tagInterracial LoveHe Came from a Land Down Unda Ch. 05

He Came from a Land Down Unda Ch. 05


Perti regales Cassie with stories of Lochlyn's childhood while he looks puckishly red faced at the memories. Cassie grabs a hold of Lochlyn's arm in a fit of laughter. "Perti I don't remember that at all." He denies after she tells a particularly embarrassing story about a failed attempt to sneak out of the house. The result had him hanging from the roof by the seat of his pants.

Perti sniffles her tears of merriment to a stop then puts her hands on her hips, "You look like bugman up there!"

Lochlyn now joins in the mirth, "Perti I think you mean SPIDERman." At this point Cassie can't breath. "Alright I have to alleviate some of the estrogen intake. I feel a little overwhelmed." In the car Lochlyn reaches for his iPod and starts clicking through. "You said you were into glam rock right?"

"Yeah it's awesome!" She snaps the buckle in place but pauses as T-Rex fills the small space. She shakes her head as the strains of "Cosmic Dancer" take her over. In almost a whisper she says, "I love this song."

He only smiles before turning up the music a bit, "I figured you would." They sit in a fitful silence, as Marc Bolan's bluesy sounds just make for a feel good time with an emphasis of being lackadaisical. She looks out of the window at the scenery while he steals glances at her from time to time. She wonders if she should tell him about her ex, George. 'Yeah dummy, and why not share that bit of info with George too?' Her mind sneers.

His voice cuts into her thoughts, "I've been wondering...after your job is finished here...um...do you ah...have...do you need to get back immediately...for another job or something?" She turns back to him and the uncertainly and anxiousness that mar his face it too cute for words. They're so affected by each other at this point that new doubts are growing like bacteria. They haven't taken any time to weigh out what exactly is becoming of their tryst and on some unconscious level neither wants to face it...until now.

"No, nothing after this. I was planning on taking a break for a little." She isn't lying; she does plan on taking a break after this job. She doesn't tell him it's partly because she wanted to finally plan her wedding. She gives a weak smile before swallowing hard and looking back at her hands in her lap. She doesn't notice his smile of satisfaction.

"You work hard, don't you Cass?" He looks straight ahead as he speaks to her and she looks up to him when he steals a glance.

She gives a tired chuckle, "You have no idea. I wish I could live a simpler life."

"What do you mean? You want to give up dancing?"

She gives a thoughtful look then slowly shakes her head, "No it's not that. I love dancing. Yes I went kicking and screaming at five but by ten it was like breathing to me. I love what I do but it takes a toll with the tours, being a step a head of the game, the evil fake people. When I say simpler I guess I mean I want something more stable...more real."

He nods solemnly, "Like your dance studio/wellness spa idea."

She crinkles her nose; "I forgot I told you about that. Stupid huh?"

"Why do you say that?" He asks, genuinely wanting to know the answer.

"It's just a dream I have. I'd love to make it happen but..."

"But nothing. As my father used to say, all you need is the WHW."

"What pray tell is the WHW." She giggles as she folds her arms over her chest.

"It's the why, how, and where of any business." She frowns in confusion by the definition and nods her head once to get him to finish. "Why do people want what you're selling? How do you plan on getting them there? Where do you plan on getting the money to make it happen?"

Her mouth goes into a quick "oh" and she thinks for a moment. "I don't know the where and I'm pretty sure I can figure out the how. The why is simple, I want a place where women can go and feel like the goddesses that they are. You know woman all were once treated like that in most ancient civilizations. I believe the reason why women flaunt their sexuality the way they do is because they forget their sensuality."

"Aren't they relatively the same thing?"

"Some would say yes but I think not. The sexuality is there to give and your sensuality lures on it's own. In matriarchic societies, women were treasured beacons for their talents such as dance, painting, and stimulating conversation. Now it's all skewed. I hate popping my ass for studio execs just so they can send me to a girl barely old enough to vote, so she can tell me that she wants quote, 'hotter moves'. Let's not get into the makeup. Nothing's natural anymore. It's all chemically enhanced poison that woman just continue to slather on their faces and bodies. For what you ask? Usually it's for a man." He gives a hurt look before clutching his chest with a mocking scoff. She laughs and continues, "You know what I mean. I want to create a place for girls and women by women so they can learn how to be women again in all their glory. I want to create a healthy environment where issues can be discussed in an open dialogue. From yoga, to dance, to seminars, to all natural spa treatments; basically anything really to build womanhood back to their thrones." She turns to him after she finishes her tirade and he promptly begins clapping.

She laughs and hits him playfully in his right arm. "I hope you have room for us lowly men once the thrones are in place love."

"Eh I guess we'll need towel boys and toe nail painters along the way." He cuts his eyes at her and she only laughs harder. He begins to tickle her with one hand as they pull into the studio. He's still pawing at her as he walks her in the building. The receptionist stares but goes back to what she's doing when Cassie swats at Lochlyn's hands that pinches her ass. "You're gonna get it!" She hisses through a grin then turns to walk past the front desk. He's on her heel and pulls her back to his front once they're out of eyesight and earshot of the desk.

He rubs his growing need for her on her soft rump. "You shouldn't make checks your ass can't cash darling." He spins her around and corners her on a wall next to a window that peers in on a studio of dancers. "Now what exactly am I gonna get?" She slips her hands up to meet around his neck and gives a throaty sigh. She leans up and catches his lips between hers. She breathes in his masculine scent of neroli and vetiver then melts into his body as the blend of sweet irises ignites her desire for him. His tongue swirls luscious circles in her mouth sending chills up her spines. He breaks the kiss and his head darts left and right looking for somewhere to take her so she can pay up. He originally thought to just take her off road somewhere but he didn't want her or him to be late. Once they got there the fire rages once more and he wants to take her to the nearest quiet spot to have his way with her. The sight of the receptionist quails that heat fast though but now this kiss opens a new can of worms. Just as he spots the restrooms, what comes from the ladies section nearly makes his heart stop. 'Catherine?' he thinks.

Cassie feels him stiffen next to hers and turns to see what he's staring at but her phone rings and she grabs it. The screen flashes 'George' and her palm tightens so hard around the device it creaks. His attention looks down to her and he notices her white knuckles on the phone. She looks up to him, "Um...I better take this. I'll be right back." He nods and watches her back disappear around a corner. He turns back to where he saw Catherine, but she's no longer there. He walks to the end of the hall where he spotted her and stops in front of a window then sees her. His nostrils flare and fists clench as she looks up from the bar she's stretching from. She catches his glare through the mirror and her expression reciprocates his the same way.


Carina can't believe her eyes. She knew Lochlyn was from Australia but she was sure she made it so he couldn't show his face again. She smiles maliciously at the fact. She feels she could have done more to ruin his life considering what he did to her. Her eyes glaze over at the thought of the humiliation he caused her and with no big pay-off like she hoped. She followed through with her plan like her boyfriend at the time told her. "The ole fuck 'em and fool 'em scam." He called it. "Works ever time." He assured her. Ha! When she told Lochlyn that she was underage and pregnant he flipped in the worse way. Instead of buying her off he only gave her enough for the abortion and slammed the door in his face. She wanted to admit defeat them but Tommy wouldn't let her. He told her to just lay it on him thicker and he'd break. Lochlyn didn't though and ended up moving and changing his number. Tommy eventually got tired of "chasing the big fish" and ultimately got tired of her. She would of killed for him and it was because of Lochlyn that he was gone. It was almost sheer fate that she saw him walking into his new building that day. She smiled absently as she remembered the scene she caused. She banged on his buzzer screaming, "You can't do this to me! I'm having your baby!" To add salt to injury she took a play from Debra Hill in Goodfellas and buzzed everyone in his building shouting their business and added, "I'm only 17!" to the mix. The police were called and she was all too happy to tell them what happened. Lochlyn had his first movie in development at the time and the publicity that swarmed around him after that ended his film producing days before it even started. Last she heard his father had a heart attack from the news or something like that. At that point she was too bitter to care and the rage in her eyes as she looks back to him only says she feels the same now. She smirks at him before moving towards the door to speak with him as mischief dances in her eyes. She suddenly wants to have some fun.


"What do you mean it's over?" George yells and causes Cassie to hold the receiver from her ear. She would have told him sooner but as always he takes the conversation in his direction until she finally got a word in. Or more like two words. Something like, 'It's over'.

"You know what I mean George." Cassie honestly doesn't want to give him the reason why she's leaving him. She wants to give him the same courtesy he gave her when he was dick deep in Vikki's secret.

There's a pause on his side of the line then a scoff. Another scoff then it sputters into a deep chuckle, "I know what this is about."

She's so mad from his gall to laugh at her that the words strain from her lips through clenched teeth, "What is it about and what's so fucking funny?" If he thinks he can talk his way out of cheating then he has another thing coming.

"Of course baby. You're scared is all. This is your last job before you have to start planning the wedding. It can be overwhelming." He tries to soothe.

She blows out a frustrated breath, "No George I'm not scared or overwhelmed. I want out; out of your contacts, your life, and your mind." The last part comes out hastier than she expects. She does a yogic breath before continuing with a low voice, "I'll send Lovie for my things."

Another pause before he chokes, "You're serious aren't you?"

"I'm glad you finally joined the conversation George. Yes I'm serious."

"What...you...why..." He can't form a sentence as all the information is ingested. "What happened from the time we got engaged till now Cass? It's only been three days!"

Before she can stop herself she yells, "You tell me!" She pauses then continues with a calmer voice because she doesn't want him to confuse her anger for anything else than what it is. The more she talks to him the more she knows that she's not in love with him. He was just there and she can't really be mad at him for not loving her the way she wants when she can't do the same. "Look George, I saw you with her." She leaves it at that and she takes his silence as defeat, "As I said, I'll send Lovie for my things." Before he speaks again she gives him a pitiful farewell then hangs up. She feels better after telling George but the weight of the situation is still upon her.


Carina walks out of one of the doors to the studio and saunters up to a stiff standing Lochlyn. He still stares through the window, counting numbers in his head to keep the storm from bubbling to the surface. She chuckles softly as she waits for him to acknowledge her presence. He knows she's there but something keeps him immobile; it glues him to the spot he's in. She clears her throat and he still doesn't move. His eyes roll in her direction but nothing else. So many things are rushing through his head at the moment that it's the only thing that seems to be working. She comes up to him and reaches for his brow with the tips of her fingers. He jerks back as if she's scalding him and plants a deadly look on her, "Don't you fucking touch me Catherine." He snarls lowly. The sound is so alarming that Carina retreats with nervousness.

After a short pause she speaks, "It's Carina now and what are you doing here anyway!"

He finally moves his body in her direction, "I was thinking the same thing Catherine." The name he calls her comes out louder than the rest and she darts her head back and forth before shushing him.

Her stance relaxes and her face softens into a vindictive sneer, "Guess you aussies aren't into new and upcoming pop stars huh?"

It dawns on him that the spoiled bitch diva Cassie has been talking about is none other than the malicious little cunt that ruined his life two years prior. Shit, he guesses it is a small world after all. Not even moving back on the other side of the world can keep this bitch away from him. He cocks his brow then matches her glare, "I don't give a fuck who you are now. If I have to I'll get a restraining order on you."

"Don't flatter yourself big boy!" She walks past him and pushes into his shoulder as they switch positions. "I'm just here to shoot a video." She shrugs innocently. He rolls his eyes and scoffs, "No seriously, I'm here on business but if you'd like we can turn it to a little pleasure." Carina slowly steps closer to him and when she inches away, she leans in to rub her hard knotted breasts on him. She even has to admit that he still looks fine as hell. Two years before she didn't really care for his unkempt surfer look but he was still hot. She wasn't even convinced he actually had money until she saw his apartment. Now he is good enough to eat and like a cat she loves to play with her prey before devouring it.

His face contorts and he shoves her away, "Now who's flattering herself sweetheart?"

This angers her as she stumbles back slightly. She rushes up to him but not as close as before, "Then answer my question. If you didn't know I was here, why are you here." He searches for a sign of Cassie and spots her still on the phone. She animatedly talks to someone who's obviously annoying. Carina follows his eyes, "No! You can't be serious."

"Shut up!"

"This is too good. You're with that showboating mutt-bitch? It's too rich!" She laughs haughtily flips her hair to one side. The hard lines in his face say it all and she quickly subdues her hilarity out of fear. With a weird grin she says, "She doesn't know does she?"

"There's nothing to tell." He rubs a hand over his face to try to wipe the frustration from it.

"Maybe there wasn't but now there certainly is. I think dancing queen over there needs to know that she's fucking a rapist."

She hit a nerve with that one and he quickly recovers by grabbing her shoulders and shaking her hard, "You better not...!"

Carina shakes him off so hard she stumbles again, "Or what?" she hisses. She straightens herself and fixes her rumpled clothes.

He's panting slightly now and his feet are in a wide set grounded position. He points at her and narrows his eyes, "Leave us alone."

She scoffs with a sputtering raspberry blowing laugh, "Us?"

"Yes." His eyes are cold, "Leave me alone and leave her out of this."

She pitters around him, "And if I don't?" She begins to mock, "I mean, if anything I was the victim in this whole situation. It's my duty as a woman to inform them of predators like you."

"You're not a woman. I'm not even sure you're human. Now I'm telling you to leave us the fuck alone!" He spats.

His jaw tightens and he straightens up to regard her with no emotion. She blinks lazily, "Make it worth my wild."

He shakes his head; it is still all about money with her. When she tried to pin the kid on him she wanted an outlandish amount of money for her silence about her age. With a deep sigh he says, "How much?"

Carina lights up at how easy it is to get to him. It excites her more to know that he and Cassie are something of a pair. She hates both of them and fucking with them at the same time sounds more tempting then anything. "I've changed my mind. I like it better with the unknown."

His eyes go wild for a moment then narrow, "What do you mean?"

"I rather watch you squirm dumb ass." She says lamely as Cassie ends the call she's on. Carina ducks to the nearby ladies room, "Look alive solider here she comes." Lochlyn is so confused and nervous at this point that he's perspiring a bit.

Cassie walks up to him, "Are you okay?"

"Fine. Are you all right? Was everything okay with that call?" He tries to divert the attention.

Now she's nervous, "Oh yeah...It was nothing."

Carina swishes out of the bathroom with a tight smile and acts startled to see people standing there, "Oh hello Cassie." Her voice drips with a sugary substance that confuses both Lochlyn and Cassie as they turn to her with bemusement. "Who's your friend?" The look in her eyes says volumes for them. Lochlyn knows she's enjoying the act while Cassie just thinks she wants Lochlyn.

"Car this is Lochlyn Miller. Lochlyn this is Carina Brandon."

He stinks out his hand, "Nice to meet you." His voice is bland and he's dead behind the eyes.

Carina only smiles more and gives him the tips of her fingers as if she wants him to kiss her hand, "Likewise." When he doesn't bring her hand to his mouth she slips it away and walks to the studio door. She turns and enters it backwards and glares at them until she's back in the room.

Cassie scrunches her brow and shakes her head, "She is too weird." She says this quickly then turns back to him with a better disposition, "Anyway...What time should I expect Jesse with the car?" She scoots close to him and puts her hands in his front pockets. Her hands rub his toned thighs through the thin material.

He looks down into her shining eyes and all thoughts of Carina vanish. The lines in her forehead relax and the corners of his mouth turn up. He leans down to nozzle into her neck inhaling her sweet feminine scent. It reminds him of the past two nights they spent together. After falling into an exerted slumber from enjoying her body he usually woke for more, starting with her smell. Now a ginger/juniper berry fragrance clings around her natural scent of warm vanilla toffee. He takes a quick whiff before darting his tongue to lave on her neck. She giggles and shrugs away but not breaking out of his pockets. He's left licking his chops like a wolf wanting to eat. He then realizes that she asked a question, "I'm sorry sweetheart what was that?"

"I said when is Jesse coming?"

"He's not, I'll be back." She makes a pleased face and brushes a hand next to his semi-hard on. He chuckles nervously, "A-and we have...stop that..." he smacks her bottom playfully before continuing, "We have plans tonight." She nods and looks up to him to finish telling her the plans. "You can't think I'm going to tell you now do you?"

Mocking a petulant child she asks, "You're not?"

It's a surprise." He whispers in her ear and she grins into his cheek. He looks back to her beautiful face. He lifts his hand to trace the delicate features. Lightweight fingers wisp over her full supple lips. His pointer, fingers the tiny hole of her left dimple then wider to the plushy part of her whole cheek. He finishes with a thumb brushing the bridge of her pert nose and sighs contently. Before he can say another word, they are startled from their rapport by pounding on the nearby window. They both jump to the sound and see Carina winding her hand mouthing, "Wrap it up!" She rolls her eyes and walks back to the other side. His face balls up again slightly, "She's some piece of work, that one huh?"

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