tagIncest/TabooHe Aims, He Shoots, He Scores

He Aims, He Shoots, He Scores


It was the beginning of June and our college kids were home for their summer break. They have been bugging us for some time to buy an Air Hockey Game for our basement. As luck would have it I found a used air hockey arcade game in the local want ads. My 20-year-old son Bill and I picked it up and had it installed in one day. My wife, Betty and my 18-year-old daughter Amy joined us as we played air hockey until after midnight.

A week after we set up the air hockey game Betty’s sister Carol and her family visited for a week stay. They lived on the West Coast and we had not seen them for over three years. Her husband was Mark and her 18-year-old daughter was Beth.

I was waiting at the airport gate when I noticed Carol walking into the terminal next to a beautiful woman. It had to be Beth, WOW. She had changed from a skinny kid with braces to a knock-your-eyes-out woman with long blonde hair. She resembled her mother who could still turned a few eyes her way.

I noticed Mark following behind carrying all the bags.

“John!” Carol said as she rushed up to me and threw her arms around my body.

“Where is everyone?” She asked as her soft mounds crushed against my chest.

“Betty had to work today and the kids are helping a friend move.”

“So this must be my little niece Beth.’ I said looking into her deep blue eyes. I didn’t know if I should hug her or not.

But, she made it easy for me as she opened her arms. “Hi Uncle John and I’m not a little girl anymore.” She said as her firm breasts moved against my chest.

I exchanged greetings with Mark and we headed to the car. Carol sat in the front with me and Mark and Beth jumped into the back. We had a thirty-minute drive to the house so we brought each other up to date on the latest family news.

I had some trouble concentrating because Carols skirt keep riding up her tan thighs. She noticed me looking at her exposed flesh and just gave me a big smile. She didn’t pull her skirt down.

I took Carol and Mark to their bedroom and showed Beth where Amy’s bedroom was.

“When you guys are ready I’ll challenge you to some air hockey,” I said as I walked down the stairs.

Carol was the first to come down and my eyes doubled in size as I turned to see her in a tight tee shirt and cotton shorts. Her shorts barely covered her ass cheeks. Her breasts were as firm as I had remembered them.

“So how’s my handsome brother-in-law?” she asked as she sat down next to me on the sofa.

As she sat back she twisted her body towards me, which slightly opened a space between her shorts and her thighs. My eyes automatically focused on her pink panties and a few escaping blonde pubic hairs. My prick sprang to attention.

“Oh, ah, what was the question?” I asked while trying my best to not look down.

“How are you doing?” She asked with a smile. She knew her shorts were causing me some stress and was enjoying every minute of it.

“Fine, my work is doing great and so is the family.” I answered.

“Is my sister taking care of you?” She asked while looking down at the bulge in my shorts.

“Sure, of course, why do you ask?”

“Well, you’ve been married as long as Mark and I and things do get boring. He’s actually upstairs taking a nap as we speak.”

“Well, things could be better but since there are no other options why bother?” I said before I realized I was probably saying too much.

“Who says there are no other options?” she said while moving her legs further apart.

I could now clearly see her panties and the shape of her pussy lips. Before I could stutter a reply we heard someone coming down the stairs. Carol quickly turned and moved her legs together.

I looked at Beth as she rounded the doorway. God, she was beautiful. She had changed into some nylon shorts and wore a baggy V-neck tee shirt. It looked as if she was not wearing a bra because her nipples were like two pencil erasers poking up under the material. She moved over to the chair, slid her cute little ass over the arm and fell backwards.

“Ooops,” she cried as her legs moved straight up into the air. Her shorts moved away and I saw a second of flesh under the shorts. I didn’t see any panties and was wondering if she was wearing any.

“Who’s up for an air-hockey game?” I asked the two sexy creatures.

“ME!” Beth shouted. “Ok, I’ll give it a shot.” Carol said. I led them downstairs and closed the basement door. I was hoping to have some time alone with these two.

“Who wants to play first?” I asked. “I do.” Beth replied as she grabbed a paddle.

“Why don’t Uncle John and I play you?” Carol asked her daughter.

“Sure, I’m pretty good at this game.” Beth bragged.

We practiced a few rounds and she was very good. She had the video game generation hand and eye coordination.

Carol moved to my right as I asked her to hand me the puck. She handled me the puck and whispered in my ear, “You can puck me anytime you want.”

I gulped and turned to hide my sudden embarrassment. I wasn’t ready to hear those words.

I served the puck and Beth slammed it between us before we could even blink. “SCORE!” She yelled.

“We let you have that one,” I said with a smile.

“Yeah, right,” she answered. Beth served the next shot and I smashed a shot that hit the side of her goal and missed. She slammed it back but Carol stopped it from going in our goal.

“Nice save partner,” I said.

Carol wiggled her ass and almost made me miss a block as Beth returned the puck. We volleyed for a few more minutes and I finally scored when Beth moved her hand to push her long blonde hair out of her eyes.

“Not fair,” she complained. “My hair got in front of my face.”

Carol gave me a high five and also a squeeze on my ass. Beth did not see the squeeze. I thought about returning the favor but it was too risky. Beth had the puck and was ready to serve. The game went on until the score was tied at 4 goals apiece.

“Next score wins,” I said as I put the puck down on the table. “Loser has to get everyone else a drink.”

I desperately wanted to get Beth out of the basement so I took over hitting the puck as much as I could. Carol even complained I was reaching over on her side. Finally I smashed a shot that ricocheted off the back wall and bounced off Beth’s paddle into her goal.

“NOT FAIR.” She complained again.

“We win!” Carol screamed and turned to hug me.

Her “you can puck me anytime you want” words were still in my mind as my hard-on moved against her thin cotton shorts. She stopped and looked me in the eyes when she felt how hard I was. I thought she would be somewhat upset but she pulled me closer into her soft body.

“OK, what do you to drink?” Beth asked while we continued to embrace.

“I’ll take a diet Pepsi,” I answered.

“Me too,” Carol said.

“The drinks are in the refrigerator in the garage.” I said hoping she would take more time.

“Why don’t you get some glasses with ice as well? The ice is in the kitchen refrigerator.”

We watched Beth as she walked up the stairs. I couldn’t take my eyes off her cute round ass.

“Boy, she has grown.” I said softly to Carol who was only inches from my body.

“I know who she gets that cute ass from.” I whispered as my hand moved down to cup Carol’s ass. Carol turned her body to mine as she leaned upward and bit me on my earlobe.

“So, do you want to puck me?” she whispered as her hand slid down my stomach to my bulge. Her tiny fingers circled my covered dick.

“I can’t even get my fingers around it,” she whispered as her tongue snuck out into my ear. Her hand moved up to the top of my bulge and back down to the base.

“No wonder Betty married you.” She whispered as my fingers slid down her back and under her shorts.

I felt the top of her panties and quickly slid my fingers under the waistband. Her ass was so soft but also very firm. She must workout I thought as my fingers moved down her crack. I lightly touched her anus and moved lower. I knew when I reached her pussy because her juices were dripping. My finger moved in to the first knuckle when we heard the basement door open.

“Uncle John, I can’t find any Diet Pepsi. Will Diet Coke do?”

My finger stayed in her mother’s pussy as I thought quickly. “See if there are any Diet Pepsi’s in the panty closet by the rear door.” We heard the door close and my finger moved out of her wetness and up to her hard clit.

“Oh God, that feels good!” she moaned as my finger moved up and down over her pleasure bud. Her fingers were now clamped tightly around my tool. I was close to coming and so was she.

We both speed up our hand movements and Carol climaxed first. “Oh shit, I’m coming.” She cried trying to hold back the volume of her voice.

“Now,” she moaned as my fingers rubbed quickly over her clit. Her hand was frozen on my prick when she came. She suddenly remembered me as her hand went back to its task.

We suddenly heard the door open and Beth walking down the stairs. I quickly pulled my hand out of her shorts and she let go of my hard-on. I turned quickly as Beth walked in to prevent her from seeing the huge tent in my shorts.

As we poured our Diet Pepsi’s I noticed Beth’s eyes moving down to my shorts. I still had a semi-hard on and also a huge wet spot at the tip of my prick. I was worried she would be upset but all she did was smile when I looked into her baby blue eyes.

Before we could play again Amy and Bill came home and hurried down to see who was playing air hockey. I thought my son was going to have a heart attack when he first saw Beth. His teenage hormones kicked in when she flashed him the big smile and moved her chest out for him to notice. I’m sure he noticed those babies before he saw her face.

Carol and I could tell the kids wanted to play the game and we wanted some more time alone.

“Why don’t you kids play and Carol and I will go upstairs.” I suggested.

“Great idea.” Carol said as we walked quickly upstairs.

As we opened the door at the top of the stairs I heard my son say, “OK, Beth and I are going to play Amy.” I smiled.

“Why don’t you go check to make sure Mark is asleep?” I said as we closed the basement door.

“OK, I’ll be right back.” Carol said as she moved quickly upstairs.

We didn’t have much time because Betty would be home in less than an hour.

I moved into the den and waited on the sofa for Carol to come back down. My prick was hard anticipating what would happen next. I knew we could hear the basement door if it opened and as long as Mark was sleeping we could have some time alone.

I was deep in erotic thoughts when I saw and heard Carol’s feet moving fast down the stairs.

“He’s out like a light.” She said trying to catch her breath. She turned and closed the two bi-fold doors. She had the same thoughts I had.

“Let’s see what you’ve been hiding from me all those years.” She said as she moved next to me on the sofa. I watched as her small hands unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my shorts. My hard prick was pushing up trying to escape as she lowered my zipper. Her hands moved into the opening on my briefs and her hot fingers found my rigid shaft. She tried to pull it out through the small opening but it was too hard and too big. Finally she gave up and reached up to pull my shorts and my briefs down my thighs. My prick sprang out as the waistband of underwear moved by.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed.

Her hands let go of my clothes and moved up to provide a double grasp around my prick. One of her hands slid down to cup my balls as the other hand stroked up and down my 9-inch length.

I realized I was getting all the attention so I moved my hand under her arm to touch her round breast.

As I played with the hard nipple her mouth moved down and kissed the tip of my prick. It had been a while since Betty had given me a blowjob so my prick jumped at the touch of her tiny lips.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement in the small space between the two doors. Someone was in the hallway!

Carols mouth had moved over my crown and was halfway down my shaft when I grabbed Carol’s head to pull her off. I had her head halfway up when I noticed blonde hair between the doors.

It had to be Beth. I froze for a second and realized I wanted her to see what was happening.

Carol pulled her lips up off my prick and looked up at me, “What’s wrong don’t you like it?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I was trying to help.” I answered peeking at the doorway.

“Stop helping,” she said as her mouth stretched wide again and moved again down over my prick.

I peeked at the door and noticed Beth was still there. Having Beth watching was an extra turn-on and it didn’t take me long to explode.

“I’m coming.” I said loud enough for Beth to hear. I expected Carol to remove her mouth away and finish me by hand but she held her lips tight and sucked me dry.

I suddenly heard the basement door open and Amy’s voice, “Are you coming back or not?”

Carol jerked her head up off my prick and I quickly pulled my shorts and briefs up my legs. By the time Carol looked at the doors Beth was gone.

“That was close!” Carol said with a smile.

I walked to the door, opened it and looked in the hallway. No one was there. I left the doors open and returned to sit by my sister-in-law.

“I wish we could be totally alone.” She said as her lips moved over to mine. We French-kissed for a few seconds until I pushed her back. “We can’t take chances like this.”

“What if we somehow get Betty and Mark together?” she asked as she moved her hand under my shirt to play with my hairy chest.

“I don’t think Betty would go for it.” I said thinking of the possibilities.

“Are you sure?” Carol asked. “Maybe I know my sister better than you do?”

“How would we do it?” I asked.

“Maybe we could get some drinks in them and play an adult game?” Carol suggested.

“Like what? Strip poker?” I laughed.

“Betty and I have always had this competition thing. She hates it when I beat her at any game. Why don’t we play strip air hockey?” Her eyes lit up like she had discovered a new planet.

“Yeah, right.” I laughed. Carol didn’t laugh.

I looked at her. “You’re serious?”

“Why not try it?” she said as she pulled on my chest hair.

We didn’t have much time to make plans because we heard the garage door open. Betty was home.

“What about the kids?” I asked. “We could send them to a movie or something.” She quickly answered before Betty walked in through the hallway door.

“Hello! Anybody home?” My wife yelled. Carol gave me a quick kiss and moved out to greet her sister.

Betty and Carol came into the den and my wife leaned over to kiss me. I was hoping she didn’t smell her sister’s perfume on me. We talked about what plans they had this week. Mark heard all the noise and came downstairs to join us. As he approached Betty’s chair I noticed she stood up to give him a full body hug.

“Hello handsome brother-in-law.” She said as she kissed him on the cheek. She held their embrace longer than I would have expected. Maybe Carol’s plan was going to be easier than I thought?

The four of us walked down to see the finished basement and for Betty and Mark to greet the kids.

I made eye contact with Beth and she gave me a big smile. I took that smile to mean she wasn’t upset about what she had seen. My prick stirred in my pants.

We ordered pizza and Carol suggested the kids should go to a movie. The kids had already made plans to go to the mall. The two girls quickly dressed into some short dresses. Bill grabbed the car keys and took the arms of the two young women. We watched as they left the house.

Carol looked at me and winked as she poured Betty had a glass of wine. I made sure Mark’s beer glass was never empty.

“John and I challenge you and Mark.” Carol said with direct eye contact with my wife.

Betty smiled. “You know you can’t beat me at any game so why bother?”

“Well, we are going to kick your asses.” Carol bragged back at her.

“Never in your lifetime.” Betty snapped back. Mark and I just looked at our wives and smiled.

Carol grabbed a full bottle of wine and some beer to take downstairs. Betty had changed into a loose blouse and some loose shorts. She has always been a conservative dresser and rarely showed her nice shape. Her breasts were larger than Carols but you would never know it because she hid them.

Since I had now touched both of their breasts I could tell Betty had her sister by at least two sizes.

At first the games were just some kidding around. But, I could tell the sisters were getting into it. Carol smashed a shot off of Betty’s paddle and it went into their goal. Betty didn’t laugh but instead gave her sister a dirty look.

The games were getting to be pretty competitive. We each gave high fives when we scored and even danced around when we won. Carol and I won two games in a row and I could tell Betty was getting pissed.

“We won again?” Carol asked sarcastically.

“I’ll bet it will be the last one you win.” Betty said with a challenge.

“So what are you willing to bet sweet sister?” Carol challenged back.

“You name it.” Betty flared back at her.

“OK, let’s see what you are really made of. Let’s bet our clothes.” Carol said with her hands on her cute little hips. I saw Betty’s facial expression change from toughness to fear.

“I think we are too old for that.” She said looking at me for support. I just shrugged my shoulders. She looked at Mark for support and all he did was grin.

“Chickening out as usual?” Carol snapped at her.

“In here?” Betty asked looking around.

“Sure, we can lock the basement door and no one is around anyway” Carol answered. I was keeping quiet because I didn’t know what Betty would do.

“I don’t know?” Betty said looking at Mark and me for support.

“Come on let’s try it” Mark said.

Betty looked at me again and quickly threw up her hands.

“If everyone else wants to then why not?” She said.

Mark moved over to lock the louvered door as I pulled the blinds close on the small basement window.

“OK, when someone scores the other team must each remove an article of clothing and your teammate will do the removing”. I said as I looked at Carol. She just smiled.

Since the stakes were now raised we all got very serious with the game. I whispered to Carol to keep her paddle in front of our goal while I smashed the puck the other way. It worked. We scored first.

“Damn” Mark cried out. “What do you want me to take off of you?” He asked Betty. Betty pointed to her shoes.

“Both shoes” I said as Mark kneeled down to remove them.

Mark pointed to his shirt and we watched as Betty pulled it over his head. I did a quick count and noticed the men were wearing four articles of clothing counting shoes and the women were wearing five.

“Not fair” I said. “The men have less clothing”.

“Too bad” Betty said. “We have more to show”. I guess she was right. We continued the game.

Mark and Betty still had not discovered our secret with Carol guarding the goal and we scored again. Carol and I gave each other a high five and pointed to our spouses.

“Take it off! Take it off!” we chanted.

Mark pointed to his shoes and held each leg up for Betty to slip them off.

It was time for Betty to expose some underwear. She pointed to her blouse. We watched as Mark slowly unbuttoned each button and opened Betty’s blouse. The back of his fingers brushed against her covered breasts. She didn’t complain. Her skin was bright pink as he pulled the shirt over her shoulders and down her arms. Her blue bra was straining to hold in her full breasts. We could all see the shadows of her dark nipples through the material.

“What’s everyone starring at?” She asked and reached down to grab a hockey paddle. The game was getting more intense.

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