tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 11

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 11


I could not believe what we were looking at. Taylor had just told me that one of her friends (from 'Pretty Little Liars') was stopping by to experience what she, Carrie Underwood, Ashley Tisdale and Ariana Grande had all previously experienced. My sister's car was out in front along with the girl's rental. We had just gotten back from our amazing day at the beach and were stunned when we looked through the window. We saw my sister and this gorgeous girl, Lucy Hale, and they were...well, they were both fully naked. My sister, Carly, was leaning over my couch with her backside sticking straight up while Lucy, wearing a large black strap-on dildo, was grasping onto her hips and slamming the toy in and out of her asshole.

I felt weird. On one hand, this amazingly stunning young woman was naked in my house and, judging by the smell in the air, was as high as Taylor and I were. On the other hand, she was with my sister which just made it weird. Either way, I could not take my eyes off of the event taking place in my living room.

"Can you believe it?" Taylor asked me.

"I...I...I can't," I slowly responded.

"Should we go in?"

"We should just wait until they finish," I told her.

Taylor leaned forward to get a better view while I looked away. Her foot got hooked on the garden hose and she stumbled forward, smacking into the glass. I turned around and saw her with her face against the window. When I looked inside, both Carly and Lucy screamed and started covering up.

"They're done," Taylor said with a shrug.

The two of us walked in as the girls were rushing to cover up. Once they were dressed, my sister walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Sorry, bro. I should go," she said as she started out the door but stopped. "Forgot something," she said before approaching Taylor and giving her a deep kiss on the lips. "Bye!"

Just like that, Carly was gone, leaving me with Taylor and Lucy. Lucy looked a little shaken; she was definitely not expecting this situation.

"I'm really sorry, I have no idea what's going on," she said, repeatedly looking away from me.

"Neither do I," I responded. "What did you two do to lead to that?"

"Well, Taylor told me about this 'awesome guy' who make me feel really good and when she told me about the other's that come here, I got excited," she explained as she sat down. "When I got here, that woman was smoking a joint and wearing just underwear. She handed me the joint and we talked, one thing led to another and we did...what you saw."

"Okay then. Well, that was my sister Carly. I'm the 'awesome guy' that Taylor told you about. I'm Dan," I said, extending a hand.

"I'm Lucy," she said with a smile.

After she shook my hand, Lucy, clearly feeling a bit more relaxed, looked over at Taylor and hugged her.

"That wasn't what I expected but you did tell me I'd have a load of fun. I sure as fuck did," she said with a laugh.

"It sure looked like it. Where did you get the strap-on?" Taylor asked as we all sat down on the couch.

"I always carry it with me. You never know when you will need it," Lucy said as she looked over at me with a cute smile. "You want to see me use it up close?"

"As long as it isn't on me, sure," I said, causing her and Taylor to both giggle.

As Lucy reached behind the couch to retrieve the toy, Taylor started removing her clothes very quickly. By the time Lucy had turned back around, she was completely naked.

"I like a little hair," Lucy said as she reached forward and ran her fingers through Taylor's pubic hair.

"I like a big rubber cock," she responded, grabbing at the dildo.

"I bet it can't be as good as the real thing," Lucy said, placing her hand on my crotch and lightly squeezing. "Can I see it?"

Without answering, I pulled my trunks down and exposed my hard cock. Her jaw dropped as she saw all eight inches of meat standing at attention.

"Told ya it was big," Taylor said.

"No shit it's big," she responded. "Can I...?"

I nodded and she reached forward, grabbing it and feeling it throb in her grip. She slowly worked her hand up and down while her eyes remained locked on it. I ran my hand through her hair and gently pulled her closer until her mouth was just inches away. She closed her eyes and lowered herself down. I moaned when I felt her warm tongue press against the sensitive head. She moaned as well but not from my cock. Instead, Taylor had started rubbing her pussy under her plaid skirt.

I gently rubbed her back as she took more of my cock in her mouth. I grabbed at the edge of her black t-shirt and softly pulled it up. She removed my cock from her mouth long enough for me to strip her. She instantly started sucking on my cock again once she was topless. I watched as her small breasts gently swung around with each bob of her head. She continued to moan from the finger assault that Taylor was giving her pussy. I could tell she was soaking wet as with each thrust from Taylor, a loud splash filled the room.

I removed my shirt and fully kicked off my trunks while Taylor removed Lucy's skirt. All three of us were completely naked and locked in a train of sexual energy. Lucy was going full throttle in sucking my cock while Taylor was rocketing her hand in and out of her pussy. Suddenly, she stopped and removed her hand from the brunette's pussy.

"I've never used one of these before," Taylor said as she attached the strap-on to her body and positioned herself behind Lucy.

I held Lucy's head down around my cock and deep throated her as Taylor gave one quick, hard thrust of the dildo into her moist opening. The vibrations of Lucy's moans from the penetration ran from the tip of cock to the top of my head. It was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced and it caused me to reach my first climax with her. I kept her head locked down and whispered, "here it comes", before ejecting a large load of my sticky, creamy semen directly into her esophagus.

Taylor giggled as Lucy tried to pull her head away from my cock, her arms flailing all over the place. I let her go and she shot right up. She coughed and a long, thick string hung from deep in her throat to about halfway between her mouth and chest. Once she took her last cough, she smiled at me and sucked the strand slowly back up into her mouth and swallowed it.

"That...was...awesome...Dan," she said while Taylor continued to pound her pussy with the ten inch dildo.

"You know what else is awesome?" I asked her.



I crawled underneath her and started licking her clit, carefully avoiding getting whacked by the dildo. Taylor adjusted herself to give me room and I was able to give her a violent licking. Lucy shot her torso straight up and screamed.

"Fucking hell...yes!" she said. "Harder...harder...both of you...fuck me harder!" she screamed as she leaned back and locked lips with Taylor.

Both of us did as she told us and increased the intensity of our actions on her. It was only a few seconds later that she arched her back farther and let out a shrieking scream. Taylor pulled out of her pussy and left it to me as she came hard above my face. Her muscles tightened up and her sweet cum started to spray out of her. I had my face completely coated in her succulent juices within two seconds. The girls locked lips again and softly made out while I sucked up every last drop of liquid that fell from Lucy's body. I was not aware at first but the reason Taylor had pulled out was that the toy pressing against her clit caused her to have her own orgasm. Within a three minute span, all of us had achieved that awesome feeling.

Once Lucy was cleaned we all sat down on the couch and panted heavy, attempting to recover. Taylor reached over to the table by the couch and pulled a half-smoked joint from the ashtray and lit it up before handing it to me.

"Show Lucy that thing you do, baby," she told me.

I took a huge hit off the joint and slid to the ground between Lucy's legs. I opened her pussy up with two fingers and lightly blew the large cloud of potent smoke directly into her vagina. She gasped and moaned as the warm smoke filled her up.

"Wow," she said repeatedly until I ran out of smoke.

"My turn!" Taylor exclaimed.

I took another hit and did the same thing to the eager blonde. She reached over and rubbed Lucy's pussy as the smoke entered her own.

"I love this," she whispered as I finished.

We finished sharing the joint and just relaxed on the couch, staring up at the ceiling.

"I'm ready for bed," Lucy said softly.

"You can take my bed; we've slept a lot today. We'll join you later," I said, kissing her on the neck. She smiled at me and skipped off to my bedroom. "She is a freaky little girl isn't she?" I said to Taylor.

"I knew you'd like her," she said, kissing my cheek. "I don't know about you but I think I need a break from the sex, my pussy is kind of sore."

"Me too, the last week has been rough. Ashley, Ariana, Lucy, you...I've cummed about ten times this week, I need a bit of a break."

"Want to just lay here and watch a movie?" she asked before standing up and walking towards the television.

"Sounds good, babe," I responded as I repositioned myself on the couch.

Taylor put a movie in and joined me on the couch. I pulled a blanket over our naked bodies and held her close as we started the movie. At various points throughout the movie, I would grab at her chest and she would grab at my balls. Each grab was followed by a giggle from my stoned little angel. Even with the amount of sleep we had gotten, the pot did its job and we were both asleep by the end of the movie.

A few hours later, I woke up to Taylor softly moaning. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust but when they did, I saw exactly why she was moaning. I sat up a bit and looked down to see Lucy kneeling on the ground, her head positioned firmly between Taylor's legs. Softly, she licked and rubbed her red hot pussy. She quickly noticed that I was watching and giggled before circling her tongue around faster.

Taylor was still asleep but her body was fully responding. Her moans were gradually getting more intense and her body was gently rocking back and forth. I softly kissed her neck and groped her chest while Lucy started rubbing her nose against her clit. After a few seconds, she gently crawled up her body and gave me a deep kiss, letting me taste Taylor's sweet juices on her tongue. The intense smell coming from her nose only got my cock harder. As much as I wanted a break from sex, Lucy was making it difficult.

"The strap-on was nice, but I want to feel the real thing in me," she whispered.

"What about Taylor?" I asked as I looked over at her sleeping.

"Leave her here, we can go to the bedroom," she said as she grabbed onto my cock. "Please, I'm leaving in the morning to spend the day with your sister; we only have so much time."

"My sister?"

"Yeah, I really like her and she asked me to spend the day with her tomorrow. And I'm leaving tomorrow night so this is it...I want you."

I looked at Taylor again before looking back at Lucy and smiling at her.

"Let's do this."

I slowly slid my way out from under the sleeping girl and followed Lucy into the bedroom. By the time I got to the room, she was already lying on the bed with her legs spread wide. I looked over her shoulder and saw a large wet spot on the sheets.

"Sorry about that, that stuff made me really horny," she said.

"No worries, you aren't the first one to leave your juices all over my bed."

I crawled on top of Lucy and gently made out with her. I ran my hand all over her back as she did the same. We held each other close and took it slow. We remained in the same position for several minutes before she rolled me off of her and got on top of me. She sat down on my chest and reached behind herself, grabbing my dick and slowly stroking it. She started rocking her hips around, leaving a trail of juice from her soaking wet pussy on my chest.

"I'm ready," she whispered before lifting herself up and moving towards my cock.

She licked her lips before slowly lowering herself down on my eight inch cock. Her pussy was surprisingly tighter than I thought it would be. Even with the assault from that thick dildo by Taylor, she was still as tight as Ariana was...almost virgin-like. Either way, I was not complaining as it felt beyond amazing.

I looked up at her and saw her mouth wide open once again moaning loudly with each thrust. She started off slow but within two minutes was riding me like a bucking bronco. I grasped on to her hips and took control of the fucking, making sure not to slow her down at all. Even with how worn out my dick had been over the previous few days, there was no denying the fact that this was amazing.

"Holy...fucking...shit!" she screamed as she leaned back and relaxed.

We remained locked in this position for several minutes before she lifted herself off and got onto the bed on all fours. I got up to my knees and pressed my cock to her moist pussy but she stopped me.

"Not there..." she reached behind and grabbed my cock, pointing it to her ass. "...there."

Lucy bit down on her lower lip as I pressed my wet cock into her asshole very cautiously. I could tell by the various grunts and sighs that she had never had anything pushed in there before. It went very slowly, centimeter by centimeter until, after a minute, I had my entire cock being gripped tightly by her virgin backside.

"God..." she whispered as I started to pull back.

I went very slowly to accommodate the pain she had to have been feeling.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"A little...but don't stop," she said with a strained look on her face.

I continued to go slow until her ass had fully adjusted to the violation it felt. Little by little I went faster and faster. The strain on her face eventually switched over to pleasure and joy. The beautiful smile had returned to her pretty face.

Lucy looked back at me and gave me a nod that told me, "harder". Grasped my hands tightly to her ass and started instantly slamming into her. Her whole body shot forward and she let out a loud groan. The bed was rocking furiously as I made sure that she felt every last bit of my cock abusing her ass. She lowered her head to the bed and gave me full control. I stood up on the bed and got a better, more intense angle.

For such a petite girl, Lucy sure could take a hard fucking well. The smile never left her face as her beautiful ass was almost ripped apart. She looked like she was in heaven.

Suddenly her body tensed up and I knew that she reached an orgasm. Other than the tensing up, she did not give any other sign of anything. I looked down and saw the glistening juices running down her thigh. Her legs started to quiver and she fell flat on the bed. I leaned over her body until we were parallel and continued fucking her ass. It was not that much longer before I was ready for an orgasm of my own.

Right as I began to feel my orgasm come, I looked over at the doorway and saw Taylor leaning against the wall, rubbing her pussy and staring into my eyes. I pulled my cock out of Lucy's ass and erupted a massive amount of cum onto her back. She purred like a kitten as each glob fell onto her silky smooth skin. Before I even finished cumming, Taylor had made her way to the bed and crawled onto it. She caught the last shot on her tongue and swirled it around in her mouth as I rubbed my cock against Lucy's asshole.

Taylor gave me a cute smile before leaning down and slowly licking my cum off of Lucy's back. Both girls giggled as she ran her tongue all over until the brunette was fully clean. Once they were done, we all maneuvered on the bed until our heads were on pillows. With Lucy between myself and Taylor, I pulled the covers over us, turned the lights off and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning in time to catch Lucy getting dressed. Taylor was still passed out on the opposite side of the bed. I got up and led Lucy out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

"Last night was so fucking awesome," she told me as she pulled her skirt up over her panties. "I kind of wish I didn't make plans with Carly...you are so sweet."

"Don't worry Lucy, we can always meet up another time," I said before giving her a deep kiss.

We heard a car horn beep outside. Lucy looked at the door before looking back at me.

"Gotta go...I'll make sure to take care of your sister," she said.

"You better or I'll have to punish you," I said before slapping her ass, causing her to giggle.

"Now I don't know what to do," she laughed and started towards the door. "Bye."


Once Lucy was gone, I went back into the bedroom just as Taylor woke up.

"Good morning sweetheart," she said.

"Good morning. Sleep well?" I asked.

"I had the taste of your cum on my tongue, of course I slept well. Where's Lucy?" she asked me.

"She is spending the day with Carly and then she's heading home."

"So that's why you fucked her after you told me you were worn out?" she asked with a fake angry look before smiling.

"Yep. And her pussy and ass were so tight...I would have hated myself for passing on her." I said as I threw a shirt on. "But I'm surely worn out now."

"It's okay, I want to spend some alone time with you...with our clothes on...we will have plenty of time for sex at your birthday party...you are going to love that party."

To be continued...

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