tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 15

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 15


It had been almost a full year since the birthday party that changed my life. Never before had I experienced so much happiness concentrated in one moment. It was by far the best day of my life at that time and if it was not for that party, I would not be where I was now.

While I still live in the same house as before, that was about the only thing in my life that had stayed the same. I had not touched marijuana since that day in Taylor Swift's house and, surprisingly, I have never felt better. Why had I given up my former activity of choice? Well, that's an easy answer...I now had something much more important to fill my free time...or more importantly, some ONE.


After I had arrived back in the Pacific Northwest from Nashville, I went to a party hosted by my friend from work. While sitting down at the party, I looked across the room and saw a beautiful brunette woman in a pair of thick glasses collecting empty beer bottles and tossing them in a bucket. Her name was Samantha and she was my friend's sister. She, being extremely OCD, was keeping the mess to a minimum and keeping silent the entire time.

When Samantha looked over at me with her big brown eyes, she smiled quickly before turning away and continuing her cleaning. I watched her petite body scurry to the kitchen, her perfect ass jiggling in her tight blue jeans with each step.

Before meeting with Taylor, I was the farthest thing from "confident" when it came to women. Luckily, the parade of famous girls lining up to get in bed with me had built my confidence up enough to follow Samantha into the kitchen. I slowly walked up to her as she was bent over, loading the bottles into a trash can. I cleared my throat, causing her to jump and turn around. She fumbled around to catch her glasses which had fallen off from the sudden motion.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," I said as she put her glasses on and stared at me.

"It's okay, I was just...I was...I'm Samantha," she said as she extended her hand.

"Dan," I said, laughing at the awkward handshake she had initiated. "I noticed you smiled at me out there and ran off pretty quickly. I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I...I'm fine I just...I get nervous around good looking guys," she said before looking confused, realizing that she had called me 'good looking'.

"First off, thank you...second, why would a beautiful girl like you be nervous? I'm sure you've had a boyfriend who has been much better looking than me," I said, still smiling at her awkward nature.

"I've...I've...I've never...I," she stuttered.

"You've never...?" I said, trying to help her get out what she wanted to say.

"I've never...had a...boyfriend," she said, shocking me.

"You've never had a boyfriend? Wow," I said.

"Yeah, you probably think I'm weird," she said as she turned away and continued loading bottles into the trash.

I walked closer to her and grabbed her shoulders, turning her around.

"Not at all, I think it's cute. As cute as you yourself are," I said as her eyes lit up in front of me.

"Really?" she said with a giggle.

"Yes. I'd love to take you out on a date sometime...if you're cool with that," I somewhat confidently stated.

"I'd love to," she responded, which started an awesome year.

Three nights later, I picked up my petite princess and took her out on what she has since called the 'best night ever'. While we ate, I could not help but stare at her beautiful little five foot, two inch figure in her tight white tank top, which hugged her little b-cups tightly. When she would walk to the bathroom, I could not keep my eyes off of her cute little round ass shake in her long but tight skirt. After the date, I took her home and gave her her first kiss but certainly not her last.

Three months later her brother had moved away, leaving her with no place to live. Since we were fully dating at this point, I asked my twenty-three year old girlfriend to move in with me which she gladly accepted. The first night of her living with me, she gave up her long-lasting virginity to me. For the last eight or so months we have been closer than most married couples, both in and out of the bedroom.


It was now a week from my birthday and I woke up like every other morning. I softly rolled Samantha off of my chest, careful not to wake her up. I stood up and stretched, noticing that I had not pulled the condom off from the night before. I quickly took it off and headed for the bathroom. The day went on like normal until around six o'clock that night when I heard a knock on the door.

Samantha was sitting on the bed, doing some work on her laptop, while I was sitting on the couch watching a movie. I heard a knock on the door, followed by Samantha asking me to answer it. I shot up and walked to the door. As I opened it up, my jaw almost hit the ground.

"Hey," Taylor Swift said, as she stood at my door carrying a suitcase. "Surprise!"

"Taylor!" I said, in complete shock. "Wha...what are...what..." I stuttered.

"You're so cute when you're flustered," she said as she leaned forward for a kiss, causing me to gently push her away. "What's the matter?"

"You can't be here, I have..." I said before being cut off from behind me.

"Dan, who's at the door?" Samantha said as she exited the bedroom and walked towards the door.

I turned around, not sure what I was going to do, and watched as Samantha realized exactly who was at the door. When she looked and saw Taylor, her eyes went wide and she took a deep breath.

"Oh my god!" she yelled. "Taylor Swift! What is she doing here?" she squealed as she ran up to us. She tried to compose herself as she moved next to me.

"Samantha...Taylor and I are...we..."

"We are really good friends," Taylor interrupted before she pulled Samantha in for a hug.

Samantha was losing her mind as her idol instigated this hug, one of the best moments of her life. Taylor looked at me with a smile and winked at me, only causing me to be further confused.

"I'm so sorry, I know I should've called but I wanted to surprise Dan," Taylor explained as she looked Samantha up and down. "How come you didn't tell me you had such a beautiful girlfriend?"

"Well it...it has been a while since...since we talked," I said, tripping over my words as the two most important women in my life met each other (I'm glad Carrie was not here too or else my mind, and penis, would explode). "How long were you planning to stay?"

"Only for two days, I have a concert tomorrow night at CenturyLink Field and I didn't feel like getting a hotel. I hope it's okay," she said as Samantha continued staring at her in shock.

"It's more than okay!" Samantha said as she grabbed my hand and moved me out of Taylor's way, letting her inside the house.

My girlfriend followed my former lover to the couch, sitting down next to her. I was surprised that Taylor was not freaked out by Samantha's fan-girl mode but I figured that she had seen it all before. I could not lie, seeing these two beautiful women sitting next to each other was very 'pleasing' to see, especially when Samantha gave her another hug. As they hugged, Taylor looked at me again, still smiling at me.

I sat next to the girls as they chatted for about an hour. One thing about Samantha that had greatly changed in the last year was that she went from extremely shy to extremely chatty. In the hour, I could not get a word in as the girls contained the conversation to themselves. After a long while, my girlfriend looked at me without a smile.

"I don't have enough food for three, I have to go to the store," she said before turning to Taylor. "Do you like steak?" she asked.

"Yes I do," Taylor responded.

"Cool!" Samantha squealed before shooting up, snatching her keys and running out the door. For the first time in almost a year, I sat alone with Taylor.

"So..." Taylor said as she sat back and crossed her legs. "You caught yourself a prize girl, she's so adorable."

"Yeah, she is so great," I said as I nervously sat back.

"I'm really sorry, if I knew you had a girlfriend I never would have come here," she said as she reached through her bag and pulled out a joint.

"I'm really sorry I haven't talked to you since the party, I met Samantha a few days after I got back," I explained as she pulled out a lighter. "I even gave up pot too."

Taylor gave me a shocked look as she put the lighter down.

"Who are you and what have you done with Dan Wilson?" she said in a joking manner. "That's cool, I guess you really have changed a lot in the last year. I'm guessing you haven't talked to the other girls either, right?"

"Only Lucy and that's because she was dating Carly for a while. My sister really liked...what we saw," I said, cringing as the vision of my sister getting fucked by Lucy Hale and her strap-on came to my head.

"They broke up?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah, Carly wanted someone she could see more often and with Lucy's singing career adding to the acting, it just wouldn't work out. But all is good for her, she's in a three-way relationship with one of her co-workers and her boyfriend," I explained. "She moved to Oregon after the breakup and she says she hasn't been happier."

"Wow, your sister is almost as freaky as you," she said with a laugh.

I laughed back and we made small talk until Samantha came back. She cooked all three of us dinner and we went on with the night. All three of us watched a movie before we all started to get tired. Taylor made herself a makeshift bed on the couch while Samantha skipped off to the bedroom with me quickly in tow.

As my beautiful brunette flopped on the bed, she stared up and me and started giggling uncontrollably.

"I can't believe I spent the last few hours with Taylor freakin' Swift!" she squealed as she kicked her legs around like a child. "How come you didn't tell me you knew her you bastard!"

"I...I honestly don't know," I said.

"I'll have to punish you then, " she said as she stood up and gave me a hug. "After you get out of the shower, I'll be waiting with open arms...and legs!"

She gave me a kiss and lay on the bed, grabbing her laptop while I grabbed my towel and headed for the bathroom

I bumped into Taylor as she left the bathroom and she gave me a cute smile before kissing my cheek.

"Good night," she said as she slowly strolled back to the living room while wearing only a long t-shirt that barely covered her ass.

I tried hard not to look but I am only a man. I quickly peeked before darting into the bathroom and taking a shower. After the twenty minute cleaning, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed back to my bedroom. As I walked in, I looked down on the bed and saw Samantha's was naked with her legs high in the air, like she promised, but I did not see her neatly trimmed pussy between them. What I did see caused my heart to skip a beat. Between her legs was the head of the blonde beauty, Taylor Swift.

"What the..." I said as my eyes remained locked on Taylor's tongue parting Samantha's red hot lips.

"Dan! I can explain!" Samantha screamed out while Taylor looked up at her.

"I don't think Dan minds, honey," Taylor said. "This ain't the first time he's seen my with my tongue in a girl's pussy."

"What?" Samantha asked, confused.

"Dan, I think it's time you told your girlfriend about what you did before you two met," Taylor said as she got up off the ground and sat on the bed next to Samantha.

"Okay, I guess the time has come," I said as I took a deep breath.

I went on to explain how I met Taylor through a win-a-date about a year and a half ago. I mentioned how much of a major pothead Taylor was, which shocked Samantha very much. I told her about the numerous sexual encounters I had had with Taylor and Carrie, along with the others. Samantha's jaw was almost through the ground as she learned of the big birthday party a year ago.

"Is this all true?" she asked Taylor.

"Every word," she said. "I haven't talked to Dan since the party and didn't know he had a girlfriend, let alone one so pretty. I honestly came here to have sex with him and I figured that the only way was to have sex with you too," Taylor said as she gently kissed her behind the ear. "You're so beautiful, I'd fuck you even if he wasn't here."

"I...I...I think," Samantha stuttered before getting an angry look. "I think you should have told me this sooner Dan! I can't believe you prevented me from meeting all these girls that I adore, you don't think I would have loved to have Taylor fuck me months ago!?" Samantha's angry look slid into a giddy smile as she stood up and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a deep kiss. "I'm so jealous of your sister, getting it every night from a guy and a girl...I've wanted to try it for months! And I get to try with my idol Taylor Swift...I love you Danny, you're the best!"

"I'm sorry for holding it back baby," I said as I kissed her back. "So...exactly how did what I walked in on happen?"

"I was sitting on the bed taking my t-shirt off when Taylor knocked on the open door and walked in," she explained. "She complemented my figure before she sat down. She was only wearing a shirt so I could see between her legs and saw that she trimmed her hair like mine. Then I took my shorts off and...well, you know where it led."

We stared into each other's eyes as I heard a lighter flick behind her. Taylor had the large joint between her lips and was taking a deep hit as we watched. Samantha looked back at me and smiled.

"I haven't gotten stoned since high school, is stoned sex really that good?" she asked me.

"The best," Taylor and I said in unison, causing all three of us to laugh.

Taylor handed the joint to Samantha, who looked at me before taking a big hit and blowing the smoke over my shoulders.

"You know what the best part of smoking during sex is?" Taylor asked before pulling Samantha down to the bed. "Dan, you know what to do."

Taylor reached between Samantha's legs and spread her pussy lips wide open while I took a hit off of the joint. My girlfriend looked confused as I bent down, held my lips close to her pussy and blew the large, warm cloud directly into her cunt while Taylor cooed in the background. Samantha started giggling at the amazing feeling and quickly realized what Taylor and the other girls had realized...this WAS the best part of smoking during sex.

"Now do me!" Taylor exclaimed. As I was about to take another hit, she stopped me. "Not you...her!" she said as she pointed to Samantha.

The timid brunette took the joint out of my hands and took another large hit. Taylor held her pussy wide open as Samantha bent down and softly blew into her wet, waiting cunt. The famous blonde closed her eyes and purred as she felt the musky air enter her sensitive snatch.

The three off us burned down the joint until there was almost nothing left. Since it had been so long since I had smoked, the high was much more intense than any I could recall. Samantha, who had an even longer wait time, lay flat on the bed with her glassy red eyes staring straight up at the ceiling and her arms flopped to her side. Taylor on the other hand looked like she always did when high; heavy eyes staring at me while her hands ran up and down her silky skin.

"Dan, it's been a year since I've seen that cock of yours...take the fucking towel off already!" Taylor commanded.

I removed the towel from my waist, exposing my rock hard, eight inch cock to the beautiful girls. Samantha lifted her head up and licked her lips as she saw my member standing tall.

"Is it okay if I suck your boyfriend's cock?" Taylor asked her.

"If you don't, I will," she responded, while giggling.

I knelt down on the bed, directly over Samantha's resting head. Taylor crawled up from her other side and quickly grabbed hold of me, giving my girlfriend the best view of her hero pleasuring her boyfriend.

The second that Taylor's lips wrapped around the sensitive head of my cock, the memories of my birthday party flashed in my head. I felt a presence of the other six girls even though none of them were anywhere near this bedroom. The memory of all seven girls lined up, head to head, hungrily waiting for my orgasm to glaze their faces...only this time, I imagined Samantha as the eighth head. I looked down at her in front of me and imagined the sight of her face covered in my warm cum, something I had yet to experience with her. This thought alone almost caused a premature orgasm in the blonde beauty's mouth but I was able to contain myself.

Samantha stared in amazement as Taylor went to work like the cock-sucking pro she truly was. She thrusted her head back and forth, gradually increasing her pace as she went along until I grabbed her head and took control. As we went faster, her slobber began to drip down from my cock onto Samantha, who happily accepted it into her mouth.

After a few minutes, Samantha reached up and began to massage my balls in one hand while grabbing Taylor's swinging breast in the other. Taylor responded by groping her in return, roughly tugging at her chest. I felt as if I was going to explode but Taylor sensed this and pulled away from me.

"I'm ready to be fucked," she said as she started to lie down.

"Not until I do!" Samantha yelled out.

Taylor smiled at her and sat against the headboard, her pussy just mere inches away from Samantha's head. I positioned myself between her legs, feeing the intense heat coming from her crotch. I knew that she would probably cum within seconds of me entering her.

I trusted forward and easily slid all eight inches into her, causing a groan to slip from her throat. It did not take long for me to go at full speed and fuck her harder than I ever had before. Samantha was more into slower, passionate love making but definitely was not against a nice rough fuck, especially now with an audience. Taylor furiously rubbed her pussy, using Samantha's hair as an aid, as she watched me pound into her.

As I predicted, it did not take long for Samantha to have a massive orgasm around my cock. She arched her back hard and let out a high pitched squeal as her pussy violently contracted around my cock. Her expressive orgasm pushed Taylor over the edge as well as she soaked the dark brown hair of my girlfriend with her own sweet cum while both of us stared on.

Once Samantha relaxed and the orgasm subsided, I shifted back to our normal pace and slowly made love to her. She brought her hands to her head, nibbling on a finger, as my extremely slick cock continued to fill her tight pussy one thrust at a time. This would last for another minute or so until Taylor spoke up.

"My turn?" she asked as she continued using Samantha's silky hair as a toy.

Samantha slid away from me, allowing my cock to slide out, and sat next to Taylor. They kissed before the blonde superstar took her place. Samantha sat in Taylor's spot and pushed her crotch against the top of her idol's head. I quickly slid my cock into her and, for the first time in a year, remembered just why I loved her so much.

Despite all the fuckings that I, and undoubtedly many other men have given Taylor, she was still as tight as a virgin. Luckily, my cock was still so slick from Samantha's orgasm, aided as well by Taylor's. All the memories from the past came back again. I actually began to feel guilty that I had denied myself this experience over the last year. While I loved Samantha more than life itself, I also felt the same was about Taylor. Even though this was only with two girls as opposed to seven, THIS was the best sexual night of my life.

Samantha moaned and giggled as Taylor's head bounced hard into her abused pussy. Her hands were at her sides, not using the beautiful blonde hair as a dildo as hers was. She stared at Taylor's breasts violently bouncing around with each thrust. There was no gentle lovemaking here; I was violently fucking Taylor Swift.

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