He is Coming for You

Halloween Hallucinations: Reaper's Night RIP.
102 words
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This is my entry into Literoticaโ€™s 2016 Halloween Contest. A story has to accrue 25 votes to be eligible. I would greatly appreciate if you vote and feedback is always welcome.

It all starts as you drive your car on Halloween night to meet a new man. You are cheating on your longtime boyfriend "Tom". The weather report tells of a stormy night, but you decide to go anyway. The storm becomes bad with heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Lightning strikes a power transformer and all lights and traffic signals are knocked out. This begins your fight for your life.


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AnonymousAnonymousover 2 years ago

Did anyone else want to be fucked by the reaper guy? I did. And hear his moans more.

AnonymousAnonymousover 2 years ago

love the story!! i was really hoping for the demon to fuck me. i listen to your audios all the time but most often around halloween. hoping to cum again and again soon for you master!!

slave100607slave100607over 6 years ago
Thank You

It seems a nightmare is the wish that my heart makes.

Tremendously grateful for all of the gifts You share


RebelRiiotRebelRiiotover 7 years ago
Very interesting story

Quite inventive. Am I the only one listening who was hoping that demon guy was gonna fuck me fully? I bet not X3 haha

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