucking human.” Hazel laughed and pulling the coat together headed for the car.

Once in the passenger seat she simply let the coat fall open showing everything to anyone that passed. On the short journey down the M4 I took great delight pulling alongside trucks and vans, slowing down to make sure they got a good look. At one point, we were level with a transit van driven by a big black guy. When he saw Hazel lounging back gently caressing her cunt with her fingers he opened the window and started yelling at her. She too opened the window but the wind noise made it impossible to hear. With a big grin and a wave the driver turned of. “Christ almighty, you just can’t resist it can you?"

"What, he didn’t mind, bet he’s got a big black hard on now, hmmmm, I can just imagine him playing with it.”

We finally arrived at Houseman’s place. It was an old house that stood some way back from the main road sheltered by several bushes either side of the drive. Houseman had told Hazel that it was being renovated and turned into flats but only one was currently finished. He also told her to approach the house dressed to please. Leaving the coat in the car, Hazel brazenly walked the last 20 or so metres to the front door. I just stood there with a hard on watching her nice panty covered arse sway as she walked. Reaching the door she pressed the bell …. no answer. By now I had joined her in the porch and was happily playing with her erect nipples while we waited for Houseman to answer. She rang again. I put my hand down her panties and started stroking her clit. “Oh fuck, do that and I’ll cum.” I rubbed harder and sure enough just as Houseman opened the door Hazel had her first orgasm of the night.

“Fuck me, talk about start without me,” he laughed pulling her through the door by her nipples. “Well, well, well, still the little slut I see, couldn’t do without uncle ‘Arry’s cock aye?” He stood Hazel against the wall and ripped her wet panties off. Grabbing a handful of smooth cunt he leant forward and kissed her. Now she was quite happy to have him finger her or fuck her, even stick his cock in her mouth or up her arse but there was no way she wanted him kissing her. “Bit reluctant aren’t we,” he said breaking the kiss while ramming three fingers up her cunt, “looks like you forgot your manners didn’t you slut.”

With his fingers firmly imbedded up her cunt, he made her walk up the stairs to the first floor apartment. By the time we reached the lounge I could see his whole hand glistening with juices. That night he made her do just about everything, fuck him, suck him, take us both at once and twice he fucked her tight arse. Eventually neither one of us could perform any more but Hazel was still fingering herself and demanding more. “Fuck me mate, what the fuck ave you done to er?” he demanded. “Not me, it was you and that Barry that started it, she just can’t get enough.”

Houseman thought for a while and taking me to one side he said, “You know she’s sitting on a fucking gold mine don’t you,” I sort of nodded, “go on,"

"well, as I said once before I got a lot of business contacts that would pay good money for some young cunt like that, I’ll guarantee there clean and make sure there’s no pain involved, well not much anyway, what’ya reckon, I’ll split it with yeah, 50/50."

"60/40 and you got a deal, after all, it’s her cunt doing the work.”

I agreed to bring her back the following week and not to let on what we had planned. I still didn’t like or trust Houseman but what the hell, if we couldn’t satisfy her she would only go looking elsewhere.

The following Saturday I told her we were visiting Houseman again and to dress exactly as she had on the previous occasion. She was thrilled to bits and once again spent the journey flashing at anyone who looked. When we arrived she again walked to the front door without the coat and using the key he had given her went straight to the bedroom as instructed and lay on bed. The little bitch even pulled her knickers down inviting me to fuck her. “You’ll have to wait, I think your friend Harry has something special planned.” She lay back stretching her arms above her head and purred happily.

I was just wondering where Houseman was when a car pulled up. Looking out of the bedroom window I saw three Arabs in full national dress getting out of a big black limo. Houseman led them into the flat and after a few minutes whispered conversation they entered the bedroom. You should have seen their faces when the saw Hazel spread out with her knickers pulled down and her smooth cunt just glistening with juices. Harry pulled me out of the room and said to leave them to it. “Fuck off ‘Arry I want to watch.” He dragged me out of the room and into the flat next door. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Sorry Son, couldn’t say nuffin with them there.” He led us into an unfinished room and opened a small panel on the wall. The crafty old bastard, he’d installed a two-way mirror looking directly into the next door bedroom, not only that but concealed mikes picked up every sound. “Lets just say I’ll be the only one using this flat,” he said by way of explanation.

The three Arabs were standing round the bed jabbering away in their own language. They were all middle aged but with their facial hair and tanned skin it was hard to tell exactly. Hazel just lay there looking at them. Without warning, the biggest guy grabbed her knickers and pulled them completely off. He was yelling something in Arabic as he roughly spread her legs. The other two stood each side of her and inspected her shaven cunt, pulling the lips apart and probing her hole with their fingers. At one point both of them tried to force several fingers up her cunt at the same time forcing her to cry out. “Owww, take it easy, your hurting me.” Slap, the one on the left slapped her face hard, “Shut up bitch, speak only when spoken to.”

I turned to Harry, “I though we agreed no pain,"

"don’t worry, they won’t mark her or hurt her too much, it’s just there way.” The big guy at the foot of the bed now twisted Hazel legs forcing her over onto her stomach. The probing started again, this time she received fingers up her cunt and arse and was obviously in some discomfort. More jabbering as they started to remove their robes.

“Just wait till you see this lot,” Harry said, “hung like fucking donkey’s every one of them. He wasn’t joking, as the robes came off three very large cocks were revealed, even Hazel looked shocked. “Christ Almighty Harry,” I said looking at the big guy, “that guys hung bigger than a horse, she’ll never take that.” We watched as the three men literally pushed her off the bed and onto the floor forcing her into a kneeling position by pulling her hair. “Get you fucking hands of my hair,” Hazel complained, SLAP, another smack round the face, this time bringing tears to her eyes. She was made to suck each cock in turn. The first two she managed OK, deep throating them until they were rock hard, the third guy was so big she had trouble getting him into her mouth. I noticed that all of them pulled out without coming.

Pulling her by the hair again they led her to an armchair forcing her to lean over it, her arse high in the air and her tits dangling the other side. They tied her in this position and then seemed to gather for a short conflab and a smoke. Finishing the cigarettes they stood behind her, WHACK ….. a small leather whip cracked across her arse leaving a trail of red welts, WHACK, again and again they hit her, never hard enough to break the skin but enough to make her scream. She obviously wasn’t expecting this and her face was a picture of pure terror with tears streaming from her eyes. “Fuck that Harry, I’m going in there.” He grabbed me by the arm, “they’re paying a grand for this and believe me son she’ll love it, look, her cunts already dripping.”

Sure enough, even from this distance I could see her cunt and thighs glistening with juices. They stopped whipping her and producing a small bottle from his bag one of the guys rubbed the contents into her burning flesh, lubricating her arse hole at the same time. “Typical fucking Arabs,” said Harry, “all they ever want is arse.” The lotion seemed to sooth the pain and Hazel’s expression turned to one of calmness. As Arab one was rubbing her arse, Arab two was busy placing clamps over her engorged nipples. The clamps were linked by a chain which he fed over her shoulder, leaving it trailing down her back. Rubbing some of the lotion onto his cock, Arab one slowly fed it inch by inch into her arse. The other guy sat underneath them licking her cunt and nibbling on her exposed clit.

By the look on her face she was now loving every minute and as arse fucker slowly went in and out she pushed back against him trying to get more depth. The big guy was obviously in charge and stood watching, stroking his massive cock until it grew even larger. At his command arse fucker speeded up bringing Hazel to the verge of her first Arab orgasm. Just as she reached her peak he pulled viscously on the chain stretching her nipples to the limit and causing her big tits to lift right up to her chin. “Owwwwwww.” She screamed in pain as the Arab shot his load. The big guy looked well satisfied and ordered the men to change places.

The guy licking her cunt now took his turn behind her shoving his cock straight up her arse only this time he slapped her hard between strokes. “Oh God, please, your hurting me.” The big guy grabbed a handful of hair lifting her face level with his. “Shut up bitch or we really hurt you.” He let go of her hair and her head slumped forward. The two guys continued, one fucking her arse and slapping the cheeks while the other licked her clit and fingered her cunt. The Arab continued to slap her until she stopped moaning, now he reverted to the lotion and gently rubbed it into each cheek still ploughing his cock up her arse. The moans of pain took on a new sound and became moans of pleasure. As he rammed his cock home she would again push back to meet him causing the guy underneath to lean forward maintaining contact with her clit.

“Ohhhhh fuck, I’m coming.” And boy did she cum, she absolutely drenched the guys face and pushed back so hard on the cock up her arse that I thought she would break her bonds. Another command from the big guy and arse fucker went berserk. He pistoned his cock in and out of her arse like it was a blur, she screamed at him not to stop and again we witnessed her whole body shake as another violent orgasm hit her. Holding her hips he gave one almighty thrust and held still, only his clenching arse cheeks giving away the fact that he was filling her with red-hot spunk. When he had finally finished they untied her and she slumped to the floor exhausted.

“Now she’s going to find out what a big cock feels like,” said Harry, “I’ve seen this guy in action before.” Lifting hazel to a kneeling position, the big guy started to slap his cock against her face. Then he made her lick up and down the entire length before again trying to shove it down her throat. No matter how hard he pushed it was just too big, blood started to appear from the corner of her mouth where the skin was actually tearing. He stopped and threw her roughly to the floor. “Lay on bed bitch,” he commanded. Hazel looked scared and looking from his face to his prick she climbed onto the bed and spread her legs.

With an evil smile on his face he commanded the other two to hold her down as he crawled between her legs, his massive tool getting nearer to the entrance of her so far unused cunt. As he forced the first few inches into her hole she threw her head back and screamed. “Noooooo, oh God it’s too big, please your hurting me, I can’t take that much.” The big Arabs grin grew even wider and with a mighty thrust he rammed about two thirds of his cock straight up her. “Arghhhhhh, oh no, please no.” Tears streamed down her face as he pinned her to the bed. He said something to the others, one responded by coating his cock with some of the lotion while the other positioned himself next to her head and fed his cock into her mouth.

Big guy pulled out a little allowing the other guy to thoroughly coat his cock in the soothing lotion, he then started to slowly push back in. With a cock in her mouth Hazel could only groan as inch by inch the massive prick invaded her body. “I reckon that guys got at least 13 inches,” Harry said. “Christ, she’ll never take all of that it will rip her open,” I replied. “No, she’ll be OK, I’ve seen bitches take bigger cocks than that, you’ll see, soon she’ll be begging for more.”

Pulling almost all the way out, big guy would then ram it forward knocking the breath out of the helpless Hazel and gaining maybe an inch at a time. Suddenly, with one almighty shove, he was completely home. He stayed that way for several minutes, buried to the hilt, up on his hands looking directly into Hazel’s tearful eyes. “Now I fuck you.” And he did. We watched in awe as that monster cock drove in and out of my young wife’s cunt, stretching her cunt to the limit and reaching a depth that no cock had ever reached before.

He pumped away for ages and eventually on every downward stroke her hips would rise to meet him. She was deep throating the guy in her mouth while the third guy was gently tugging on the nipple chain. Again, at a command from the big guy, the one at her mouth grabbed a handful of hair and literally embedded his cock as deep into her throat as possible while the other guy yanked on the chain. Starved of oxygen and with her nipples stretched painfully to the limit she started to thrash about on the bed fighting for breath. The big guy fucking her cunt slammed into her for all he was worth while the guy fucking her mouth released her just long enough to get a quick breath before shoving his cock down her throat again. Her held her head onto his prick and with small jerking movements started to pump her full of spunk. She was gasping and spluttering with spunk coming out of her mouth and nose. The other guy still had the chain pulled at full stretch as the big guy continued to abuse her body until with a huge roar he pushed into her and unloaded.

We watched in amazement as copious amounts of spunk was forced from her hole, coating his prick and running down her thighs. When he slowly pulled out, his entire prick was coated with spunk and thick globules of it ran down towards her arse. Unbelievably, using the spunk as lubricant, the guy lifted her legs over his shoulders and in one quick movement shoved most of his cock up her arse. “Arghhhhhhh,” she screamed as the over sized organ fed its way in. The other two guys changed places and the whole scene was repeated only this time big guy was fucking her arse. I’ve never seen a cunt so stretched open. Spunk simply poured from the opening lubricating her arse and eventually forming a large puddle on the bed.

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