tagIncest/TabooHe Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 1

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 1


My name is Cameron and I've just this month turned 18. My brother Ashley is 5 years older than me, which makes him 23. I've always gotten on well with him, although he's very protective of me, especially when it comes to boys.

I have to admit it; many men say I'm gorgeous. It's probably down to my curvaceous 5 foot 6 body, the colour of peaches and cream, my long flowing golden hair and massive bright blue eyes the colour of sapphires. Although I like to think, my caring and sensitive personality wins the men over, but it is probably due to my large, pert, size C tits. My brother looks very similar to me, almost like a cherub, but with a 6 foot, hard athletic body.

As I've said, we've always been friends but after I turned 16, he started to look at me in ways a brother probably shouldn't. I started to notice that his deep blue eyes would linger at my tits, slowly moving down my body until they reached my well-covered pussy. I'm no virgin, I gave mine up at 15 to some boy I met on the beach, but his actions shocked me and I felt awkward. Not because I was embarrassed, but because his stares lit a fire in me, and I knew I wanted more than just his brotherly love. But for 2 years nothing happened.

It was the day after my 18th birthday party that it happened. I was sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee, watching TV in a pair of white hot pants and a pink crop top that ended just below my tits. Ashley walked in and I saw him glance at my chest and bare stomach. We nodded at each other and he sat opposite me in an armchair. Our mother walked in and stood in front of us.

'Kids I'm off to town, I'll be about 3 hours because I'm meeting Shirley, is there anything you want me to get for you?'

'No mum' Ashley and I chorused. We knew that as soon as she left we'd be alone.

I heard her shut the door and pretty soon heard the car start up. I placed my cup on the table. It was silent as a tomb when Ashley finally said, 'Did you enjoy the party Cammy?'

'Yeah it was fun, did you?'

He shrugged, 'It would have been better if all those boys hadn't of been mauling you all night'

I sighed, 'Don't start Ash, it was only flirting'

He made a grumbling noise and left to go into the kitchen. I followed him and stood next to him by the counter, I touched his arm gently and whispered,' Why does it bother you so much, huh?' He looked down at me, our eyes locking. Blue to blue, bloodline to bloodline. I pursed my lips and tilted my head. I closed my eyes as his lips touched mine. I knew it was wrong, hell, he was my brother, but I loved every moment. Soon the kiss became more urgent and our tongues lashed around each other, sucking and licking. I felt his hands around my thighs and they started to inch upwards, over my firm ass, around my smooth waist until his palms rested on my tits. His fingers squeezed my erect nipples, I gasped out in pain and pleasure. I moved up closer to him and felt his rock hard cock against my pussy. It was so hard I could feel it throbbing. I reached down and cupped him, feeling him tense as I caressed the rock hard mound. He lifted me up onto the counter so I was level with him. He started to kiss his way down my neck until he reached my top. He almost ripped it off as he freed my tits, I wasn't wearing a bra. He looked taken a back as he stared.

'Well, haven't you grown?' he whispered, bending to kiss and lick my small, erect pink nipples.

'Mmmm' I moaned as my huge tits got covered in saliva as he licked me in long strokes and sucked each tit one after the other. I was getting more and more wet as I wriggled on the counter. Ashley kissed and licked his way over my stomach until he reached my waistband. His fingers snuck in and brushed my curly blonde pubes. I gasped as his warm fingers slid into my gaping pussy hole. He worked his fingers in circles as I moaned louder and louder. He got faster as I slipped in another 2 fingers, stroking my wetness. I lifted my self up so he could get in further. I shuddered as he pinched my clit. He drew his fingers out before I came, they were drenched in glistening pussy juice. He brought his 3 fingers to my lips and rubbed the juice on my lips before licking them clean himself.

'You taste better than Ruby' He growled, referring to his ex girlfriend. 'And she was sweet'

'Well I'm sweeter' I whispered, 'Try again'

He pulled my shorts down my legs and threw them on the floor. I spread my legs wide, exposing my dripping hole and curly blonde pubes.

'Mmmm' He moaned as he brought his head between my legs. He started licking me in long strokes, probing my slippery slit. I almost came when he ran his tongue over my small nubble of a clit. When he bit down I screamed with passion. He gorged on my pussy sucking me and licking me and kissing my tight little hole. I came in wave after wave of pleasure. I opened my eyes to see his face drenched in my dew.

'Now' He said, unzipping his jeans, 'Why don't you do something for me?'

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