tagIncest/TabooHe Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 3

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 3


Ashley and I gaped at our mother. She looked stunning but furious. She had, had her curly hair made up by a hairdresser. Loose curls fell around her face that looked slightly flushed. Her eyes were the same shade blue as Ashley's and mine. Although she was slim, her tits were much bigger than mine. About a DD. I was amazed she had never dressed to accentuate her figure. Usually she looked calm and serene, almost angelic. But right at this moment she looked angrier than I had ever seen her before. Her scarlet lips pouted and her brow was creased with rage. Ashley and I exchanged a glance before we spoke at the same time.

'It just happened - '

'It won't ever happen again - '

'Please - '

'It was a mistake - '

She looked at us, now I came to think about it she looked more as if she was sulking then upset. And I was sure I saw a mischievous glint in her beautiful eyes. As I scurried around trying to find some clothes to cover my modesty Ashley stood up, completely naked, walked over to our mother and put his hands on her waist. I had just pulled on my shorts when I saw this. My mouth fell open and my chin hit the floor when I heard what he said next.

'Mum, I'm sorry I thought you would be away a lot longer. If I knew you were going to be home so early I would have made sure that you would be able to join in' Then he pulled her close as she wound her fingers around the little curls on the back of his neck.

'That's ok sweetheart, next time though make sure that I can at least watch' Then she reached up and they started to kiss passionately. I stood there, dressed in only my shorts watching my mum and brother kiss and caress each other. What's more, it turned me on. They broke off and mum looked at me over Ashley's shoulder. She then turned to him and said, 'Baby, go upstairs for a minute. I think your sister and I need a little chat'

'Sure mum' He replied, pecked her softly on the cheek and walked up stairs.

'Cammy, will you come with me into the living room? I think we need to talk'

I followed my mother into our living room. I had put my barely there top back on now and was still basking in the after glow of an orgasm. We both sat on the sofa and she turned to me and held my hands in hers. She explained what had been going on.

'Well honey ever since your father died I have been lonely. I didn't want to go out and nothing motivated me. Your father was my life, you and your brother ruled my world but I just felt so depressed I couldn't get up in the mornings. Slowly my life got back together and one day about 2 months ago I came home from work, Ash was here and we stared talking. I said how lonely I was without a man and one thing led to another. We enjoy having sex, it gives us a release. Do you understand?'

I simply nodded; I couldn't take my eyes off her tits. They looked so firm I just wanted to reach out and stroke them. She looked at me. 'Cammy, I need to tell you this. Ever since I saw you come out of the shower I haven't been able to take my eyes off your body'

My head snapped up and I looked into my mothers' eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips. They tasted so fresh and sweet I just wanted more. We kissed with passion for minutes. Her hands started to wonder over my body, brushing my shoulders, cupping my tits, stroking my stomach and lingering over my pussy. I wanted her fingers in me and I moaned against her mouth

'Mum, please!' I cried, 'I've never been with a woman'

'Lie back sweetheart and just relax'.

Slowly mum ran her fingers over my hot body, tracing patterns through the light film of sweat that had gathered. Goosebumps popped up all over, I writhed, as her touch became lighter and lighter. I started to moan in frustration as she carried on, her finger- nails grazing my nipples under my top. I reached out but she took my hands and pinned them above my head.

'Hold still' She whispered. My eyes widened as she unclasped her belt, pulled it through the loops on her trousers and ran it over my now trembling body. She tied the belt around my wrists firmly, but not so tight it hurt. The feeling simply turned me on more. Then she proceeded with her exploration of my body. She sat on top of me her pussy pressing into mine and I could feel her warmth and wetness through her trousers and my shorts. She pulled of my top slowly, revealing my rock hard nipples, so perfectly pink. She smiled and gently stroked them with her fingers, I gasped in delight as her touch became firmer. She bent down and ran her tongue over my entire tit, sucking the nipple as she went. I moaned louder and she sucked harder. I almost came when she bit down, she then kissed each nipple in turn and wiggled down my body to my shorts. Firstly she licked me through the fabric, it felt strange but wonderful. Suddenly, as if she knew I could take no more teasing she ripped off my shorts and spread my legs wide, exposing my dribbling pussy. She ran her fingers inside me, smearing the juice. Slowly she inserted 2 fingers, stroking my springy tunnel. With her left index fingers she played with my clit. I was riding the waves that were crashing over me, I felt as though I was flying. Then after I had exploded juiced all over her hand she put 2 more fingers inside me, only her thumb was left out. I was stretched to the limit but still I wanted more.

'Mummy, fist me please!' I cried

She slyly smiled at me and slowly included her thumb. It felt almost painful but so amazing that I came again and again as she gently moved her fingers inside me. After 5 minutes of fisting she slowly drew out and spent time licking her fingers. My eyesight went fuzzy as I tried to focus on my mum. She looked so amazing, coy yet seductive, I knew what she wanted as she started to lick her lips. I was helpless with lust and simply lay back against the cushion, my hair sticking to my neck and face, the sensation was irritating but there was nothing I could do about because my hands were tied.

Mum bent her head and licked my inner thighs; I shuddered as her tongue found a super sensitive spot that I didn't know I had. Finally she found my pussy, pink and glistening. Her tongue felt like fire against my slippery tunnel and I couldn't hold back as I started to scream out in ecstasy.

'Yes! Oh god yes fuck me fuck me with your tongue! Oh GOD!' My shouts seemed to urge her on; she found my clit and started to lap at it driving me wild. Before I knew I was coming again and just as the final wave of unbearable pleasure washed over me I passed out.

By the time I woke up my arms had been untied and someone had dressed me. Ashley and mum walked in and smiled at me.

'Good sleep?' Ashley asked, sitting next to me.

'Mmmm yeah' I moaned, sitting up.

'We figured that you'd need a rest' Mum laughed as Ashley put his arm around me.

'This weekend is going to be the best ever!' I cry happily and mum puts her arms around us to.

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