tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 13

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 13


With the memories of Emma, Demi and Carrie in my head all night, I woke up in a haze around nine o'clock. Before I could even get my thoughts in order, a knock came to the room door. I was so out of it that I did not even bother getting dressed before opening the door.

"Hey Da...wow!" Taylor said as her eyes were drawn to my erect penis pointing directly at her.

"Taylor!" I said, giving her a hug.

"Hi. Wow, I really wasn't expecting to see the big guy until later but I'm sure not complaining," she said with a bright smile. "Come on and get dressed, the others are waiting to celebrate your birthday."

Taylor stared at me happily as I grabbed the pile of clothes from the night before off of the floor and got dressed. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at her but her eyes were too busy staring at my ass for her to notice. Once I was completely dressed, I grabbed my bag and headed out of the room. She grabbed a hold of my left hand and started to lead me downstairs and out to the car.

Once on the road, I pulled a joint out of my bag and was about to light it when Taylor grabbed it out of my hand and put it in her jean pocket.

"There's plenty of that waiting for you with the girls," she said.

"Fair enough," I responded. "So who all is going to be there?"

"And ruin the surprise? Where would the fun in that be?" she asked with a smirk.

I simply nodded and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Nashville, Tennessee from the passenger seat of Taylor's silver Mercedes-Benz. It was the first time out this way for me. I had in fact rarely ever been off of the west coast. The time difference was enough to cause me to lose sleep...but to be fair, the excitement I was about to receive was not going to allow me to sleep much anyway.

It only took about ten minutes before we arrived at our destination. Taylor parked the car in front of the garage door and started out of it. I started to exit when she stopped me.

"Not yet," she said. "I'm going to get myself set up in my bedroom. Wait five minutes and follow the green."

Taylor happily skipped into her house while I sat in the car trying to decipher what "follow the green" meant. I just decided to not worry about it and roll with the flow. Five minutes later, I got out of the car and walked to the front door. Slowly, I opened the front door and looked around. To no surprise, her house was just amazing. So big, so clean, so Taylor.

After getting over the amazement at the house, I started looking around again trying to find the "green". I looked at my feet and saw a thin patch of green carpet leading from the front door to a door next to the main stairs. I headed towards the door when I heard a voice from above.

"I knew you'd figure it out quickly," a familiar voice said.

I looked up and saw Carrie Underwood smiling down at me as she bent over the railing. Before I could say anything, she turned around and walked out of sight. I could not see what she was wearing, but it was Carrie...I did not care.

I got my head back together and opened the door in front of me. I was immediately met by the sweet smell of my favorite activity. A thick cloud escaped the room, which caught me off guard. After taking a nice, deep inhale of the secondhand aroma, I actually looked in the room and saw my two favorite redheads sitting cross-legged on the bed.

Ariana Grande and Emma Stone looked over at the doorway and instantly smiled. Ariana put the bong on the floor before the girls came up to me. They were both wearing red tank tops and red skirts. I kissed both of them before they pulled me over to the bed by the collar of my shirt.

"Happy birthday Dan!" the yelled in unison while I was sitting down.

"Happy birthday to me, indeed!" I said back.

"Miss me?" Ariana said as she knelt to my left, kissing my cheek.

"Very much so," I responded.

"Emma told me about the fun you two had yesterday," she moved her mouth right up to my ear. "It's my turn now baby."

From behind, Emma lifted Ariana's shirt up and exposed her perfect young breasts to me again. She pulled me into her and my lips instantly wrapped around her beautiful pink nubs while my tongue lightly caressed them. I suckled on her for a long time, lightly nibbling on each of them which elicited a soft squeal from the young woman.

While I was tending to her, Emma started to remove my shirt as well. I had to let go of Ariana as I felt the soft touch of her hand brushing against my chest. I had not even noticed that Emma had completely stripped and hugged me from behind. Her soft breasts pressed against my back while Ariana hugged me from the front as well. I was in a soft, red sandwich...also known as heaven. I felt Ariana slip her hand down the front of my jeans and grab onto my already-hard cock.

"Look who came to play," she exclaimed.

Emma reached around and started to pull my jeans down. Within seconds, I was left naked with both girls grasping onto my cock. Ariana was the first to lower her head and taste my solid member. Her warm tongue pressed against the beat-red head while her lips slid tightly down the shaft.

Emma and I were locked in a deep kiss while Ariana orally pleased me. I could taste the faint residue of potent smoke in her breath as our tongues viciously fought against themselves. For a very brief second, I had actually forgot that Ariana was even in the room. Okay, maybe not but still, Emma is a very good kisser.

After a few minutes locked on each other, both girls broke their lips from my body. Ariana crawled towards the end of the bed, sticking her ass up in the air and gently swaying it in front of me. I took hold of the short, thin skirt that barely covered her plump ass and damp pussy. I gave each cheek a kiss before allowing my mouth to slide lower, eventually allowing my tongue to press against the soaking wet opening of her love tunnel.

I gently licked her lips, tasting the sweet juices that I had missed so much. Her soft, purring moans came from the foot of the bed as my tongue slowly went closer and closer to her throbbing red clit that was ready to explode at the slightest touch.

Emma slowly crawled up next to the fake redhead and mimicked her position, waving her ass in front of me. The two girls gave each other quick pecks on the lips as I continued licking at Ariana. My right hand started gently caressing Emma's pasty white, round ass. My hand went to her pussy and gave a quick thrust of a finger in. I took my now-wet finger and gently rubbed against her asshole, inserting it very roughly. She groaned at first but quickly turned those into giggles. I fingered her ass hard, all while lapping my tongue against Ariana's swamp of a cunt.

"Why does she get that?" Ariana asked. "Fuck me too!"

I got up straight and pressed my cock against her pussy while holding finger inside Emma. I took my free hand and guided it in. She was so wet that all eight inches slid in with ease despite her being as tight as a vise. She instantly pushed herself up and arched her back far, almost vertical. I started off slow but very quickly increased the pace. With my left hand grasping her hip, I slammed in and out of her as hard as I possibly could. She let out quick moans between each thrust.

My right hand continued fingering Emma's ass at a similar pace. She did not arch her back as much but still lifted up enough to catch Ariana's breast in her mouth. She suckled on her friend while both of them were penetrated hard.

I pulled my finger out of Emma, allowing her to get up straight. We were at eye level when I slipped the finger between the lips of her mouth. She sucked her pussy juice and ass residue off of her finger happily. She smiled at me when I pulled it out before moving towards Ariana.

Ariana dropped to her stomach, flat, while Emma lay down on her, back to back. The older girl spread her legs wide and gave me a very innocent look, almost begging to be fucked. I put my cock, still slick from Ariana's pussy, and slammed it into her. I fucked her just as hard as the younger girl, if not harder.

"Fuck!" she screamed.

Emma's body responded well to the fucking, quickly meeting the rhythm with me. Ariana gleefully squealed beneath her, enjoying the motion against her back and the fold in the blanket rubbing against her pussy. This was actually a more intense feeling than my tongue or cock and quickly sent her over the edge. She buried her face into the bed and screamed as loud as she could while her body twitched and shook in a massive orgasm. A large wet spot on the blue blanket beneath me put a bigger smile on her face.

Just hearing and feeling the girl beneath her having the orgasm of her life forced Emma to have one as well. Her pussy grasped and tugged at my cock as I could feel her juices splashing against my balls. Her eyes were wide open and she gasped as the intense rush washed over her.

I wrapped my hands around Emma's shoulders and grasped onto her tight. I rapidly increased the pace of my thrusts, wanting to experience an orgasm of my own. Ariana slid out from under her and brought herself to her knees. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a deep kiss. It was exactly what I needed to push myself to the end.

Quickly, I pulled out from Emma's hot pussy and started stroking myself. The girls slid down to the floor in front of me and started kissing each other while staring up at me. Seconds later, I shot several large globs of cum onto their pretty faces. They both giggled and started licking each drop off of each other before I was even finished. They were both happily cleaning each other while I wiped the residue against their flowing red hairs.

I took a step back and sat down on a chair in the corner of the room. I watched on as the girls licked each other clean without ever losing their smiles. I looked around the room before speaking.

"I need some weed," I said out loud.

Ariana turned to me and giggled. "Don't worry, Carrie has a joint waiting for you outside the next room. Just follow the green!"

The girls went back to licking and kissing while I exited the room. I saw that the green carpet which led me to the room was gone and a new patch led up the stairs. I followed the carpet until I saw Carrie sitting in a large chair outside a room with a red door. As I approached her, she stood up and motioned me to the chair.

"Have a seat, birthday boy," she said.

I finally was able to get a good look at her. She was wearing a black t-shirt and a tight pair of black jeans. More importantly though, she had a large joint in her hand which she put between her lips and sparked up. She took a deep inhale before handing it over to me.

"I know you've been waiting for this for a while now," she said while I took my first hit. After a few passes of the joint, Carrie started to pull at her shirt. "I hope you don't mind but it's just so hot in here."

Before I could say that it was more than fine, she stripped the short from her body and tossed it over the balcony. She was starting to pull her jeans down while I stared at her lovely breasts held tightly to her body by a lacy red bra. She had a matching pair of panties on, which I noticed after she threw her jeans off of the balcony as well. She took another hit of the joint before sitting on my bare lap. I went to grope her when she stopped me.

"No touching me until you finish in there," she said, pointing to the red door. "Are you ready for round two?"

"I don't know, my dick is still recovering," I said as I took my last hit of the joint.

"I can fix that."

Carrie spit into her hand and grabbed onto my cock, roughly stroking it and bringing it back to full attention with little effort. Once I was fully erect, she gave me a kiss and hopped off of me.

"Now go in there but be quiet. I want you to surprise Lucy. Just walk up and stick that wet cock right up her ass but don't let her know you're there beforehand. When you're finished in there, follow the green to see me and Taylor for round three."

Carrie grabbed the joint and started to walk away, taking a deep hit and leaving a thick trail of smoke behind her. I watched as her ass cheeks shook with each step. Once she turned the corner, I sat up and approached the door. Slowly I opened it and saw something that instantly would have gotten my cock hard five minutes after an orgasm.

Inside this room I saw Demi Lovato sitting on the armrest of the couch, facing the door. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning from Ashley Tisdale, whose mouth was locked tightly against her pussy as she was in a doggy-style position. It was amazing how tightly she kept locked to her considering that Lucy Hale was on her knees behind her, roughly fucking her in the ass with the same strap-on that I had seen her use before on Taylor (and unfortunately my sister Carly too, which still makes me uncomfortable to think about to this day).

Slowly, I walked into the room and stroked my cock. I got up right behind Lucy and quickly shoved my cock into her ass. She quickly turned around and yelled until she saw my face. Once our red eyes met she leaned back and gave me a kiss before resuming her abuse of Ashley's ass. I stood still as she rocked back in forth between Ashley and myself. Demi opened her eyes and bit down on her lower lip, smiling once she saw me.

"Happy birth...day," she said, pausing for a few seconds between syllables as a result of the orgasm she experienced off of Ashley's tongue.

She pulled Ashley's head up to hers and began making out with, tasting her own juices on the blonde's lips. Lucy reached forward and grabbed her by the shoulder, allowing more control while the long black toy slid in and out of her. I grabbed Lucy in a similar way and began thrusting into her.

After a minute, all three girls disconnected and switched around. Ashley dropped to her knees in front of me and started instantly sucking my throbbing cock. Demi lay flat on the couch as Lucy spread her legs and pressed the tip of the toy against her soaking wet opening. She groaned loudly as her vaginal walls were stretched by the thick rubber object.

"You like it don't you!" Lucy yelled out as she went at full speed into Demi.

"Who wouldn't!?" Ashley yelled out after pulling my cock out of her mouth.

The effects of the pot were at its peak now and the warm feeling of Ashley's tongue against the head of my cock was the best feeling I had experienced all day. I looked down at her bloodshot eyes, which were staring up at me, and smiled. Ashley smiled and pulled me out of her again.

"Happy birthday baby," she whispered. "I've been waiting for you for months."

"Thank you. You are as great at handling cock as ever," I said with a chuckle.

"My little green friend helps a lot," she said, pointing the ashtray on the nightstand were the small remains of a smoked joint remained.

Ashley resumed my birthday blowjob while I looked over at the girls on the couch. Lucy was forcing all of her weight onto Demi's body. Both girls were grunting and moaning very loudly as their hips smacked together. I could barely see Demi but I did notice that her hands were running through Lucy's hair and I assumed their lips were tightly locked together once the moans subsided.

Suddenly, Ashley stopped sucking me and stood in front of me.

"Lay down," she commanded.

I rested down on the floor and the beautiful blonde lowered herself down. She grabbed onto my cock and lined it up at her pussy. She dropped down and took all eight inches parted her lips. Her vagina was just as tight as I had remembered it and it felt amazing as her vaginal walls stretched around me. I looked up at her as wildly swung her head around with each thrust. My eyes slowly dropped down to her perky little boobs which moved in a cute way.

After a few minutes, Ashley pressed her hands against my chest and lowered head down to give me a hard kiss for several seconds. When she pressed herself back up, I saw Lucy and Demi over her shoulders. Demi was now wearing the strap-on while Lucy was panting heavily. My mind put two and two together and I knew that Demi had given her her first orgasm of the day.

Ashley grabbed onto the soaking wet toy and started sucking it as if it were real. Seeing her suck the black rubber cock while riding me was an amazing sight. Lucy walked over to me and stood directly above my head. She lowered herself down until her freshly abused cunt onto my lips. A few drips landed on my tongue before we made contact, giving me a good preview of what was to come. Once my lips touched hers, she gasped and giggled. My tongue slid right into her slick cunt and began massaging her vaginal walls. Her wispy hairs tickled at my nose as she rocked her hips forward and back.

Meanwhile, Demi was holding Ashley tight against her fake black cock. The blonde girl was still riding me as fast as earlier, if not faster, as she struggled to breath around the rubber toy. I could hear the sounds of her choking and gagging, which only got me more excited. The more excited I got, the faster my tongue moved around inside of Lucy, which had to have gotten her even more excited.

I could hear as Demi ejected her toy from Ashley's mouth and felt a large wad of slobber land on my stomach. She rode me harder and faster for a few more seconds before freezing up and letting out a deep groan. I could feel the walls of her pussy contract around my cock as the intense orgasm spilled over her. As her body was tensed up, she leaned forward and rested her face against Lucy's sweaty back. Both girls froze and relaxed for several seconds until Demi finally spoke.

"Okay girls, move aside. I haven't had him to myself yet," she said as Lucy and Ashley slid off of me and tended to each other.

I looked over as the girls embraced and slowly kissed. Demi, having thrown the strap-on across the room, bent over the table in the room and lifted one leg up. I stood up and positioned myself behind her, thrusting forward into her pussy and roughly began to fuck her.

Lucy and Ashley had gotten me so close to an orgasm earlier that I knew this would not last. In my mind though, I did get to have her all to myself the night before so it wasn't too bad. For about two minutes, my hand grasped deep into her curvy ass as I rammed into her. The unsteady table banged against the wall with each thrust, making Demi have to keep her balance as she almost toppled over.

"I'm about to cum," I whispered in her ear.

"Don't pull out," she said back.

I dug my fingers into her soft hips and thrusted a few more times before I could not hold on any longer. I let out a deep groan as my cock shot a large load of cum deep into Demi's womb. She was panting and resting her face against the wall as she felt my seed fill her up. I leaned forward and kissed her back as my cock relaxed and slid out of her. She sat down on the floor and spread her legs, pushing cum out of her. I took a step back and saw Ashley and Lucy, with hungry looks on their faces, crawling towards Demi's crotch. Both girls pressed their mouths against her cunt and began licking and sucking up as much cum as they could.

After licking for a few minutes, both girls crawled up to Demi's face and the three of them began a triple make out session. I leaned forward and gave Lucy and Ashley a hard slap on the ass, causing both to squeal. They both got off of Demi, giving her a chance to turn over and present her ass for a hard slap as well. After slapping her, I started to head towards the door.

"Happy birthday sweetheart," all three girls said as I walked out.

I followed another patch of green carpet around two hallways until I once again saw the very beautiful Carrie, except this time she was sitting on the floor in front of a pink door. More importantly, her bra and panties had disappeared and her naked self was on display. She sat with a large bong between her legs and a look of ecstasy on her face. She blew a large cloud of that potent smoke in my direction and smiled.

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