tagIncest/TabooHe Finally Fucks His Younger Sister

He Finally Fucks His Younger Sister


I sat in the car outside her house. I wanted to go in but I was afraid of the what would happen.I am basically here to ask her for sex. I would prefer that I didn't have to. Being so uptight about this makes it more difficult for it to even happen.

As I sat there, my cock started to stiffen just thinking about the prospect of sex, especially with this girl. I thought about nibbling on her red landing strip and was overwhelmed. I could imagine her sweet smell, the musk of her center. My pants started to tighten around where my cock was getting stiff. This was easily the biggest deal concerning sex in my life.

She was beautiful, had a nice handful of tits. She had red hair, and she took good care of herself. Every time I looked at her I wanted grab her ass. I could just imagine sucking on her tits as I bang her hard in her tight pussy.

One other thing. She was my younger sister. My only sister. The one I wanted to sink my cock into her wet red haired pussy, over and over, fucking her senseless. She is someone I have been attracted to most of my life, and my desires for her sexually had increased over time.

Both of us are in our 50's. We have lived a lot of life. I have had my problems with women. She has had boyfriends, some long term, some not. She was never married.

For most of our lives I have wanted to get with her and fuck her breathless. The big question is how do I get her to agree to have sex with me? Neither of us have serious relationships going on. In my case that meant no sex for most of 2 years. I have wanted this so bad I had regularly beat off thinking about fucking her red-haired snatch.

I am going to throw the idea out there that since neither of us are having any sex, we should get together in order to help each other out. Certainly at our ages (she is 3 years younger) we should both be getting lots of great sex.

Sex for both of us, we both know each other well already since we are brother and sister. I understand people are worried about these sorts of things, especially the incest.

I think it is an ancient, outdated scare. The reasons for prohibiting this activity were made when barbers were still practicing medicine. Back then, there were no contraceptives. More availability of contraceptives and morning-after medicine along with the resurgence of condoms helps dispel the worry of high numbers of


What difference does it make if we fuck each other as brother and sister? Two humans, two beings with ancient programmed instinct to procreate, only in this case no chance. The religious types would have you believe that someone will go straight to hell after engaging in incest.

Of course the very idea of fucking my sister ratchets the excitement. The idea of watching her suck my hard cock is overwhelming.and so hot. It takes good sex to a much higher level. Just the idea of fucking my sister makes me crazy. I sit there and run through an entire scenario of how it could happen.

I zipped my coat, getting ready to go in the house.

As I went to the door, I trembled a little thinking about if this works. If it does, I might be balls deep in my sister's pussy and ass. I might suck her nipples and her pussy. I went to the door and it was unlocked, so I went in.

I walked over and sat where I usually do, on the couch. She came in and sat in her oversize chair across from me. We made a little small talk like usual. There was a lull in the conversation. I jumped in.

"There actually is something important that I need to talk with you about. Nothing serious, just something I have been thinking about."

She just looked at me. There is no way she knew what I was about to propose. I started again.

"This is hard to talk about. I am going to make a proposal to you, and I want you to ask questions, whatever you need in order to understand. OK?" She nodded.

"You have my curiosity piqued now. I can't imagine.", she said.

I said, "It's not every day I would bring this up with you."

I decided to use the old band-aid trick and rip it off the scab all at once. I would explain for just a few minutes. "We both know that our love lives have sucked for so long, it's crazy."

"I am going to explain this a little as I go along. I have been lonely, and I know you have too. Part of that is that there isn't any sex, or even playing around. You and me have talked about my situation...and yours as well."

"There are several reasons why what I am proposing would work.

Basically I am proposing that you and I have sex once in a while, no emotional attachment. Purely because it's good for us and we don't have any other outlet. You might think this is too kinky, but we are both adults and can make our own decisions about sex, among other things."

I stopped so she could take in what I said. "This is weird. I know the physical part would be great, but what if something went wrong, or something came between us?", she said. "It's not that I haven't had the same thought before, but never did anything about it. It is sort of hot."

"We managed to survive our entire lives and haven't broken our relationship. Why do you think some fun will do it?. If we have sex, which is a positive thing, I can't think of anything that is a negative.

Certainly we both know about relationships, we are not kids anymore. We both have an interest in this working, but also to keep it secret. It's taking a lot out of our lives to be not having good sex once in a while."

"But what if someone finds out? I couldn't stand that if it happened. Someone would see us fucking, and possibly tape it!"

I said, "Who will find out? Who will tell someone? Neither of us, nobody I can think of. Besides, we can stop others from taking pictures or movies. We can make our own if we want. I love taking photos of hot sex."

She kind of nodded, then spoke. "I have to tell you, sitting here talking about this has made me a little excited. I am getting wet. I haven't had any good sex for years. It gets old masturbating every time."

"I know what you mean, my right hand is tired after all this time. She said, "It does sound kind of exciting, since it is usually not even talked about. But the fact that it IS so prohibited makes me have thoughts about our fucking." She started fidgeting and rubbing herself. "Of course, I can't have a baby, so that danger is taken care of." she said with a nervous laugh.

I smiled and continued. "It's good we have been so close all our lives. I think this is a perfect thing for us. No strings, no weird boyfriend for a while...just smoking hot sex once in a while.

Actually, I think the sex would be phenomenal. I am getting hard sitting here talking with you about it. Frankly, I can't wait to see you naked, if we decide to do this."

"What makes you think the sex would be that spectacular?", she said.

"I am partial to you for one thing. I have wished I could be with you most of my life. Plus, the trip into the unknown. Both of us have not had sex or had horrible sex for a very long time. You have to admit, it sounds hot having sex with my sister. I think we would be hyper-excited.

If you don't mind my saying I think you are

beautiful, sexy and hot and I would have no reservations or bad feelings afterward. I just want to stick my cock deep in your pussy and fuck you."

She said, "I thank you for the compliments...I feel like a lump most of the time. Why do you want to do this? You seem possessed."

"You deserve to feel like the desirable woman you are. You are starting a new career, you'll meet new people. But right now you are in the starting blocks.

I want to do it because it is hot, and because we both need some good sex to get us through.

She looked at me. "So what do you want to do, um, together? Kinky stuff?"

I said, "I would like to fuck you, eat your pussy, and suck on those wonderful boobs I have been staring at for 40 years. Anything beyond that can be by mutual agreement. I have a wild imagination though...."

"My, you ARE horny! And what do you expect me to do?"

"I want you to suck on my hard cock and play with my balls. If I cum in your mouth, I want you to save some and then kiss me. What do you think of that?"

"Umm, I mean I have tasted it before, but a man eating it is kind of interesting, but also kind of exciting. Do you do it all the time? What I mean is...I don't know when....how often..."

"You mean jerk off, masturbate?"

"Yes. We don't talk about these things usually, I am a little hesitant. I guess if we are going to continue to talk about this it would be easier to use common terms for things, like pussy and cock. It seems funny to use those words when we're together."

"I jerk off 3-4 times a week probably. It depends, I do it when I am bored and when I start feeling horny. Sometimes I will cum in my hand, and lick some of it, taste it."

"It really isn't that bad. How about you? How often, appliance used, towel or not? Oh, and I film me jerking my cock and cumming sometimes too."

"Hmmm... maybe I will need to see some of those movies." She continued,"I probably do it a couple times a week, unless something special is going on. I am at work a lot, so it doesn't leave much time.

I do have a favorite vibrator which I have had for years. I am feeling a little wet now.. ..down there. My um... my pussy's real wet now."

I could see her starting to fidget in the chair the more we talked openly about sex. This was the most we had ever talked about sex. I am sure she was getting wet, maybe even if she thought she didn't want to.

She was wearing a white shirt, and I swore I could see the imprint of her hard nipples on her shirt.

There was a lull in the conversation, and she got up and went to the kitchen. When she came back she said, "I am sure this is a very exciting thing. I am just not sure I could take that step. I need sex, you are right, but I don't know about fucking my brother."

I was expecting this. "Look at it this way. Both of us are doing without sex. Neither of us like that. We are both safe and recently monogamous. We both know it would be fun and satisfying."

"It's utilitarian. We both have a need, and we are in a unique position to fill that need for a while." I smiled seductively at her.

"If we did this, how would it start? Would we start shucking clothes, what do you think?"

I should be so lucky for her to start shucking her clothes. Maybe she is getting turned on.I replied, "Whatever makes us comfortable. Maybe we should trade off taking an item of clothing off until we are nude. You wouldn't mind if I saw you nude?"

"One thing's for certain", she said, "if we are having sex, we will most likely be nude, that's true. I am over worrying about nudity. It's just so common. That's not to say I don't like my privacy when I am nude."

"I love to be nude, I go around the house often with no clothes. It is exciting to see someone in the nude that you haven't ever seen. The 'new' fades pretty quickly though."

"I would be excited to see you naked. You are right though, if we are having sex, we most likely will be naked."

I looked at her, and she was fidgeting still. I could see that her face was slightly flushed, I assume from all the sex talk. "How do you feel about this?"

She just looked at me. "I think we talked before about how unsatisfying the sex is for both of us. When and if it happens, that is. I know you weren't having sex with Lisa for quite some time. If either of us wants to stop, we will honor the request?"

"I have absolutely no problem with that." This was sounding better all the time. How do I get her over the finish line? "So, we have talked about it for a while, do you have any more questions?"

She said, "I might have a few. It's totally different than anything I have done before. Of course, this would be between you and I only, if this happens at all."

She fidgeted in the chair some more and crossed and uncrossed her legs. "What do we do about problems that arise between you and I?"

"Like all our lives, we discuss them and come to a decision. I am having trouble even thinking of what we would fight about. This is for both our benefits, so I think we will be able to handle it."

She continued. "I am going to try taking off some clothes while we talk, so maybe it will go easier. Just continue talking to me. What is it that you are most looking forward to when seeing me naked?"

"Without a doubt, your tits. Oh, I am sorry, I don't mean to be crude."

She laughed. "You have never heard me curse while I am having sex. It has to be heard to be believed." She laughed as she started taking off her clothes, starting with her shirt.

I was paying attention to everything she was doing. She acted as if she always undresses in front of me. Her shirt was off, and she reached for her pants. Her tits did look good, spilling out of her bra. Soon her pants were also off. Bra or panties?

I watched as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. As she let the bra straps slide down her arms, her puffy tits came into view.

They were awesome, especially for someone in their mid-fifties. The aureole and nipple were pink, as if they hadn't been pawed that much over the years.

She was flushed and animated. Those boobs weren't even sagging that much. Her tits looked like those of a woman 20 years younger. Maybe I should start undressing too.

I had a rock hard erection already. I took off my shirt as I watched her take down her panties. She was naked and I felt overdressed.

I finished by taking off my pants and socks. I was now naked except for my tented boxers. I slowly started to peel them off and I noticed my sister watching everything.

My throbbing hard on came into view as I shucked my underwear. She looked directly at my cock and I thought I would explode I was so turned on.

My sister said, "Why don't we hang out for a few and get used to being naked in front of each other. In the meantime, my reservations about this are fading. You were right, especially about people our age. It's just sex with someone you've known for a long time."

I chuckled. "What do you want to talk about? It's kind of hard to not be single subject with us standing here nude in front of each other." She started, "I am more

turned on than I expected to be. Just the idea of us, brother and sister, fucking each other is wild, but I am getting very turned on."

"Let me just say, since we are nude, you look great. Your boobs look great, what I can see of your pussy looks great. Are you getting wet? As you can see, I am maxed out here." I fondled my cock, and felt some leakage of precum from my rock hard cock.

"I have been getting wet practically from when you first mentioned it. Look at my nipples, they are rock hard, which doesn't happen very often."

"I like that you are wet," I went on, "makes it easier for my hard cock to get into my sister's pussy. I think you'll like it." She looked at my cock and then at my face. I saw her shiver a little from being turned on.

She sister said, "I think I want you to fuck me, hard. I didn't realize how muted my sexual pleasure has been. I want you to line up your hard cock and sink it in my pussy."

I thought I was going to spontaneously cum all over her.

"I think that's great news. I am very excited, so I hope you will be patient with me. I am clearly out of practice." I said, "I have had sex twice in the last two years plus."

She smiled,"I'll try to not kill you. Now, fuck my cunt and cum in my pussy." I didn't waste any time. I moved to her and gave her a big hug. My dick was poking her in the leg. Her terrific breasts ground into my chest. I could feel how hard her nipples had become.

I backed up and raised my hands to rub her tits. Her nipples were rock hard. They weren't real big, but they were awesome for her age. I lowered my hands down her sides, and came to rest on her hips.

I leaned in, and for the first time, I kissed her and edged my tongue into her mouth. She responded aggressively. She fought my tongue with her own, and then gained the upper hand. We sucked on each others tongues for a few minutes, and I swear my cock was harder now.

She said, "I want to suck your hard cock after all these years. I remember when I let you play with my pussy for about ten seconds when we were teens? Lay down on the guest bed upstairs."

"I'll make sure everything is OK here, and I'll be up to suck your cock. I am going to suck my brother's cock! Can't say I would have guessed I

would ever say that."

She turned to go to the kitchen, and I admired her nice butt. I wonder if she likes anal? I started for the stairs, and went to the guest room. I was already naked, so I lay down and waited to fuck my sister's slit.

She came in and lay down ext to me. "Are you nervous?", I asked her.

"I am a little nervous. This is so foreign. I know one thing, I am more excited than I have been in years. This is not just fucking, this is sucking and fucking my brother!

Speaking of which..." She moved down my body and caressed my hard cock. It felt fantastic. She wrapped her hand around my meat and gently jacked.

Since her ass was in reach, I slipped my fingers over her pussy and felt how wet she was. Her lips were swollen, a sure sign her body is getting ready to fuck. She put her lips and tongue on the head of my cock and licked around the top. Then she plunged down on my missile to take my cock in her mouth completely.

I put one, then two fingers in her cunt. It was very slippery. She moaned around my cock, which she continue to stuff in her mouth. She started rolling my balls around in her hand.

As I was finger fucking her sopping pussy, she found her clit and joined me playing in her playground. She jerked her head up suddenly and yelled, "Fuck me now! I need you to put your cock in your sister's hot pussy!"

She rearranged herself so she was in place for doggy style. Her ass was sticking out, with her pussy peeking out from between her legs. I asked myself why I deserve this great treatment.

I lined up behind her, and stuck my face right in her pussy, with my tongue leading the way. My tongue was sliding up and down in her slit, licking her clit.

She moaned and shuddered and moaned real loud. She continued to gyrate for a full minute. Is my sister multi-orgasmic?

I moved my cock head up and down that slit. I rubbed it over her clit, and then poised at the entrance to my sister's molten pussy. I moved my head to her entrance.

"I like this idea, Mark. We'll have to talk about how often we get together. Now stick all of your hard throbbing cock in me before I explode!"

"Are you sure you want your older brother to fuck you? And make you cum real hard and scream?", I said. "Do you want my rock hard cock now, Sis? Haven't you been waiting for this? Tell me the truth while I fuck you really hard."

I started pushing my average cock into my sister's hot wet pussy. It felt like a velvet glove, and surprisingly tight.

I kept pushing, and then bottomed out in her quim. I was balls deep in my sister's pussy!

I shuddered thinking how hot this was. All these years I had wanted to fuck my sister, and here I am, balls deep in her tight pussy!

I wanted the moment to last forever.

I never loved her more than when I was standing there with my entire cock inside her incestuous pussy. It felt so right, so... like it was made for my cock.

"Oh god we're really doing it," she whispered, as much to herself as to me.

"Uh huh," I grunted back.

And we were, there was no way around it. We were having sex. And what great sex it was. I was picking up speed, sluicing through her sopping slit.

I kept pushing in and out. "Oh, God Mark, fuck me! I can't believe how naughty this is! Fuck me harder! Grab my ass and slam that hard cock home! Fuck me so your balls slap my ass! You feel sooooo good. I want you to do this every day."

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