tagLoving WivesHe Fucked My Girl Ch. 05

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 05


The next morning I had a massive hangover, but luckily Jen had gotten me to drink a lot of water and take aspirin, so by the time we got to the airport I felt better. Jen giggled the entire time about how I'd let our friends get me drunk. She was in a great mood, giddy like a schoolgirl. I asked her about it, and she said jovially, "Why shouldn't I be in a great mood, I'm married to the man I love and we're about to go on our honeymoon!"

We didn't talk about the previous night until we arrived at our honeymoon suite in Berlize. "Oh my god, I can't believe how perverted you are, leaving me alone with Ricky so he could fuck me all night!" she gushed, awe in her eyes.

Her view of the evening obviously surprised me. But it made me feel better, her thinking I was controlling the situation. "You are the kinkiest man I know – I think it's so hot!," she giggled. She got on her knees and took out my cock. "I'm sore from last night, but I think you'll enjoy this, huh?" My head rolled back as she went down on me.

We had a lot of fun, acting like the newlyweds we were. We hugged and held hands constantly, we talked about our future, about our dreams. Our togetherness made me feel better about what had happened on our wedding night. It was like my doubts and insecurities dissolved away, and what was left was just the delicious parts. The 2nd night in bed I asked Jen about it. "So did you like fucking Ricky?"

"Um – yeah!" she said, laughing and then kissing me.

"What was that thing he did, with his hips?"

Her eyes lit up and she smiled excitedly. "Oh my god, he was hitting my g-spot!" Seeing my non-comprehension, she took my hand and put it on her tummy a few inches above her clit. "My g-spot is inside me, right around here. Ricky's beautiful cock is so big he can hit it, I've never felt anything like it, it was so amazing!"

"I think you passed out."

Jen nodded smiling eagerly. "I know! Mike, the orgasm he gave me was so intense! It was incredible! I've never felt anything like that before! Then he did it to me again! He made me cum 3 times!"

"Well, maybe I can hit your g-spot."

Jen gave me an indulgent look and hugged my arm. "I don't know baby, I don't think you're big enough to do that."

My cock jerked at her words. She gave me a knowing smile, knowing exactly what turned me on. Turning serious, I said, "I wish you wouldn't call him baby though. That's for just you and me."

She looked alarmed. "Oh. I'm sorry."

I squeezed her hand reassuringly. "It's okay. I'm just saying."

She gave me an inquisitive look. "You make it sound like you want me to fuck him again."

I gave her a crooked grin. "You're the one saying his cock is beautiful."

"Well, it is!" she giggled. Then her eyes grew wide. "My god, when he walked up to you I thought you were going to suck him!"

My cheeks reddened. "You make it sound like you wish I had," I said scornfully.

She laughed. "Well, guys fantasize about girls together!"

At that I jumped on her and tickled her, and we rolled around the bed. Our clothes came off and then I was inside her, moving slowly back and forth. "Do you want to fuck him again?" I asked looking deep into her eyes.

"Do you want me to?"

"God yes!" I gushed, the pain and despair of the other night forgotten. "It's so hot seeing him on top of you, your sexy legs on his shoulders."

Soon after we finished, Jen's iPhone beeped. She smiled seeing who it was. "Speaking of the devil, Ricky's texting me." She read the text and texted back.

"What'd he say?"

"Just he's hoping we're having a good time."

The next morning at breakfast Ricky texted again. "What's he say this time?" I asked.

Jen was in the middle of texting back, laughing. "He just told me a stupid joke."

"You'd think he was your boyfriend. Pretty soon you'll be sexting each other."

"Stop," she said laughing, kicking me under the table.

In the afternoon we were lounging by the pool when Jen's iPhone buzzed again. "It's Ricky again," she said. She giggle as she read his text. "He tells the worse jokes." She began texting him back.

"What are you saying?"

"I'm telling him to stop bothering us."

"No wait," I said, taking the iPhone from her. "Lay back down, on your stomach." Jen had on a string bikini, and it really showed off her tight dancer's ass. I took a picture of her ass and handed the iPhone back to her. "Send that to him."

Jen looked at the picture and scowled at me.

"Come on, it'll give your boyfriend something to think about while you're away," I said laughing.

Jen scowled at me again, but she sent it to Ricky.

Ricky texted back, "Fuck you've got a great ass!" Jen smiled reading his compliment.

Then Ricky added: "Is your new husband fucking you good?"

Jen rolled her eyes, but she still smiled. "Mike is fine, thank you for asking," she wrote back, purposefully ignoring his question.

Ricky texted back. She opened it and her eyes went wide. "Oh my god!" she said laughing, pressing the phone against her stomach.

I took it from her and looked. He'd sent her a picture of his erect cock, and the message read, "Is he fucking you as good as this?"

"Answer him," I said.

"What?" Jen said still giggling.

"Turn over."

Jen turned over onto her back, an interested twinkle in her eye. "What are you doing Mike?"

I laid a towel across her stomach, covering her from her belly button to almost mid-thigh. Then I snaked my hand under the towel and into her bikini bottoms. We weren't sitting near anyone, and if anyone looked they'd think my hand was on her stomach.

My index finger found her clit. "Mike, what are you doing?" she said with a smile, and I rubbed her. "Mike ..." she moaned.

"Answer Ricky," I repeated. "Tell him the truth."

"I always tell the truth baby you know that," Jen said with a twinkle in her eye. Her cheeks flushed with growing arousal. Fingering her clit with soft circles, I watched as Jen typed: "You're so beautiful Ricky"

Ricky: "Me or my cock?"

Jen giggled, then typed: "Both "

Ricky: "Do you miss my cock?"

Jen: "OMG I'm on my honeymoon"

Ricky: "Do you wish I was there fucking you on your honeymoon?"

Jen: "LOL You're so bad"

Ricky: "Is Mike there?"

Jen looked at me and I immediately shook my head no. She gave me a mischievous smile and texted: "No, he's back in the room"

Ricky: "So do you miss my cock?"

Still fingering her clit, I stuck a finger into her. She moaned and parted her legs slightly to give me easier access. She texted back: "Yes"

Ricky: "Do I fuck you good?"

Jen: "Yes"

Ricky: "Better than Mike?"

Jen looked at me. "Only the truth," I whispered, my voice hoarse with excitement. She texted back: "Yes"

I was ready to burst. I hurried Jen back to our room (holding a towel in front of me to cover my erection). "I wanna see Ricky fuck you again!" I hissed into her ear as we fucked.

"Oh god baby, I want his cock so bad!"

"You do? Tell me!"

"His cock is so beautiful, he feels so good inside me, he fucks me so good!"

We both came, and afterwards we kissed and hugged each other and giggled about how naughty and bad we both were.

We went to the beach the next day. Out of the blue, Jen asked, "Why did you want Ricky to think you weren't there yesterday?"

The answer embarrassed me. Buying time, I said, "Lay on your stomach, I'll put lotion on your back." I squeeze lotion onto my hands, warming it, then rubbed it into her back. "You know how you cheated on me?" I felt her back stiffen; she still felt guilty about that. I caressed her back reassuringly. "I'm not upset or anything. I'm just saying, well ... thinking about it turns me on."

Jen got up on her elbows and looked at me. "You are so weird."

I reddened embarrassed.

I guess she wanted to make me feel better, so she giggled, "Well, it's not like I haven't benefited from it!"

She laid back down and I continued to stroke her back. She dozed from the relaxing massage I was giving her. I looked up, and there were 3 guys (older than us but very fit) about 20 feet away looking her up and down. Her bikini really showed off her slim, firm body, especially her tight ass and long gorgeous legs. She looked even better now that she was tanned (she always tanned exceptionally fast).

Still pretending to be putting lotion on her, I pulled the string at her neck and put lotion on her neck. Then I pulled the string at her back, and laid the strings to either side of her. I knew doing so would expose the side of her breast to her admirers.

Jen opened her eyes. "Are you showing me off again?" she asked sleepily.

"No, just putting lotion on my new bride's back so she doesn't burn," I said still rubbing her back. "You have some admirers though, over there."

Jen waited a few moments, and then discreetly turned her head as if shifting to get more comfortable. I'm sure she was checking out the 3 guys, but with her sunglasses on they wouldn't be able to tell.

"I bet you like the middle one," I said. He had a ripped body like Ricky.

Jen turned back to look at me, taking off her sunglasses. "Are you picking someone out for me, to cheat on you?"

She saw my body shutter and she smiled. "You're so predictable."

"Tell me, which one do you like?"

"How do you know I like any of them?" she asked. "It's my honeymoon and I'm taking a nap. Keep rubbing my back, it feels good." Then she closed her eyes.

She fell back asleep. After a while I laid down and took a nap too.

I woke up to talking and laugher. I opened my eyes and saw Jen's pretty, smiling face. "Hi sleepy-head," she said softly, a smile on her face. I sat up and saw that Jen was talking to the guy I'd picked out. She had a twinkle in her eye. "Baby, this is Kyle. Kyle, this is my husband Mike."

Kyle reached over and shook my hand. "Congrats, I heard you two just got married."

"Yeah, just a couple of days ago."

Kyle smiled at Jen. "You're a lucky guy to marry such a pretty girl."

"Oh stop," Jen said with a laugh, giving Kyle a playful hit on the arm. I recognized the tone of her voice, her body language and the way she'd playfully slapped him -- she was in full flirting mode. I knew why too. Kyle's muscular body was even more impressive close up and he had deep blue eyes.

My eyes practically bugged out when I saw what Jen was wearing. Above her bikini bottoms she wore a top, what she called her "cover-up." But the name was a misnomer, because it didn't cover much up. For one, it ended just below her belly button. Also, it was held up by just one thin strap over each shoulder. But most of all, it was made of a thin white cotton material. It was designed to be worn over her bikini top. But she wasn't wearing her top! The only saving grace was the top wasn't tight on her body. Still, the outline of her nipples was clearly apparent, and if you looked hard enough you could see the dark of her areolas.

Kyle had certainly noticed. More than once I noticed him taking discreet looks at her chest. He had a confident, flamboyant air to him.

Jen had a beer in her hand. Apparently Kyle had given it to her. She finished it and Kyle offered her another from his bucket. He gave me one too. We all drank as we talked. After we finished our beers, I offered to get another bucket from the bar. As I left, Jen definitely looked tipsy from the beers.

As I waited for the bucket of beers, I saw Kyle and Jen walking to the ocean, laughing and horsing around as they walked. Was she really going into the water with that top on? Maybe she had put her bikini top back on under the cover-up.

The beer arrived and I opened one, sipping it as I watched the two of them play in the water. There was a lot of playful touching going on as they horsed around. I wondered if Kyle was feeling her up. The water was above their waists, so he could be fingering her. Maybe Jen was feeling Kyle up too, her hand inside his shorts. I got hard thinking about these possibilities.

Jen and I had gotten to know the bartender. His name was Carlos, and he knew we were on our honeymoon. Carlos saw Jen playing in the water with Kyle, and he saw me sitting alone watching. Misunderstanding what was going on, Carlos nodded sympathetically to me and said, "It's hard to be married to a girl as pretty as Miss Jennifer."

Jen and Kyle eventually walked back to our towels. I asked Carlos to re-fill the bucket (I'd drunk 2 beers while watching), and then made my way back to the towels, unsteady on my feet because of the beers.

"Where'd you go baby?" Jen said as I arrived.

"I, uh, watched, uh, the Mets game," I managed to say. I stammered over my words, and it wasn't because of the beer. Jen hadn't put her bikini top back on! The cover up was wet and stuck to her body, molding itself to her breasts and leaving nothing to the imagination! Her nipples were rock hard and her cheeks flushed. She definitely showed signs of arousal!

This particular beach permitted nude sunbathing, so Jen's top wasn't obscene (not for this beach anyway), and there were other people around us completely nude. Although, wearing the wet top seemed naughtier and sexier than going topless.

"Can you toss me one of those Mike?" Kyle asked, and I handed him a beer.

"Do you want one?" I asked Jen.

"In a second," she answered. "Can you hand me my lipstick?"

I didn't get it, the bag was between us, she could get the lipstick as easily as me. Anyway, I reached into the pocket of the bag where I knew she kept her lipstick. Right away I found the lipstick. Beside it was a note. I opened it and it said "Bungalow 5 Room 4." Kyle had given Jen his room number!

I handed Jen the lipstick, trying to keep my hand from quivering. She looked into my eyes as she put on the lipstick, raising an inquiring eyebrow.

I opened a beer and took a long drink for my suddenly dry throat. "You know, I've had enough sun today. I think I'll go back to the room and watch the rest of the Mets game."

"Okay, baby. I think I'll stay a little while longer," she said looking into my eyes.

"Okay, I'll see you back in the room," I said returning her look.


About an hour later Jen walked into the room. She leaned against the door. "Oh my god!" she said with a big smile on her face. "I can't believe I just did that!"

She giggled as I threw her onto the bed. "Did Kyle fuck you good baby?"

"Oh my god!" she repeated. "He's amazing!"

"Did he touch you in the water?"

"Mike, he touched me all day long!"

"You deserved it, not wearing your top under the cover up," I said with playful scorn.

"I did that to tease him because I knew you wanted me to, I didn't think you'd leave us alone."

"I wanted to give Kyle space to make his move."

"Well he did that!" Jen said giggling. "Mike! He fingered me in the water! I told him to stop but he wouldn't!"

"Yeah, right," I said skeptically. "Tell the truth, how hard did you try to stop him?"

"Well ..." she began, looking sheepish. "Okay, not too hard. But I knew what you were up to when you disappeared. And my god, Mike, you saw him, he's gorgeous! And I know you'll love this part," she said delightfully. "He's sooooo big!" She covered her face, blushing. "Oh my god, did I just say that? Mike, you're turning me into a slut!"

I hugged her reassuringly. "You're not a slut if you're doing it because I want you too. Even though I know you like it too!"

"I DO like it!" she said, giggling but still blushing. "Okay, then you're turning me into a nymphomaniac!"

I traced along the tiny shoulder straps of her cover up. "Where's your bikini top anyway?"

She thought a moment. "I don't know!" she said giggling. "Maybe in my bag?"

I pushed the cover up above her breasts. There was a red mark on her breast next to her nipple. "Kyle left a mark."

"I'm sorry baby. I told him not too, but he was all over me."

"That's okay," I said, tracing the mark with my index finger. "I like that he marked you."

Jen flushed with arousal. "He fucked me so good baby," she said, arching her back to my touch.

"Did he make you cum?"

"Oh god yes it was so good."

"You know I haven't made you cum yet since we got married. Maybe I shouldn't until after our honeymoon."

"Oh god that's so bad!" she moaned. "Do you really want other guys to fuck me on our honeymoon?"

"You shouldn't let me fuck you baby," I said. "My little cock's not good enough for your pussy."

"Yeah that's right," Jen said getting into my fantasy. She took out my cock and stroked me. "Your cock is so small, I wouldn't even feel anything, not after a real man like Kyle."

"Oh god, yeah baby, tell me more," I moaned, urging her to continue.

"Kyle fucked me so good baby, he filled me up so much, your little cock can't compare, you can't fuck me like Kyle or make me cum like Kyle!"

My body jerked, and then I shot my wad on Jen's hand.

We feel asleep, and when we woke we took a shower together. Jen soaped me up, exploring every part of me, and then she got on her knees and sucked me to orgasm.

Jen sat in her bra and panties at the dressing table getting ready for dinner, doing her hair and makeup. "What's Kyle doing for dinner tonight?"

Jen shrugged. "I don't know, probably eating with his friends. He's on a guys' golf weekend."

With a mischievous smile, I reached into her bag and pulled out the folded paper with Kyle's room number. "Mike, what are you doing?" she asked me with a crooked grin.

I dialed Kyle's number. "Hey Kyle, it's Mike, you know from this afternoon? Jen and I were wondering if you'd like to join us for dinner tonight, about 8 at the hotel restaurant? Great, see you there."

As I hung up, Jen shook her head, a smile and look of awe on her face. "Mike, you're insatiable!"

I rubbed between her pussy lips, over her silk panties. "I know you want Kyle's big cock again."

Her cheeks flushed at my touch. "At this rate you're going to turn me into a size queen!"

Every male head turned as Jen and I walked into the restaurant. I couldn't blame them, Jen looked stunning! She wore a low cut clingy sundress that ended well above her knees. She didn't wear stockings in the Caribbean heat, but her shapely legs were so smooth and perfect they looked airbrushed. On her pretty feet she wore 4 inch heels that had just one thin strap across her cute toes and a second thin strap around her slim ankles. She wore her blonde hair up, showing off her elegant neck, with a few loose locks falling over her face giving her an even sexier look. The only jewelry she wore were her engagement and wedding rings.

We sat down first. About 10 minutes later, Kyle walked in. I guess every female eye turned to look at him, including my sweet bride, who had a quick intake of breath and squeezed my hand under the table. Let me give you a visual. Imagine James Bond (Daniel Craig) in stylish Armoni resort wear, with his shirt straining against his muscular chest and his slacks tight across his ass and crotch, and you have a good idea of what Kyle looks like. Kyle and I shook hands. Kyle kissed Jen hello on the cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kyle and Jen give each other knowing smiles.

Kyle insisted on paying for dinner, and he ordered outrageously expensive wine. Soon we were laughing and talking like old friends. Afterwards we went next door to the hotel night club. "He touched my leg all dinner under the table," Jen whispered into my ear as we danced.

When we got back to the table Kyle's 2 friends (Nick and Jeff) were there. Both were about Kyle's age (mid-thirties) and good looking, and all 3 were married and on a guys' holiday. Nick and Jeff had brought with them 3 pretty college girls, and it looked like they were going to score tonight. One girl (Mandi) latched onto Kyle, but he mostly ignored her. "I think I'll go out for a smoke, Jen you want one?" Kyle asked. Jen had smoked on the beach so he knew she liked an occasional cigarette.

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