tagIncest/TabooHe Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 2

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 2


A smile teased my lips as I watched in anticipation as Ashley revealed his impressive cock. From the age of 15 I had seen many, but none as gorgeous as this. It was at least 8 inches long and 2 and a half inches wide. There was long vein running down the back of it and it was almost purple on top. I couldn't wait to taste him.

'Well, go on then!' He exclaimed running his hand up and down his throbbing length, 'Suck me off you dirty little slut'

I grinned at him; he knew I loved dirty talk. I slid off the counter, leaving a glistening trail. He turned around and places his back to the counter. I got on my knees before him and licked his pulsating cock in long strokes with my warm and wet tongue. Hearing him moan and groan simply urged me on. Holding the base of his prick I ran my tongue along that thick vein, he took a sharp intake of breath and grabbed onto the counter behind him. Moving my hands to his balls covered with curly blonde pubes just like me, I stared to gently caress and knead them with my hands.

At the same time I covered the head of his pounding dick with my open and hot mouth. Sucking on it and tasting his pre cum felt like heaven. My clit hardened and my chewable pink nipples pinged erect. His hands grabbed my mass of soft hair as I sucked harder, taking him in as far he it would go. I fondled his balls a little harder as I felt them tense with eagerness to release his load of hot and salty cum. He cried out with pleasure as I felt his cock twitch before he shot his sticky goo into my mouth. I moaned as I swallowed, loving it as the little drops escaped my pink and pert lips. I released his prick from my mouth and wiped it with my hands. I looked up at him, my gorgeous older brother whom I had just sucked off to a wonderful climax.

'Oh that was so good', He breathed, his heart rate slowly.

'Did you like that baby?' I purred, 'did you like it when your baby sister sucked you off?'

'Cammy I have wanted to stick my cock it every one of your holes since I saw you fucking that boy on the beach when you were fifteen. I have wanted to get inside that peachy little pussy for 3 years!'

'Well now's your chance' I stared to massage my big tits in front of him, squeezing my small, hard and pink nipples. I started to sway gently, running my hands over my smooth, young body. I wanted to get him hard again as soon as possible. I needed a hard fuck. My hands reached my young cunt. Slowly I moved my index finger to my rock hard clit. I moaned and closed my eyes as I masturbated in front of my elder brother. Anyone else would have been embarrassed, but not me. I started to cry out as I started to come, by body started to shudder and I came in waves. I opened my eyes and sure enough Ashley had a cock that was throbbing so hard I could almost see it.

'Fuck me right now!' I gasped, lying on the floor and spreading my legs wide to display my shimmering pussy and its juices that had just started to run in streams down my thighs.

'Oh I want to fuck my baby sister so much' He groaned, crawling between my spread legs. He grabbed my tits and squeezed hard as he thrust. In one motion he was in me. At last me brother was fucking me. The very thought made me close. We cried out in unison as he fucked me in one hard thrust after the other. He was licking and sucking my nipples as I was running my hands over his back and firm ass I wanted to wiggle my finger into his ass hole but I thought it might freak him out to know his little sister who he had once played with was into a different game now, one that involved having a hard cock shoved up into my tight ass hole.

'God, you're so tight' He groaned as I hooked my legs around his back. I moaned in response I was so close. My pussy clenched and my juices ran as I came over and over again. Ashley gave one more hard thrust and then shot his salty cum into my tight little pussy. We stayed locked together like that for a while. Soon I turned my head to look at the clock. God we had been going at it for hours. I lay by head back down as Ashley kissed me gently.

'God that was amazing, I've always wanted to fuck you'

I was just about to return the compliment when I saw a shadow in the doorway. I gasped and Ashley turned around.

'What in God's name have you 2 been up to?' Came the angry question from my mother, standing there her arms crossed...

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