tagIncest/TabooHe Gets What He Deserves Ch. 02

He Gets What He Deserves Ch. 02


This is part two of "He gets what he deserves". I have read feedback, and have chosen to make a series out of it. Hope you all enjoy. Remember, this is a FANTASY. This is my fantasy. This is what I like and how I like my women to look.

Waking up from my nap, I could hear someone moving around in the kitchen. I went for my pants, but remembered that I was suppose to be naked the entire time I was inside the house. I was new to this house, only being here for a few hours and most of it was taken up by fucking my gorgeous Aunt.

Walking downstairs, I could hear dishes being washed. My Aunt was in the kitchen slaving away preparing dinner. It was just after 4 p.m. All I could do was watch her as she was naked herself, her massive 38FF cups bouncing around as she moved quickly to try and do many things at once. And when I spoke I startled her.

"Do you need any help?" I didn't really want to help, I just wanted to fuck her over the sink and pump a hefty load of cum into her pussy.

She turned to me, smiled, and just answered the way I wanted her to. "Are you ready to fuck me again? I can see your cock is, but are you?"

I could not help but smile. I walked up behind her and groped her tits. I whispered in her ear. "Are you sure you want me to fuck you while you are getting dinner ready, or do you want to wait until after dinner?"

She could not believe that I had the patience to wait to fuck her. She might have forgotten that I was going to be staying with her for the rest of the summer.

"I can wait for your pussy, but I want to hear how loud you get when I have my cock in your ass," I told her, now sliding two fingers into her butt to spread it open. "Do you have any KY down here?"

With no answer, she spreads her ass cheeks as she bends over the kitchen sink. "Don't waste your time with that shit. It won't help anyway. And don't be scared, I want it rough."

Without hesitation, I entered her asshole. Not caring about how rough her asshole was treating my cock I continued stuffing myself deeper and deeper into her dry hole.

"Don't waste your fucking time boy, fuck me! We don't have all night. If you don't hurry, dinner is going to burn!"

I needed no more motivation. I began fucking her in earnest as she continued to egg me on. As I felt precum begin to leak out of my cockslit her asshole began to lube as I fucked her harder with each thrust, pulling her arms back and slamming my cock into her like she told me to.

She reached down and started to fondle my balls. I moaned as she was doing everything she could to make me bust in her asshole.

Then she startled me. She stopped playing with my balls for a second and traced her fingers down to my asshole. From her position I would have thought this was not possible. But she was very flexible.

She took two of her fingers and slid them quickly into my asshole, not caring how I reacted or if I protested. She began stuffing my ass in earnest and she moaned. "You better cum boy! Dinner is almost ready and you still need to eat your cum from my ass!"

I could not believe my ears. All of a sudden she slid a third finger into my ass that set me off. I could not believe how hard I was cumming. She did not stop fingering my ass, and she just went harder and deeper. "Fuck yes I am cumming so much!" I yelled as I lifted my head up. I did not stop fucking her until I was told to, which was not far off.

As she pulled her fingers from my asshole she pushed herself off of me and remained bent over the sink. "On your knees boy, you know what you should be doing."

And I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. As I assumed the position I spread her ass cheeks. Slowly licking my way from her pussy to her asshole I could taste my cock on contact. At first I had turned my head away, but with quickness she placed a hand on the back of my head and buried my face in her ass.

"You better get every drop out of there, or no more fucking for you today." I could not help it. I wanted to please her so badly that I did what I was told. As I probed my tongue in her asshole I could taste my cum. It was gooey and thick. I was amazed at the amount of cum I had just pumped into her butt.

"That's a good boy. You have one minute. I will be making sure you get it all." As she told me this I began to probe her butt deeper, my tongue finding itself deeper into her asshole that I expected. As I searched around for my cum I could not help but think at how kinky and erotic this was. Me, a grown man, eating my own cum from a freshly fucked ass.

She looked over at the clock. "Ok baby, time is up." She told me as she pushed my head away and took her fingers inside of her asshole searching for missed spots. As she did this I sat on the kitchen floor, cock still throbbing and shiny with our juices. "Good boy, you got it all. Now go get cleaned up for dinner. You will be used after dinner, so make sure you clean that asshole out good too, understand?"

"Yes Debbie, I understand." As I walked back upstairs to clean up, I wondered what was in store for me. What did she have planned? All I know is that my wildest fantasies are coming true, and I have only been here one day.

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