tagAnalHe Knows Pt. 02

He Knows Pt. 02


This is part two of a fictional story and not intended to suggest anything about real-life BDSM play, consent, or relationships. I welcome your comments and suggestions for this story. Thank you.


When I awoke the next morning, Matthew had already left for work. He had left a note for me.

"At 2 pm, go to the bathroom and slide this plug into your ass. Do not disobey this order."

The new stainless steel plug rested atop the note.


One day three of Matthew's experiment, my ass was a little sore. The night before had been similar to the first night, though I had worn the plug for several hours first. It was oddly comfortable, and if it weren't for the weight I think I might forget it's there.

I was uncertain about more ass play, but a bit of a massage and gentle licks convinced me that I should go along with my husband's plan.

Last night Matthew had honed in on the breast/clit connection, clamping my nipples tight after a long period of licking and sucking them, and adding sensuous small pumps of Leo in my ass to the mix. I had pressed hard against Leo when I came, which Matthew noticed and approved of.

"Not quite begging yet, though," he said, as we went to sleep afterward.

Today Matthew had not left a plug for me to wear to work. It was Friday, the last day of the week, and I wondered what he had planned.

He called me at 3 o'clock. "I will be picking you up after work, so you don't have to take the bus home. Be ready for some fun. I may be a few minutes late if that's OK."

At 5:10, my husband strolled into the office. He had a small paper bag in his hand, which made me look around nervously. Most of my coworkers had already left, though Gina waved at him through her open office door, and Brad was still typing away a few cubicles over from mine.

"Hey Jessica. Have a good day?" He leaned over and gave me a work-appropriate hug.

"Yes. You?" I fiddled with my purse, not meeting his eyes.

"I had a great day. Could you help me with something, though?" He leaned in. "In the bathroom for some privacy."

Oh god.

"OK," I stammered. "Good night Brad, Gina." I waved and hastily walked out of the office area, down the hall, and to the bathroom. I looked around. No one was nearby. Most people were gone. I pulled Matthew into the unisex room and locked the door. "What?!" I whispered, blushing furiously. Once again, I wasn't sure I really wanted whatever he had in that bag. But I also remembered how good he made me feel the day before.

He just smiled that lazy sweet smile of his. "Bend over."

"Not here." I was emphatic.

He just waited.

"Fine." I flounced around, and leaned over the sink, resting my hands on the mirror.

He knelt behind me, pulled up my skirt, down my panties, and immediately began licking me. He rimmed my ass, licked my slit, sucked my clit, all within a few moments.

I clutched tighter at the mirror. "Matthew..." I hissed.

He massaged my ass in his hands, nuzzled his slightly scratchy cheek against me. "I missed you." He pulled my feet further apart. "Now relax."

I felt him open the bag, heard him rustle and squirt something. Once again, I felt a cold slick object being pressed against my ass. He pressed it inward and inward. It never slimmed—it was not a plug, but Leo.

Then I felt Matthew wrap a rubber belt around my waist, and pull a strap between my legs, holding Leo in place, and buckle it. He pulled my panties back up, dropped my skirt, and stood.

"Now we're ready."

"For what?" I was weak kneed and confused. The near-complete lack of foreplay should have made the insertion of the dildo uncomfortable, but I had been simmering since his phone call a couple of hours ago. Of course, he knew that.

"We're going to a carnival!" He laughed at my expression.

The carnival was a small local affair, one we had never attended in the eight years we'd lived in this community. It was hard for me to pay attention to the local people waving at us, some of whom we knew from our bank, the library, a club Matthew belonged to, a craft group I attended, a local political group. A few of these people even came up and spoke to us as we strolled slowly around the carnival. I have no idea what was said. Nearly all my attention was focused on Leo, the pressing presence between my ass cheeks.

It didn't hurt, but was so pronounced a sensation, I had little energy left over for anything else. We rode the Ferris wheel, and Matthew kissed me every time we reached the top peak. We rode the Spider and the sensation of dropping jammed the dildo into me each time. We rode the tilt-a-whirl, and the spinning caused me to feel dizzy, my mind and body each whirling to different sensations. After a snack of hotdogs and slushees, Matthew took me home.

By this point my ass was aching. I felt hot and sweaty, but also exhilarated. I could not believe I had been wearing this thing in public, while talking to people I knew, while riding carnival rides with my lecherous husband.

As soon as we entered the kitchen, Matthew dropped and pulled off my shoes. He rose to pour me a glass of Prosecco, then bade me sit down on the sofa. Before I did, he pulled my panties off, and unbuckled the strap between my legs.

He gazed down at me as I sipped the sparkling cool wine. "I am dying for you," he said. "I thought I would come in my pants on the Tilt-a-whirl."

He pushed me back so I reclined on the sofa, then carefully, slowly, eased Leo out of my ass. Once again, I felt empty and bereft when it was gone. But Matthew leaned over and kissed my pussy for a few minutes, which helped me get over it. He had no intention of making me have an orgasm this way. Instead he suggested that I might enjoy a shower, then to lay down for a nap. I liked this plan, and swiftly dropped into a doze.

I awoke an hour later feeling cool and refreshed. I sat up and began to gather myself to stand and go downstairs, perhaps for some salad, when Matthew entered the room. He carried a tray set with the Prosecco and chocolate-covered strawberries.

"Yum," I said, and reached for them.

"Nuh uh," he chuckled. He pulled the tray away from my grasp. "I'm going to feed you." He set the tray on the dresser, and picked up the leather cuffs. I let him fasten the cuffs on each of my limbs, then attach me to various hooks. I was sitting up, reclining against the padded headboard, with pillows behind me. My arms were raised over my head, cuffed together, suspended from a hook over the window. My legs were spread and fastened to straps that ran under the bed.

He raised the glass of wine to my lips and I sipped. Then he held a strawberry for me to eat. It was fragrant and cold. He must have been chilling them for hours. The chocolate shell was thin and crispy, and flaked away and melted on my tongue as the tart berry flavor followed it. I chewed the delicious treat, and swallowed it. He held the wine for me again.

He fed me another two strawberries, and the entire glass of wine this way. Occasionally he would drift his hand over one of my curves: the softness of my underarm, the heavy weight of my breast, the curve of my belly. Then he set the tray aside. He held one strawberry in his hand and gently, slowly, ran it over my nipples, down my abdomen, and tucked it against my pussy. I gasped. The chocolate left faint smears across my skin, which he licked off. Then he bowed his head and ate the strawberry out from between my pussy lips. "Best strawberry ever," he said.

He helped me scoot down the bed so I reclined fully. Then he propped my hips up with a small wedge pillow. He took another strawberry, twisted off its green top, and slowly shoved the cold fruit into my cunt. These berries were large—a couple of inches across. It filled me up and the coldness of it felt exciting and refreshing at the same time.

Matthew licked the melted chocolate off of me, then used his fingers to press the strawberry inside of me. He scooped it out, and ate it. "Even better."

That had been the last berry. But there was still wine. Matthew poured a tiny stream of wine into my navel, and lapped it up. Then he trickled a bit over my labia, and lapped that up as well. I felt the bubbles pop against my skin when he poured it over me a third time, then he slurped it up. "These flavors work perfectly with your flavor," he murmured. "Wine, strawberry, chocolate, and you."

He licked me more intensely for a moment, then drew back. "But you're empty, and I don't want that. Do you want that?"

"No," I whispered. "Fill me up."

He rummaged in a bag next to the bed, then pulled out a toy I did not recognize. It was a brown, smooth-looking cock.

Matthew looked at my face as he smoothed lube all over it, smiling. Then he looked at my ass and pussy as he smeared lube all over them. He carefully pushed some of the lube up into my tender ass with a finger, and I shuddered.

"Does it hurt?" He asked.

"No. Well, a little."

"Good. A little is good." He placed the new toy against my entrance. It felt very smooth and cool. I felt it pressing into me, but it seemed too big to fit. He pressed harder, and suddenly the tip was inside me, stretching me wide. Inexorably, the rest of the dildo followed. That initial sensation of being filled was indescribable, like nothing else in the world. Painful in a way, but also somehow satisfying.

"This is Steven. He is a little longer than Leo, 7 inches, and is wider—a little over an inch and a half across. He is almost exactly the width of my cock. Steven has a handle, so I can fuck you easily with him. He is also made with cyberskin, so he feels pretty lifelike."

I didn't know what to think. This dildo felt immeasurably larger than Leo. It did hurt, more than just a little. I kind of wanted it out of my ass. I was tired of forcing myself to relax into new and uncomfortable sensations. I must have frowned, because Matthew immediately asked, "Do you need a break?"

I sighed. Gave myself a quick silent pep talk, then said, "No." Because I really wanted to both please him, and more importantly, figure out these strange sensations for myself. "Go ahead."

With that, Matthew pulled the dildo almost completely out of me, then pressed it slowly back in. I groaned at the sensation of emptying, filling.

He licked my pussy. Then he pressed himself slowly into me. Suddenly I was so full with Matthew and an almost-Matthew cock. A double penetration of smooth silky deliciousness. He thrust into me carefully a few times, holding Steven in place, then wiggling the dildo a bit.

Suddenly there was a vibration deep in my ass. I yelped at the unexpected sensation.

He laughed. "This dildo is also a vibrator. Remote controlled." He grinned.

From then on, Matthew alternated, tonguing me and pressing fingers into me, thrusting his cock into me, sometimes with the vibrations on, sometimes off. When he came into me when they were on, he groaned loudly. The sensation was strong for him as well. He had to pull out swiftly.

After several minutes of this teasing, he got down to business. He held our Hitachi wand vibrator on my clit, as he touched me lightly—under my arms, over my nipples, on the sensitive skin behind my knees. He was driving me crazy, and the vibrations were not quite focused enough. But then he turned the vibrations on in my ass. He started nibbling on my breasts, little nips all over, especially on the tips.

The vibrations in my ass, on my clit, and the small stinging bites on my nipples aligned into a huge pulsing wave of an orgasm that lifted my hips high off the bed. I keened loudly, and felt a second orgasm rip through me almost immediately atop the first.

Matthew swiftly crouched between my legs and thrust his fingers in me, rocking them up into the g-spot, so I came again, then again. He never turned off the dildo's vibration, which was overwhelming me. Then he pressed his hand hard into me until his whole fist was inside me.

This pulled the skin and flesh of my ass so tightly, it was if the dildo suddenly inflated to twice its size. I came hard, feeling my ass clenching rhythmically around the dildo as my cunt tried to clench around the enormous fist inside me.

At this point I was crying out and thrusting up, and near delirious with pleasure, and some pain. Matthew carefully eased his fist out of me, then plunged his cock into my wide-stretched pussy. He was only able to thrust six or seven times before the sensations and vibrations overwhelmed him too, and he came.


I awoke to a sleepy husband cuddled against me. I was surprisingly not too sore.

It was a lazy Saturday, and we worked around the house. Periodically, Matthew would drop to his knees and lick my clit and ass. He also forced me to wear the steel plug for a few hours later in the day, as we prepared dinner.

I think he could tell that I felt somewhat ambivalent about continuing his game. The plug felt perfectly comfortable now, and even walking around with it, bending over to get the chicken out of the over, and going up and down the stairs had been fine. But when he told me to remove the plug, wash up, and go to bed and wait for him as he cleaned up the dishes, I was wondering if we could just have "regular" sex. Maybe the plug was enough. After all, how much did he think my ass could take?

When he arrived in the bedroom, he carried the massage oil. He asked me to rise from the bed, then laid out a beach towel to catch the drips of warm oil. He rolled me onto my stomach. He then proceeded to give me a long hot massage, stroking firmly all over my body. He went over my back and ass and legs, flipped me over and rubbed my breasts and belly and arms. He rolled me back again, then began to concentrate on my ass.

I was in a languorous pool of relaxation by this point. All of my muscles were loose and I did not tense when I felt him pour the warm oil down the crack of my ass. He pulled apart the cheeks then rubbed all over them. He pressed his thumbs against my anus and rubbed, firmly, opening me to his touch.

I could feel his gaze on me in the barely lit room. I could hear his breath quickening. I knew he wanted to fuck up against my slippery hot body. He wanted to fuck my slick ass, and feel my hips pushing back against him. I arched up from the bed a bit. He pressed me back down.

He continued to rub and massage all over my bottom for several minutes until I was aching for his next move. Would he plunge into me? Would he press one of the dildos or plugs into me? What did I want him to do? Perhaps I didn't want him to do this at all.

Just then, his fingers pressed inside my anus, I felt I wanted all of those things. I felt his fingers, first one, than two, glide into me. They spread me open, stretched me, retreated. I began to thrust up slightly against the luscious but almost-frightening sensation. I didn't want to want him this way, but he knew that I did.

He pressed his fingers in as far as they would go, pulled out, and added a third finger. I felt I was stretched so wide, but all the oil made the stretching feel not tight or burning, but voluptuous and sexy. I felt crammed full of fingers. Matthew continued to press and stretch me, spreading the three fingers apart slightly, to open me further. I began to moan as the overwhelming sensations. I wondered if I could come this way—from no clitoral stimulation at all. I began to think I could.

He eased his fingers from me, only to replace them with a soft slippery object. It felt more yielding than the dildos had. Matthew had the press his two fingers into me and hold me open a bit so that he could press the soft thing into me. For a moment I had both his fingers and the object all invading me at once and had to force myself to stillness—to not buck away.

Then his fingers left me and I felt the press of this object in and in.

"This is another dildo. Let's call him Dirk because he seems pretty big and brutal."

I was confused. Once Matthew's fingers had left, the dildo didn't feel that big. No bigger than the last one anyway.

But my husband continued to explain, "Dirk has a special trick. Right now he's one and three-quarters of an inch across, and six inches long."

I felt the dildo up inside, pressing me open. Matthew stopped pressing and continued to massage my ass, running his fingers, freshly coated in oil or lube, slicking around my stretched asshole. Then I felt one hand pull away, mess with something on the bed, heard a whoosh of air, and felt the dildo inside me expand. Another whoosh of air, and it expanded again.

"Dirk can get very big indeed. Up to 4 inches across and 7 inches long, though of course we won't inflate him that much today." He inflated the dildo a bit more.

Now my ass was stretched more than it have ever been before. I felt molten. The sensation of the large dildo was overwhelming. I began to moan, to whine actually, because I had no way to make sense of all that sensation. Matthew inflated the dildo a tiny bit more.

I felt like I had two cocks stuffed into my ass, it was so big. I was trembling, shudders running down my body in waves. It did not hurt, only made me feel so open. So dangerously spread wide.

Matthew gently rolled me over, keeping Dirk buried inside me. As I moved I felt grounded, centered by the object impaling me. I spread my legs wide and laid on my back, panting, moaning, trying not to writhe.

Matthew bent over my clit and began tonguing it gently. He did not move the dildo in my ass, and I could not decide if I wanted him to leave it alone, or remove it, or to slide it in and out of me, maybe even pound me hard with it. Actually I wanted all those things simultaneously, and I began to whimper again. He kept licking and licking until I was suddenly seized by an orgasm.

This orgasm was like no other I'd ever felt. It began in my ass, not my clit. It was a tsunami of hot honey pouring outward slowly and inexorably over me. I felt my pussy and ass muscles seize for a long hard moment, then clamp viciously down, my pussy against the fingers that were suddenly inside me, pressing against my gspot, my ass against the huge intruder that would not allow me to close in the pulsing rhythm of orgasm. The fact that I could not pulse in the way I normally did when I came this hard muddled the orgasm up even more, until the pulsing felt like it was beating out from every part of my body, as if my entire being were coming.

I wailed without any restraint or self-awareness. I only became aware that I was making noise when I took a gasping breath and heard the echoing silence left behind. Matthew was now savagely pressing his fingers into my pussy, and I could feel myself spurting, ejaculating.

He kept pumping into me with his hand, but fumbled with his other hand and I felt the dildo in my ass deflate suddenly, feel almost small. And then he was jamming his hand in and out of me, with no real resistance offered from my wide stretched pussy. I was coming and coming, screaming now, and almost hysterically trying to catch my breath.

Matthew yanked his hand from between my legs and jammed his erection into me, throwing himself into me for several hard strokes, then shuddering his own orgasm into my hot wetness.

After long trembling moments with him crushing me, I wanted to be free to breathe and to have Dirk the dildo out of me. I tried to speak, but as always, he knew. He pulled himself out, then the dildo, then swiftly took me in his arms. With one hand, he rubbed down my sweat and oil slicked back, over my ass cheeks, and rubbed very gently but firmly against my soreness there. He massaged my aching flesh and kissed all over my forehead and face.

I felt shaky and dizzy, but also so loved. After a few minutes, he brought a hot wash cloth and wiped me clean. The heat felt delicious. He knew that too, and decided to run a hot bath for me. He wrapped me up in a soft robe and led me to the bath. I still had not spoken, but was returning to earth. I soaked in the bath for several minutes, until I felt drowsy from post-adrenaline exhaustion and satiety. Was about to sit up when Matthew appeared, warm towel in hands. He gently dried me and tucked me into his arms in bed.

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