tagIncest/TabooHe Came, He Saw Ch. 06

He Came, He Saw Ch. 06


A brisk November snow blew towards Pete’s windshield as the city's skyline rose into view. "I can't believe you did that! You've crossed the line this time! Who do you take me for?" Katrina kept yelling over and over again in his mind. Her angry expression was all Pete could think of as he hurtled down the dark highway. It had been forty eight hours since Katrina erupted at him for taking a picture of her passed out with a gob of his cum hanging off her chin. He snapped the photo two weeks prior on their anniversary after she swallowed his load while heavily intoxicated. The picture was meant to be a private joke between them, but Katrina found nothing funny about it and accused Pete of taking advantage of her and committing a "betrayal of trust". After demanding he delete the photograph from his digital camera she stormed out of his bedroom refusing to talk to him since. The argument marked their first real blow up.

Pete now felt glad to be leaving for the weekend to meet with his step-sister, Rebecca. Any hesitation he felt over the impending reunion had lifted. He promised Rebecca to speak with her face-to-face at the college dormitory she shared with Samantha, her roommate and lover. They decided it best if he spent Friday and Saturday night with them and make a weekend of it. She sent him directions in an e-mail and asked him to come alone. “I’m all alone now, no doubt about it!” Pete muttered under his breath as angry with his girlfriend as he was with himself.

Pete had no difficulty finding the college campus, even at night, but had to ask directions for Johnson Hall, Rebecca's dormitory. After a few knocks on door 26, Rebecca answered, greeting her step-brother with a hug. "What? No strange kiss this time?" Pete thought, remembering the last time she had hugged him.

"I'm glad you made it, Pete. Why don't you set your bag down in the closet and make yourself at home?"

Impressed by the large ivy covered building that was Johnson Hall, Pete was little prepared for the sizeable loft-style rooms inside. "It's good to win a scholarship," he thought to himself. The entrance sat two steps higher than the rest of the room. From it, he looked to his right and saw a small bathroom. A kitchenette and closet lie to his left. Centered on the lower level stood a long narrow desk topped by cabinets that reached up to the ceiling. It had clearly been built to separate both sides of the room. Tall bay windows now gathering snow on their ledges sat above each girl's bed. When Pete descended the steps he found a small, cozy looking lounge area tucked behind the kitchenette and opposite what was obviously Rebecca's side of the dorm room.

"It's good to win a scholarship," Rebecca said as she motioned for Pete to sit on the loveseat in the lounge.

“My thoughts exactly,“ Pete shot back noticeably impressed as his step-sister offered him a beer from the fridge.

“Where’s Samantha?” He asked.

“She’s out of town tonight. She’s on the debate team and is probably trouncing the competition as we speak. She won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. That’s why I think tonight’s the perfect time to, ah, you know, um, sorry, this is hard for me,” Rebecca said looking uncomfortable.

“It’s cool, I haven’t told a soul about you and Samantha and believe me, whatever it is you need to say, well, I feel like I owe it to you to listen. Why don‘t we start with some small talk and catch up over a couple more beers? There‘s a good hockey game on tonight.”

As they chatted, Pete noticed how much more feminine in appearance Rebecca seemed. He had never known her to wear make up except on special occasions. He was not sure why she had painted her face this evening, but thought it made her look even more like Rachel Leigh Cook than usual. Even her ever-boyish short hair seemed stylized towards the feminine. The most striking change of all being the change in her dress. She had substituted her usual sporty getup for a white silk blouse décolleté enough to show off a good deal of cleavage. The pinstripes on her tight black pants outlined her muscular thighs and taut ass. It was faint, but he thought she smelled of lilac. Of course, after their encounter in her bedroom he did not know what to expect from his step-sister any longer.

“Wow! I can’t believe you and Katrina had a fight. I’m sure you two’ll make up. Want another beer?” Rebecca asked in the cocky tomboyish way Pete knew so well and was almost relieved to hear.

After retrieving the beverage, Rebecca decided it was time to lay it all on the line. "Okay, Pete, enough chit chat. I’m ready to, to say what it is I, ah, I need to say,” Rebecca stated looking as though she were trying to convince herself as much as anyone else, sitting straight up in the chair across from Pete.

Before Pete could say anything Rebecca blurted out, “Me and Samantha are not lesbians.”

“What?” Pete burst out. “No, I don’t think so ’Becca! I saw you with my own two eyes, I saw you plain as day, I saw you...”

“We’re bisexuals - Samantha more so.” Rebecca interrupted without expression.

“Oh!” Pete stopped himself. “Is that it? Is that all that’s been bugging you?”

“No, that’s just the beginning,” Rebecca responded. She then lowered her head and closed her eyes.

“Here goes! When my dad left us I knew I had to be tough and be there for mom. That partially explains why I’ve always been so withdrawn and hard on you and your dad or anyone else that got between us. I guess I’ve permanently set myself on ‘defensive’. Also, I don’t know if you remember it or not, but I was the first one to be friends with Katrina. As a matter of fact I had my first girl-girl kiss with her behind the old oak tree in our backyard.”

Pete had been sipping beer when Rebecca made the confession. He spit the beer out , stupefied, and asked, “Whaaa?”

“Yeah, it’s true! We both promised never to tell, but well, you know, whatever. Now let me finish. When you two became close friends and started going out I became extremely bitter and jealous. Chalk it up to teenage immaturity, but I secretly disowned you afterwards. On top of everything else, I became more and more aware of my attraction for girls. I had always kind of known, but when puberty hit and it intensified I beat myself up on the inside and I guess I dealt with my self-hatred by taking it out on you. I still liked guys though none of the boys in high school measured up and always paled in comparison to the girls I was attracted to. When I met Samantha we both knew it was love at first sight. I’ve never been happier or more over my foolish resentment towards you and Katrina, but the truth is, Pete, I feel like I need your forgiveness. I feel ashamed of myself and need atonement or some kinda closure. You needn't take it, but I do give you my most sincere and heartfelt apologies."

Pete looked his step-sister in the eye and reminded her of his promise to make it up to her after bursting in on her and Samantha. "All is forgiven Rebecca. We can call it even between ourselves. You only have to promise not to put the moves on Katrina."

Rebecca burst out laughing. "Don't worry about it."

The humour had lifted the mood and each felt much more comfortable with the other. Rebecca still held one last bomb for Pete and felt her heart pound as she risked dropping it.

"I’m still a virgin when it comes to boys!" Rebecca declared searching for a hint in Pete's reaction. Pete merely accepted the fact not really seeing where his step-sister was headed.

"I don’t like that part of myself. It sounds crazy, but I feel inadequate. That day when I opened up to you in my bedroom made it perfectly clear to myself.”

Rebecca took a deep sigh. “I want you to be my first, Pete. I know I can trust you. I know I love you. I really do, in spite of it all, I love you. It’ll only be a one time thing. Please don’t think of it as betraying Katrina and please don’t think of me as a freak.”

Pete just stared at her not knowing what to say or do. “You don’t think of it as betraying Samantha?” was all he could come up with.

“No, truth be told, she knows that’s why you’re here this weekend. I have her full consent. She thought it would be therapeutic and felt confident you would be at least willing to understand.” Rebecca answered.

Pete shook his head as if he had been slapped in the face. “Their mental! The both of them, complete lunatics!” he thought in his head. “I think maybe I should leave now,” he said as he raised himself from the loveseat.

“Wait!” Rebecca pleaded as she made her way from the chair to where he was standing. She held his arm, looked at him vulnerably yet tenderly, and asked, “Do you love me Pete? Honestly? Do you? I have to know. Please, at the very least leave knowing that I care for you.”

Pete did not answer as his mind raced. He thought about his fight with Katrina. He thought about the day Rebecca broke down in front of him in her bedroom. He thought about how good Rebecca looked at that very moment. Without thinking Pete grabbed his step-sister by the shoulders and kissed her deeply. Rebecca kissed him back with equal vigour and intensity. Their tongues met and years of tension between them disintegrated, splitting like an atom, exploding in fiery passion.

They dropped to the loveseat embracing feverishly, quivering in each other's arms, tearing at each other’s clothes. Their moans suffused over heavy breathing as they melted into each other.

Pete broke the kiss and asked, “Are you sure you want this, ‘Becca? I think we both know its wrong...”

"But it feels right," Rebecca interrupted. "Pete, we're not blood related and let's face it, we've really only known each other..."

"Long enough to make it wrong," Pete interrupted in kind. They both stared in each other's eyes feeling the desire build between them, sweeping away all doubt.

"Are you sure?" Pete asked one last time

“More than anything else. Take me! Take me now!” Rebecca answered forcefully.

Pete hurriedly unbuttoned his step-sister’s blouse while she unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. When they made it down to their underwear they moved over to her bed. Rebecca pushed Pete onto the bed and straddled his lap, pulling him into a kiss. She could feel the presence of his thick cock rub against her sex through their undergarments. Instantaneously, her pussy moistened at the sensation. She shuddered and drew her head up, pulling Pete’s head to her neck.

"Oh God I want this so fuckin' bad, you and Katrina have gone the distance, right?" Rebecca asked.

"Yeah, don't worry about it," Pete answered.

Pete's lust for his step-sister overtook any wavering thoughts he held. Her thighs were muscular and powerful. Her ass was heart shaped perfect. Her hips seemed to slope all the way up her abdomen. He removed her bra and gorged on the gravity defying b-cups that lie beneath. As he stared at her small dark nipples, pointing straight ahead as if they were staring back, he could have sworn they were begging him to suck on them. To Pete, everything about Rebecca's body screamed sex as though she were built for fucking. Her only fault, he knew, lie entirely within his own proclivities. Pete loved a soft, smooth belly on a woman. Rebecca's ripped six pack did not incite much licking and kissing. Nevertheless, her athletic build was a sight to covet.

Rebecca stood to remove her panties shocking her step-brother with a completely hairless cunt adorned by a silver ring through her clitoris.

"Like what you see, Petey? Sam bought me the piercing. It matches hers," Rebecca said as she rubbed her pussy in front of her step-brother. Unlike Katrina's or even Samantha's vulvas, Rebecca's displayed no protrusion of inner labia. Her cunt looked smooth, streamlined, and tight.

"My God 'Becca, you're unbelievably sexy," Pete said looking up at her in amazement.

"I wanna see that big thick monster cock!" was all Rebecca answered, licking her lips.

Pete removed his boxer-briefs and gripped his hard cock reclining back on the bed. Rebecca moved in and grabbed his dick from him. She leaned in and ran her tongue from his chest down to his manhood.

"This is my first time sucking a real dick," Rebecca said with a hint of nervousness in her eyes.

Pete did not understand. "What do you mean by a 'real' dick," he asked.

"Samantha and I like to use a strap on. I can't believe I just told you that," Rebecca answered. She stared at Pete's dick for a couple of seconds and began giving him her first real blow job. Pete ran his fingers through her short hair watching her lick and suck his cock. He still had a hard time registering the idea of his step-sister, whom he disliked for so long, having sex with him. They both felt the intimacy between them settle from the volatile to an incessant pulse of wanton desire and taboo kink. The atmosphere gradually became more and more relaxed and natural as their sexual appetites drove them to consume each other.

Rebecca never stopped staring up at her step-brother as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. Pete only broke the gaze when she placed his balls in her mouth making him close his eyes savouring the feeling. He had to bite his bottom lip when she began flicking the tip of her tongue over his glans. “O.k., stop! I’m gonna cum if you keep at that,” Pete said as he sat back up. “Here, lie down on the bed for me.” He could not have known it, but that was exactly what his step-sister wanted to hear.

“Oh yeah, are you sure?” Rebecca said with a cocky grin. Pete merely gestured for her to assume the position as he dropped to his knees before her opened legs. Rebecca’s hairless pussy and toned thighs beckoned Pete like a siren song. Pete wasted little time putting his tongue to work. He lapped at her cleft, curling and penetrating his tongue inside her pussy lips. Pete thought her flavour of a bolder variety than Katrina's yet less aromatic. It did not take long before his thumbs were opening her labia and exposing her distended clitoris from it’s hood.

Rebecca huffed and puffed in appreciation. “Oh fuck yeah! Get that shit up in there...mmm...yeah...fuck yes, bitch, YESSS!” She reached for a couple of pillows to prop her head up to watch Pete. She then grabbed her legs and lifted them so that her knees were up by her chest, her feet pointing towards the ceiling. Pete ran his hands up her torso and pinched her nipples while shaking and nodding his head with his tongue deep inside Rebecca's moist vagina.

"God damn, bitch! That's what I'm fucking talking about, oooh...yeah...yeah...yeah." Rebecca snarled and hissed. Quickening the pace, Pete lapped at the smooth snatch and tugged at the ring with his teeth bringing his step-sister to a small orgasmic tremor. She dropped her legs, hunched up, and grabbed his head. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes and smiled warmly, beckoning Pete to kiss her with her finger. As they kissed sharing her flavour they both stared at each other's reflection in the bay window by the bed. The image made both look away and blush.

"Never in a million years would I have thought you and I...well, you know," Pete said, breaking the silence.

Rebecca stroked her step-brother’s cock and pecked at his chest before replying. She kissed her way up to Pete's lips, "I do have one last confession. I've always found you sexually attractive. In fact, not long after we first met I began including you in my fantasies at night."

Laughing giddily, Pete admitted doing the same.

"I gather you and Sam don't need birth control?" Pete asked.

"I got a box of condoms in the bathroom just in case you said yes," Rebecca answered.

As Pete returned with a condom his cock bounced up and down. The sight of it sent an erotic jolt through Rebecca. She reached out for her step-brother as he approached and drew him down over her kissing him tenderly. She grabbed the condom trying to remember the day she had to practice doing it in sex education class. After it was on she laid back on her bed and opened her thighs, rubbing her pussy and biting her nails nervously. Pete leaned over, kissed her on the cheek, and thrust his cock inside her.

"Ugh! Sam took my cherry. There's no need taking your time. Just fuck my...ugh shhh yeah... fuck my brains out," Rebecca said throatily as she drew Pete in with her arms, legs, and cunt.

"Man! Even her vaginal muscles are well developed," thought Pete as he felt her squeeze him inside her.

"It's a good thing we're in the missionary position 'cause I'm gonna fuck you like I'm on a mission," Pete said as he ploughed into Rebecca. Her pussy felt every bit as tight as it looked. Pete could feel his thick cock working its way into her and stretching her wider than he believed she had ever been stretched. Rebecca loosed a short yelp everytime Pete thrust deeper and deeper inside her.

"Uuuugh, that's a thick friggin' prick! Mmmmm, fill me up and fuck me raw, bitch," Rebecca answered through gritted teeth. Pete could tell she had forgotten the extent of his girth. He had difficulty penetrating her tight hole with the full length of his cock. Pete cupped his step-sister's face in one hand and licked her cheek before he decided to do to her what Katrina had demanded of him when they had fucked for their first time. Pete reared up and plunged his cock all the way into Rebecca's pussy with a hard jabbing thrust.

"OOOH!" roared Rebecca as she tensed holding her breasts firmly. The strap on she and Samantha habitually used was only a little more than three fifths her step-brother's girth. Once she adjusted to him, she rocked back and forth pulling him into her, synchronizing her movement with his thrusting.

Pete drove into his step-sister nuzzling the nape of her neck, imbibing the scent of her lilac perfume. After a while he needed air and drew up holding Rebecca's legs in his hands. His pumping made her firm breasts bounce up and down. The bouncing had a hypnotizing effect on Pete. He laid down behind her in a spooning position so he could fuck her and play with her tits. Rebecca threw her arm around the back of his shoulders and reached around his midsection with her flexible leg. She looked at Pete and slowly licked her four fingers before bringing them to her clit. Pete took it as a sign. He began fucking her wet twat with sharp hard thrusts. She curled her lip and shut her eyes.

Rebecca shot out, “Oh yeah, just like that. Mmmm, keep pounding me. Harder, bitch, HARDER!”

Pete was not a terribly vocal lover, but the exertion made him holler and pant as he slammed his dick inside his step-sister’s sopping snatch. Rebecca tensed up, winced, and came. First came the look of anguish, then pleasure, then rapture as her orgasm churned and swished through her.

The sound of, “Oh God, I’m cumming. Fuck-fuck-FUCK YEAH BITCH!” drove Pete over the edge. Just as Rebecca’s orgasm subsided Pete's erupted. It was completely involuntary, but as he exploded inside her he yelled out, "OH GOD, I LOVE YOU 'BECCA!" and then collapsed, exhausted.

Her face flushed and smiling, Rebecca slowly sat up. She removed the condom from her step-brother’s spent cock and made her way to the bathroom. She returned with a damp facecloth and washed his cock off. The facecloth had returned Pete's dick back to its hardened state.

Rebecca looked at him with her signature cocky grin and asked, "Are you good for another go little brother? 'Cause I got another confession. I'm a bit of an anal queen. You think you'd like fucking me up the butt?" When she saw his excited nod she giggled and tickled him.

"Yeah, of course I'm up for more. Actually, if you wash up for me down there I'll even go down on you and give you a rim job."

Rebecca's jaw dropped. "Really?" She asked looking startled and thrilled. She did not give Pete a chance to answer as she sped off back towards the bathroom. Pete watched licking his lips as her buttocks bounced and swayed as she skipped up the steps. Though he was drunk when he reamed his girlfriend, he knew he enjoyed it immensely. Just thinking about the kinkiness of sticking his tongue in his step-sister's ass made his cock ache in anticipation.

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