tagBDSMHe Asked For More

He Asked For More


"More, hmmm? Certainly mine, we can do more." She leaned over to the side of the bed, her hand still wrapped around his nuts, and hunted around in the drawer for what she needed "Ahhh here we go!" She wriggled back up onto her knees again, released him as she noticed the grimace on his face and set about preparing "more".

Casting his eyes about, trying to see around his thick thigh and catch a view of what she had in store for him next, his heart pounded with excitement and anticipation as well as nervous tension.

"You did say more, didn't you boy?" She smiled sweetly up at him "Don't want to retract that request?"

He shook his head slowly and with conviction, "Never would I retract. You know what you wish to do to your boy, Mine."

"You are extremely trusting, slut." She slipped the new bracelet off from around her right wrist and wrapped it tight around his balls, effectively binding them away from his body. Moving around, she rustled around on the blankets, then held up the biggest plug she could find in her drawer and sucked it slowly into her mouth, coating it in her saliva before taking it out and pressing the head to his arsehole.

"I think that's lubed enough, don't you? Your precum seems to have leaked down and pooled in that star anyway." She lifted her eyes to his, gripped his left thigh and pushed.

Drawing a deep breath, he relaxed as best as he could, "Of course this slut has trust in you. I belong to you as much as you belong to me. I crave your torment, your wicked will. And your loving whims."

"Such a good boy," she smiled and pushed the flared head past the tight ring of muscle and watched in delight as his body twitched.

"Oh... fuck..." he groaned, as the focus of his universe slipped away from his balls and nipples and straight into his eager arse. "That smarts so good."

"Ohhh, he likes that!" Gripping the base of the plug, she eased it back slowly, till the widest part slipped from his tight hole, caught his eye and pushed it back in more firmly. "Is that in?"

Swallowing hard, he flexed around it as best he could. "I think so. But you might want to test it a few more times, Mine."

She chuckled softly and gave it a few twists instead, then moved back to his swelling balls. Easing the loops of cord off of them, and disentangling them from her bracelet, she held them loosely in her hand and smiled down at him "You did ask for more, but I'm wondering if that's enough... ha, who am I kidding, you wouldn't stop there, would you?" Grinning, she dropped the cord onto his abdomen and picked up the six clothes pegs she'd found, and quickly clipped three to each testicle. "There, how's that?"

Sucking in another sharp breath, he turned his head and bit into his left shoulder, "Like fire. Good gods are you sure you've never topped before?" Then he added hastily, "I mean... thank you, Mine."

Batting her lashes, she gripped his cock in her talon like nails, "I have no idea what you mean, Dadd— boy."

Leaning up over his body, her knee pressed in against the flat of the plug, she grabbed the cords in her free hand and licked up his neck and along his jaw. Clenching his teeth, he winced from the flurry of sensations, from ticklish to down right claimed assault.

"If not now, then I'm sure you will, Mine," he said.

"Whoops, did I get a sensitive spot or five?" She laughed against his ear and released his swollen purple shaft. "Can you move your hips at all, boy? If I lower my mouth to the head of that tasty cock, will you be able to fuck my mouth?"

He nodded, swallowed and croaked out a lust filled, "Yes. If that is your wish, Mine. I'll try to move as necessary."

"Good, so you should be able to manage this then." She pushed herself to her feet, the clamp cords still loose in her hand, turned around and backed her heels up against his arse. Bracing the cord hand on his thigh, she bent her knees, and smiled at the whimper coming from his mouth, as the cables tightened. Hovering her wet snatch above his cock, she took her free hand and placed the head of his shaft at her soaked entrance.

"Get yourself wet for me, would you boy?" Moving one of the cords to her right hand, she hooked the loops over her thumbs and gripped both his thighs just below the knee. Gritting his teeth, he nodded fervently as he pressed in against her dripping cunt and arched in as deep as the restraints would allow, his entire body hummed with molten fire and electricity as the sweet pains shot through him.

He gasped breathily, "This slut finds your treasured cunt a delight to be graced with, Mine."

"Yeah, whatever." She bit back a grin and gripped around him, as he slipped between the wet folds.

"This isn't your final destination." Tilting her hips, she growled as his thick cocks slipped from inside. Dropping her left hand, she wrapped it around his shaft and angled towards the other treasure he enjoys so much.

"Fuck this until I cum, and maybe then, I'll let you finish in there ...Daddy"

Gasping loudly, he surged upward as hard as he could, ignoring the restraints and focusing only on pleasuring her, drawing back to the flared head and then thrusting again and again. The sharp pains around his body serving only to bring him to over-stimulation and he has to concentrated on not cumming without permission. Only in servicing his One.

"That's it boy, I own that cock, and it doesn't get to cum just yet." Dropping her arse, so the cheeks rest on his abdomen, she took him deep inside her tight, tight cave. Lifting her hands from his thighs, she brought them around to pinch and tease her own engorged buds, effectively almost pulling the clamps from his. Her body gave a little shudder and her cunt clenched.

"I'm close slut; I think I'll cum when you do instead. Got something for me?"

He flexed his toes and groaned in delicious frustration, hurriedly barking out, "If it is your wish, Mine. I'll give you every last rough fucking drop."

He arched, rolled and writhed within her wanton heat. Her drooling pussy coated the thick, throbbing shaft and tightly tied balls. She passed the string from her left hand to the right and dropped the free hand to his tight balls, giving a firm tug. "Then give it to me, mine, all of it."

Growling out a feral obscenity at the flash of pain in his balls, he hammered into her, meeting her stroke for stroke until the climax welled in the restrained shaft, poised for the madness of explosion. "Please. Please may this slut have permission to cum inside you?"

"Hmmmmm, permission, you say?"

"Yes, Mistress Mine. Permission for your slut? Please?"

"Yes boy, cum for your One. Cum for me," she demanded.

With a hearty series of pistoning thrusts, he built it all into one explosively animal yell and released jet upon jet of his seed within her. A seemingly nonstop flow as the lengthy toying, teasing and build up spurt and flowed into her heated, clenching fuckhole. Gasping as the thick streams of cum coated the walls of her tight arse, she released her grip on his balls and the cords yanking at his nipples, and gripped his thighs as an orgasm ripped through her core, "Miiiiiine!!"

Breathing heavily, tormented chest heaving and perspiration coating him, his thighs trembled as the orgasm continued to flash through him. Balls aching, blue, cold and tight, he managed to speak, "Thank you, Mine. Thank you for letting your slut pleasure you."

Shaking her head slowly, she gave a final squeeze around his cock before lifting her own aching body off of his. With cum leaking down her thighs, she quickly dropped down and released him from all his bindings, rubbing at the clamped spots to get the blood flowing again, and eased his legs back to the bed. She crawled up his body and snugged herself to him, seeking out his mouth hungrily, "And thank you for allowing it."

Stretching his legs until his hips and knees crackled, he curled himself around her with sated, intoxicated eyes closing as he kissed her over and over again. "Dear gods, that was yummy."

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